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Trump left his own brother's children out of a will of millions    09/28/20  (5)
Exeunt what is a good investment right now    09/28/20  (12)
fake crowd noise control man is doing a super shitty job tonight    09/28/20  (1)
When Trump said "That makes me smart" he was appealing to the American Dream    09/28/20  (4)
Rate my life at 35 / What should I do (gambling addict)    09/28/20  (87)
Obama will be DONE HERE as a result of the wiretaps    09/28/20  (879)
Has anyone of you ever spoken to a medium?    09/28/20  (36)
Dating a girl who's extremely sexual. Bad move in the long-run?    09/28/20  (53)
Dem operative warns: Trump will appear to win but then lose bc mail-in votes    09/28/20  (50)
Trump has shot his wad. Biden has it in the bag    09/28/20  (47)
Voting Biden over covid. Still don't understand why Trump refused to fight it    09/28/20  (57)
SchizophreniaSingles.co.uk    09/28/20  (6)
GUN NUTS FUCKED - Trump's CDC approved gun violence research grants    09/28/20  (12)
Just threw all my Zyn away    09/28/20  (21)
How do I learn MS Flight Simulator?    09/28/20  (5)
"VP Biden, next question is to you. Please regale us with another Corn Pop story    09/28/20  (1)
Guess Lindsay Lohan’s net worth without looking    09/28/20  (29)
screens/schizophrenia/salvation    09/28/20  (3)
Biden's right eye drooping and dripping blood mid-debate    09/28/20  (1)
Are you team Armo or team brown Turk savage?    09/28/20  (1)
I hate being a twink    09/28/20  (13)
ITT we gloat about all the Azeris killed in the fighting    09/28/20  (5)
MSFT up as businesses globally depending on their software unable to do anything    09/28/20  (8)
"Dems hate white men" yammered notorious board asian Henry Aaron    09/28/20  (6)
In a boart full of raging autists Henry Aaron's autism still stands out    09/28/20  (13)
The Macho Man Randy Savage fucked Vince McMahons 15 year old daughter    09/28/20  (28)
hombre remember "islam is right about women"? oh libs didn't like that    09/28/20  (1)
Exeunt what is a good dance move right now    09/28/20  (2)
you fags still hyperventilating about "Covid"' are pathetic    09/28/20  (10)
BAD NEWS: KamalaSexy, the poster, entered rehab last week, will be offline for a    09/28/20  (41)
Dr Mario got me ready for this moment    09/28/20  (7)
"bro, you have to stop bringing your kitten into Panda," uspo told luis    09/28/20  (3)
What's a song you listen to when the homies aren't around?    09/28/20  (28)
Facebook/Google AI researchers with 10+ years experience make 7 figs    09/28/20  (55)
Today’s otter video is the best one yet    09/28/20  (2)
The "Oh no!" voice from KidPix plays as you match with another Asian    09/28/20  (8)
Spending most of the day with my hot organic gf, taking q’s (TSINAH)    09/28/20  (15)
Damn, in 2008, 2000 was only 8 years ago.    09/28/20  (3)
POA what year you graduated high school ITT    09/28/20  (1)
Baltimore 2h for my new worth? [gambler addict]    09/28/20  (5)
Patrick Mahomes could have a much hotter wife. Odd choice.    09/28/20  (10)
If only they had not betrayed the Soviet state....    09/28/20  (1)
Trump Campaign database categorized black voters under "Deterrence"    09/28/20  (6)
Dating a boy who's extremely sexual, but I'm not gay. Bad move in the long-run?    09/28/20  (1)
Help with Asshole Neighbor    09/28/20  (11)
Why did our country vote for a freak like Donald Trump?    09/28/20  (13)
Dead Armenians stacked up on the road side    09/28/20  (1)
ITT: post your memories of Y2K    09/28/20  (13)
