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Disco fries: Wendy’s $5 Double Stack Biggie Bag deal today (link) 🍔    03/28/23  (6)
Body cam video of Nashville police shooting tranny child murdering terrorist    03/28/23  (28)
If ECT doesn’t cure my depression I will simply killself    03/28/23  (10)
all the simp crew needs is some asian pussy then they’ll calm down    03/28/23  (3)
Jewish youtuber & podcaster mocks kids, Taliban pwns him:    03/28/23  (1)
school shootings have the same impact as car accidents now    03/28/23  (1)
48 year old RSF having his autistic 2 year old child babysat by Michel    03/28/23  (21)
NYC Admin Law Judge moonlighted on OnlyFans    03/28/23  (36)
NYC Judge fired for OnlyFans account (link)    03/28/23  (6)
Modest proposal: Estrogen in the water supply, forced lupron injections for cons    03/28/23  (3)
Reality show idea: “As Tall As The Eye Can See”    03/28/23  (4)
NYC judge moonlighting as porn star on OnlyFans    03/28/23  (3)
Gunnerattt's female divorce lawyer tp    03/28/23  (2)
Taliban PR takes torch to some Jewish YouTuber who mocked dead kids (link)    03/28/23  (30)
90% of xo threads now=reposting shit from twitter that was already posted here    03/28/23  (2)
GJR lapping greedily at Sam Hyde’s hairy balloon knot    03/28/23  (2)
TLC introducing show on cuckoldry. White husband cucked by black bull.    03/28/23  (33)
RATE Nashville shooter's bedroom (pic)    03/28/23  (31)
“Attraction to misogyny” being added to sexual orientation choices    03/28/23  (2)
Jewish podcaster mocks Christian school shooting    03/28/23  (28)
MSM is doing trans erasure in Nashville and that is NOT OK    03/28/23  (56)
Most Americans can’t afford single family homes    03/28/23  (28)
Which one of these fence styles should I get for front lawn of my home?    03/28/23  (9)
White dood lets wife have a big black boyfriend    03/28/23  (5)
When did soybeans and soy protein takeover America?    03/28/23  (18)
So libs will just murder the children if we don’t let them groom them?    03/28/23  (5)
"Either let us sexually mutilate your kids or we will murder them"    03/28/23  (2)
SP here! C'mere, my little yellow leprechaun, I hear there's gold in yer asshole    03/28/23  (28)
10 day vacation to Ithaca NY in June - where to go/what to do?    03/28/23  (13)
Sure would suck if someone started gunning down trannies!    03/28/23  (13)
Nashville Shooter Manifesto just -=>DROPPED<=-    03/28/23  (19)
there are parts in F-14s made in the 1920s but it will still easily beat 5th gen    03/28/23  (3)
Rate this picture of RSF at the Western Wall.    03/28/23  (8)
It's over tp— who is this fucking idiot?    03/28/23  (3)
Aristotle's Politics III.14: Asians are subservient betas    03/28/23  (2)
Was Banshees of Inisherin good or just XO flaem?    03/28/23  (2)
People are praying in hell but no one answers    03/28/23  (37)
RSF drops framed pic of grandpa “oh no I broke my Hyman!”    03/28/23  (3)
Double-brewed coffee + methamphetamine    03/28/23  (2)
all u need to convert F-14 Tomcat to "5th gen" is add some sensors    03/28/23  (27)
Turning petite art students into trans mass shooters sounds like a Joker scheme    03/28/23  (6)
Overton Window creator went to Cooley, died piloting small plane. Not flame.    03/28/23  (1)
The Joker releasing "genderfluid" into Gotham Reservoir    03/28/23  (39)
Internet men rise up    03/28/23  (9)
secret gay black sex    03/28/23  (2)
The transman didn't shoot those kids, the gun did    03/28/23  (1)
WSJ: Feds make unannounced home visit to Matt Taibbi’s house    03/28/23  (31)
MSM still calling biological female shooter a "woman" but also trans. Confused    03/28/23  (11)
Why are white-collar DCmos willing to live in ghetto, high-crime areas of DC?    03/28/23  (14)
