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Shitlawyers making YouTube channels and convincing proles that they're 'experts'    08/19/22  (1)
i'm supposed to buy "Hoka" shoes? what does GC expect from me    08/19/22  (11)
anyone else getting ready to take the October LSAT?    08/19/22  (8)
Any nice watches for under $3000?    08/19/22  (43)
what stage is your marriage at according to this pic?    08/19/22  (7)
looking to get into right wing terrorism. any suggestions? contacts?    08/19/22  (1)
it's absolutely disgusting what these people have done to this country    08/19/22  (5)
Shitlawyer impeaching radar interferometry expert during DUI stop    08/19/22  (1)
So one of you fuckers actually sent the FBI after me    08/19/22  (5)
what the fuck is the point of this life?    08/19/22  (5)
most important takeaway from the "Ukraine War" is that slavs really are subhuman    08/19/22  (3)
Place your bets: will student loans restart on august 31? YES or NO?    08/19/22  (6)
Why don’t these mobs ever loot farmers markets?    08/19/22  (4)
Why don't DUI suspects carry jar of "normal" breath and "blow" it into breathaly    08/19/22  (1)
Why don't DUI suspects just "blow" into breathalyzer from their nostrils?    08/19/22  (6)
"Biden's" beach house getting $500k security fence, takes two years to build    08/19/22  (7)
Describe the people who still watch The Simpsons in 2022    08/19/22  (4)
How to get a Bartending job without experience    08/19/22  (63)
Oliver Darcy consumes child porn, has at least one grievous disease and is a rac    08/19/22  (1)
https://ibb.co/kQ63rtJ    08/19/22  (7)
QUOTEMO    08/19/22  (3)
Redditors work a minimum wage job for like two days then quit when "offended"    08/19/22  (77)
MACAQUE    08/19/22  (3)
My IRL & My Drag King Persona are Becoming One    08/19/22  (1)
on a scale of 0-6, how gay is it that woman randomly hold my hand and i remember    08/19/22  (25)
My IRL & My XO Persona are Becoming One    08/19/22  (1)
Really eye-opening to see how nuts these CIA and FBI top guys are    08/19/22  (7)
Of Counsel writing Buzzfeed article entitled "27 interrogatories in a products l    08/19/22  (13)
Cowgod doesn’t know shit about Film megathread    08/19/22  (7)
In house fags what are some of ur biggest fuck ups    08/19/22  (87)
Rate my MBA Autumn Schedule    08/19/22  (14)
Andrew Tate and Kash Patel: two most ALPHA men on Earth right now    08/19/22  (14)
Rate this Asian-Indian chick    08/19/22  (7)
David Cole with an incisive article on Soros    08/19/22  (56)
OCI interviewer to Cowgod “Tell us more about these disciples (rolls eyes)”    08/19/22  (3)
here's what you need to know about anal squirting    08/19/22  (2)
cowgod ascending into new job as diversity director for sidewalk film festival    08/19/22  (3)
Female Teacher (31) caught with 15 year old student in her home    08/19/22  (11)
Breaking: Mainlining Anderssen & Gunner LLP handling Pepperoni & Tilapia merger    08/19/22  (20)
Will be in Vegas soon and have $abarro pep! Mainlining you like? Anyone el$e?    08/19/22  (5)
1016 Preston Rd, Plano, TX 75093    08/19/22  (3)
I never tip for takeout... only cucks do (CSLG)    08/19/22  (92)
🚨🐝🚨Jollibee opens Times Square Flagship Restaurant 🚨🐝🚨    08/19/22  (15)
DOJ moves to keep affidavit of cause sealed. What a shock!    08/19/22  (103)
Women having penises is the most 180 thing ever    08/19/22  (5)
Scott Frost: "Players are puking all over the place now."    08/19/22  (7)
Rate this individual being forcibly feminized by their job    08/19/22  (1)
Obeezy, tell us about the first time you cheatmo'd    08/19/22  (1)
