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FizzKidd how much $$$ for FODIP CIP?    06/02/23  (4)
Third date with a chick and no sex - would you break it off?    06/02/23  (34)
"Yeah babe, all that gay shit on the front page is because of, uh... Pride Month    06/02/23  (8)
hold on babe unhinged nigger psychopath tp said that was debunked    06/02/23  (1)
Bboooooooooom is mainlining and evan39? Whom else?    06/02/23  (32)
Zelensky diagnosed with Michael J. Fox Disease    06/02/23  (30)
New Matt Walsh Documentary: "What is a black bump?"    06/02/23  (3)
That drunk kid literally got eaten by a shark. Why do people think ocean is safe    06/02/23  (117)
Dave "Ram$ey" $ued for 150mm lol    06/02/23  (2)
You can have literally anything you want    06/02/23  (1)
fag$ $hoot yourself in the foot.. the world is an oyster    06/02/23  (1)
Tabibi: Even basic alt-light content is no longer allowed on Twitter    06/02/23  (73)
I always felt that I deserved more    06/02/23  (25)
$crambked brain likes $crambled eggs 🥚🐣    06/02/23  (3)
Cheerful, petite young blonde with classy A cups    06/02/23  (17)
Third anal sex with this twink and no date - would you break it off?    06/02/23  (1)
Amerikkka is where souls go to die    06/02/23  (14)
Tom Dwan just won a 3.1 million dollar pot on Hustler Casino Live    06/02/23  (12)
Stocks ripping. 180.    06/02/23  (11)
i've always felt more people should walk their cats    06/02/23  (2)
I'm not bald but that's funny! joke! sounds like someone's mad lol    06/02/23  (2)
Oh you travel- above it all but 350k salary tech careerist.    06/02/23  (2)
Fraud.. decay..theft...open air drug use....    06/02/23  (9)
Three-train collision in India leaves at least 50 dead, hundreds injured    06/02/23  (1)
sup fri€nds, w€ cool? €urop€an v€rsion of mainlaining h€r€    06/02/23  (3)
Top posters are schizophrenic kike, devious kike hand rubbing, duplicitous kike    06/02/23  (19)
Shabbat Shalom    06/02/23  (1)
Hey! Wait! I'll file an Amended Complaint.    06/02/23  (8)
Just took my ARMY COMBAT FITNESS TEST, taking ?'s    06/02/23  (11)
Any effective homeschool/distance education programs?    06/02/23  (9)
is hbo legally required to cast shea wigham in every show?    06/02/23  (3)
Hey! Wei! I got a flu-like strain... for eating a bat, it was spiced & sublime    06/02/23  (28)
Companies have already removed Pride shit from their Twitter logos    06/02/23  (1)
Would never hit my kids, but parents these days can't control them kids    06/02/23  (64)
Architecture is the layover of a valuation of an old order    06/02/23  (4)
The founder of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, was a vehement antisemite    06/02/23  (3)
gross niggligence    06/02/23  (1)
How do I keep my hypothetically hapa son from being a shut-in weirdo? (FizzKidd)    06/02/23  (114)
My dream bf - 6ft - $300-500K total comp - very ambitious & driven - 27-33yo - b    06/02/23  (24)
HBO Max to "Max" fuking reTTTarded    06/02/23  (22)
starting to diet to lose 20-25 lbs. doing the opposite of disco fries.    06/02/23  (81)
rate those nude scene of karolina from succession    06/02/23  (7)
*gets resume* *googles her* *wants to see her boobs* *schedules interview*    06/02/23  (2)
Twitter has doubled in value to me since Elon bought it    06/02/23  (1)
Busine$$ idea: Hou$e deranged homele$$ in local $$$ynagogue$$$    06/02/23  (2)
Nepal & Sri Lanka > India for traveling    06/02/23  (7)
US National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism    06/02/23  (3)
Lib hissing like vampire as you wield photo of trad family w/ golden retriever    06/02/23  (11)
new little mermaid has worst music I've ever heard    06/02/23  (18)
Study: Being funny makes men seem much taller than they really are    06/02/23  (31)
