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Anyone who thinks Trump won that debate has at best a 97 IQ.    09/30/20  (44)
More non-white white supremacists in Proud Boys or on XO?    09/30/20  (1)
Max IQ to interpret "stand down and stand by" as "I support Proud Boys"?    09/30/20  (8)
Voodoo Child: Wants to join ProudBoys / Nurse Henry: Speculums are my go to Toys    09/30/20  (1)
Biden refusing to disavow Antifa is when I realized he wants to lose    09/30/20  (2)
Urinating on Spaceporn's ancestors' graves tp    09/30/20  (2)
Mind blowing games when they were first released    09/30/20  (103)
no one cares about debates you dorks    09/30/20  (3)
If libs hate Trump so much, how come they didn't try to win this election?    09/30/20  (2)
We have moved your debate thread to the politics bort    09/30/20  (1)
MDH is a 46-year-old former XO poster who is hooked on drugs and works shitlaw    09/30/20  (1)
why didn’t trump condemn white supremacy last night    09/30/20  (15)
Fox is putting his Trump's debate prep on TV so he'll watch it for next time    09/30/20  (1)
had debate on in background last night, what stood out is Biden graduated last?    09/30/20  (2)
UVA over Clemson?    09/30/20  (2)
Holy shit Trump just peeled out on Brad Parscales fishing trawler in FTL    09/30/20  (1)
do boomers call each other "man" alot ?    09/30/20  (2)
I'm spamming all day because Biden won!    09/30/20  (1)
Footage taken from inside the XO Clubhouse on Friday evening    09/30/20  (4)
There is no Christian defense for voting trump    09/30/20  (16)
My pick for MPM 2020: Voodoo Child    09/30/20  (1)
Spaceporn can u explain what happened on your ‘wedding night’ ?    09/30/20  (2)
Trump: "How'd I do?" Eric: *sucks in air through teeth*    09/30/20  (5)
Ivanka: "Oh hey sorry, didn't hear the first few calls...No I didn't see it all    09/30/20  (3)
Trump: "So how'd I do?" Aides: "Um..."    09/30/20  (9)
Biden was blown the fuck out. One of the most lopsided debates I've ever seen.    09/30/20  (18)
It would be so incredibly 180 if Rudolph caught Covid & ended up on a ventilator    09/30/20  (4)
Michael Richards tweet: "Holy shit that was a crazy meltdown"    09/30/20  (4)
Dr. Dre's ex-wife's lawyers are billing her $2.5 million a month    09/30/20  (26)
black cocktober (henry aaron)    09/30/20  (1)
MLB-style buzzer discovered in Biden green room after debate    09/30/20  (1)
why would chris cornell kill himself    09/30/20  (19)
Me & my bf    09/30/20  (1)
You can get a cameo from a Vincente Fox for $300 right next to Pedro from Napole    09/30/20  (2)
Voodoo Child: Raging about Biden's Collapse / Nurse Henry: Ignore my Prolapse    09/30/20  (1)
LJL NBC already has article about Proud Boys celebrating    09/30/20  (8)
Hillary Clinton had the line of the night last night. Teed up by a BOARD LEGEND.    09/30/20  (1)
Today a hardcover book about Radiohead's "Kid A" was released    09/30/20  (6)
🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 Who won the debate? 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨    09/30/20  (100)
Is Mahomes going to be the GOAT?    09/30/20  (60)
cat gets bad separation anxiety and drags his blanket into the kitchen when i le    09/30/20  (1)
I didn’t watch but libs seem happier with their guy’s performance    09/30/20  (1)
Voodoo Child: Spaceporn Killa / Nurse Henry: Not allowed back in Manila    09/30/20  (2)
Voodoo Child: Shitlib Beater / Nurse Henry: Stool Sample Eater    09/30/20  (1)
hope chi-town is treating you well    09/30/20  (1)
🚨 Scott Steiner IRL cuts a promo on Obeezy (cameo.com link) 🚨    09/30/20  (116)
disgusting shrew ass stench    09/30/20  (13)
mdh is real riled up this morning. prolly hasn't slammed any oxy yet lmao.    09/30/20  (1)
No believer in Trumps 8D Chess, but he may just have stumbled onto a path    09/30/20  (4)
Jfc first page of board is shit today    09/30/20  (1)
