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a few poasters are about to get rich from LINK    10/16/21  (9)
Minimum number of nigga shrimp in an acceptable takeout order?    10/16/21  (5)
i literally only care about money now irl    10/16/21  (1)
The Marathi Mike Tyson    10/16/21  (1)
Life is a gigantic NIGGA pounding at your ass as if it's a watermelon    10/16/21  (4)
The Cambodian Tom Cruise & The Filipina Rebecca Ferguson in MI: SEA (link)    10/16/21  (6)
*cue Super Mario RPG forest maze theme as a line of biglawyers fill their kcups*    10/16/21  (24)
in this House of Gondor, Orc Lives Matter    10/16/21  (1)
My new WiWi game console just arrived from China!    10/16/21  (7)
Why does Gen Z like cutting videos short?    10/16/21  (5)
my parents need to die    10/16/21  (1)
Tolkien (2019) w Nicholas Hoult (gorgeous guy) + Lily Collins (gorgeous Jewess):    10/16/21  (7)
We can't, the delta variant    10/16/21  (2)
The War on Sanity, 1945 - 2021    10/16/21  (15)
The DELTA VARIANT is scary    10/16/21  (1)
Jose Canseco and his daughter release joint statement on Castiza Futurism (link)    10/16/21  (3)
there is NOTHING gayer than working hard. NOTHING.    10/16/21  (5)
Do women have souls?    10/16/21  (6)
Finally got my account back from the hacker. Gondorian Lives Matter. Period.    10/16/21  (5)
Mr. Jinx's Halloween costume is "Dracula who must show his cock"    10/16/21  (118)
*DAT TOO MANY LETTUCE tp winning unanimous Poaster of the Year*    10/16/21  (9)
Sanhedrin Lives Matter #TrustTheExperts    10/16/21  (1)
The Atlantic: Babylon Bee mocks woke liberals and that is NOT OK    10/16/21  (82)
Mr Jinx's "musique concrete" compositions are mostly him gargling ladyboy penis.    10/16/21  (21)
honiara pwning judge by replying "yep, i sentence you to a mental hospital"    10/16/21  (98)
honiara is poasting random shit again    10/16/21  (6)
HOLY SHIT! Credits on Chappelle special list "Tobey Fare" and "Indiana Pauper"    10/16/21  (1)
Hooters girls take to TikTok to "protest" new gstring shorts by showing them off    10/16/21  (8)
hfs Telsa just announced they will accept BTC, ETH, DOGE, and SOL as payment.    10/16/21  (1)
Proles killing each other over catalytic converters    10/16/21  (1)
Charlie Conway Did Nothing Wrong #DuckLivesMatter #quack.Quack.QUACK.    10/16/21  (3)
🚨 Scott Steiner IRL cuts a promo on Obeezy (cameo.com link) 🚨    10/16/21  (198)
spoke to a gen Z barista at starbucks who said her generation is "on strike"    10/16/21  (6)
SUMMON: hot hung homo    10/16/21  (7)
we now have shortages like 1980s Soviet Union    10/16/21  (43)
Biden's chief of staff: inflation & supply chain are "high class problems"    10/16/21  (28)
'antifa' are spiteful mutants    10/16/21  (3)
I know I’m 100% GOY because I feel bad even for the spiteful mutant lib NPCs    10/16/21  (2)
So lib cities are about to lose 50% of cops due to vax "mandate"?    10/16/21  (58)
can lawyers claim gym membership as tax deduction    10/16/21  (7)
The entire ethos of Liberalism is to paint it as immoral to choose to live free    10/16/21  (9)
All right stop, ejaculate in prison, benzo's back with his ass in position    10/16/21  (113)
Fallout 4 “You made us, now suffer for your arrogance” Green Mutants    10/16/21  (1)
Spiteful Mutant Lives Matter    10/16/21  (1)
Spiteful mutants rampaging is the highest expression of Christian love    10/16/21  (6)
libs: yay, we finally have equity! America sucks for everyone!    10/16/21  (3)
"At least we don't have a POTUS who tweets mean things" (actual link)    10/16/21  (2)
#StopElfViolence disappears after it becomes apparent orcs behind 99% of attac    10/16/21  (2)
so what do u do 4 fun? 'I breed.' oh cool, like dogs? 'no.' cats? 'no'    10/16/21  (7)