All The Things She Said, All The Things She Said, Runnin Through My Head, Runnin    09/28/20  (8)
Should Trump even announce the nominee before the election?    09/28/20  (10)
gambling addict - what slot machines do you play?    09/28/20  (1)
lol remember Julie Swetnick    09/28/20  (1)
Holy fuck model trains are an expensive hobby    09/28/20  (18)
Leaked pics show PS5 controller is a piece of shit on the inside    09/28/20  (6)
Turok Dinosaur Hunter but it's about nutting on boner police's face    09/28/20  (5)
Why did Trump make $427 million from the fuckin "Apprentice"    09/28/20  (32)
New Borat movie to hit theaters before election ft. Pence, Giuliani    09/28/20  (4)
I find I'm so excited about the DEBATE, I can barely sit still or hold a thought    09/28/20  (19)
fishing video games were always lacking something    09/28/20  (2)
just got fired from a honda dealership in modesto. taking ?s    09/28/20  (32)
I graduated magma cum load, order of the coitus    09/28/20  (7)
Rate this woman before and after having kids    09/28/20  (54)
Mike Fart, your moniker does not need an 'r' in it.    09/28/20  (31)
huge microsoft outage    09/28/20  (13)
the air bud cinematic universe    09/28/20  (12)
Time to dox Rudolph    09/28/20  (11)
libs being pro CCP is pretty mind blowing    09/28/20  (2)
::yawn:: another "proof" that time travel is possible. lets BASH this TTT!    09/28/20  (7)
Pennsylvania will throw out 80-100K mail in votes on a technicality    09/28/20  (6)
How much do you tip your regular shoeshine guy?    09/28/20  (6)
"I'm a gonna get you faggot" -Henry Aaron staring at DC Pandacam with chopsticks    09/28/20  (36)
guys, please stop outing Henry Aaron in the trump throwing election thread    09/28/20  (1)
this place is a fucking dump    09/28/20  (19)
I think Trump is kinda throwing election, he doesn't want to be POTUS    09/28/20  (19)
old video game artwork with muscled men fighting detailed dragons    09/28/20  (2)
my existence is self-refuting    09/28/20  (1)
Zubaz pants v. acid wash for first date tonight?    09/28/20  (10)
i miss listening to wilbur mercer sing taylor swift songs    09/28/20  (3)
my poasts are brought to u by skillshare    09/28/20  (1)
about to adopt a baby 🐈😺 kitten    09/28/20  (156)
how in the hell is Gap still in business    09/28/20  (15)
Sega Master System bros: u know about secret built-in maze game?    09/28/20  (3)
What is the demographic for Old Navy?    09/28/20  (2)
WHITE PEOPLE TACO NIGHT.    09/28/20  (2)
I'm now listening to "Public Affair" because of Mike Fart    09/28/20  (1)
Dating a boy who's extremely LowT. Good move in the long-run?    09/28/20  (1)
Henry Hill was the biggest asshole in Goodfellas    09/28/20  (13)
what if Trump and Biden are *both* loaded on speed/PEDs tomorrow    09/28/20  (1)
Found a video of alzabo working out at the boxing gym    09/28/20  (4)
"3B is the orange chicken" (alzabo teaching me how to code)    09/28/20  (10)
ACB WAS IN A CULT! *woman w/ bleary 'Mueller' shoulder tat*    09/28/20  (3)
Say it with me now: President Kanye Omari West    09/28/20  (1)
Go ON THE RECORD: Who wins 2020 election & why?    09/28/20  (12)
The Movie Disclosure is 180    09/28/20  (23)
Spooky Halloween 🎃 games: Wiscy@Neb, LSU@Auburn, OU@Tech, MSU@Bama, tOSU@Penn    09/28/20  (8)
Where does this man rank amongst all American men?    09/28/20  (12)
Map of US states by murder rate (2019):    09/28/20  (12)
Eat out Elena Kagan's ass & period pussy for $15,000?    09/28/20  (1)