8 days till nebraska loses to northwestern    08/19/22  (1)
Sam Harris just admitted he supported censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story    08/19/22  (109)
Is $1200 reasonable for building website?    08/19/22  (15)
compilation of female “influencers” getting punched in the middle insta reel    08/19/22  (2)
Deshawn is innocent    08/19/22  (3)
Dan Price resigns: Social Media Was a C.E.O.’s Bullhorn, and How He Lured Wome    08/19/22  (18)
Is it stupid to buy a second house if you need another mortgage    08/19/22  (3)
do you wish you were a girl?    08/19/22  (6)
What's Xo's take on DeShaun Watson's "victims"    08/19/22  (50)
1990s schoolyard-isms    08/19/22  (90)
"Hey my fellow white nationalists, 'fuck college' haha yeah -- but go CFB!!!"    08/19/22  (19)
Who is thr greatest WNBA player of all time?    08/19/22  (14)
Spending all weekend with my smoking hot 24 year old girlfriend    08/19/22  (2)
*gene tp getting buttfucked by gay rapist in Cinnabon mascot costume*    08/19/22  (2)
Globalization is complete (boor)    08/19/22  (4)
Summon: TBF    08/19/22  (18)
It's kind of insane how Christians are completely in thrall of a Jewish preacher    08/19/22  (97)
HBS '14 friend: "best time of my life"    08/19/22  (240)
Three 6 Mafia clique was so fucking 18000 back in the day    08/19/22  (32)
elites@ fancy dinners have "vomit buckets" for when they think about middle clas    08/19/22  (40)
Why is Heat so fuckin good    08/19/22  (81)
Why is Glen Youngkin so good on paper and so sucky irl    08/19/22  (6)
Redditors are intensely hateful losers    08/19/22  (1)
FCS upset watch (week 1): Iowa, FSU, Nebraska, TAMU, Kansas, K-state, Iowa St    08/19/22  (17)
Jfc Westworld got sooo BAD    08/19/22  (23)
NBC: Leaked photos of Kobe Bryant crash (HUGE penis)    08/19/22  (6)
Had another stimulating day at Grad School    08/19/22  (61)
I've read the jjc email 1000 times and always find a hilarious new layer    08/19/22  (39)
Black felon who sucker punched unsuspecting civilian let out on no bail    08/19/22  (22)
JK Roher unhurt in Los Angeles car crash    08/19/22  (27)
Curation is infrastructure.    08/19/22  (3)
Puritans donated hard earned money to build Harvard to spread word of God    08/19/22  (49)
I fucking love infrastructure. Thank you, Secretary Buttigieg.    08/19/22  (1)
We've still got the Shah's son on ice, waiting and writing op eds for the WSJ    08/19/22  (1)
Discover Bank crying, losing hoap, TSINAH suit to be closed for inactivity    08/19/22  (7)
USA is a hellscape of fat women, deranged homeless, criminal minorities, GC chai    08/19/22  (7)
Theory: TBF isn't Claire or Zappin.    08/19/22  (60)
Whatever you say, groomer. Okay, groomer.    08/19/22  (1)
I’m sick of you fags calling me asian    08/19/22  (8)
I’m sick of you Asians calling me fag    08/19/22  (1)
Rate my itinerary to Hedonism II in Jamaica (CSLG)    08/19/22  (2)
Your proof sir? "My friend, who goes by Luis' Anal Beads, told me that..."    08/19/22  (10)
it was news outlets (not trump) who wanted the affidavit publicized u fucktards    08/19/22  (1)
xoDeSantis: "Today, I am announcing that we have arrested 35 libs."    08/19/22  (1)
How has a female not successfully sued a university to play football yet?    08/19/22  (4)
Playstation 1 (PS1) sucks megathread    08/19/22  (94)
OldHLSDude is probably the Zodiac killer    08/19/22  (1)
Monkeypox Mark of Cain    08/19/22  (2)
Bboooom cast as Ignatius Reilly in revived film adaptation of Confederacy of Dun    08/19/22  (3)
Most CR pillow?    08/19/22  (1)
