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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
reading gibberish only likes sex drunk was worse than learning santa isnt real    12/06/23  (13)
Picture it    12/06/23  (2)
Cowgod, explain how you got into phenotype analysis    12/06/23  (4)
Russians poison gas a whole lot of Hahols    12/06/23  (2)
Successful assassination by Ukraine in Russia.    12/06/23  (2)
Ukrainemo, but part of me is looking forward to seeing these Republican congress    12/06/23  (23)
Presidents of Harvard, MIT, Penn: “Calling for Jews to be killed is CR”    12/06/23  (92)
How many pairs of jeans do you own?    12/06/23  (1)
Nikki Haley forcing your to smell her curry pits while cowgirling aggressively    12/06/23  (1)
Lawyer at career day: "U kids like homework? Wanna do it every day for 40 years?    12/06/23  (31)
ive come to the conclusion that there is only 1 thing that could make me happier    12/06/23  (1)
What's definitive explanation for why there's so much support for Palestine?    12/06/23  (40)
Nikki Haley: "Lil boys should be allowed to cut dick off w/ parental approval"    12/06/23  (36)
Texas study: Actual cost of electric vehicle ownership is $18 per gallon    12/06/23  (32)
I become hysterical when I don't have access to Darnell's dripping dick    12/06/23  (9)
RATE this house    12/06/23  (14)
Nikki Haley: "I should be allowed to see your dick and judge it."    12/06/23  (2)
Karen is an abusive poster    12/06/23  (2)
Swapped my BONK for SOL    12/06/23  (4)
Where did Clown Boner go    12/06/23  (1)
¡Vete a la chingada, madre!    12/06/23  (2)
Anton Chigurh flips a coin onto your desk. It's a $BONK.    12/06/23  (1)
imagine ex-fats talking like alchies do    12/06/23  (10)
For Sale: Elden Ring. Bosses in Vintage Condition. Godrick Never Touched    12/06/23  (1)
Cowgod, what clique is Deadmau5 in?    12/06/23  (6)
Radiohead fucking sucks    12/06/23  (89)
last time you had another man's cum inside you?    12/06/23  (7)
Caleb Hammer financially audits a tranny.    12/06/23  (13)
xo women preferred the 90s bonobo porn to these landing strips    12/06/23  (1)
Stonk market is Doomed    12/06/23  (30)
I hate Taylor Swift, she does nothing for me    12/06/23  (5)
"Mom, may I go with Mr. Halford to the Wheezer concert?" "Sure Andrew"    12/06/23  (8)
Wife of 7 years wants me to get off my parent’s cell phone plan    12/06/23  (4)
Xo alcoholic roll call    12/06/23  (63)
TND is a perfectly reasonable political position    12/06/23  (6)
Why is Jadakiss as hard as it gets?    12/06/23  (1)
Juan Soto is a Yankee!    12/06/23  (2)
Small pizza? That'll be $37    12/06/23  (1)
Juan Soto traded to the Yankees    12/06/23  (2)
Biden to DELAY menthol cig ban because NIGGERS threaten to not vote    12/06/23  (5)
Best wallet for around $100-150?    12/06/23  (14)
xo Elsie Stefanik wants to silence your hate speech re: Jews    12/06/23  (4)
accidentally airplaying hardcore porn to appletv while kids are watching bluey    12/06/23  (1)
GF’s parents came over, made my famous banana peel wrapped chicken sushi    12/06/23  (25)
made some raw chicken civiche, it's 180    12/06/23  (1)
i'm entering the Poaster Transfer Portal    12/06/23  (2)
Natalie Portman: I'll Never Show My Tits In A Movie    12/06/23  (42)
bloodacre, would u want to join my zit remedy cover band at all?    12/06/23  (3)
Made salmon ceviche with jalapeno cream sauce    12/06/23  (5)
The only concept u really need to understand in life is compound interest    12/06/23  (4)
Credit karma is so much worse than mint    12/06/23  (25)
$1k extra per month applied to mortgage vs. invested in the market    12/06/23  (9)
