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FL bill criminalizing tattoo artists for tattooing "attractive females 18-30"    01/30/23  (5)
INDIAN student Nandapu SHOT DEAD in Shitcago after just 10 DAYS in USA!!    01/30/23  (73)
Day in life of cute young very chubby girl at ski resort (TikTok)    01/30/23  (35)
last night's episode of the last of us was about luis and ricky    01/30/23  (1)
"Yep, these shoes were made out of stingrays," doodikoff said on 1st date    01/30/23  (18)
Lawyers, is this negligence or a battery?    01/30/23  (18)
attractive people are Morally Good and unattractive people are Morally Bad    01/30/23  (6)
leaked docs show Russian plans for South and East Ukraine (link)    01/30/23  (21)
Is Gen X envious of inflated millennial SATs/GPAs?    01/30/23  (35)
chick at a coffee shop today asked me if i was a dog daddy    01/30/23  (5)
Honestly Florida is a nice place to live    01/30/23  (81)
Imo "Rocket League" sucks and its because the ball physics are bad    01/30/23  (5)
Angel Heart (1987)    01/30/23  (9)
Korean food is honestly 180    01/30/23  (36)
do dog dads get mad when the dog runs up to strangers?    01/30/23  (22)
my password is my social security number    01/30/23  (1)
*Opens thread* *Sees melee inside, flying shit hits your face* *closes thread*    01/30/23  (1)
ur gf on your arm cooing about your "dominant leadership" as u play COD squads    01/30/23  (1)
For men, more cost effective to master Call of Duty than to attend Law School    01/30/23  (2)
Wanted: Algorithm that automatically turns GJR poasts into “I Still Unload”    01/30/23  (4)
For women, more cost effective to lose 65 lbs than to earn a master's:    01/30/23  (7)
the Beast stares at peterman in glass dome as last hair falls from his head    01/30/23  (5)
Goan yogi has survived on nothing but bay leaf broth for 63 years    01/30/23  (1)
I am hungry and have $0. Not flame.    01/30/23  (34)
doodikoff cackling hysterically @ Everybody Loves Raymond episode    01/30/23  (11)
Do people absent cheating etc really get divorced?    01/30/23  (18)
If you're not already fucking your Asian boss you're being fired in < 2 months    01/30/23  (9)
3-4 CCP agents posing as cops who attacked blacks the same week would destroy US    01/30/23  (1)
What is Montebello area like in Los Angeles?    01/30/23  (3)
Bengals vs Chiefs game was 100% rigged    01/30/23  (2)
Ever sucked a bay leaf until it’s completely white?    01/30/23  (1)
The key to a happy marriage, like the key to an excellent soup, is bay leaf    01/30/23  (1)
Ian Book will join Joe Montana, Joe Theismann as ND Super Bowl winner QBs    01/30/23  (2)
Karlstack, why not do an exposé on all of the egg farms burning down?    01/30/23  (15)
Making some red gravy, should I throw a bay leaf in?    01/30/23  (3)
CSLG getting his thread to 100 poasts after replying in it 95 times    01/30/23  (1)
"I'm adding value" (bay leaf tepidly soaking in your soup bowl)    01/30/23  (25)
doodikoff starting bumble date w knock knock joke    01/30/23  (2)
Man arrested for "forcing pitbull to perform oral sex on him"    01/30/23  (1)
Rate my guitar skills (CSLG)    01/30/23  (115)
odd case, given that Memphis police hired only the best    01/30/23  (1)
Twitter now putting Karl Stack into my recommended feed    01/30/23  (7)
Fucking your wife's butthole: yay or nay?    01/30/23  (32)
NFL is complete Jew distraction rigged force meme FRAUD    01/30/23  (10)
If China invades Taiwan the US would have no choice but to go to war    01/30/23  (8)
49'ers frantic, scrambling to contact XO pumos who played a bit of college ball    01/30/23  (22)
"I Still Unload": This man is an "internet poaster" who vomits his "ide    01/30/23  (6)