XO is so far out of touch with reality..people would flip seeing this place    08/19/22  (72)
Texas QB1 to dominate this year. Only problem is he plays for Nebraska    08/19/22  (8)
Remember when Tuck we went after Sen. Tammy Duckworth for losing her limbs?    08/19/22  (36)
first post itt picks my new moniker    08/19/22  (11)
How do I ingratiate myself to my Betters? Any Partners ITT?    08/19/22  (2)
Orgy scene from The Sandman    08/19/22  (39)
Birth control pill completely destroyed pop growth in Birdshitlands but shitlibs    08/19/22  (1)
Our beloved Cowgod is Ascending    08/19/22  (6)
Morning, board libs— women find you repulsive & minorities think you're pathet    08/19/22  (5)
Think little fucker has monkey pox    08/19/22  (3)
HBO learned nothing: new dragon show is all about GRRL POWER    08/19/22  (13)
Brian Stelter fired from CNN    08/19/22  (48)
Eddie Vedder voice: whoa I. whoaaaaa I have sex w guys. Yeaaah I    08/19/22  (48)
Without abortion, the South will become South Africa    08/19/22  (23)
They are doing RIDICULOUS things with women's workout clothes these days    08/19/22  (15)
*Trump onstage at 2024 "Trannies 4 Trump" rally* "And we love our trannies, don'    08/19/22  (10)
🌞🌞 Morning’ libs! Good news: Wisconsin votes to conduct an audit too!    08/19/22  (13)
Germany institutes workplace temperature regulations    08/19/22  (10)
WaPo: Russian security services completely botched Ukraine ops (link)    08/19/22  (9)
Tried this “Jollibee” place xo hypes, it fucking sucked.    08/19/22  (16)
CIA guy says Russia winning on jew podcast    08/19/22  (21)
Can any libs reconcile these two headlines for me, please? Tyia    08/19/22  (2)
Study: People lie about being for masking, against gender transition for kids    08/19/22  (12)
*geno tp getting buttfucked by gay rapist in Jollibee mascot costume*    08/19/22  (10)
Anyone read the novel Julian by gore vidal? How is it?    08/19/22  (1)
XO is at the top..and that's the reality    08/19/22  (5)
Methed up Benzo to cookie display: "U talking to me? Thernot anyone else here"    08/19/22  (2)
my gf doesn’t know but I’m leaving cross country later tonight    08/19/22  (2)
Fed's Thomas Barkin barks - link    08/19/22  (2)
If xo had a movie soundtrack which songs would be on it?    08/19/22  (1)
xo nyc meetup just 3 guys ordering the entire menu at midtown jollibees    08/19/22  (7)
launched a guy in 7-11 today    08/19/22  (11)
Waiving immigrants into Germany like a third base coach    08/19/22  (1)
Best estimate is 44,000 Russian troops have been killed in Ukraine so far    08/19/22  (6)
jollibee is 180    08/19/22  (1)
Alex Jones supports DeSantis over Trump    08/19/22  (7)
CSLG declaring bankruptcy after dinner with disco fries    08/19/22  (6)
rudolph outted charles bc he was mad people were mean to tammy duckworth    08/19/22  (9)
Spaceporn feeding his 'son' Captain Squanch cereal for breakfast    08/19/22  (2)
Underrated vacation destinations in the US    08/19/22  (8)
What % of the US military is currently focused on battling Russia in Ukraine?    08/19/22  (1)
You were assigned foreskinless at birth    08/19/22  (1)
Has the “Dirty Sanchez” ever actually happened IRL?    08/19/22  (3)
Send ur kids to n/s Dakota state or Montana/state    08/19/22  (2)
Taking Disco Fries Out For Michelin Dinner Next Week (CSLG)    08/19/22  (61)
Olivia Newton-John DEAD    08/19/22  (7)
How are the Godfather books?    08/19/22  (1)
Padisha Barron Trump (The God-Emperor I): "My decree is the law of nature."    08/19/22  (5)

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