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USA: cannot even control niggas, jews or its own 'women' BUT will defeat China    12/06/22  (3)
Did you notice all US MNT team members look and sound like Trevor Noah?    12/06/22  (16)
XO Indonesia bans SEX outside MARRIAGE    12/06/22  (12)
Brillant US War Strategists plan on DESTROYING Taiwan to save it from CHINA    12/06/22  (15)
I'll have a slice of your finest compelled speech    12/06/22  (1)
Ppl being turned away in Atlanta precincts. Where is Kari Lake to complain?    12/06/22  (1)
If you are brain damaged irl are you likely to be a trumpmo. How about schizoid    12/06/22  (121)
watch a few seconds of this interview of a rapper (hilarious)    12/06/22  (1)
let them eat cake with two little plastic men on top made under duress    12/06/22  (12)
why do kidmos so aggressively and stridently criticize and shame nokidmos?    12/06/22  (295)
Anyone seen a shitlaw firm with an open floor plan?    12/06/22  (1)
Dual citizen of a soccer powerhouse but hate soccer. Pretend to be fanboi?    12/06/22  (21)
Who is going to win Georgia runoff tomorrow night?    12/06/22  (15)
"10 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Get Any White Male Arrested" (Jezebel)    12/06/22  (12)
Just bake the damn website, bigots.    12/06/22  (5)
Avenatti sentenced to 14 years in Federal prison for defrauding clients    12/06/22  (34)
who is this sport reporter?    12/06/22  (2)
and you will know him by the trail of poasts    12/06/22  (1)
Judge: "This custody case is contentious. I hereby appoint a MUTALISK AD LITEM"    12/06/22  (2)
Young Woody Harrelson had extreme gay face (pic)    12/06/22  (1)
GIRL POWER in Space has cost us 100s of millions of dollars    12/06/22  (17)
Cock control, hoochie koo / Lordy mama, liftin' nude    12/06/22  (42)
colt tp asking for another basket of "garlic butter po boys" at Olive Garden    12/06/22  (25)
raccoon attacks young girl, mom with huge tits saves the day (video)    12/06/22  (20)
Look at my lawyer dawggg they/them got a 144 on the lsat    12/06/22  (44)
How did Arizona become shitlib and Colorado literally become a commie shithole?    12/06/22  (4)
"Hey kid, catch!" *cowgod throws PS2 at 6 year old*    12/06/22  (2)
"BoltonBros" begin organizing rallies across US    12/06/22  (5)
Are media players like Real Player and Winamp still around?    12/06/22  (2)
Should Back Extensions have some spinal flexion (rounding of the back)    12/06/22  (8)
svolach perhot PODZALUPNAYA (boor)    12/06/22  (1)
AZ Secretary of State forced Twitter to take down tweets questioning election    12/06/22  (39)
boor i am of zhiobanderowits gypsy bratva do not mess with me (boor)    12/06/22  (1)
Gorsuch mops floor with CO lawyer arguing Christians need to make gay websites    12/06/22  (69)
"How to worship Jews and destroy your civilization" By Bobert B. Birdshit, PhD    12/06/22  (1)
Ye: “Jewish people — forgive Hitler today. Let it go. Stop trying to force i    12/06/22  (17)
I deeply respect kanye west's 110IQ attempts to name the jew    12/06/22  (39)
rank the following generations: boomers, gen x, millennials, zoomers    12/06/22  (3)
longitudinal study of individuals named after various gaming consoles    12/06/22  (5)
Voted for Trump twice, but demanding suspension of Constitution went to    12/06/22  (1)
TSINAH -- will you create a fucking YouTube channel already?    12/06/22  (18)
If you chop off your feet, you can wear prosthetics to make you 6'4"    12/06/22  (2)
Dean Corll, aka "The Candyman," was the Willy Wonka of Serial Killers    12/06/22  (1)
Do you like Rihanna?    12/06/22  (4)
