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Ever wonder how Rach feels about hosting a top 5 antisemitism board in the worl    12/03/21  (58)
*Other SCOTUS judges suppressing laughter as Sotomayor explains her 'reasoning'*    12/03/21  (7)
Steve Bannon: “the towering intellect of Justice Sotomayor”    12/03/21  (13)
i'm such a shitty, lazy writer. every sentence begins with a transitional phrase    12/03/21  (19)
Georgia QB1 is 2-star "recruit" walk-on 5'11" we can all make it    12/03/21  (1)
Jared Taylor to journalist: "My ancestors built a country that yours could not"    12/03/21  (24)
Has a modern President's popularity ever tanked this badly in the first year?    12/03/21  (3)
On Russia    12/03/21  (66)
Checked into a hotel suite uptown for the night, taking Qs (RSF)    12/03/21  (30)
Alec Baldwin: “Someone is responsible” for shooting, but “not me”    12/03/21  (8)
I am going to fully shit my pants today. I know it.    12/03/21  (3)
stocks eating shit again    12/03/21  (3)
why did the Big 12 implode so badly?    12/03/21  (10)
Youtube BTFO's 'Santa Inc.' commenters w/ 'The Truth About Antisemitism' video    12/03/21  (1)
"Love her as a person not because she's Asian"    12/03/21  (57)
Docusign down 37% today as investors realize esignature co had 45B mkt cap    12/03/21  (5)
Best cigarettes? (CSLG)    12/03/21  (58)
Need you guys to rate this fun Ukrainian party song.    12/03/21  (6)
Assume the opposite is true of whatever the MSM says    12/03/21  (7)
Tucker called Alex Jones "more reliable than the mainstream media" last night    12/03/21  (20)
small indie groceries full of white people that charge 30% markup    12/03/21  (3)
1960 news craze "red scare", 2030 news craze "red wave"    12/03/21  (1)
Cathie Wood just destroyed Michael Burry    12/03/21  (49)
1985 news craze: "satanic panic", 2085 news craze: "non-satanic panic"    12/03/21  (2)
Obama administration had Alex Jones on payroll to steal his ideas    12/03/21  (3)
JUST IN - Germany imposes nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated.    12/03/21  (37)
Trump is going to fix all of this in his second term    12/03/21  (5)
There is a kooky theory HIV is a passenger virus in those with AIDS    12/03/21  (6)
"Love here because she's Asian, not because she's a person"    12/03/21  (1)
antifa launches sustained siege of VDare castle    12/03/21  (1)
Upset Jew is dumb and even dumber since vaxxing self.    12/03/21  (11)
Stop 🛑 buying shit you don't need! Overeating! Consuming!    12/03/21  (5)
Smollett lawyers moves for mistrial, claiming judge lunged at her    12/03/21  (24)
Yet another Columbia student murdered at Morningside Park    12/03/21  (28)
ITT predict what benzo's life will look like 20 years from now    12/03/21  (12)
For Biden’s next trick, the stock market will implode    12/03/21  (28)
There's no way seafaring civs like greece/rome wouldnt have tried to sail west    12/03/21  (31)
Lol @ American "food": Guy eats nothing but KFC for weeks, body gets destroyed    12/03/21  (25)
DocuSign plunged 40% today - buy?    12/03/21  (1)
XO South Africa, natural immunity still 75% against reinfection with omicron    12/03/21  (5)
NSAM 57 what do you know about Gifted and Talented Program / Tavistock Institute    12/03/21  (3)
ARKK to change ticker to LOL    12/03/21  (23)
Just sold ALL my cryptos, including SOLRISE. Bear market CONFIRMED.    12/03/21  (140)
benzo: “I was voted most likely to rule the world in high school” LMFAOOOOOO    12/03/21  (21)
TT's post-vaxx IQ is 80, now he wants "world-wide communism", lol    12/03/21  (3)
Indian Space Agency to launch Mars mission named Chocobar I    12/03/21  (1)
Movie Titles if the movie were written by Evan39    12/03/21  (43)
ARKK back to 148 watch thread    12/03/21  (8)