Ukraine's counteroffensive will be an official declaration that Crimea is Ukrain    06/02/23  (1)
Mainlining I have scary creepy stalker/s here..my life's in danger I feel(Boom)    06/02/23  (35)
People on Nextdoor getting increasingly desperate for $$$    06/02/23  (9)
there was a very naughty boy called "H"    06/02/23  (1)
S.Africa to ban whites from most jobs (link)    06/02/23  (68)
Twitter has doubled in value since Elon bought it. Sorry libs.    06/02/23  (33)
Was Hitler right?(evan39)    06/02/23  (69)
hold her down babe, the guys on the board said we gotta start beating our kids.    06/02/23  (8)
XO Hero Mizzy is BACK, steals a Kike's Hat and goes arnd saying 'Im a fukin Jew'    06/02/23  (1)
The Obesity of the Poor is a delicious irony of our wealthy civilization    06/02/23  (7)
Exterminate all homele$$$ scum    06/02/23  (6)
I wrote a parody of Gladiator where the main character was named Minimums    06/02/23  (1)
Hebrew is a constructed language like Klingon, Esperanto, Dothraki etc.    06/02/23  (19)
Marvel kills the Punisher forever because people are fags now    06/02/23  (9)
Top Gun: Maverick was terrible    06/02/23  (34)
Max IQ to believe “UFOs” are aliens and not Chinese drones?    06/02/23  (2)
Are you actively avoiding Target?    06/02/23  (63)
The teen shot in the back by the AZN store owner? Oh yeah, he was carrying a gun    06/02/23  (34)
Fuck Ukraine, seriously just fuck them    06/02/23  (5)
evan39 most are just a bunch of pussy sheep    06/02/23  (4)
No uprising..people are coward sheep    06/02/23  (6)
how does facebook still exist? literally don't know a single person who uses it    06/02/23  (3)
Stupid brainwashed sheep 🐑 fucks..weak ass shit    06/02/23  (4)
Is Wausau, WI nice to live? Thoughts?    06/02/23  (11)
Karlstack was shunned by other expats in Tulum (The American Conservative) (link    06/02/23  (11)
chronically bald loser "mainlining" spamming the bort again    06/02/23  (5)
FLW sure knows a lot about Jewish history and thought!    06/02/23  (1)
BAP using XO term on Twitter    06/02/23  (7)
$o betting on the Nug$ wa$ and i$ literally free money.. lol    06/02/23  (1)
Doodikoff…no, Jewdikoff. Jewishkoff    06/02/23  (1)
In-house: Rate my friday    06/02/23  (21)
I think I need to quit weed entirely    06/02/23  (63)
A bunch of lost sheep 🐑 cogs in a fraud jew (system)))    06/02/23  (5)
Hey now. It's a race war. Get your game on. Go. Play    06/02/23  (3)
Brave team of women’s soccer players enters $1m winner take all men’s tourne    06/02/23  (13)
I've noticed a proliferation of XBoxes Series X in my Middle Class community    06/02/23  (26)
The world 🌎 i$ your$! Your oy$ter! Take it!    06/02/23  (3)
An Autistic Down Syndrome Wife and Her Normal Husband (link)    06/02/23  (22)
I have teh ghey (whok)    06/02/23  (2)
“I just drank what?” laughed Socrates    06/02/23  (30)
alzabo and I nude in his bright yellow Honda Fit, backseat full of poppers    06/02/23  (68)
Venmo bug currently: you send payment with negative amount & it pays you (link)    06/02/23  (1)
lex    06/02/23  (2)
Why do women just talk nonstop JFC    06/02/23  (2)
seeing stock photos on tech sites always make me lmao    06/02/23  (1)
Wasn’t Mexico supposed to be Karlstack’s first leg of a LatAm tour?    06/02/23  (1)
Should Short guys start complaining about “western beauty standards”    06/02/23  (1)
"laws" and "rules" only apply to the dumb mass sheep    06/02/23  (10)
The suuuuun goes dooooown. I feel the kikes betray me    06/02/23  (1)
Reminder: b00r IQ tested at the purported Ashkenazi Jewish average of 115    06/02/23  (3)
Karlstack was a sensitive man (to the tune of Anal Cunt - Hitler was a sensitive    06/02/23  (1)
