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Cancel all faggot cops pensions immediately.    05/26/22  (5)
is the shooting over? great. let's put on tactical gear so we look useful.    05/26/22  (4)
censorship stops the internet from becoming a digital klan rally    05/26/22  (15)
'hero' cops doing tactical rolls, tazing stray dogs, as kids massacred    05/26/22  (12)
Just got 31 GB of cell data for $0.65    05/26/22  (10)
A woman sent me this text message in response to planning our date    05/26/22  (14)
box sickens me (cowshit)    05/26/22  (48)
Uvalde cops tackled parents while shooter went nuts    05/26/22  (5)
Uvalde cops shouting “what time is it Mr Shark” to the shooter    05/26/22  (1)
Rate the badass weapons ukraine bought with $150 billion in U.S. aid    05/26/22  (4)
"We need to kill the babies" *LIBS CHEER* "…with guns." *LIBS SHRIEKING*    05/26/22  (13)
"We need to save the babies" *CONS CHEER* "…from guns." *CONS SHRIEKING*    05/26/22  (41)
and an atrocity in china called the rape of don king    05/26/22  (1)
Singapore PM is like 1000000x smarter than smartest US pol    05/26/22  (1)
"I just want you to be happy," your 2nd cousin said while bouncing up and down o    05/26/22  (43)
Uvalde cops watching new series of Stranger Things    05/26/22  (1)
Haven't heard much from "Ta Nehisi Coates" lately    05/26/22  (3)
Good Morning Birdshits! Det to Amerikkka!!    05/26/22  (3)
Anyone to treat a SPRAINED ankle quickly?    05/26/22  (1)
LMAO - Uvalde "Tranny" conspiracy theory already debunked. DrakeMallard?    05/26/22  (15)
is tsinahs gf more of a truffle hunting pig or truffle hunting dog?    05/26/22  (1)
Goodfellas coke stashing scene but it's tsinah hiding his deli meat shavings    05/26/22  (3)
Getting rested up for another insane psychotic day in america?    05/26/22  (5)
Setting the record straight on BlackRock and housing    05/26/22  (5)
Whok, did the Australian elections turn out the way you expected them to?    05/26/22  (4)
Need Emilio to rate this (pic)    05/26/22  (2)
a snake slithering into ur bedroom, looking up&saying "bumble 4s" in human voice    05/26/22  (9)
TBF using his "diamond hands" to pick food out of 7/11 dumpster    05/26/22  (14)
am i really below average to you guys or are people just being mean?    05/26/22  (277)
Golden Retriever putting on Bulletproof vest before meeting Birdshit owner tp    05/26/22  (2)
LOL @ the Big Guy taking 10%    05/26/22  (2)
WW2 whok: "bet HUUUUUUGE on Tojo, Yamato to score double double"    05/26/22  (2)
LOL @ Delivery Apps taking 25%    05/26/22  (4)
I still feel bad for Steve from the Cheerios commercial    05/26/22  (1)
NBA betting master man giving out free $$$$$$$$ for Heat Celtics Game 5    05/26/22  (40)
Happy Thursday Niggers!    05/26/22  (99)
FYI- A Golden Retriever is God, and Emilio is his Prophet    05/26/22  (8)
rent a center 5 monitor repo guy didn't care about solid crypto fundamentals    05/26/22  (5)
more jewish 'street art' will heal this nation    05/26/22  (3)
Eddie Money- What's your best song?    05/26/22  (5)
"here are white IQ stats" *CONS CHEER* "..by political party" *CONS SHRIEK*    05/26/22  (24)
Let's get back to serious issues: is fucking a dude between the thighs "gay"?    05/26/22  (9)
I don't know a single woman that's a pragmatist    05/26/22  (1)
should i buy this apt    05/26/22  (3)
so libs forgot about covid, ukraine and roe v wade? now all in on guns    05/26/22  (9)
sally field dying in forrest gump always makes me suicidal    05/26/22  (1)
russian strategy of putting all tanks in 1 place and drinking vodka not working    05/26/22  (1)
Police waited to enter Texas school as shooter went on killing spree: witness    05/26/22  (4)
