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Kurt Vonnegut obit for Joseph Heller    06/05/23  (15)
feral black attacks white woman and her baby - how long until DA brings charges?    06/05/23  (1)
Rate this WGWAG couple    06/05/23  (12)
Beatles songs if the Beatles were lawyers    06/05/23  (62)
Bros, what do you make of my marriage?    06/05/23  (157)
Vid of lib calling Alito Tony Soprano with a law degree & a greasy WOP at dinner    06/05/23  (2)
Covid vax leasing to surge in unusual children brain abscesses    06/05/23  (14)
NFL lineman comes out as disco fries tp    06/05/23  (11)
Disrespectful imo that EPAH makes these young WOCs rim him    06/05/23  (11)
Can someone poast full Economist article?    06/05/23  (4)
It needs to pointed out to libs Little Mermaid is FOREIGN box office disaster    06/05/23  (5)
Can we finally admit that Shohei Ohtani is a fraud?    06/05/23  (10)
NOLA Bruh! 😳😳😳    06/05/23  (5)
Back on a fasting kick. The hardest day is the first day.    06/05/23  (12)
is digg still a thing?    06/05/23  (6)
benzo sueing Bald and Bankrupt for trademark infringement    06/05/23  (1)
Is benzo Balder than RSF    06/05/23  (8)
Adorable tradcath Hapa speaks out against Penn teammate Will "Lia" Thomas    06/05/23  (15)
the left is moving from “anti-racism” to “anti-black”    06/05/23  (3)
white woman on ketamine realizing she should abandon her marriage/children    06/05/23  (18)
RARBG torrent download site is ded - link    06/05/23  (8)
Defense contractors have been reverse engineering alien tech for 80 years    06/05/23  (1)
If they made Ariel a hot Latina mermaid this wouldn't be a problem.    06/05/23  (4)
My life has been hell since I got 3 vaccine jabs    06/05/23  (1)
Comprehensive list of mythical creatures conservatives insist are White    06/05/23  (9)
Question for CSLG    06/05/23  (10)
Insane to think canada will be a majority hindu country soon    06/05/23  (3)
Universal studios greenlights live action "Virtua Tennis" movie.    06/05/23  (4)
rate how hot lee kuan yew's daughter is    06/05/23  (2)
In defense of the Divine Beasts (40 minute youtube rumination)    06/05/23  (1)
they say the first 5,000 Substack subscribers are the hardest to get    06/05/23  (13)
List your top 5 to catch a predator pervs.    06/05/23  (9)
Bort chess players: Chess Structures by GM Mauricio Flores Rios is 180    06/05/23  (8)
i would literally kill any ufc fighter 175lbs or under irl    06/05/23  (34)
Crackhead attacks MFH shrews picnicking in park    06/05/23  (3)
Study: Blacks don’t notice smoke alarm low battery alert chirping    06/05/23  (13)
Post has the BEST cereal catalog    06/05/23  (13)
how many tinder likes do you get each day    06/05/23  (1)
fucked up to drink breast milk being secreted from a non-pregnant chick?    06/05/23  (1)
( : | ), NSAM, and Brussel Sprouts= same schizo poster    06/05/23  (12)
Why hasn't stupid bitch TBF given any updates on the price of SOL?    06/05/23  (1)
Peter the Great: leads his own troops in battle; Ukraine generals: MIA all week    06/05/23  (1)
Caption this photo of a jew at a DeSantis event    06/05/23  (8)
kind of hate that i’m attracted to aubrey plaza    06/05/23  (20)
this new barbie movie is miscast, both barbie and ken actors are like 40+    06/05/23  (1)
if anyone stands a chance of beating those Oklahoma softball thugs its FSU    06/05/23  (1)
Poast some characteristic of a girl and I'll bump a thread where I fucked one    06/05/23  (14)
Why do hockey players commit stupid roughing type penalties?    06/05/23  (3)
Tobacco increases T, sharpens the intellect, and smooths social interactions    06/05/23  (5)
Biden's chief military advisor on Ukraine: I'm not a military expert    06/05/23  (4)
