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good morning    12/03/22  (3)
Eating food cooked in “Nonstick” pans = guaranteed cancer in 5-20 years    12/03/22  (53)
TMF is a pot bellied goblin    12/03/22  (32)
I posted this to twitter and I was inundated with a bunch of homosexuals, furrie    12/03/22  (2)
my xoxo KPI: 100 niggerthreads/year. What's your xoxo KPI?    12/03/22  (5)
USA must destroy the EU and western Europeans    12/03/22  (2)
Practicing dance on TuTu in “Nonstick” floor = guaranteed dancer in 5-20 yea    12/03/22  (1)
Watching the NYTimes needle go from 82% Hill to >95+% Trump was a PEAK EXPERIENC    12/03/22  (19)
Just had the worst night of my fuckin life    12/03/22  (18)
me and jafar tp stayed up all nite on TuTu, watching streamslop shit    12/03/22  (1)
Libs are mad that remote working whites are moving to Mexico for cheap rents    12/03/22  (13)
mol$ sirhan bladee    12/03/22  (11)
i'll miss her. i'll always miss her. i hope she doesn't know that. *revs chains    12/03/22  (2)
Went to lex tp's apt. Centerpiece of home was signed Wild Wild West boxset    12/03/22  (5)
"Bat is not a joke" ---Chris Roberts    12/03/22  (1)
no one had any rebuttal to nick fuentes saying dating women is gay    12/03/22  (2)
bladee the poaster    12/03/22  (3)
"justice involved" is insane carnival shit    12/03/22  (8)
The Hahol literally shit his pants when confronted by the brave Buryat    12/03/22  (1)
Two distinct power goyim    12/03/22  (9)
Joe Rogan "So you spray what up your nose?" jafar: 'bee cum'    12/03/22  (8)
me USPO assfaggot GOY and kihote all taking shots of bee cum at abandoned apiary    12/03/22  (18)
raw garlic | preserved lime | bee cum daily to defeat oat demon within    12/03/22  (1)
I deeply respect kanye west's 110IQ attempts to name the jew    12/03/22  (34)
Is Austin, TX an ok place to live or is it just being forcememed    12/03/22  (39)
american decline sealed at the inception of corn syrup, porn & hart-celler    12/03/22  (10)
Checkmate, goy. A bat coughed on Chinaman &now cybernetic customs union free tra    12/03/22  (1)
that pic of adam savage putting shit in his ass makes sense once u know hes jewi    12/03/22  (4)
Wife started a bath and started cooking, and the bedroom flooded.    12/03/22  (8)
GC wants u vaxxed, masked, eating impossible burger & watching ted bundy docudra    12/03/22  (10)
Headless ghost of Adam Smith talking to you in your dreams    12/03/22  (10)
Didn't understand Adam Smith until I watched "Cats" (a play about a type of anim    12/03/22  (2)
OFFICIAL POLL: What are the BEST and WORST popular Christmas songs?    12/03/22  (42)
the free market put microplastics in your semen    12/03/22  (14)
goddamnit Ricky, the jews won    12/03/22  (5)
Kind of cool that a man named "West" ends up saving the west.    12/03/22  (5)
just googled "Ro Khanna" and immediately burst out laughing    12/03/22  (18)
just so I have this right    12/03/22  (49)
You become God incarnate, but have to fuck&suck spaceporn 30 mins a day. Yes/no?    12/03/22  (31)
are Airpods Pro worth the cost? $199 on Amazon    12/03/22  (71)
noticing in retrospect media manufacturing "low sperm count" phenomena    12/03/22  (4)
NYC birdshits jump on year long wait list for gorgeous chef’s curry palace    12/03/22  (4)
Scam Bankman Fraud is doing an "apology tour" atm? Not going directly 2 jail?    12/03/22  (46)
Putting the designer plug in today. round cut. got your net worth in my asshole.    12/03/22  (112)
🚨🚨TruthSocial.com CONFIRMED to have conservative bias 🚨🚨    12/03/22  (9)
Didn’t realize how deeply and furiously libs despise Christopher Columbus now    12/03/22  (32)
technocratic democratized partisan "deboosting" algorithimic shadowban freedom    12/03/22  (4)
Last.fm is a figure of internet glory days that is still somehow soldiering on    12/03/22  (21)