Latinas flirt with me, not flame (evan39)    05/26/22  (6)
Girl who killed herself in Colorado was a failed MKULTRA plot    05/26/22  (26)
BLM garbage literally being erased from coast to coast (NYT)    05/26/22  (5)
Nothing will ever improve    05/26/22  (5)
'tough guy' cops bully parents as black ops murder their kids inside school (vid    05/26/22  (3)
texas shooting was 100% MK-ULTRA/MONARCH (link from 2018)    05/26/22  (6)
evan39 can't have anything nice in america..    05/26/22  (3)
Cowardly cops waited outside school for an hour after shooting started    05/26/22  (19)
TT explain the huge exposed bellies of grandma dikshits    05/26/22  (6)
Kissinger: Ukraine must surrender to Russia immediately (link)    05/26/22  (24)
I turned $50 of $SAMO into $700. I'll be back the next cycle. Have fun, friends.    05/26/22  (115)
Reminder: libs worship black people like Indians worship cows    05/26/22  (1)
The OFFICIAL XOXO Cumskin Guide to Immigrating to Selected Cumskin Countries    05/26/22  (161)
Credit where credit is due: NYUUG was right to recommend selling crypto    05/26/22  (22)
Many people overlooking the fact that nyuug was right all along    05/26/22  (6)
America is barely even a first world country    05/26/22  (24)
just bought my first AR-15 yny fuck libssssss    05/26/22  (1)
ITT we diagnose CSLG    05/26/22  (33)
tried to explain XO view of sex/sexual pasts to BBW nympho gf, she freaked/cried    05/26/22  (7)
'mom, look at the BLM 'street art' we made in school today...'    05/26/22  (1)
'Weimerica' says it all    05/26/22  (1)
Shooting is sad but Mexican aren’t American to me    05/26/22  (98)
Tommy is Cambodia nice    05/26/22  (2)
Do people really want to cum to that crazy shithole Amerikkka?    05/26/22  (2)
why did CSLG pay for the $2000 dinner?    05/26/22  (107)
evan39 bad idea to go out for early morning snack in america ?    05/26/22  (3)
If the race is omitted, the left has forfeited.    05/26/22  (5)
evan39 are you locking yourself in on memorial day?    05/26/22  (4)
lmao at tommy losing all his money to birdshit arKKK    05/26/22  (3)
TSINAH let your beard grow down your neck a little farther my guy    05/26/22  (2)
Lulzy how no one gives a fk about thunder collins anymore    05/26/22  (1)
Do you know about Gabby Petito connection to Sandy Hook?    05/26/22  (37)
How do I make a BURITTO?    05/26/22  (1)
Why do so many gay men look so gay?    05/26/22  (63)
Beto ORourke is an annoying fag    05/26/22  (1)
evan39 thoughts on the madness in america?    05/26/22  (4)
You can drive at as a pre teen on farm buy AR 15 at 18 drink at 21 rent car 25    05/26/22  (2)
Thinking of starting a smash burger joint    05/26/22  (6)
America is no longer "first world" it's in bad shape    05/26/22  (1)
If we'd have just worn our masks&kept everything closes these kids would be aliv    05/26/22  (2)
BACK in Orlando, taking q’s (TSINAH)    05/26/22  (28)
evan39: are you still dying from COVID?    05/26/22  (9)
10.1k Right-wing & libertarian men, we hate you.    05/26/22  (11)
Millions of unborn children sliced, diced, and torn apart    05/26/22  (11)
Have to be 25 to rent a car. Why not to own a semi-automatic weapon?    05/26/22  (68)
a big butt milf sucking off her dweeb son's bully    05/26/22  (76)
Need someone with an IQ of 155 to explain this    05/26/22  (25)
Solana mooning    05/26/22  (2)
What to Do With All of These Useless People?    05/26/22  (1)
"hehe maybe if i reply 'risten' ppl will think he's azn" the white dork giggled    05/26/22  (96)
Robbie Parker smiling, laughing before getting into character    05/26/22  (4)