Rudolph with a fully erect 3 incher upon seeing Biden's corpse stagger onstage    09/30/20  (1)
Would be 180 if trump refused to concede election no matter what    09/30/20  (8)
Voodoo Child: I'm so tough! / Nurse Henry: The next RigPig better be Rough!    09/30/20  (1)
I would love to urinate on Spaceporn's ancestors' graves    09/30/20  (7)
If I knew where Spaceporn's ancestors were buried, I'd vandalize their graves    09/30/20  (3)
It’s over. Biden is done. Book the funeral now.    09/30/20  (15)
Voodoo Child: Angry that he looks like E.T. / Nurse Henry: same    09/30/20  (1)
Libs on Twitter are deflated, so I assume Trump is demolishing Biden    09/30/20  (54)
nah he didnt molest his son    09/30/20  (1)
What is this thing Trump was wearing on his head at the debate?    09/30/20  (3)
still shaken by Biden telling US POTUS to "shut up" very unprofessional    09/30/20  (22)
Voodoo Child: Biden makes him steamin! / Nurse Henry: Gargles ProudBoy Semen    09/30/20  (1)
why did Biden disavow the Green New Deal and Medicare for All?    09/30/20  (9)
Voodoo Child: Phony Tough ShitKicker / Nurse Henry: Convicted BedPan Licker    09/30/20  (1)
If you’re a Christian you must vote Biden    09/30/20  (1)
Voodoo Child: 24-7 Troll for Trump / Nurse Henry: 3 Eggplants in his Rump    09/30/20  (2)
2021: "POTUS Biden, Xi is launching $1tn tariffs, your reply?" Biden: "SHUT UP!"    09/30/20  (1)
Voodoo Child: Alt who rages all night / Nurse Henry: I wish I was white!    09/30/20  (2)
If what Trump did last night is ineffective , Yeb would be President right now    09/30/20  (12)
Hawaiian Judge reinstates straight ticket voting in Texas (link)    09/30/20  (6)
Voodoo Child: I'll fight my haters! / Nurse Henry: Face full of brown craters    09/30/20  (2)
So spaceporn got exposed raping his kid, retired 18 mos, & now posts like nbd?    09/30/20  (7)
Consensus from Libs is to cancel rest of debates, but sure, try to say Biden won    09/30/20  (42)
Who the fuck would live on Staten Island? What is this    09/30/20  (8)
Voodoo Child: He threatened ARE POTUS! / Henry, RN: Fuck me with your Fist!    09/30/20  (3)
So it turns out Trump is the one who should have pulled out of the debate?    09/30/20  (3)
What’s the best way to signal to women I’ve reached the limits of inquiry    09/30/20  (1)
if you were working class black, what does Joe Biden offer you?    09/30/20  (11)
"Ur response Mr Vice President, please" '...does he do anything?'    09/30/20  (1)
Video evidence: Biden was wearing a wire for the debate    09/30/20  (6)
its 180 when assfaggot and luis are poasting    09/30/20  (3)
Here's a guide to all my haters    09/30/20  (276)
1 hour after Proud Boys comment, Trump launches armyfortrump.com    09/30/20  (10)
Joe Rogan: "Who do you think actually killed JFK? Senator Biden, you may go firs    09/30/20  (5)
Johnsmeyer continues to produce content at Reddit    09/30/20  (95)
“Stand back and stand by” should be the new XO slogan    09/30/20  (3)
Me to GF over breakfast: "Did you just use the word 'smart'? 'Smart'?"    09/30/20  (3)
Fact Check: Trump called Notre Dame a “great school”    09/30/20  (15)
The white supremacist stuff was the only clear message out of the debate    09/30/20  (1)
Cam Newton driving another nail into the coffin of Tom Brady’s “legacy”    09/30/20  (26)
Rate this Spanish Chad diplomat from colonial America    09/30/20  (5)
That was like the Monitor vs Merrimack if both ships' crews had diarrhea    09/30/20  (3)
CNN truck outside NYC synagogue picking up day panelists (vid)    09/30/20  (3)
"Bad things happen in Philadelphia." FUCK YOU PRESIDENT, TRUMP!    09/30/20  (3)
Trump: pushes you aside and hits college tuition bubble with crossbow    09/30/20  (44)
Just did a home visit and took in a great new case.    09/30/20  (8)
Why is the NIV translation so bad    09/30/20  (1)
Fucked in the Ass, and Doobs to blame, You gave Love's a bad name    09/30/20  (1)
Mike Fart has inspired me to be a better man.    09/30/20  (1)