NSAM is a Jew who loves Erdogan because he desecrated Hagia Sophia Church    06/05/23  (2)
proles constantly getting buildings evacuated by "vaping" near smoke detectors    06/05/23  (2)
i think the Rothschilds are going to use Ripple ($XRP) to conquer the world    06/05/23  (1)
chris hansen busts a DOCTOR on his takedown with hansen show    06/05/23  (10)
My Altoids Urban EDC Tin (video)    06/05/23  (5)
jewish darkness tp is a ricky alt    06/05/23  (37)
anthony palumbo, aka Gay Romano, is the GOAT to catch a predator perv    06/05/23  (1)
Fat people are always Slow & Low brain activity. Always hungry & thinking food?    06/05/23  (10)
xo users using apple vr headset to make their kids look less hapa    06/05/23  (1)
Chris Hansen: "Our next subject is a personal injury lawyer in the Richmond are    06/05/23  (14)
Attends mass daily tp    06/05/23  (1)
Steven Seagal starts organized bar fighting league (link)    06/05/23  (2)
We are very close to the end    06/05/23  (3)
Thinking of leaving Biglaw, any suggestions?    06/05/23  (31)
Kamala and Obama: zero fingerprints on this Ukraine bullshit    06/05/23  (1)
Biden, Zelensky, Jake Sullivan, Tony Blinken talking military strategy    06/05/23  (7)
High-level US intelligence officials confirm: aliens are REAL. US recovered UFOs    06/05/23  (26)
Boomers left us a functioning civilization but we did a poor job maintaining it    06/05/23  (3)
Going to ask paralegal mohammad to join me and wife for mmf fun (CSLG)    06/05/23  (151)
Ukraine's military intelligence chief is MIA    06/05/23  (16)
Kinda of annoying that you have to texts girls daily now during courtship    06/05/23  (30)
Theory: once you lose the desire to purchase worthless trinkets, you die inside    06/05/23  (3)
Kiev will fall politically    06/05/23  (14)
The Trumpmos here no longer believe in anything, want to watch world burn    06/05/23  (98)
The crypto bull run of 2025 is going to make anything prior look insignificant    06/05/23  (2)
Consuela/Cernovich you faggotkike stop stealing my poasts for Twitter lol    06/05/23  (13)
"The CVS sells more Father's Day cards than Juneteenth Cards" the realtor winked    06/05/23  (10)
What's Russia's biggest strategic weakness right now? Take a guess    06/05/23  (1)
the Rothshchilds have financed *both sides* in every major war of last 400 years    06/05/23  (10)
juggling more than 2-3 women is exhausting    06/05/23  (2)
The Scam Rationalization Dept has reviewed your claim appeal. Unfortunately, we    06/05/23  (1)
Fucked a former model this Sunday night....    06/05/23  (56)
sometimes i just observe how mentally defective this place is    06/05/23  (1)
how big is too big for you?    06/05/23  (2)
Checklist for my dream bf    06/05/23  (8)
The Melvins are still putting out new music, fuck Nirvana    06/05/23  (1)
I hope Moloch AI kills everyone    06/05/23  (2)
Nirvana songs if Kurt Cobain was a lawyer.    06/05/23  (91)
Anyone else Mr Peanutmaxxing? Pipes monocles canes top hat pocket watch?    06/05/23  (4)
10 years from now, the Ukraine will be part of Russia again.    06/05/23  (1)
is "Candy Ride" a TSINAH alt    06/05/23  (4)
CSLG, you're not done. Scholar says you need $30 million.    06/05/23  (4)
im about to blow the fuck up on rumble soon    06/05/23  (1)
Reasonable, not-insane article about the gay fraud chunk virus    06/05/23  (2)
I'll be happy about this fraud virus hysteria as long as real estate prices drop    06/05/23  (10)
Serious question for virus doomsayers....    06/05/23  (2)
Checking in to see how much you neurotic faggots are overreacting re COVID    06/05/23  (12)
Rate this abusive husband and father (link)    06/05/23  (299)
Trying to find holes in the latest UFO whistleblower story and can’t    06/05/23  (1)