In April 2004, NPR executives decided to "freshen up" Morning Edition's sound.    03/28/23  (7)
Finished reading Dante's PARADISO [not a lit mo] - thoughts ITT    03/28/23  (24)
Learned from the Divine Comedy there's a famous JC theologian named SCOTUS    03/28/23  (4)
99% of my life i was lied to. I just found out my calves are bald due to vascula    03/28/23  (1)
XO Bibi: "We're suspending the judicial reform bill, my friends" *re-calendars*    03/28/23  (3)
aaron rodgers looks 60, not worth even league minimum    03/28/23  (1)
Cheese pizza 🍕 🍕🍕🍕 for disco fries today    03/28/23  (6)
Putin wanted to rebuild the Soviet Union. He got his wish.    03/28/23  (1)
Why is the JC Bible so MAF about money changers outside the temple?    03/28/23  (6)
Back in HELLOSIRLAND, what a shithole    03/28/23  (11)
FizzKidd why don't you AGWAG? Is it because you're a self hating whore?    03/28/23  (6)
This shitboart will be awfully quiet next Weds night -- everyone at Seders    03/28/23  (1)
Trans Day Of Vengeance April 1st    03/28/23  (1)
It’s not the racists who are the worst poasters here; it’s the incels    03/28/23  (4)
LMAO @ Rolex's new line from Watches & Wonders    03/28/23  (23)
SP: 180 guy; smart as fuck; 6’4”; stalkers: cope.    03/28/23  (8)
Nothing worse than angry male virgins in their 30s.    03/28/23  (11)
My dreams are ruined. My car is dead. No moving to a new town for me.    03/28/23  (7)
Sp here: how many of my harassers actually made over $30k last year?    03/28/23  (8)
Sp: 6’4” law firm partner: husband; father; T7 grad; Chad and smart as fuck.    03/28/23  (9)
shooting down jets so you can have sex with fifty year old jennifer connelly    03/28/23  (1)
I don’t understand how people get so fucking fat    03/28/23  (42)
Best movie you've ever seen?    03/28/23  (79)
I am LOLing that RSF is Yosemite Sam fuming in some Lufthansa lounge    03/28/23  (1)
RSF, you ok little buddy?    03/28/23  (26)
the Musk and Kanye forum for 40 year old internet men    03/28/23  (3)
Lolololololol nohousemos, has it sunk in how FUCKED you are?    03/28/23  (18)
FizzKidd introducing her new husband, JizzYidd    03/28/23  (13)
Is it bad to buy a house larger & more exp than most in n'hood? How to price    03/28/23  (1)
internet men creating real world value *hands hovering over mouse pads*    03/28/23  (7)
F-15 Eagle has never lost in aerial dogfights. 104-0 record    03/28/23  (5)
Poasting rape fantasies about internet men you dislike.    03/28/23  (8)
"where we're going, we don't need hobbies" - the internet men    03/28/23  (11)
Internet men are going to turn it all around    03/28/23  (14)
The US military is getting more aggressive about purging white males from itself    03/28/23  (71)
Justice Sonia Sotomayor asked about a grandmother living in the United States    03/28/23  (3)
We're safe now. The Internet Men are here.    03/28/23  (10)
Latest on Fetterman?    03/28/23  (10)
So RSF finally admits he actually is Jewish (not Grapist)    03/28/23  (11)
lynn conway announces xo login giveaway after user unexpectly no longer will use    03/28/23  (12)
RSF. Do you use the ((())) for your parents and brother? They're Jewish right?    03/28/23  (15)
Yummy burgers for disco fries 🍔    03/28/23  (1)
Darnell is an old English name    03/28/23  (8)
Disco fries: cheese pizza is really good. You deserve it bro 👍    03/28/23  (5)
I favor common sense gun control - locking away people who are criminal or insan    03/28/23  (1)
We should not live in a country where one side wants to mutilate kids    03/28/23  (18)
let’s see Paul Allen’s internet men gay rape fantasy    03/28/23  (1)
Considering “declawing” my wife to save on ManiPedis    03/28/23  (4)
Rate this hat that man o' war sports when he heads out to the river.    03/28/23  (2)
ZogZog, hope that helps.    03/28/23  (2)
