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STICKY: Big changes   08/10/20  (332)
Libs overplaying the Kamala race/gender card. Too transparent. No substance.    08/13/20  (7)
What do XO dorks have against WET ASS PUSSY? Why does it make them MAF?    08/13/20  (5)
Hard to believe it has been a full decade since plucot bullycided Larry Joe Bird    08/13/20  (4)
GF insinuated I'm sexist because I don't like Kamala Harris. I'm seething rn    08/13/20  (9)
Help Me Choose: Which color to wrap my Range Rover    08/13/20  (52)
I love Chilmata, but I’ll never forget that he thought Ke$ha was Uber hawt    08/13/20  (2)
God I hope I have cancer    08/13/20  (14)
The NYT is a whole new level of smug today    08/13/20  (39)
Is Northern England CR?    08/13/20  (37)
TRiUMPh    08/13/20  (3)
Can you name one US family that had 3 generations of worthy kings    08/13/20  (23)
Thoughts on Paul, Weiss since Barshay arrived    08/13/20  (32)
klinefelters chad creampieing left and right w/ his infertile sperm    08/13/20  (3)
Lmao so Bob Lazar was right about everything?    08/13/20  (7)
Idea: US allies with alpha as FUKK Mongols to pwn China    08/13/20  (5)
Board olds, describe the media hype surrounding Kevin Costner from 1988 to 1992    08/13/20  (10)
Bigger dystopian shit nightmare than “Dallas, Texas”?    08/13/20  (25)
We need a big epic Napoleonic wars film with a nu-metal/bro-rock soundtrack    08/13/20  (21)
I Went To A Virtual Sex Party And Came To Terms With My Childhood Abuse    08/13/20  (8)
i understand individual preferences exist but is there an objectively best race?    08/13/20  (10)
imagine how bizarre it would be to see Taylor Swift topless w pasties on in a mu    08/13/20  (15)
credit where credit is due    08/13/20  (2)
Tommy T is getting lit right now with his chill brehs because of the Kamala news    08/13/20  (9)
Tommy T come back you retarded nigger    08/13/20  (5)
How do people stay together for over a week/month?    08/13/20  (4)
Still enjoy banging my wife    08/13/20  (49)
Too many clients have my cell phone    08/13/20  (18)
Pencil dick pumo, would you be willing to share more about yourself?    08/13/20  (48)
Kinda sad what's happened to Grateful Dead merchandise    08/13/20  (27)
life is shit due to never ending unemployment no one wants to hire me lol    08/13/20  (8)
NY's AG is a fat nigger bitch who eats at McDonalds frequently    08/13/20  (3)
LA Times building was bombed in 1910. Killed 21 reporters    08/13/20  (10)
Austin or Denver for an escaping CA fag?    08/13/20  (86)
Most overrated U.S. cities    08/13/20  (78)
Come ITT to DHARMA BATTLE    08/13/20  (16)
Biden already has those empty dead eyes of an old dotard    08/13/20  (2)
At what point is voting GOP a hate crime? (Gawker)    08/13/20  (18)
Civil War Q:How was the South "traitors" if their citizens voted for secession?    08/13/20  (109)
War Machine can we expect a story on Cannon Hinnant murder? Shocking story in NC    08/13/20  (52)
what a worthless pussy little bitch ass "society" this has become    08/13/20  (2)
shut the fuck up and eat your shitted on door dash Michael wilbon    08/13/20  (3)
Kampala Harris is the future, to Mike Pence may well be history    08/13/20  (26)
*$*$*$*A Man's LIFE GUIDE to Climbing The Pre$tige Ladder*$*$*$*    08/13/20  (44)
CALLOUT PICTURE for Earl, RSF, Cali, Xoxo, etc. Sup bros?    08/13/20  (49)
In 2012, I spent like $900 on a fancy digital camera    08/13/20  (21)
Nebraska should have always been an independent anyway fuck the big 10    08/13/20  (1)
what would happen if white people just left america    08/13/20  (62)
Rate my $1,000,0000 stock portfolio (video)    08/13/20  (6)
cnn: has every poast uve made. u: can’t find ur 100-bump classic from 2018.    08/13/20  (1)
