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Sweden is being shot up Gun crime is on the rise Jul 24th 2021    07/27/21  (3)
elder scrolls 6 won't be out for another 5 years fml    07/27/21  (5)
Many poasters quit because there is too much pressure to make 180 poasts    07/27/21  (10)
Eminem ft. Simone Biles - Choose Yourself.mp3    07/27/21  (2)
Cop crying while testifying at the 1/6 commission "I thought I was going 2 die"    07/27/21  (7)
Rate this Toyota commercial (very heartwarming scene of guy asking out girl)    07/27/21  (12)
i wonder which posters are Deep State agents    07/27/21  (48)
Simone Biles dismissal is NOT due to injury (NBC)    07/27/21  (105)
I think Asians who turn woke are worse than the woke whites.    07/27/21  (1)
Being shadow banned on Hinge...    07/27/21  (12)
Tyson Fury starts to get up. Then lays down again citing mental stress.    07/27/21  (4)
Collection of all covid lies, gaslighting, retracted statements, etc. ITT    07/27/21  (9)
Biles is a disgrace to the country, but in her defense can u imagine the pressur    07/27/21  (48)
blue state America should just cut off red state trash    07/27/21  (75)
No AZ audit chatter? Hmph.    07/27/21  (85)
The Confederacy formally lasted 4 years (1861-1865), but is adored by losers    07/27/21  (17)
🚨 Assam and Mizoram are at WAR. THIS IS NOT A DRILL 🚨    07/27/21  (1)
People look down on the South because it was the losing side.    07/27/21  (1)
did biles quitting fuck the team or could someone else have stepped up?    07/27/21  (3)
the little engine that just couldn’t    07/27/21  (1)
Ricky needs to stop sucking Consuela's kike cock    07/27/21  (9)
I’m waiting for the most gorgeous vaccine    07/27/21  (8)
Critics Pounce on Naomi Osaka After Loss, Denting Japan’s Claim to Diversity    07/27/21  (24)
Do libs think "President" "Biden" makes his own decisions?    07/27/21  (15)
There are only 422 million people in South America.    07/27/21  (1)
best medicine to fight anxiety disorder?    07/27/21  (20)
Biden is a disgrace to the country, but in his defense can u imagine the pressur    07/27/21  (1)
"i'm excited biden 'won' and everything is worse!" he poasted for the 700th time    07/27/21  (13)
Katie Ledecky: CharlesXII wifeable? 6'0", Roman Catholic, Stanford UG    07/27/21  (3)
olympics rules say american in audience may fill biles spot. but no fans present    07/27/21  (2)
Autist deep dive into Dominion: millions of votes stolen this election    07/27/21  (84)
So vaccines don’t work and experts were lying about their efficacy? I’m sho    07/27/21  (27)
CIA HQ, 1/5/21: "Remember, when you're in there, say "Trump wants this!"    07/27/21  (3)
800 people entered the Capitol, FBI arrests 500, 300 FBI agents?    07/27/21  (16)
novax bros:what are we going to do when FDA fraudulently approves these vaccines    07/27/21  (2)
180 part of new shutdowns is Boomer bosses who wanted everyone back    07/27/21  (2)
RSF is fucked!!! Italy now also demanding vaccine passports for dining, leisure    07/27/21  (47)
we could be done with COVID in america but faggot anti-vaxxers keep it going    07/27/21  (3)
Biles didn't quit before trying, only after she messed up on her best event    07/27/21  (24)
Was Nassar able to bring the proud members of the team to climax?    07/27/21  (2)
Leaked agreement between Pfizer and unknown country for supply of vaccines (link    07/27/21  (4)
So if Biden gets this, what'll be the top 5 big new wars?    07/27/21  (13)
Trump will win all his 2016 states plus Minnesota, Colorado, and Nevada    07/27/21  (12)
Why did the Upper Midwest become so Republican?    07/27/21  (1)
Lmao the fraudvax doesn't even work after a few months. Just do forever boosters    07/27/21  (1)
Trump won    07/27/21  (18)
((They've)) made it so that it doesn't matter if your vaccinated or not    07/27/21  (4)
VAXCUCKS double masking and isolating in fear    07/27/21  (2)
Ur all worthless cucks and Simone Biles is GOAT and rubbed her clit all over ur    07/27/21  (1)