*smothers Bbooom (to death) with his masturbation pillow*    12/03/22  (1)
MAINLINING fuck all of the bullshit friend! We're going to do as we please    12/03/22  (27)
Mainlining I have scary creepy stalker/s here..my life's in danger I feel(Boom)    12/03/22  (24)
At the bar cracking of counsel jokes w/Mainlining, arguing Gamepass w/ Doodikoff    12/03/22  (14)
A world without beauty is not a world I'd want to live in.    12/03/22  (6)
SAILING confirmed as 180    12/03/22  (3)
i'll miss her. i'll always miss her. i hope she doesn't know that.    12/03/22  (11)
Portrait of me as a Fascist Skeleton    12/03/22  (12)
I'm hungry for some pep my friend mainlining(Boom)    12/03/22  (3)
Hey BOOM, I'm getting some pep right now. You want some friend? (Mainlining)    12/03/22  (2)
Mainlining being bachelor makes us young friend! Let's have a blast!    12/03/22  (17)
Wow you're doing great keep it up love it 😙    12/03/22  (3)
2nd gen Indian American lawyers are most virulent shitlib scum    12/03/22  (8)
i'll miss her. i'll always miss her. i hope she knows that.    12/03/22  (1)
Hunter Biden trying to get reception off 2.4ghz wi-fi from vaxxed hookers ass    12/03/22  (13)
Can we get an update from HATP on his “relationship” with “the box tp”?    12/03/22  (51)
CIA whistleblower found dead from two headshot suicide (link)    12/03/22  (8)
Applying to College, and Trying to Appear ‘Less Asian’ [NYT]    12/03/22  (24)
Audrey Plaza epitomizes “Butter Face”    12/03/22  (50)
Gun to your head: Fuck, Marry, Kill---Gex, Bubsy, Sly Cooper    12/03/22  (5)
Hunter Biden Energy    12/03/22  (12)
Oh someone transferred money out of t investor funds account? Hadn't heard haha    12/03/22  (2)
SBF blasting "Gone Till November" on Bahamian flag vessel headed to Tel Aviv    12/03/22  (3)
OYT and his six deep wolfpack of stone cold Alphas on Birmingham bound Greyhound    12/03/22  (4)
Waking up at 3am to find tiny winking Garfield head on tip of Morgellon's fiber    12/03/22  (2)
Good scary movie to watch?    12/03/22  (4)
Remember when we all found out WMTP was poor and lived with his parents?    12/03/22  (6)
Anyone playing 40k Darktide?    12/03/22  (26)
good time to place bet on Luka winning MVP rn    12/03/22  (5)
WMTP w/ a chopstick in each nostril, barking like a walrus while I fuck his ass    12/03/22  (206)
Is there any team that could trade for Luka Doncic?    12/03/22  (8)
I painstakingly assembled my mp3 collection through FTP servers    12/03/22  (5)
CSLG, why are you condoning benzo's boorish behaviour?    12/03/22  (1)
22 trillion $ but you have to anally& vaginally creampie every woman 2 ever live    12/03/22  (7)
In Your Heart, You Know Ye's Right    12/03/22  (1)
I’m 100% going to hell if I die anytime soon    12/03/22  (5)
Gaming historian video documentary on history of super Mario kart    12/03/22  (2)
Except for power, why would a young woman try to be a Lawyer?    12/03/22  (17)
White ppl have never done anything good    12/03/22  (8)
Have You Ever Met A Real Chad? - The Autoadmit Herald - Article One    12/03/22  (1)
Why do one way “Ubers” cost like $100 lmao what the fuck    12/03/22  (18)
USC exposed as fraud all sport is fraud scam lie fags    12/03/22  (9)
Want to stick my diamond hard monster cock in&creampie every UTAH cheerleader    12/03/22  (16)
Just more parasites growing in ""womens" stomachs anyway    12/03/22  (14)
child sex abuse material of spjr is hosted on CLOWNED dot com    12/03/22  (2)
Just got doodikoff’d    12/03/22  (2)
Baltimore: Uber drivers carjacked, robbers then pick up riders and rob them too    12/03/22  (40)
Tim Talmud    12/03/22  (1)
RATE this steak I'm cooking tomorrow (TSINAH)    12/03/22  (11)
What % of libs think Native Americans were peaceful and harmonious?    12/03/22  (7)