Libs & their pets would rather "rule" in Globohomo Mordor than serve in Gondor    10/16/21  (13)
pretty sick that libs want the FBI involved if parents protest woke nonsense    10/16/21  (12)
the fed's ability to tighten is about as good as peterman's prolapsed anus    10/16/21  (1)
Who is the quotemo who has such irrational animus for SOL?    10/16/21  (1)
'A Stop at Wolloughby' but it's an indoor mall circa 1989    10/16/21  (16)
Video which shows the future of being called racist (link)    10/16/21  (77)
ate $1 pizza for the first time in years, almost choked to death on heartburn    10/16/21  (7)
Army of Gondor deserts after Aragorn calls Mordor a shithole    10/16/21  (13)
The White Tree of Gondor was a symbol of Man-centric oppressive culture. Let's    10/16/21  (15)
Don't be a bigot, the orcs are coming to culturally enrich Gondor    10/16/21  (11)
STOP calling them "Orcs." They are Gondorians.    10/16/21  (47)
Why can't Gondor be happy for the illegal immigrants coming from Mordor, etc.?    10/16/21  (3)
Golden retriever straining against leash to take you to Willoughby    10/16/21  (13)
I'm ashamed to admit it, but I would 100% smash this "lawyer karen"    10/16/21  (8)
LMAO at this Sauron-besieged Middle-earth    10/16/21  (3)
Jews: “Speaking as a fellow whitey, the biggest threat today is whiteness”    10/16/21  (11)
at wedding tonight the only people unhappy = the lawyers    10/16/21  (3)
lawyers on a deserted island = useless????    10/16/21  (4)
so basically CERN has no benefit to mankind, but could destroy fabric of univers    10/16/21  (4)
180000 Tucker shits on lawyers today!!!!    10/16/21  (2)
90s libs: Free Tibet, anti-globalism; 2021 libs: Free Sauron, anti-Gondorian    10/16/21  (5)
GLM: Gondoran Lives Matter    10/16/21  (11)
emilio turning my ashes into a diamond for his uniform after i fall in battle    10/16/21  (3)
Why can't XO be happy for the illegal immigrants coming from Haiti, Mexico, etc?    10/16/21  (26)
obese dreadlocked Uruk-hai telling hobbits they are racist in mandatory CRT    10/16/21  (2)
British university professor fired for anti-Zionist email    10/16/21  (3)
emilio have you seen all the stuff about new diverse LOTR series    10/16/21  (3)
me: "go back to israel", quotemo: "i already am in israel"    10/16/21  (2)
lmao @ state propagandists spinning the "strong" retail sales data today    10/16/21  (4)
m83 - midnight city    10/16/21  (14)
40000 ETH. |. 1600 BTC. |. 0 XRP    10/16/21  (73)
Biden Regime to force Navy SEALS to pay back training costs if not vaxed    10/16/21  (16)
Remember all “young girls” spam here a few yrs back? That was Feds.    10/16/21  (8)
Wife's 37 year old friend desperately wants to marry    10/16/21  (362)
Gunneratttt: 180 poster    10/16/21  (12)
Rate "Satan is with us" slogan on this Soviet physicist parade b4 Chernobyl    10/16/21  (15)
blank post in this thread if you're last name is sanjay or patel    10/16/21  (26)
lib friend playing CSGO as CT: "all i see are doctors. engineers. scientists    10/16/21  (2)
LaMarcus, where you at?!    10/16/21  (9)
me & emilio estevez ca 1992 tp wading thru river of corpses flowing down 5th ave    10/16/21  (15)
God promises to never flood Earth again. 2021: *sucks air through teeth*    10/16/21  (4)
TS amanda in a MGSV "Quiet" outfit providing me sniper cover from above    10/16/21  (4)
pretty sure libs don't just have a "different opinion" but are actually evil    10/16/21  (10)
Make Gays Ashamed Again    10/16/21  (2)
the homeless population in my West Coast city is increasing exponentially    10/16/21  (14)
Just got into SOL shitcoin seed phase    10/16/21  (5)
There is only one asset that hasn't mooned    10/16/21  (11)
This song from Gorgeous Denmark goes out to Cuttingtable tp    10/16/21  (4)
