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Another Gem from Jeff Lenkov (CSLG)    04/25/18  (66)
ChicagoAdChick ITT taking & giving Qs    04/25/18  (63)
Is watching porn with wife/gf weird af?    04/25/18  (51)
CharlesXII dating manager giving update, taking q's (Krampus)    04/25/18  (49)
Why do people push diversity even though it's proven blacks have smaller brains?    04/25/18  (31)
What is the difference between a "condo" and an "apartment"?    04/25/18  (27)
Ted Lieu: anyone that takes the 5th deserves to lose all their rights.    04/25/18  (23)
legit never seen anything like deranged libs' Trump hysteria    04/25/18  (21)
everything pales in comparison to internet porn    04/25/18  (21)
Wife confessed her first boyfriend had a horsecock    04/25/18  (17)
Corporate slave is 180 and a board treasure    04/25/18  (16)
jfc the mainstream media is really going all-in against the incel movement    04/25/18  (16)
If 10 posters confirm they want to see it I'll post vid of me getting BJ    04/25/18  (16)
why do so many boomers viscerally hate tradition    04/25/18  (16)
Ford to stop making sedans & small cars    04/25/18  (15)
Chance the Rapper now redpilled    04/25/18  (15)
Did we ever discuss how RIDICULOUS Amtrak's route network is?    04/25/18  (13)
Why do people live on Staten Island?    04/25/18  (13)
Trump won 8% of black vote in 2016. How much does he get in 2020?    04/25/18  (13)
Rate this pic of Taylor Swift without makeup on    04/25/18  (12)
Would you marry this hot teen who has 1 arm?    04/25/18  (12)
Jews don't have to be Democrats either (link)    04/25/18  (12)
My file got assigned to another Army recruiter    04/25/18  (12)
At faculty development meeting tonight, I was the only white male sans lecturer.    04/25/18  (12)
Just realized "spin, ratfucks" = rats in a spinning wheel not literally spinning    04/25/18  (12)
You guys realize marriage goes against a man's natural instincts, right?    04/25/18  (11)
Rate this shitlawyer    04/25/18  (11)
Libs: "Look, we have cool celebrities too! Here's Beyonce!"    04/25/18  (11)
Deposing a pro se litigant tomorrow: should I object to nonresponsive answers?    04/25/18  (10)
PICTURED: Bloodied mugshot of former cop, 72, arrested and named by police as th    04/25/18  (10)
"only WE get to be nationalists" (all foreign nations lecturing USA)    04/25/18  (10)
How risky to shove a gram of blow up my ass at the airport?    04/25/18  (10)
I don't get Urban Baby, just holy shit, are these people serious?    04/25/18  (10)
Disgusted at how Libs are ruining Dr Ronny Jackson. Even Obama loved him    04/25/18  (9)
RATE this hot Spanish girl who looks a little like Xisca #tennis    04/25/18  (9)
why is obeezy trying to post without people noticing?    04/25/18  (9)
old, childless women and gay men are the foundation of a healthy society    04/25/18  (9)
Drive-Thrus? Franchising? Its All on Chipotles Table Now    04/25/18  (9)
Was Jesus an Incel? (Link)    04/25/18  (9)
Sad Sign Of XO 2018: ACP Can't Get Any Traction For His Schtick, Boart Too LowIQ    04/25/18  (9)
The whole cottage industry of poasters around CharlesXII is cringe inducing    04/25/18  (8)
What the hell happened to backspace tp? And his former monikers?    04/25/18  (8)
Really funny how people think this is a "special" and "smart" forum lol    04/25/18  (8)
how many sex slaves would you be content with?    04/25/18  (8)
Macron looks like a minature man    04/25/18  (8)
how bad for you is tennis    04/25/18  (7)
just copped dat OCI rejection from FISHER & PHILLIPS    04/25/18  (7)
anyone remember that weird show XUXA as a kid?    04/25/18  (7)