REMINDER: 3 of Trump's former campaign managers have been JAILED. 1 Deputy too.    09/28/20  (4)
Trump needs to call him China joe nonstop    09/28/20  (1)
Mike Fart is a fag right?    09/28/20  (2)
P.M.O.F.D.    09/28/20  (1)
ALL my FAGGY friends are back for MONDAY NIGHT    09/28/20  (6)
China taking over world while ur butthurt about "critical race theory"    09/28/20  (35)
M to the B. M to the B.    09/28/20  (1)
Bad news Trumpmos: ACB was in a cult    09/28/20  (44)
QVC host and guest argue as to whether the Moon is a planet or a star (vid)    09/28/20  (2)
pixar movie about anthropomorphic MBTI type letters murdering & raping each othe    09/28/20  (4)
NoTTTre Dame LS grad and she's hyphenating her name.    09/28/20  (4)
Monogamy Is Worse Than Being An INCEL    09/28/20  (2)
TRUMPS TAXES SAID PUSSY    09/28/20  (1)
you wouldn't download a car    09/28/20  (7)
Rate the drug cocktail they're putting in Biden's ass for the debate    09/28/20  (11)
*rubberband man intro* MIKE FART MIKE FART    09/28/20  (6)
Gay friend wants to meet up at a hotel.    09/28/20  (4)
Did search break again?    09/28/20  (4)
Can’t believe this covid stupidity is still going on. We’re gonna spend 20 t    09/28/20  (2)
this all sounds really gay    09/28/20  (1)
Why doesn't the United States have mandatory conscription like other countries    09/28/20  (28)
Marriage seems like a massive scam, imo.    09/28/20  (2)
What is Trump's best realistic outcome from tomorrow's debate?    09/28/20  (26)
Amazing longread on the godfather    09/28/20  (1)
it's getting dark too early    09/28/20  (15)
Dating a twink who's extremely asexual    09/28/20  (5)
Today's polls: Biden +9 PA, +10 WI, +5 NV and +1 NC.    09/28/20  (7)
Rach - serious question. How much for this site?    09/28/20  (6)
I dunno what TT was talking about concerning infrastructure in India    09/28/20  (4)
Check out this rap I recorded (Cowgod)    09/28/20  (11)
After months of seeing houses/condos, gave in and copped a luxury apartment    09/28/20  (35)
Remember when you thought making $100k per year would be amazing?    09/28/20  (150)
what's the cr EXOTIC PET to acquire?    09/28/20  (14)
*tossing* your sugar baby 10 feet into the air and catching her over and over    09/28/20  (1)
Cr law office pet?    09/28/20  (3)
WWE star Road Warrior Animal died at Margaritaville Resoirt in Ozarks (link)    09/28/20  (1)
kike boi tp has been dead for a little over a year now    09/28/20  (3)
Why don't short guys just move to Latin America or Asia?    09/28/20  (1)
I once flaked on a clerkship interview in sdny    09/28/20  (2)
If the old testament does not describe an afterlife, what happens to dead Jews?    09/28/20  (20)
After months of nude lifting, gave in and copped some giggle boi    09/28/20  (1)
Vote for Biden = endorsement of critical race theory    09/28/20  (77)
Lee Buchheit is the most articulate, brilliant, interesting BIGLAWyer (video)    09/28/20  (21)
Dating a man who's extremely sexual. Bad move in the long-run?    09/28/20  (1)
i'm honestly, not flame, shocked that biden hasn't pulled out of the debates    09/28/20  (43)
*Dem fraud machine makin Matt Yglesias' "1 billion Americans" dream real in 2020    09/28/20  (2)
hehe    09/28/20  (3)
If you live in ARE country and can see stars, the ISS is over the US right now    09/28/20  (1)
Dumps UJ, CSLG into huge hamilton beach blender from simpsons halloween special    09/28/20  (2)
SEC Atty Payscale > USAO and DOJ    09/28/20  (1)
Stamkos is raising the Cup tonight    09/28/20  (1)

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