Prole co-worker lives in a van and talks about suicide (evan39)    10/16/21  (2)
Chinese HQ in WW3: "Bad news...America's most diverse units are en route."    10/16/21  (181)
2011: jfc this bboom guy is literally insane, 2021: fuck this fraudlie "society"    10/16/21  (5)
if gold goes above $3,000/oz the Purge siren will auto-play in all major cities    10/16/21  (2)
cuttingtable (diamond dogs) 🐢🐢🐢    10/16/21  (3)
*watching "the purge" in 2021* *pause movie* *siren sound keeps going    10/16/21  (2)
Anime idea: Gay Grandpa vs. Globohomo Gaijin hivemind    10/16/21  (4)
Buttigieg has been on “maternity leave” the past 2 months    10/16/21  (4)
Sheepdog Lives Matter    10/16/21  (10)
libs were for de-institutionalization b/c they know deep down they belong there    10/16/21  (6)
*Chasten tenderly removing filthy diaper from baby, licking it clean*    10/16/21  (5)
Rating posters as Luis themed movies for Halloween    10/16/21  (52)
A Biblical patriarch in Aslan’s Country, gorgeous eyes like TedBeckersted    10/16/21  (3)
Emilio is like the Optimus Prime of xo, and the lib posters are the Decepticons    10/16/21  (19)
Gab full of absolutely INSANE anti-vax propaganda now    10/16/21  (14)
Covid-19 🦠 might truly bring chaos communism.    10/16/21  (1)
chin implant: cr?    10/16/21  (2)
my BARNBRIDGE position mooned 60% today    10/16/21  (2)
The most confounding studies on homosex stated briefly    10/16/21  (119)
Cause of death: jock itch    10/16/21  (1)
hi joe do u have capacity 2 b mauled by creatures from Critters?    10/16/21  (17)
Dave Chappelle's Filipina wife is an xo poaster (link)    10/16/21  (10)
85 IQ 20yr-old birdbrains have a vote that counts as much as yours    10/16/21  (1)
2 Timothy 3: sign we’re in the End Times?    10/16/21  (6)
i cant believe its winter again    10/16/21  (3)
The most confounding studies on precum, stated briefly.    10/16/21  (6)
“Gay”: not something to take “pride” in (priDE-MONth): it’s a cross to    10/16/21  (3)
A gorgeous French man with eyes like M83’s Anthony Gonzalez    10/16/21  (3)
I mix up MPA and ACP.    10/16/21  (6)
*Approaches podium, clears throat* “Pepito Did Nothing Wrong. Thank you.”    10/16/21  (10)
me spack n luis listening to Washed Out - New Theory while sun rises ovr r pool    10/16/21  (16)
gjr is a CUNT and FUCK HER ILK (whok)    10/16/21  (2)
🦝🦝🦝 NIGGERS 🦝🦝🦝    10/16/21  (24)
And I'd rather be a satellite / And I'm picking up the phone    10/16/21  (3)
Whok rate the song "Lately" by Tyrese    10/16/21  (6)
Capital Cities is a terrible band    10/16/21  (2)
Brian Stelter has a glowpedo vibe    10/16/21  (1)
So, uh… how exactly is breastfeeding going to work for Pete and Chasten?    10/16/21  (13)
Shipping container disaster is entirely due to California communism    10/16/21  (15)
Sports trivia: what's the only team named used in 3 different pro sports leagues    10/16/21  (33)
Kurt "Cuttingtable" Russell, Stefanie "Quiet" Joosten reunion c. Aslan's Country    10/16/21  (8)
Rate this proud father at his daughters graduation    10/16/21  (3)
NIGGER    10/16/21  (1)
making a gay retarded thread for Coltrane tp to bump    10/16/21  (1)
has xo ever made u cry?    10/16/21  (15)
SANJAY GUPTA ---> SASHA GREY ---> SEWER GASH    10/16/21  (2)
Cleveland Doctor Indians to replace mascot with Sanjay Gupta    10/16/21  (2)
Don’t never stop if you wanna be on top, bitch    10/16/21  (6)
On the similarity between the Keju and standardized tests in the United States    10/16/21  (14)
Buy Chainlink (CHINK) now!!!    10/16/21  (1)
Watching muppets haunted mansion movie on Disney plus    10/16/21  (2)
Energy switched up when asked girl to be my monogamous gf. Go back to dating?    10/16/21  (46)
Is Robin Singh still doin the damn thing?    10/16/21  (7)

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