the Democrats are tanking aid to Ukraine/Israel/Taiwan (link)    12/06/23  (51)
Substack rant on the 10/7 false flag attack    12/06/23  (2)
Compound interest is like magic! he chirped as the nuclear bomb melted his skin    12/06/23  (212)
Anybody here on the mustache-no-beard trend?    12/06/23  (29)
Want to see 23 Israelis fall to their death when a floor collapses at a wedding?    12/06/23  (11)
Venezuelan tanks crossing border in Guyana, World War III has officially begun    12/06/23  (22)
Now a Subway lunch, another $15, thanks libs    12/06/23  (8)
If you’re not drinking 2-3 gallons of bone broth daily you’re ngmi    12/06/23  (3)
BOX SPREAD: four-leg strategy with riskless payoff, first discovered by meth add    12/06/23  (11)
TSINAH named Time Magazine Person of the Year    12/06/23  (10)
don’t fart out his cum bro    12/06/23  (58)
WUSTL 1L just told me he's entering the transfer portal    12/06/23  (3)
2023 set to be first year with "no new pop music whatsoever". Nothing released.    12/06/23  (2)
whats a reasonable maximum spend/month for raccoon snacks (Oreos, donuts, etc)    12/06/23  (1)
Is BMW more prestigious than Lexus?    12/06/23  (18)
"Fuck this Gay Congress, I'm out!" - Kevin McCarthy is OUTTA CONGRESS    12/06/23  (5)
banned monty python 1975 skit garoose live-action midget fondled illegal    12/06/23  (2)
My subway sandwich meal cost $9.80    12/06/23  (50)
xo meetup friday night @ Grizzly Stadium Missoula Montana    12/06/23  (1)
WTF? this serial killer looks EXACTLY like Doobs    12/06/23  (116)
Who was the most evil serial killer?    12/06/23  (21)
Why do football coaches say you need to win the rushing battle to win the game?    12/06/23  (12)
are there korean women as mentally ill as nyuug    12/06/23  (2)
brazilian bikini lesbians with big butts at the beach    12/06/23  (1)
Is Pampers more prestigious than Depends?    12/06/23  (2)
Best albums of 2023?    12/06/23  (3)
SUBWAY sucks COCK and if you think otherwise, u r PROLE    12/06/23  (3)
Update re: incident involving cucumbers    12/06/23  (2)
2605 A.D., students opening Loeb Classics edition of "Autoadmit, Vol. XXII, 2014    12/06/23  (4)
Should I sell my BONK? Or will it keep going up    12/06/23  (2)
"88 E32 750iL more prestigious than '96 E39 540i?" u think as u tighten ur noose    12/06/23  (2)
Shorting BONK at these levels    12/06/23  (1)
Terrorists, you win. Israel to provide water    12/06/23  (2)
Anyway, got to go.    12/06/23  (1)
These stalin threads arrange themselves into a short story:    12/06/23  (4)
So nyuug is a genetic dead end do I have that right?    12/06/23  (1)
A green plastic Spermblast can, for a fake Mr. Alpha man    12/06/23  (44)
Politico Article takes NOT SUBTLE swipe at DeSantis's height    12/06/23  (1)
Nigs buy land w/ no nig covenant; Q: Enforceable?    12/06/23  (3)
Take his rubber off, bro.    12/06/23  (76)
Crazy that you have to search Ricky and Ricki multiple times per day now    12/06/23  (4)
HES SHITTIN IN THE MAN'S BUCKET, MA!    12/06/23  (10)
how *did* section 7.2 interact with section 9.6    12/06/23  (25)
Do u remember this interview?    12/06/23  (6)
UVT should release the TT photos    12/06/23  (3)
If Trump wins, will Sotomayor make it to age 74?    12/06/23  (1)
Jewish doctor sues hotel for serving his son beer, makes up fake "hate" messages    12/06/23  (1)
why are redditors so poor?    12/06/23  (9)
Longwangpoontang is intentionally bad schtick right    12/06/23  (12)
"This is crazy babe, but it turns out that Ricky was the biggest kike all along"    12/06/23  (8)
will the Philippines ever turn into a high IQ Azn country?    12/06/23  (27)
A girl w/ a pregnant pussy pushing baby head in & out as fidget during conf call    12/06/23  (6)