Rate this eagle that was chillin at our campsite    07/27/21  (66)
There will be night and day Can you hear me There's a rainbow always after the r    07/27/21  (4)
NYT: CDC mandating vaccinated individuals wear masks again    07/27/21  (37)
Trump on Michael Savage podcast - “we’re gonna get it back”    07/27/21  (24)
XO loves Tom Brady now    07/27/21  (1)
CDC: All children K-12 must wear a mask regardless of vaccination status    07/27/21  (2)
72 Mens Bball team still refusing silver medals. Biles quits, takes team silver    07/27/21  (1)
I saw McKayla in a GEICO commercial    07/27/21  (37)
I'm not saying the vaccines were microchipped but I have ApplePay in my arm now    07/27/21  (1)
XO retards really think Trump defeated ISIS that was growing in power when Obama    07/27/21  (1)
MSM: Biles stayed w team and got them chalk. She already won.    07/27/21  (2)
When you are with me, I'm free: I'm careless; I believe. Above all the others,    07/27/21  (38)
Hello my friend we meet again; it's been a while where should we begin?    07/27/21  (28)
everyone knows true GOATs quit when the going gets tough    07/27/21  (6)
California: Higher COVID rates in areas with Higher Vaccination rates    07/27/21  (9)
So Larry Nassar is vindicated? Simone just needed to release some tension?    07/27/21  (3)
They hated Nassar because he told the TRUTH. Because he cared too much    07/27/21  (3)
Elder Scrolls 6 further postponed, pivoting to “heavy redguard focus”    07/27/21  (6)
SI Cover Curse Strikes Again (times two today)    07/27/21  (2)
Biles texted her teammates "gtg lol haha" last night (CNN)    07/27/21  (2)
Britney Spears: "I don't believe Paris Hilton was abused at Provo Canyon School"    07/27/21  (1)
Totally not fair to other gymnasts who could have represented the US instead    07/27/21  (2)
Spending countless hours getting really frighteningly deep in Elder Scrolls lore    07/27/21  (47)
Why is lawman8 so obsessed with upset jew?    07/27/21  (1)
The best part about playing Elder Scrolls games is getting lost in nature    07/27/21  (7)
XO = betas who couldn't deal w/ pressure of biglaw criticizing Olympic athletes?    07/27/21  (6)
Got a snarf of McKayla Maroney's ass last night.    07/27/21  (140)
Chi-town mayor/humanoid alien Lori Lightfoot: "Again, I won't speak to whites."    07/27/21  (1)
Feel bad for Biles    07/27/21  (60)
What will the US do when China invades Taiwan before 2030?    07/27/21  (2)
I knew all along the media was forcememing Simone Biles    07/27/21  (1)
Did Biles leave because of a positive weed test?    07/27/21  (2)
LOL that Alabama doctor story about the COVID vaccines was fake after all    07/27/21  (6)
Kerri Strug: Vaults on one leg, wins Gold and obtains sports immortality    07/27/21  (2)
So Biles is withdrawing from TEAM events due to mental health but will do INDIVI    07/27/21  (7)
The Character Assassination of Emilo by the Coward ''''''''''''''    07/27/21  (9)
When Donald reinstated?    07/27/21  (1)
Can’t remember a bigger bitch of his stature than Aaron Rodgers    07/27/21  (7)
HOLY SHIT ITS HAPPENING. - News conference at noon!!    07/27/21  (218)
CNN doxing Tokyo man singing “Under Pressure” at karaoke bar    07/27/21  (6)
Team North Korea hearing talk of "mental health" in olympic village    07/27/21  (1)
Bisexual Talking Roast Beef: You're an alcoholic, and your family doesn't love u    07/27/21  (7)
Camping tp with bird dood, irl labrador, birds like Saint Francis circa 2021    07/27/21  (7)
Larry Nassar: This wouldnt have happened if Biles got the Australian method    07/27/21  (9)
Did they stop rioting in South Africa?    07/27/21  (1)
when will shitcoins be regulated?    07/27/21  (2)
Biles selfish stunt really sums up the state of our culture right now lol.    07/27/21  (1)
everyone in Tokyo wondering where Biles is, Podesta waks out    07/27/21  (2)
We got defense sanctioned and then they paid 25K over policy limits (CSLG)    07/27/21  (15)
What is your annual BILLABLE HOURS REQUIREMENT?    07/27/21  (9)