I'm jacking off live on camera rn if you guys want to watch, maybe tip.    06/05/23  (2)
Rating poasters as the third most likely cause of their death    06/05/23  (31)
xo is a place of worship for the mentally ill    06/05/23  (3)
who is the dbag... me or the gym trainer in this situation?    06/05/23  (5)
RFK brings the receipts on Sirhan Sirhan    06/05/23  (1)
Hold on Ricky it’s faggot time    06/05/23  (30)
and now, it's Faggot Time *upbeat jazz intro plays*    06/05/23  (24)
Wow - the whole Lewis Brisbois thing really warrants some discussion here    06/05/23  (5)
maybe THIS TIME she wont cheat or punch you in the face    06/05/23  (14)
We are going to action these things in advance of the meeting    06/05/23  (1)
Chirping smoke detectors at students’ home were disrupting virtual classes. No    06/05/23  (1)
Let’s circle up offline    06/05/23  (1)
"feel free to just ping me after the meeting" said the grown 43 year old man    06/05/23  (3)
Social Policy idea: Destroy jobs and money for working people to save retirees    06/05/23  (27)
RFK Jr. on Jordan Peterson’s podcast    06/05/23  (13)
Fucked a new 25 year old Brazilian 9 from Sao Paulo after paying tonight.    06/05/23  (4)
When cons say Obama was divisive they just mean “not white”    06/05/23  (25)
2 best games of all time are Portal 2 & Nights Into Dreams    06/05/23  (4)
Event Horizon (1997)    06/05/23  (20)
LOL@ this yuge own goal by Ukrainecucks on Twitter    06/05/23  (1)
kamala harris celebrating her 150 lsat score    06/05/23  (3)
how do the cops use 23&me to catch criminals?    06/05/23  (3)
Whoops Ukraine failed to stop Russia from digging extensive new trenches    06/05/23  (1)
hey dupa Lomachenko came out as a Russiacuck    06/05/23  (4)
Louisianans, explain these videos:    06/05/23  (1)
What would Trump have scored on the LSAT    06/05/23  (9)
pit bull barking at smoke detector chirping as you bang 4/10 black chick    06/05/23  (4)
Rate this video of my alpha Jewish son leading Catholic mass (CSLG)    06/05/23  (91)
how much do you bench and how much to you weigh?    06/05/23  (3)
Hour-old beef jerkey scent on your fingers smells remarkably like pussy    06/05/23  (1)
jamal murray is nigger    06/05/23  (1)
Nullo spammer stopped nullo spamming, now just calls opponents jews    06/05/23  (5)
What happened to archive.is/archive.today/archive
   06/05/23  (2)
robotic vacuums that can go under the couch are worthless    06/05/23  (3)
I have more tattoos than any other poaster on this bort.    06/05/23  (4)
Like some hungry kid wouldn't eat figs & drink sweet port wine to plump them up.    06/05/23  (2)
“Fake Moon” following earth since 100 BC was JUST discovered    06/05/23  (15)
Rate this effusive has-been and bother (link)    06/05/23  (1)
joe biden celebrating his 156 lsat score    06/05/23  (13)
I'm smelling ripe AF...should I shower b4 going to gym?    06/05/23  (6)
wealthy alpha wants to marry me hehe lol! (Julia)    06/05/23  (24)
Houses really are money pits    06/05/23  (11)
Jokic & Murray are the new Shaq & Kobe?    06/05/23  (8)
FUCK LIFE    06/05/23  (1)
Blackrock: we are forcing woke shit on companies (ink)    06/05/23  (20)
Itd be so easy to drag a kid off the street, plump them up in basement, eat them    06/05/23  (1)
the assyrians were 180 as fuck, just irrevocably decimating shit left and right    06/05/23  (3)
I tried to get ChatGPT to do parody songs with the same meter/rhyme but it can't    06/05/23  (1)
Rui Hachimura finally shutting down Jokic in game 33    06/05/23  (4)
jarhead somehow a more homoerotic jake gyllenhaal movie than brokeback mountain    06/05/23  (1)
What instructions do you suppose Jokic gives his barber?    06/05/23  (11)

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