I'm in Dallas - it's a complete shithole    05/26/22  (96)
shrew stages abduction to fuck chad, cuck husband raises 50k on kickstarter    05/26/22  (4)
Niggers Ruined American Public Transit    05/26/22  (3)
Which South American country has the tallest Latinas?    05/26/22  (2)
Obama's Uvalde / George Floyd tweet    05/26/22  (19)
Huge trumpmo die hard 2nd amendment gun nut here but guns need to be banned    05/26/22  (5)
Why is the deep state setting up so many shootings lately?    05/26/22  (1)
Kansas City Chiefs to be renamed Kansas City Football Team    05/26/22  (8)
Stop giving TSINAH shit about his girlfriend    05/26/22  (22)
The word “chief” is now NOT OKAY    05/26/22  (4)
another school shooting is happening    05/26/22  (14)
Shooter was killed by federal border patrol agent..where were the police?    05/26/22  (3)
Things feel back to normal..school shootings and gun arguments    05/26/22  (2)
AIII (d. ct) clerkship -> state supreme court clerkship?    05/26/22  (1)
Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986    05/26/22  (1)
NSA is scrubbing "monkeypox is a mild illness" across the internet.    05/26/22  (3)
Hey cons: you’re responsible for this father’s anguish (link)    05/26/22  (13)
anyone else here fascinated with ancient rome?    05/26/22  (50)
Let's talk some college football! Season near    05/26/22  (1)
core problem isn’t any particular gun restriction, it’s that libs are liars    05/26/22  (66)
Being conscious is pain    05/26/22  (4)
The US has had 288 school shootings. Next closest country has had 8.    05/26/22  (42)
To hippies, commies, and other leftists: I'll die before my guns go.    05/26/22  (1)
Board libs: You're never taking the guns. NEVER.    05/26/22  (86)
So would libs mind if abortions were performed with guns or is that too "spooky"    05/26/22  (1)
Not xo flame, humans really were meant to live in packs of 10-12    05/26/22  (20)
Bought a Breville espresso machine on a whim. CR purchase?    05/26/22  (24)
Took 4 years to realize this, but marijuana has ruined my life    05/26/22  (20)
TBF should win MPM    05/26/22  (1)
enough tp is so alpha the meter loops around five times    05/26/22  (16)
You can gain instant fame=fact or make anything happen instant currently    05/26/22  (1)
Ok to send 3 year old dotter to a Mexican daycare?    05/26/22  (13)
Is hideous deformed eunuch, "Oh you travel" still spewing nasty lib sophistry?    05/26/22  (26)
should I sprint or do faggy jogging    05/26/22  (18)
real story here: homeschool your fucking kids    05/26/22  (3)
humans are meant to live in packs of 8-10, outside, sleep @ dusk    05/26/22  (68)
Rate the effect of filter girls are now using on pics    05/26/22  (17)
Let's list some contemporary far-right figures that aren't gay and/or feds    05/26/22  (35)
just went in house at amazon. packs of "office dogs" just roam &shit everywhere.    05/26/22  (30)
humans are meant to live in packs of 8-10, outside, kill libs    05/26/22  (24)
LJFL at mincing coastal urban wannabe-elite TBF LARPing as a gun owner    05/26/22  (5)
ppl who thrive in big groups would be shunned by packs of 8-10    05/26/22  (10)
WILD BOARS: Packs of 10-20. U: tall glass building downtown    05/26/22  (4)
Ghosts live in packs of 8-10 in caves, meadows. Its y we dont se    05/26/22  (8)
The mall is full of packs of 6-8 mullato kids herded by lone white "mee maws"    05/26/22  (9)
yo lex u r a good dood    05/26/22  (5)
Another school shooting in Texas LJL    05/26/22  (13)
J shad is named Anthony Holbur and he works at Freshfields    05/26/22  (8)
Xo is rich and out of touch with reality    05/26/22  (29)

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