Ever meet a chick that did not trim her bush AT ALL?    08/13/20  (4)
Want something that fails to solve a problem that doesn't actually exist? Crypto    08/13/20  (1)
What will Trump's campaign slogan be in 2020?    08/13/20  (35)
Important reminder: unlike you, nyuug is basically cancel-proof    08/13/20  (25)
very bullish development for crypto: hedge funds    08/13/20  (122)
Blockchain "technology" is fucking stupid and so are you. Here's why    08/13/20  (65)
Hey tsinah, Taylor Swift the singer is 30 and unmarried    08/13/20  (14)
Such a scary fraud interconnected world..we must end    08/13/20  (1)
Watching movies is dumb    08/13/20  (1)
Eventual goal of Chainlink is to power smart contracts for $640 trillion (DTP)    08/13/20  (12)
Rate this Taylor Swift AMA performance of "Blank Space"    08/13/20  (1)
So whokebe is really xo-dead?    08/13/20  (6)
Navy SEAL antifa member arrested in Portland    08/13/20  (21)
AOC defends rise in crime in NYC    08/13/20  (72)
How prole is it to not like seafood?    08/13/20  (29)
White woman calls cops on Black guy: national news. Nigger kills 5yo kid? Silent    08/13/20  (40)
lolwut we are electing a potus again already?    08/13/20  (2)
Trump has been showing a lot more variety in his ties lately.    08/13/20  (1)
so Evan39 retired for a week then came back a bigger bitch than ever?    08/13/20  (6)
Nebraska $hould tell big 10 fraud$ to fuck them$elve$ let them kick em out    08/13/20  (10)
⚠ NYT Secure Server Leak ⚠    08/13/20  (48)
unscrewing salt shaker cap at client dinner. every single client dinner. cr?    08/13/20  (4)
New Portland DA won't prosecute riot, escape, harassment, trespass etc    08/13/20  (2)
Moving on from an Iowa Hawkeye girl to a tOSU girl    08/13/20  (3)
JJC what city is number #1 these days? you in bozeman? laramie?    08/13/20  (13)
Fuck every motherfucking thing..what pussified shit...I'm going to make    08/13/20  (1)
REMINDER: you’ve been “conscious” for millions of years    08/13/20  (15)
Millennial's destroyed their only shot at maeking it to prolong Boomer lives    08/13/20  (7)
Moms dog was recently put down but she didn’t do a last meal for him    08/13/20  (16)
What is THE hottest pic of Sarah Palin?    08/13/20  (7)
I think I need Ambien    08/13/20  (2)
Landlover Bros: what's a good amount of acreage for suburban property?    08/13/20  (2)
my schedule is absolute shit. stay up way too late.    08/13/20  (3)
How unlivable are NYC and SF right now?    08/13/20  (13)
don't understand pn's preoccupation with sp    08/13/20  (3)
EPAH, have your kids de-transitioned due to lockdown?    08/13/20  (12)
Huge layoffs coming tomorrow    08/13/20  (9)
Richard Spencer “ritualistically humiliates” opposing counsel w/pro se brief    08/13/20  (1)
guy on latest intervention literally cricket from it's always sunny in philadelp    08/13/20  (1)
For those of you who’ve got some shit to say about Kamala...    08/13/20  (3)
iPhone autocorrecting to 'Black' after latest iOS update    08/13/20  (8)
Tucker said, "hilarity ensues"    08/13/20  (2)
So did that chad welsh guy P&D swift?    08/13/20  (3)
Ever realize you just missed out on like 5 hours of sleep from reading xo?    08/13/20  (5)
How many 7 figure solos do you know?    08/13/20  (8)
Now that the bar exam is open book will pass rates go up?    08/13/20  (1)
rsf's writing career more stillborn than the twin he murdered in the womb lol    08/13/20  (11)
If you think about it, the next ten years are going to be disastrous    08/13/20  (27)
should i rent this apt    08/13/20  (3)
How does 2020 compare as one of the craziest years ever?    08/13/20  (1)
There's still ONE Blockbuster Video store in Bend, Oregon, the last on earth    08/13/20  (12)
Nicki Haley reportedly MAF that she won't be first Indian on a national ticket    08/13/20  (1)