Robinhood offering 1% retirement MATCH as retail trading boom fades    12/06/22  (5)
Fleshlight. Tick Tock. Your time is coming.    12/06/22  (6)
Gavin McGinnis interview w ye    12/06/22  (22)
No other explanation but spaceporn likes the outting and the abuse    12/06/22  (2)
You brain damaged mentally ill trumpmo morons never fail to amuse me    12/06/22  (10)
Me and TT schooling Christian fags with our Alpha Indo-European Paganism    12/06/22  (14)
"I'm not a man, not yet a woman"    12/06/22  (3)
ITT select what sushi to eat off of GJR's naked body    12/06/22  (13)
Did You Know That The Prophet, Peace be Upon Him, Was Married to a Jew?    12/06/22  (18)
admit it: u wouldn't date an 18 yr old girl even if u could    12/06/22  (98)
You screaming as Spaceporn Vogon Jeltz forces you to listen to his poetry    12/06/22  (16)
what time is the spaceporn meltdown today    12/06/22  (10)
"Jewish Skygods. Fat Women. Toothless AZNgirls" "What r things Birdshits love?"    12/06/22  (1)
do Western Euros have ANY redeeming qualities?    12/06/22  (4)
goblin mode    12/06/22  (5)
1/3 Marine hurls puppy off cliff    12/06/22  (28)
what does Elon Musk actually do all day?    12/06/22  (6)
Poast ITT and I will rate you as a professional Riichi Mahjong team    12/06/22  (3)
are we human? or are we counsel    12/06/22  (31)
Id be lost without the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary    12/06/22  (1)
Farting so loud your dog makes a face like a hyena    12/06/22  (30)
Why is it called "Christmas" if t central figure of the holiday is Santa Claus?    12/06/22  (6)
Russia's anti tank defenses defeated by Russian engineering    12/06/22  (2)
12-yo evan39 screening Jud Süß at school AV club    12/06/22  (1)
Colt subsisted on flying po boys 🦇for 2 weeks while trapped inside Thai cave    12/06/22  (3)
Today in History: Bobby Hill founds "the Propaniacs" (vid)    12/06/22  (2)
Are we not men? We are DEVO    12/06/22  (4)
Hit old gypsy lady with my car. She brushed my cheek and said "biglaw." wtf    12/06/22  (95)
*thugs jump, bind &gag colt in motel* *lawman8 emerges from closet w/po boy*    12/06/22  (26)
Gunnerattt (or anyone), could you tell me about the northern suburbs of phoenix?    12/06/22  (1)
Old man killed trying to stop theft from Home Depot    12/06/22  (27)
there is some REALLY bad smelling gas wafting from my asshole rn    12/06/22  (5)
Life sized human po boy pulling unconscious colt from his burning car    12/06/22  (43)
EDF!!! EDF!!!    12/06/22  (1)
Inverse etfs mooning this year    12/06/22  (1)
Rate my poem    12/06/22  (6)
I have seeded more than five transsexuals onto this board, quietly poasting    12/06/22  (54)
Use of PLASTIC in Thailand is beyond RETARDED    12/06/22  (19)
The fact kikes bothered to coin term “blood libel” proves it’s true    12/06/22  (11)
libs are in militant all-out-war mode against "Baby It's Cold Outside" this year    12/06/22  (48)
Do Black people drink coffee?    12/06/22  (7)
There's a hidden population keeping TGI Friday's in business. Who eats there    12/06/22  (65)
Rogue wave breaks cruise ship window, killing passenger    12/06/22  (14)
Spaceporn: "actually I can't unload"    12/06/22  (2)
LinkedIn "#Opentowork" icon tattooed around the ring of luis's asshole    12/06/22  (23)
It's a penis not a sunset    12/06/22  (4)
2022’s Most Sinful Cities in America    12/06/22  (4)
Just got cowgod’d    12/06/22  (9)
Night crew was decimated by some unknown event    12/06/22  (8)
Strelkov was at the front but got rejected, lmao (link)    12/06/22  (5)
Why does spaceporn terrorize that poor korean boy?    12/06/22  (1)