Compilation of Japanese people attempting to pronounce "Blake Lively" (video)    01/30/23  (5)
A balding 40-year-old man jacking off to internet porn    01/30/23  (4)
Twitter MAF after Trump invites the "Who I Smoke" rappers to golf at Mar-a-Lago    01/30/23  (8)
Why is sex naturally better with one person vs another?    01/30/23  (41)
US government study on why women engage in hetero anal sex    01/30/23  (68)
2 weeks in Maui, cr?    01/30/23  (10)
Meet your new AI comedy writing partner. You provide a joke set-up, and it gener    01/30/23  (78)
Ribs? Ribs?!    01/30/23  (2)
Italian cooking AIDS blasting you with their MOZZLOADS    01/30/23  (4)
Why are you letting them win?    01/30/23  (11)
Michael J. Fox probably got Parkinson's from excessive cocaine use/bad cocaine    01/30/23  (54)
So Djokovic caught COVID which irreparably harmed him at the Aussie Open?    01/30/23  (9)
Women aren't strong because they literally piss themselves when they deadlift    01/30/23  (5)
giga jewed an app order    01/30/23  (6)
FROM: DLA Piper Finance. TO: DLA Piper Kiev (All). SUBJ: Please enter your time    01/30/23  (41)
Mossad: Russia 19k dead, Ukraine 157k dead (link)    01/30/23  (21)
I'm working with a MINDSET guru to improve my niggerthreading    01/30/23  (1)
Crazy how much less of a mentally ill freak I’ve become since stopping adderal    01/30/23  (5)
Please come ITT and rate this Doodikoff vocaroo    01/30/23  (14)
Why are partners leaving Cravath?    01/30/23  (14)
Swedish BIRDSHIT woman flies to XO INDIA to marry GORGEOUS Pawan Kumar    01/30/23  (1)
steez startup: goyIM, the only instant messaging app with no Jews allowed    01/30/23  (3)
why the fuck do we "file taxes"    01/30/23  (20)
Biggest takeaway from Werewolves of London: perfect hair makes up for anything    01/30/23  (9)
GPT3.5 legal drafting aid that learns ur style w/ embeddings yet data is secure    01/30/23  (36)
Has anyone ever stayed at the Chelsea Hotel in NYC?    01/30/23  (14)
Finally a super bowl with 2 black QBs. Racism is cured.    01/30/23  (6)
Will your kids be happier than you were at their age?    01/30/23  (25)
If you’re in the 5’10 range should you try to be skinny and lean?    01/30/23  (33)
Pantera is an explicitly feminine experience tp    01/30/23  (3)
the shopping cart litmus test    01/30/23  (2)
Germany gets rid of red tape for building new wind energy facilities - link    01/30/23  (8)
The underground city at Derinkuyu could be closed from the inside with large rol    01/30/23  (1)
"On the 'Interests' section of your resume you put 'Bay Leaf.' Could you explain    01/30/23  (18)
houses built (((to code)))    01/30/23  (3)
buttoning up ur jos-a-bank blazer as u listen to fort minor - Remember the Name    01/30/23  (2)
"they were forbidden to do anything but lend money"    01/30/23  (13)
Put up an "I like you a latte" sign next to office Keurig machine (CSLG)    01/30/23  (17)
Q: "And then he took his little pickle dick out?" A: "Correct. It was green."    01/30/23  (1)
Jos A Bank | Hyundai | DLA Piper    01/30/23  (57)
I am more than human    01/30/23  (3)
had to make the little fuckers friend a sleepy tuna melt sandwich    01/30/23  (2)
Whats the borts take on the tuna melt as a sandwich?    01/30/23  (12)
What should the US response be if China invades Taiwan?    01/30/23  (104)
Problem with streaming apps is they don't have enough content    01/30/23  (16)
Check out what my wife just found in the garage    01/30/23  (5)
Sunday afternoon rate my dog please    01/30/23  (11)
Taking my 3rd shit of the morning    01/30/23  (1)
So WHO is Rob Halford? the WSJ reporter asked in a Waldorf hotel room    01/30/23  (17)
Ricky doing insane capoeira moves on ketamine while alzabo drums intensely. nude    01/30/23  (1)
$5B AI does nothing but luis thread (link)    01/30/23  (8)