They remade Addams Family but Wednesday is now Mexican and blacks everywhere    12/03/22  (79)
Jewish man discovers fascism    12/03/22  (1)
Good news about Ukraine's power situation - link    12/03/22  (56)
Lol shitcons! "10 for the big guy" referred to the Biden family's tithing scheme    12/03/22  (2)
1 beer left. Should a make it a chill night, go to a bar, or drive 20 miles for    12/03/22  (24)
They know you posted “nigger” online    12/03/22  (10)
Im like 40 and have Hair. My phenotype is excellent imho    12/03/22  (31)
Dug out an old Nintendo Power mag and called the "tip hotline". luis answered.    12/03/22  (16)
Board KAREN got thick thighs thin patience    12/03/22  (1)
2015 you excitedly downloading new Thom Yorke solo track    12/03/22  (1)
Indiana Jones 5 trailer is out    12/03/22  (88)
"Hi, who just joined?" "It'ssss meee, the virusssss" *everyone disconnects*    12/03/22  (200)
"I don’t HATE them, I just don’t want to LIVE around th—Hi, who just joine    12/03/22  (12)
Remember how 5 Capitol cops suicided from stress after 1/6?    12/03/22  (4)
Just found out my Grandpa used to fuck my current GF. I’m devastated    12/03/22  (45)
Karlstack is like Ben Garrison but he can't even Draw    12/03/22  (5)
Karlstack? You mean the renowned anti-semite substack author? That Karlstack?    12/03/22  (13)
🚨🚨🚨Elon to expose Twitter coverup of Hunter Biden story at 5pm 🚨🚨    12/03/22  (158)
Some right wing blog fag here tell Kanye and Nick Fuentes to stop flying pvt    12/03/22  (1)
Jewish Chronicle: "Why don't footballers take the knee for Jews?"    12/03/22  (4)
Sam Bankman-Fried's lesser known brother Tom poasts on Autoadmit    12/03/22  (6)
They’re going to kill Kanye West    12/03/22  (11)
LMAO Kanye already re-banned? Yeezy come yeezy go Trumpmos    12/03/22  (1)
Do any XOers have kids?    12/03/22  (36)
Just found out my loser grandson is trying to put a ring on my old booty call    12/03/22  (9)
cue gay voice "kavanaugh: you have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the    12/03/22  (6)
pelosi's folly brought down biden    12/03/22  (16)
Good Doc on why Kanye is insane    12/03/22  (5)
I've been both a Buddhist and a Catholic. Which one should I stick with?    12/03/22  (25)
Andrew Anglin uses XMR    12/03/22  (11)
🚨 Iowa no longer first in the nation for Dem Presidential Primary 🚨    12/03/22  (12)
Anthony J. Zappin disbarred    12/03/22  (134)
LOL somehow celebrating when evil xo bitch bois fail is "vindictive"    12/03/22  (1)
Lol @ wagies    12/03/22  (1)
U523 Nole NO-LAYYYYYYYYY    12/03/22  (1)
breakthrough implies a barrier exists in the first place    12/03/22  (12)
Appellate court calls out shitlawyer's sloppy typos in published opinion    12/03/22  (26)
ITT: Please provide thoughts on Kanye's Christian Nationalist platform    12/03/22  (10)
Variety: Mel Gibson offers Kanye the role of God in Passion of the Christ 2    12/03/22  (2)
is it even debated that Hart-Austin WM13 is the greatest pro wrestling match?    12/03/22  (3)
New girl w/ email job vid just -=>DROPPED<=-: Deloitte marketing manager edition    12/03/22  (127)
Nole here taking questions    12/03/22  (1)
EPAH: “I’m not mutilating my children, I’m forcibly removing their genital    12/03/22  (7)
bride dies on altar; kicked aside; replaced with sister    12/03/22  (32)
other than brian stelter, white privilege is a myth    12/03/22  (7)
Ukraine invading Crimea right now!    12/03/22  (1)
This is the hard part of Ukraine taking Crimea - link    12/03/22  (96)
can't impeach the big guy over a measly 10    12/03/22  (18)
Has anyone here had sex with their father in law, consensual or forced? Thanks.    12/03/22  (4)
zelenskyy: $33b? fuck it, we're taking back crimea    12/03/22  (4)
Shitlaw boss told me "the anus is on you"    12/03/22  (22)

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