jafar is singlehandlely keeping the night crew alive    12/06/22  (14)
CFB "transfer portal" is fucking insane.    12/06/22  (16)
PLEASE DADDY!!! TAKE IT OUT OF MY ASS!!!    12/06/22  (4)
The Most Prestigious Schizoid PD Group In The World    12/06/22  (11)
Earth's magnetic poles are shifting. We are fucked.    12/06/22  (2)
lex = incel academic hard-right Catholic raised by lesbians, w gay fantasies?    12/06/22  (17)
Duston you faggot    12/06/22  (18)
Have you made SWeet NYE '22-'23 PLANS yet?    12/06/22  (104)
lex rate this twitter moniker and post    12/06/22  (3)
It's 640am faggots. How are you still sleeping. I'm already done working out    12/06/22  (10)
geno - need you’re prediction for last 2 min of Bucs - Saints    12/06/22  (13)
🤣 Google Sheets doesn't even have superscript or subscript formatting    12/06/22  (5)
ricky carefully placing Diwali candles on menorah    12/06/22  (33)
Would you end the shit right now if you knew it were a peaceful slee    12/06/22  (3)
none of these lib "skeptics" have any questions about Epstein, Covid etc?    12/06/22  (31)
disco fries daily step count thread    12/06/22  (13)
Tom Brady proving the gas fags haters wrong    12/06/22  (12)
Thinking of moving to Melbourne or Perth    12/06/22  (4)
RATE this pizza I just made    12/06/22  (20)
good morning    12/06/22  (5)
Hey geno tp, it's time to drown yourself    12/06/22  (2)
geno apoplectic    12/06/22  (2)
i have seven meetings today Jfc    12/06/22  (3)
what do you attribute the 67% reduction in heart attacks from 1960 to 2000 to?    12/06/22  (58)
just realized that i am not even a lawyer    12/06/22  (3)
Where does xo stand on Kanye’s theory that Elon is a half Chinese clone?    12/06/22  (7)
colt loving his Christmas po boy as he bites into the prime cut of the menorah    12/06/22  (6)
*poasts pic of cracked timepiece, 1-reply thread at 5:00 a.m.*    12/06/22  (1)
10th Day No Drink ---- head gonna explode    12/06/22  (2)
Stormy Daniels lawyer is fucking killing it    12/06/22  (104)
The Definitive Evan39 Flame Megathread    12/06/22  (114)
3:30am, a Seattle grocery PA system. "Chapter 1 The industrial revolution and it    12/06/22  (134)
Are scales that measure Body Fat % totally flame?    12/06/22  (17)
Would you change your life if you knew you were going to inherit 250k per annum    12/06/22  (66)
KANYE "GENIUS" WEST has a new theory about Elon Musk    12/06/22  (19)
my wife is asleep by 8pm every day. this isn't close to normal, right?    12/06/22  (43)
CHARACTERIZE lawyers who give themselves the Dr. title    12/06/22  (7)
Guy from Tenet frantically mashing keys backwards to warn luis about the    12/06/22  (2)
Trumptards, what has Trump done since he announced 2024 candidacy?    12/06/22  (6)
Drunkenly played Horst Wessel Lied on piano in dorm lobby    12/06/22  (9)
"...ntence you to 30 years with the possibility of parole." "Sure bud, sure."    12/06/22  (41)
chinese buffet puts up "no jews" sign as they see rsf approach on xmas    12/06/22  (4)
Spree-shooter on the loose in NYC    12/06/22  (4)
research bonnet    12/06/22  (3)
Compilation of black people pronouncing "Worcestershire" (link)    12/06/22  (20)
Don Kihote tp, whatever happened to this fag?    12/06/22  (5)
Just found out my Grandpa used to fuck my current GF. I’m devastated    12/06/22  (60)
PUBBIE TRASH ARRRGH    12/06/22  (1)
Indiana Lawyer Ejaculating 'farmer style' inhaling his load and snotting it out    12/06/22  (5)
NEVER trust a man with a hyphenated last name    12/06/22  (12)
"Sure, sounds good! You can resume fucking my ass raw tomorrow morning."    12/06/22  (3)

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