German engineering is really impressive    01/30/23  (21)
Rate this art I just hung up in my office -- it's real papyrus from egypt    01/30/23  (14)
I'm literally the Ryan Gosling character in Drive irl    01/30/23  (14)
Necros is the most underrated Bond henchman    01/30/23  (4)
Facebook will temporarily allow posts calling for violence against Russians    01/30/23  (43)
god, if i ever saw Jimmy Kimmel in public i would swing an ice axe into his    01/30/23  (17)
TRUMP to FINALLY FUCKING unveil INFRASTRUCTURE PLAN in January    01/30/23  (221)
My wife always wants to buy the cheapest version of anything.    01/30/23  (31)
who the fuck eats "wraps" anymore?    01/30/23  (15)
Ukraine is going to get F-16s    01/30/23  (28)
Rate this 'Supreme Court of Texas Eviction Court Order'    01/30/23  (22)
weird that the world stopped caring about ftx/sam bankman-freid    01/30/23  (15)
Pissed myself in an uber last night    01/30/23  (2)
Elden Ring Trophy %s    01/30/23  (2)
Djoker GOAT Watch #tennis    01/30/23  (96)
doodikoff showing up to first date in a hockey jersey and hat on backwards    01/30/23  (19)
The faggot said it's not so much about taking dicks in ass as allowing ass in di    01/30/23  (1)
surprised their wasn't an xo meetup in davos this year    01/30/23  (1)
doodikoff is the most down to earth poaster    01/30/23  (50)
Ukraine uses Javelin for 1st time against Russian armor.    01/30/23  (10)
Could the US win a war against Russia+Iran+China?    01/30/23  (128)
Kevin Samuels - The Congo Dandy of YouTube    01/30/23  (6)
bay leaf is on the table, the fire's cookin'    01/30/23  (2)
GORGEOUS INDIA picture thread (RSF)    01/30/23  (67)
what are your least favorite gamer words?    01/30/23  (5)
SBF: secret $1B nest egg. U: uncollected billables on DOA FTX suit.    01/30/23  (1)
You, Lex, lsd, Emilio playing billiards. Hunger Strike, Temple of the Dog starts    01/30/23  (28)
The US Must Prepare for War Against Russia Over Ukraine    01/30/23  (55)
"Tell me judge, what's a woman?" Doobs asks as he crosses his legs.    01/30/23  (25)
FBI finally admits Seth Rich was connected to the DNC email hacks (link)    01/30/23  (57)
There were more children killed at Waco than OKC    01/30/23  (4)
Rodney King's ex-attorney says Tyre Nichols officers were like a pack of wild    01/30/23  (7)
Panera is an explicitly feminine experience tp    01/30/23  (7)
anyone else enjoy eating noodle soup with chunks of dead bird in it?    01/30/23  (14)
Reptiles how do you respond to these factual points about the Pelosi attack    01/30/23  (118)
Reminder: Voodoo Child tp thinks about child molestation 24/7    01/30/23  (6)
Just had some chicken periods with a side of dead pig for breakfast    01/30/23  (2)
Timeline shift: Weird AL died not too long ago    01/30/23  (4)
Are there any drag queens currently serving in Congress?    01/30/23  (2)
"This deranged faggot drag queen..”*libs cheer*“..is a GOP house rep.”*lib    01/30/23  (5)
Can ChatGPT write song parodies like xo poasters?    01/30/23  (8)
So is the US/Ukraine losing the war against Russia? truth, not media bs please    01/30/23  (113)
Rate Michael Jackson’s isolated vocal    01/30/23  (13)
GenX Disaffectation at All-Time High After Scathing Online Critiques (NYT)    01/30/23  (4)
Luis staring back seductively as you gently remove his Pit Vipers    01/30/23  (3)
"I ASSURE you it will fit, good sir." (bloodacre talking to an actual horse)    01/30/23  (5)
XO Poll: Are you still WFH?    01/30/23  (57)
Woke up early to clean clothes before laundry woman comes    01/30/23  (1)
xo joey bosa: "are you snapchatting your little butt buddies you fucking loser"    01/30/23  (16)

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