It’s fucking bullshit that RSf makes fun of benzo    12/03/21  (83)
how are poasters 80% Asian and 80% Jewish?    12/03/21  (14)
rate this shitlawyers dance moves    12/03/21  (2)
Anyone here have experience and stories of staying in hostels?    12/03/21  (28)
So RSF is a MY MASTERS travel shrew who now has a FURBABY?    12/03/21  (7)
FLW, what’s PLTR going to be eoy and before earnings report February? Tyia    12/03/21  (23)
Good SPAC flip coming up    12/03/21  (1)
Pleasureman how much money did you make from MPC total    12/03/21  (18)
Some words of wisdom from Emilio Estevez, translated into golden retriever:    12/03/21  (6)
Seriously, why are they fucking with everything?    12/03/21  (13)
last chance to get into the PLTR gains train    12/03/21  (11)
No one gives a shit about SOL. PLTR has cracked $26    12/03/21  (13)
PLTR is going to break the fuck out soon    12/03/21  (17)
Race Realism ETF, ARKKK    12/03/21  (2)
Fitting that the James Webb Space Telescope will be launched under Biden    12/03/21  (3)
Target is gay Walmart.    12/03/21  (1)
CNN: Why inflation can actually be good for everyday Americans    12/03/21  (9)
White woman scraping her Greek yogurt cup like it's a uterus    12/03/21  (99)
Running list of OLD famous musicians (age 80+)    12/03/21  (8)
Isn’t there an issue with Succession with Section 8 of the Clayton Act?    12/03/21  (2)
Many Boomers will live to the age of 120.    12/03/21  (1)
Michigan school shooter’s parents are huge Biden supporters    12/03/21  (4)
If Trump had as many 'gaffes' as Biden, his mental decline would be 24/7 news    12/03/21  (8)
The assassination of the Big 12 Conference by the coward ESPN Longhorn Network    12/03/21  (12)
Ghislaine Maxwell kept basket of sex toys to use on young girls (link)    12/03/21  (3)
Politico: Omicron is Trump’s fault for not distributing vaccines international    12/03/21  (3)
Why did the media forcememe Riverdance and Lord of the Dance at the same time?    12/03/21  (15)
Should just cook at waffle house make owner and chill    12/03/21  (9)
If Claire is TT, who is "i wish i was never born"?    12/03/21  (3)
The implications of an *everything* bubble are terrifying    12/03/21  (54)
Do Blacks commit more crimes due to lack of resources and opportunities?    12/03/21  (29)
TT's former "biglaw" firm cucks on the vax mandate    12/03/21  (4)
Alex Jones is crazy, but he did film weird shit at Bohemian Grove    12/03/21  (1)
because leaving your home and going out in the world is bloody terrifying    12/03/21  (1)
Rate this tiktok teen satirizing lookmaxing    12/03/21  (2)
RSF: "I mutilated my dog's genitals because of cancer or something"    12/03/21  (2)
Link to a good penis pump? Do they work well?    12/03/21  (2)
We have a president suffering from obvious dementia. No one sees this?    12/03/21  (5)
psycho squancher. que’est-ce que c’est?    12/03/21  (1)
Our PUPPY took her first flight with us yesterday (RSF)    12/03/21  (46)
why doesn't RSF ever give crypto advice? isn't he a 180 investor?    12/03/21  (3)
RSF, a totally hinged, sane guy, on here fighting with people 24/7    12/03/21  (5)
Parent Talk: My son is very into chess    12/03/21  (30)
Swedish cheerleaders give lap dance at school. Not flame link ITT (video)    12/03/21  (25)
ljl remember when Alex Jones sneaked into Bohemian Grove? (vid)    12/03/21  (10)
More impressive: 180 lsat or 2500 FIDE rating?    12/03/21  (7)
might get Pfizer booster, only reason I wouldn't is my hatred of smug shitlibs    12/03/21  (40)
This is what everyone on XOXO sounds like    12/03/21  (71)
The search engine censorship issue.    12/03/21  (3)
Pull trigger and eat 4 McDonald's sausage egg w/ cheese McMuffin s??    12/03/21  (2)