Franklin Mint releases rare, unbumped thread about Hillary's "landslide"    09/30/20  (75)
Has a POTUS ever been told to shut up during a national debate?    09/30/20  (2)
link to ur favorite youtube channel please    09/30/20  (6)
I think Biden took it. Sorry Trumpmos.    09/30/20  (59)
suspect trump's strategy is to make heel to face turn over 3 debates    09/30/20  (1)
Is having this statue on your mantle gay or straight AF    09/30/20  (2)
Why does google chrome say my password has been breached on xo?    09/30/20  (4)
Only 97 IQ people think Trump won! He sneered, in a country w a median IQ of 97    09/30/20  (1)
First Debate Avoids Discussion of Kurds (Kurdistan Daily)    09/30/20  (3)
Trump won the latinx vote last night    09/30/20  (10)
Haven't been this pumped for TRUMP since 2016    09/30/20  (2)
WSJ: Buckwild Niggers Are Ruining College Speech & Debate    09/30/20  (67)
Trump spent way too much time on obscure Fox and Breitbart theories    09/30/20  (2)
i guess your response will be my 'october surprise' haha    09/30/20  (6)
HUD blacks killing your whole family in 2023 because Trump 'bullied' Biden    09/30/20  (3)
Debate was sort of like a centipede attacking a tarantula    09/30/20  (3)
The best Russian election hack would for N. Dakota or somewhere go to Biden    09/30/20  (1)
Look, the market is either going to go up or down, said a legendary stock picker    09/30/20  (1)
Trump's strategy did not succeed    09/30/20  (48)
Is it possible to "hold" a masculine/alpha "frame" with mild gynecomastia?    09/30/20  (7)
Latinx Ibrim Knedi X lil Nas x anal to analx    09/30/20  (2)
im still deeply in love with every single woman ive ever had sex with    09/30/20  (2)
50% of the traffic on my quiet exurban street is just Amazon Prime trucks    09/30/20  (1)
find it hilarious that trump has support by IQ that is bimodal    09/30/20  (4)
Anyone got a fact check on whether Biden golfs more than Trump?    09/30/20  (1)
Reminder that Islamic State is only organic durable governing structure in M.E    09/30/20  (1)
WILL YOU SHUT UP MAN?    09/30/20  (27)
"It's all pink on the inside" - EPAH    09/30/20  (1)
EPAH, do your wife's boyfriends hang out with your kids without supervision    09/30/20  (1)
Biden "beat" trump the same way the airplanes "beat" the World Trade Center    09/30/20  (1)
Policy: Slytherin. Lincoln-Douglas: Ravenclaw. Congress: Gryffindor. PF: Hufflep    09/30/20  (1)
Declassified: Russia hoax was HILLARY'S PLAN, and Obama was briefed on it    09/30/20  (77)
Joe politely rejecting Hunter's suggestion to "take the drug test for you, dad!"    09/30/20  (2)
Biden said no drug tests so of course sucked that GLASS DICK. What's the issue?    09/30/20  (1)
If Biden calls to cancel debates its as if he lost them.    09/30/20  (1)
I don't know if Biden won. But Trump lost.    09/30/20  (2)
Chris Wallace is a meek hotel manager in a sex farce who gets a cake dumped on h    09/30/20  (8)
It's 8:51 AM eastern. Has Biden put a lid on his campaign for the day yet?    09/30/20  (5)
Proud Boys aren't even racist, half are minorities, this guy has black wife    09/30/20  (8)
Brad Cravathscale    09/30/20  (3)
LOL Biden got BTFO so bad, libs are now calling on CHINA to intervene militarily    09/30/20  (4)
I don't know if Trump lost. But Biden didn't win.    09/30/20  (1)
debate should be 90 minute series of denouncements by Trump (NYT)    09/30/20  (1)
"US" libs are in full meltdown    09/30/20  (3)
You can't honestly say Trump is winning this. What a disaster from    09/30/20  (8)
Million-dollar meth dealer freed from federal prison    09/30/20  (5)
Time for XO gweilo to accept the correctness of Xi Jinping thought    09/30/20  (1)
Trump getting destroyed, there are parts I like about him, so i feel bad    09/30/20  (8)
"No, goys! Trump LOST the debate! He LOST!"    09/30/20  (2)

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