*UVT settling in at Int'l House of Dog for another day of spamming*    03/28/23  (1)
How is DeSantis getting BLOWN THE FUCK OUT before declaring he's running?    03/28/23  (18)
Leaked images of Vivek’s swarthy cock (link)    03/28/23  (2)
Why did a tranny shoot and murder innocent christian children??    03/28/23  (4)
Agatha Christie's publisher rewriting POIROT bc racism (eg Nubian boatman)    03/28/23  (5)
disco fries, have you tried living inside a pizza box?    03/28/23  (2)
I may be starting to lean to Brownstone over McBeef    03/28/23  (19)
Would you eat out the Barroness after Destro was done fucking her?    03/28/23  (2)
Grapist's yamuka is SPIIIIINNNNNNING today!    03/28/23  (22)
RSF. Never baptized, no communion, no church, only HEDONISM    03/28/23  (2)
Real "transgender" is probably 1% of trannies. Rest are just flamboyant gays    03/28/23  (7)
Seems like we could address school shootings by bringing back insane asylums    03/28/23  (3)
that NY Post "cookie monster" thread is prob the best burn I've seen here tbh    03/28/23  (4)
Disable chat gptttt fraud hack disable destroy it    03/28/23  (5)
This place is really poppin off this morning how long until GJR and SP show up?    03/28/23  (1)
RSF having another meltdown about being Jewish    03/28/23  (1)
"Rate me as a track off a Love Supreme" groaned whok as mr.jinx went balls deep    03/28/23  (5)
Liberal autists: which Aristotle books should I read before other phil shit?    03/28/23  (14)
SBF charged with bribing the Chinese government    03/28/23  (1)
(((grapist))) zozzled on manishevitz lighting the menorah    03/28/23  (5)
I fully support Israel Civil War    03/28/23  (3)
Should I just build a mansion in Gladstone or Cairns for like 500k instead?    03/28/23  (1)
Things that are a tax on simp crew    03/28/23  (82)
Sp here! Anyone who would mock defame or threaten a man for adopting a kid is no    03/28/23  (8)
If you are posting child rape fantasies here you are a pedophile. Hth.    03/28/23  (7)
Goys in my high school belonged to New Jersey synagogues    03/28/23  (2)
i would never fly a trash F-35 lightning. either F-22 Raptor or F-14 Tomcat    03/28/23  (10)
Question for RSF    03/28/23  (2)
Iowa, Virginia Tech, LSU and South Carolina in the women's 1,1,2,3 seeds    03/28/23  (2)
RSF, is Einhorn a Jewish surname?    03/28/23  (60)
Why doesn't Ukraine ask for our old F-14s we aren't using anymore?    03/28/23  (6)
Any audiophiles here    03/28/23  (100)
Rsf, let's shut up the haters once and for all    03/28/23  (30)
Dat hairy yellow snatch    03/28/23  (2)
ChatGPT just makes case law up if you ask it for cites, wtf    03/28/23  (56)
the media is so evil and dishonest it's mind blowing    03/28/23  (5)
hey TT, found the perfect filipina girl for you (pics)    03/28/23  (2)
It would be so 180 (hypothetically) to stomp RSF’s kike skull into powder    03/28/23  (3)
"Too early to determine a motive" in TN shooting. Meanwhile, when 3 Muslims are    03/28/23  (4)
rate my new watch (pic)    03/28/23  (2)
a "tranny" killed a bunch of little kids but they were "Christian" so it's nbd    03/28/23  (6)
Resetera (lib video game forum) deleting all mention of Nashville shooting    03/28/23  (1)
OY VEY RSF    03/28/23  (1)
“Ray Dalio” needs to stfu and get mauled by a shark in Margaritaville    03/28/23  (20)
RSF, just take the L here. You are obviously jewish.    03/28/23  (4)
Back to sleep I go! Enjoy being a slave to frauds    03/28/23  (3)
Formula 1 Team Vows To Crash 50% Of Their Cars    03/28/23  (1)
Nebbish (((grapist))) wearing coke bottle glasses and wheezing    03/28/23  (1)
If someone had a grandpa named Hyman Einhorn. Would you think they're Jewish?    03/28/23  (1)
Doom for 32X; watching gameplay makes me feel like I'm in a trailer park    03/28/23  (6)

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