i could die right now    12/06/23  (15)
Anyone pay for OpenAI Chatgpt?    12/06/23  (27)
I just remembered I voted for HILARY in 2016 ljl    12/06/23  (6)
Is Trump ever going to release that damning election fraud evidence or…..?    12/06/23  (34)
2045: GodAGI proves P=NP, still cant grasp the Reddit Poverty Conjecture    12/06/23  (1)
Dems are pure evil for using "open borders" as a negotiating weapon. They H8 us    12/06/23  (2)
Bull fuckin' shit the clauses interract. Fuckin homo.    12/06/23  (2)
Andrew Anglin: This Economy Can Only Crash Now (No Survivors)    12/06/23  (190)
It’s annoying how fast women lose their looks past maybe 27    12/06/23  (26)
*rotates diaper*    12/06/23  (4)
𝙉𝙞𝙜𝙜𝙚𝙧 Wednesday 🔥🥂🦍🍗🍉🇮🇱 🎉    12/06/23  (30)
"I can't belive there was a security camera," thought Bboom as his ass got plowe    12/06/23  (4)
"Hey, yeah -- Merry Christmas to you, too! BTW, wanna have rough gay anal sex?"    12/06/23  (6)
JPMorgan's CEO Dimon says he would "close down" crypto if he were the government    12/06/23  (6)
XO is ruthless when it comes to spelling and grammar. One little typo and your    12/06/23  (2)
will be having a roast for christmas with potatoes and yorkshire pudding    12/06/23  (4)
Hypo: The losing team of each NFL game must select one player to be eaten alive.    12/06/23  (2)
80s/90s porn is so 180! lots of full and neatly trimmed bush    12/06/23  (1)
bloodacre, dressed in a full turkey costume, gobblegarging your cum from a dish    12/06/23  (4)
Unbelievable number of trash 6-6 teams in bowls, who is watching this    12/06/23  (30)
Consuela has been blown the fuck out so hard by to be fair he’ll never recover    12/06/23  (14)
Houses Passes Resolution, 311-14: Anti-Zionism Is Antisemitism    12/06/23  (17)
Covenant wedding: to divorce, must change xo moniker to real name    12/06/23  (4)
Kiwi Camara: "Jogs by house with no jog covenant; Q: Enforceable?"    12/06/23  (26)
hypo: 6 million jews perish from an event called "The Holocaust"    12/06/23  (4)
so "consuela" is some raving schizophrenic conspiracy theory nut?    12/06/23  (20)
insane how many people still believe the lie about the 40 beheaded babies    12/06/23  (4)
"Or maybe he's wondering why you'd make a covenant with God then trick him    12/06/23  (3)
History MFEs: Examples Of "Genocide" In Defensive War Following Invasion?    12/06/23  (1)
an ever increasing series of actions to exert control over you and your finances    12/06/23  (1)
I doubt all-boy Schools have Cliques to the same extent    12/06/23  (4)
GTA VI to have racial quotas on civilian murders (link)    12/06/23  (22)
How many posters have made > $100 million from crypto?    12/06/23  (7)
Rate the Education Qualifications of the President of HELLOSIRLAND    12/06/23  (7)
Nick Saban acknowledging he's playing on a stolen CFP spot before Michigan game    12/06/23  (3)
*cue Soft Cell - Tainted Love as MPA puts on pink wig*    12/06/23  (6)
Rockstar to partner with ADL to monitor hate crime incidents in GTA VI (NYT)    12/06/23  (4)
New NIL proposal: Venmo players live after big plays.    12/06/23  (7)
So xo really sides with the Demon King and his generals over Jews?    12/06/23  (13)
What's the latest on Trump trials? When do hearings start?    12/06/23  (2)
DeSantis asks legislature for $1MM to sue CFP committee over FSU    12/06/23  (3)
Biden to Houthis: "no worries about those attacks on our ships- haha" - link    12/06/23  (1)
“Sky Full of Stars” is better than every single Beatles song    12/06/23  (5)
What does xo think about men hitting transwomen?    12/06/23  (1)
did XO invent HELLOSIRLAND? a truly 180 meme and creation    12/06/23  (1)

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