So now that Omicron is everywhere, Biden is going to lift travel ban 2 Africa?    12/03/21  (7)
Patrick Basedman: “Well, we need a white ethnostate for one.”    12/03/21  (4)
WAFFLE HOUSE    12/03/21  (2)
Weird that libs hate liberty, because the word lib is in it    12/03/21  (5)
More embarassing! American courts male judges wearing dresses or?    12/03/21  (2)
So Baldwin had the gun, aimed it, it fired, but he didn't pull the trigger?    12/03/21  (1)
Is Beretta the most prestigious arms company in the world?    12/03/21  (29)
Waffle house greater than all    12/03/21  (1)
is chicken and waffles flame    12/03/21  (9)
Waffle house is 280. Can stuff your face for cheap and delicious    12/03/21  (1)
FML, wanna throw my inflation dollars into crypto I'm up 37.5%    12/03/21  (3)
tupac was 100% a flaming homosexual    12/03/21  (6)
Biden! It's all trumps fault always will be    12/03/21  (3)
Elliott Smith - Shit Coin Trader.mp3    12/03/21  (2)
where do i find hot asian sluts as a prole in flyover state?When i worked BIGLAW    12/03/21  (6)
SOL to put meddlesome $250 behind it today, once and for all    12/03/21  (1)
Uniform Communism worldwide would be wonderful    12/03/21  (32)
If everyone stopped buying shit and cut consumption way down..    12/03/21  (1)
Decided labor market is in my favor, grumbled to boss about money    12/03/21  (1)
I think arrow of hours sounds cool    12/03/21  (13)
I have my own office, two screens and a diaper. Come at me.    12/03/21  (1)
Why are 5 year olds dying all of the sudden?    12/03/21  (14)
Why are we talking about Omicron vax and no delta vax?    12/03/21  (21)
'white supremacy is endemic to this country,' asserted Indian/Black Vice POTUS    12/03/21  (1)
it's really hard to understand russia & china's relationship w the US    12/03/21  (28)
LJL at Jussie Smollet lying about being attacked for being black and gay    12/03/21  (1)
TT - Chennai    12/03/21  (5)
beckersted here, jangling tin can for 5 eth    12/03/21  (18)
The Daily Mail & The New York Post: Only reliable media.    12/03/21  (1)
Among a people generally corrupt, liberty cannot long exist.    12/03/21  (1)
Reminder: he was a CONSUL OF ROME    12/03/21  (3)
rate this Locke second treatise quote    12/03/21  (46)
Reminder: Our vice president $ucked & fucked to get ahead.    12/03/21  (3)
RATE this boomers resume    12/03/21  (8)
Help!!! Miami has fucking jelly fish help    12/03/21  (23)
White Girl: 'I'm not a Cumrag, I'm a Parag hehe"    12/03/21  (1)
Alec Baldwin is a fucking retard. Ignores all rules of gun safety, blames others    12/03/21  (2)
"I'm a tranny? Who's laughing now?" *Michelle Obama over Joan Rivers' dead body*    12/03/21  (6)
Estimate Kamala's IQ ITT    12/03/21  (32)
Why does benzo think he's smarter than RSF?    12/03/21  (38)
Remember when the Obamas had Joan Rivers killed for calling Michelle a tranny?    12/03/21  (16)
Why is Punch-Drunk Love an acclaimed film?    12/03/21  (13)
There’s clearly an XO poaster that writes for Succession    12/03/21  (53)
remember that time a poaster got benzo a well paying job and he fucked him over    12/03/21  (18)
Trans woman smashes swimming records    12/03/21  (54)
HBD now pretty much undeniable.    12/03/21  (10)
Funny how "poorer" South Asians don't turn into violent Criminals    12/03/21  (3)
Biden inaugurates groundbreaking for new rail line!! #USAUSAUSA!!!    12/03/21  (1)
Jingle All the Way with Arnold and Sinbad is a great xmas movie    12/03/21  (5)
Revolver > Rubber Soul > Abbey Road > White Album > Sgt Pepper    12/03/21  (22)
My sworn enemy is publishing a novel. Advice?    12/03/21  (51)
Cognitive test performance strongly decreases with black ancestry (new study)    12/03/21  (6)

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