Why don't Christians follow the Talmud?    06/02/23  (26)
Industrial Revolution and its consequences are sus af, on God    06/02/23  (1)
Musk runs anti-trans movie, shareblue shitlibs ENRAGED    06/02/23  (3)
there are a bunch of Ukrainian people staying at the AirBnB next to me    06/02/23  (5)
me and feral hypergamy tp touring as part of the "Jestermaxx Minstrel Show"    06/02/23  (17)
Just told guy working McDonald's drive thru he needs 2 "exit jestermaxxing frame    06/02/23  (8)
RATE this shot against Djokovic    06/02/23  (1)
The ITYSL character who felt relief at being eaten by the pig monster    06/02/23  (1)
FLW, why does boor to hate you so much?    06/02/23  (6)
men: captains of industry, innovation, and civilization women: TALL MEN FINE WIN    06/02/23  (2)
The Gambino crime family is resurgent from what I hear    06/02/23  (1)
USA Honeymoon 2023: drowned dead, keys stolen, cars stolen    06/02/23  (1)
Total Console Death (TCD)    06/02/23  (2)
most important novelist in the world catches up to xo, simps for red scare    06/02/23  (3)
Is Bluesky worth getting?    06/02/23  (1)
Wonder why the "Waingro" actor never got big roles after "Heat"    06/02/23  (12)
"Awkwafina" narrating your sex session w azn 5.5 in raspy "freestyle rap"    06/02/23  (6)
WaPo: Lots of Politicians fall on the ground, its no big deal, just harmless fun    06/02/23  (10)
RATE this pregnant man on the cover of Glamour magazine (link)    06/02/23  (1)
Attended "quinceanera" for one of my employee's daughters (evan39)    06/02/23  (42)
Who the fuck is this butt ugly “Awkwafina” azn slore?    06/02/23  (72)
Emilio sits down next to you in Sport Clips lobby.    06/02/23  (35)
On the tyrrany of Blackrock's shareholder propsals    06/02/23  (44)
Sport Clips chick invited me to her daughter's quinceanera    06/02/23  (7)
If a Sport Clips stylist mashes her tits into ur back does it mean she's into u    06/02/23  (22)
Behead console gamers. Fry console gamers alive in george foreman grills. Roundh    06/02/23  (5)
You can get just the shampoo and head massage at Sport Clips for $7. Good deal?    06/02/23  (5)
200 ultra marathons wreck white woman (pics)    06/02/23  (44)
How do Jews explain all the hateful shit towards Goys in the Talmud?    06/02/23  (22)
Awkwafina's peasant farmer gook face tp    06/02/23  (1)
Elon promotes hateful transphobic movie on Twitter (link)    06/02/23  (1)
Al Gore In 2006: "within a decade there will be no snows of Kilimanjaro"    06/02/23  (5)
What % of men getting haircuts beat off under the apron?    06/02/23  (4)
What kind of retards allowed birth control pills to be sold en mass?    06/02/23  (18)
I have a 13 year old sister who's obsessed with Homestuck    06/02/23  (15)
Can someone recommend a good non-haredi Chumash with traditional commentary?    06/02/23  (1)
Poster who encourage everyone to get distinctive static monikers def arent feds    06/02/23  (1)
I asked Chat GPT to write a story about an excited woman going to Penn Law    06/02/23  (1)
Went for 🍕 with BIGLAW manlets- I got 3 slices as usual    06/02/23  (37)
Ricky lets make some fraud AI startups    06/02/23  (1)
Remember when Biden came into office and they pretended the border wasn't open    06/02/23  (2)
long-read on Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore    06/02/23  (13)
best LEE KUAN YEW book?    06/02/23  (1)
Ricky explaining his "mindful" ketamine use to Dutch backpacker    06/02/23  (2)
Me and TBF 69ing on each other's dreidels after Shabbat dinner    06/02/23  (4)
AI-controlled US military drone killed its operator for interfering with mission    06/02/23  (7)
Nebraska to join the SEC    06/02/23  (9)
So tired of SHORT MEN annoying women    06/02/23  (8)

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