Anyone else feel like we're in the beginning of a huge cultural revolution?    08/13/20  (39)
Trump calls Kamala the N word on Twitter (link)    08/13/20  (2)
Trump to Suburban Virginia housewives: "if Biden wins Kamala moves here"    08/13/20  (1)
Kamala Harris neglects to register "KamalaSexy" on autoadmit.com    08/13/20  (3)
that thread where Henry Aaron says he plays a nurse on "OnlyFans.com"    08/13/20  (1)
xo Jason Whitlock: Twitter Mob Continues to Destroy American Values, Free Speech    08/13/20  (19)
Most polarizing food: Black licorice, candy corn, Hawaiian pizza?    08/13/20  (57)
Signs going up around town saying "No police on duty. Proceed at your own risk."    08/13/20  (1)
Kamala neglects to register mykamala.org domain; you won't BELIEVE who did!    08/13/20  (8)
I regret that rach gave the chaebong hyung search powers    08/13/20  (18)
Joe Biden, Joe Bi-Den, Joe Bye-Den, Joe! Bye-Den, Joe!! Bye-Don, Joe!! BYE DON    08/13/20  (8)
50+ polls of Michigan, Trump hasn't led in one against Biden (unlike w/ Clinton)    08/13/20  (1)
Seattle PD tracking down protesters at their home and arresting them lmao    08/13/20  (3)
"Yeah, 1488 white power buddy," u sniffle as u close Jason Whitlock's eyelids    08/13/20  (2)
Rake on Netflix is really good    08/13/20  (1)
Mexican police is a joke. Rate how Mexicans take justice into their own hands    08/13/20  (18)
Mr. Jizz    08/13/20  (9)
How credited is the Boise "downtown" area?    08/13/20  (23)
Explain the appeal of 'Boston College' for ug    08/13/20  (31)
Georgia now has most covid cases per capita. how did this happen?    08/13/20  (7)
Lost my job - how to cop free WSJ subscription?    08/13/20  (8)
I feel like I'm in a movie whenever I poast on XO    08/13/20  (2)
Dogs are 180 and we don’t really deserve them.    08/13/20  (6)
Should I purchase Master of Orion - Conquer the Stars?    08/13/20  (2)
The covid lockdown this fall will make this summer feel like anal    08/13/20  (10)
My dad fingered my asshole when I was 11 years old. Taking ?s    08/13/20  (57)
Details of taxpayer funded re-education camp for white males at nuclear lab    08/13/20  (4)
When your phone autocorrects a typo to the name of a dead ex gf in your contacts    08/13/20  (6)
pretty cool that the usa is getting its own cultural revolution    08/13/20  (61)
Sweden, chilling out. New Zealand, has a new case, panics anew.    08/13/20  (27)
This Kennedy campaign looks like a flop, more proof Ginger Men are screwed    08/13/20  (3)
just a sec babe, the guy who beats his dad is making fun of the guy who rapes hi    08/13/20  (4)
Duke shitting down because of covid (link)    08/13/20  (4)
Things the USA has going for it:    08/13/20  (16)
What’s the best outdoor solar light pathway on the market    08/13/20  (4)
Henry Aaron - are you willing to share info? e.g., what shade of turd are you?    08/13/20  (3)
Do remember any "Old Doods" in High School? Like 19 or 20?    08/13/20  (34)
Rejoice all! 401(k) values back up for year! Oh Henry Aaron sorry didn't see u    08/13/20  (1)
Just ate a T-Bone steak and sweet potato after workout. Libs maf.    08/13/20  (2)
stay in california fag    08/13/20  (18)
Even young women aren't looking for true love anymore. What a disaster of a    08/13/20  (3)
libs are telegraphing their evil & inevitable endgame while you dither about    08/13/20  (1)
Richard Spencer requests to use PACER in his lawsuit.    08/12/20  (66)
new yorkers have bright yellow license plates (aposematism)    08/12/20  (1)
Huey Lewis & the News - Sports    08/12/20  (2)
why do i watch all these red sox games    08/12/20  (10)
Richard Juul    08/12/20  (4)
and luis are stoked that small penises are coming back in style.    08/12/20  (1)

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