Team USA furious they didn't place in top 3 so they could boo national anthem    07/27/21  (10)
@BrianBoitano 3m Sack Up Girlfriend    07/27/21  (1)
better firm deal: 1600 hrs, no vacation policy OR 1700 hrs, 4 weeks paid off    07/27/21  (30)
Nevertheless, she per-...err, umm...    07/27/21  (6)
Hunter Biden wins $5MM from Ukrainian gov with Place bet on womens gymnastics    07/27/21  (1)
ur future wife joining in, chanting GIVE IT TO A BLACK GUY, HELL SCORE    07/27/21  (1)
British tween arrested for racist tweets against Simone Biles    07/27/21  (4)
Vaccinated America Has Had Enough    07/27/21  (145)
Lib shuts up people ragging on Simone Biles with ONE TWEET    07/27/21  (2)
LOL the US Government is going to force microchips onto the entire population    07/27/21  (2)
Nutella's husband is better at finishing the job than Biles is    07/27/21  (3)
Simone Biles suicide watch    07/27/21  (1)
Tony Hawk looking at vert ramp "2 spins is enough, guys"    07/27/21  (3)
Upset Jew now posting as "Quite frankly,"    07/27/21  (10)
Dad of son who experienced school shooting thinks shooting is made up (link)    07/27/21  (6)
Biglaw Simone Biles take vacation 5 mins before opening statements in $10B Trial    07/27/21  (1)
Black athletes keep choking. England PKs, Ben Simmons, now Simone Biles    07/27/21  (26)
Lmao at this notice you get from Twitter when you search “Mike Lindell”    07/27/21  (17)
This Olympics has been a disaster for libs    07/27/21  (2)
USWNT, USMNT tweet support for Biles: "You go, girl! You can join our teams anyt    07/27/21  (2)
Secretariat stops running and takes a shit on the Belmont main track.    07/27/21  (2)
Tom Brady looking at 28-3 scoreboard: "Fuck it. I'm done."    07/27/21  (17)
Rach awarding 647 gold medals to poasters who poasted thru “mental illness”    07/27/21  (3)
I did not watch my buddies die face down in the muck, so that Biles could quit    07/27/21  (1)
Curt Schilling throws bloody sock in the laundry hamper and sits on the bench.    07/27/21  (4)
Lance Armstrong: "I can't. My nut cancer."    07/27/21  (1)
Ali turns around and walks back to locker room vs Foreman    07/27/21  (2)
ITT poast the most white trash things benzo does    07/27/21  (3)
why would Simone want to compete for this racist country in the first place?    07/27/21  (4)
Lindsey Vonn looks down at blown out vag. "Get off me, Tiger."    07/27/21  (1)
Grace Kelly was peak American womanhood. Downhill ever since    07/27/21  (2)
The libertarian argument for vaccine mandates (Ilya Sominj    07/27/21  (1)
*Hitler touching Biles' shoulder* "Schwarz fraulein, ve don't all finish ze job.    07/27/21  (1)
Was there similar public understanding of Tonya Harding's meltdown?    07/27/21  (3)
imagine "surgeries" to confirm the delusions of other forms of mental illness    07/27/21  (1)
Did the media applaud Scottie Pippen when he refused to go in for the last play?    07/27/21  (1)
Michael Jordan: "I can't, my stuffed nose."    07/27/21  (3)
NYT: Simone Biles "I dropped out because there was too much pressure to win"    07/27/21  (30)
Henry Aaron squirming on an eggplant "I can't, the pressure"    07/27/21  (1)
How does my getting the vaccine protect others? Someone please explain.    07/27/21  (10)
Michael Jordan deciding to remain on the bench Game 6 vs Jazz    07/27/21  (1)
Michelle Kwan: At least I finished    07/27/21  (7)
Former WY Senator died after breaking neck in bicycle accident    07/27/21  (14)
Can the UNITED STATES beat IRAN at BASKETBALL??    07/27/21  (8)
Bidens DOJ rules vaccine mandates are legal for private employers    07/27/21  (8)
/! PARIS HILTON IS PREGNANT /!    07/27/21  (18)
Simone Biles, Naomi Osaka & "US" libs prove the real pandemic is mental health    07/27/21  (1)
Simone "Shinji" Biles    07/27/21  (1)
Willis Reed hobbles out to the court, turns around, "I'm good, bro."    07/27/21  (3)
ESPN exec vacant stare after just signing $300M Biles Netwo    07/27/21  (2)

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