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Who is your favorite xoxo poaster/biglaw partner?    12/15/17  (1)
Key to happy life = learn to enjoy times when nothing happening (twins)    12/15/17  (49)
Gen-X business owner kept on calling me "buddy"    12/15/17  (2)
Anyone else think Trek > Star Wars    12/15/17  (11)
Those Iran-supplied rockets to Hamas are proving to be a real game changer    12/15/17  (7)
What do you do with "crostini"? seems like a GC scam to sell ppl stale bread    12/15/17  (9)
Why in the FUCK havent we put a man on the moon since the 1960s?    12/15/17  (6)
So no one cares that LV shooting security guard has been missing for months?    12/15/17  (20)
PSA: taxplancalculator.com has been updated with the final bill    12/15/17  (5)
Meghan Markle to Henry: Where Pizza Express At?    12/15/17  (14)
B2b company wants to hire me TedCruz tp    12/15/17  (6)
lol at david boies    12/15/17  (6)
Susman Godfrey associates pouring MARKET SHATTERING bonuses into ETH (Link)    12/15/17  (2)
Newly out 20 y/o gays: "I'm a top" || 30 y/o gays: "I'm a powerbottom!"    12/15/17  (3)
Is Ohio the most prestigious state?    12/15/17  (91)
Alpha fertility doc uses own sperm to inseminate patients, avoids jail time    12/15/17  (2)
Jfc Eminem... Does Trump ever lose    12/15/17  (1)
Reminder: This tax bill is fucking awesome and the media is lying to you    12/15/17  (42)
what exactly did Obama do that was so "anti-white"?    12/15/17  (85)
Man dies after drinking "suicide" mix of sodas @ Pizza Hut    12/15/17  (4)
PN got hit with a DUI :(((    12/15/17  (40)
hey biglaw lives, which section of the fargo dome are u in? meet at halftime?    12/15/17  (1)
This pass through deduction is fucking ridiculous.    12/15/17  (1)
Deep down Muslims know Israel and Jerusalem belongs to jews    12/15/17  (1)
   12/15/17  (9)
What ruined Star Wars more: Midichlorians, or Jar Jar Binks?    12/15/17  (36)
Corpmo nominated for DDC judgeship, hilarity ensues    12/15/17  (25)
Strangest European surname of anyone you've known in the US?    12/15/17  (1)
NFL hiring litigators for its concussion claims division    12/15/17  (1)
Anyone ever try angel dust    12/15/17  (20)
first paragraph of this review of Eminem's "Revival" is spot on    12/15/17  (6)
Anyone else a fan of the song "Electric Avenue"    12/15/17  (14)
Serious Q for libs: trade ending birth right citizenship for impeaching Trump?    12/15/17  (2)
hs gf was on aim last night, i bitched out and didnt im, taking abuse    12/15/17  (1)
So XO prematurely shits on Star Wars, but its actually pretty good?    12/15/17  (21)
as they wheel into the ER operating room, u realize ur ex is emergency contact    12/15/17  (10)
Poast your christmas tree ITT    12/15/17  (27)
70% coke zero orange, 30% sprite zero vanilla    12/15/17  (2)
Gotta give it to Israelis -- food is 180    12/15/17  (19)
Pissed Pop punctures precious daughter Penny's pudenda with punishment hotdog    12/15/17  (3)
Eminem's new album is so bad it made me lol when it came on the radio (link)    12/15/17  (55)
Shooter's 1st words to cops: What do you think of AEDPA, brother    12/15/17  (6)
no worries! btw would you be my emergency contact haha    12/15/17  (3)
star wars.. did the black guy die?    12/15/17  (5)
11 year old golfer needs pussy torn up.shes in adult gig    12/15/17  (58)
Furious Father stuffs hamburger meat in Teenage Daughter's hole    12/15/17  (2)
Erstwhile tonite in Fargo: shsu vs ndsu    12/15/17  (6)
Dad, angry, inserts turkey drumstick in teenage daughter's anus    12/15/17  (2)
global warming arriving early this year    12/15/17  (1)
12 degrees tomorrow in NYC, bros.    12/15/17  (4)
LOL at PN's "emergency contact" on mugshots.com being the guy he beat up    12/15/17  (12)
man o' war is officially calling for DASH to reach $1000 within 12 months.    12/15/17  (13)
Tax bill passes Congress. Trump fires Mueller, demands concessions b4 signing.    12/15/17  (41)
fucking midichlorians    12/15/17  (1)
Feminists love the tension feminism brings with males, it arouses them    12/15/17  (4)
"Trust women" *waits for someone to challenge this*    12/15/17  (3)
Love PNs criminal mugshot    12/15/17  (87)
Come ITT to get rated as a sound in Eddy Grant's "Electric Avenue"    12/15/17  (1)
"you just might be a goyim"    12/15/17  (47)
Holdup, what's your favorite thing to holdup?    12/15/17  (4)
XO has turned into a bizarre, paranoid dystopia    12/15/17  (33)
Trump 2020 slogan: "How's your 401k, faggot?"    12/15/17  (4)
we must believe women because they are women & they must be believed so we must    12/15/17  (8)
When did "tone deaf" take on present meaning of "not fully agreeing with libs"?    12/15/17  (3)
Just checking in: Did Ted Cruz manage to make taxes simple????    12/15/17  (1)
Do you really have to be attracted to the person blowing you?    12/15/17  (11)
University of Utah Alpha Phi's take group photo in Christmas jammies (pic)    12/15/17  (9)
cold weather | comfy blanket | pot of coffee | paranoid music    12/15/17  (23)
the thought of goyim profiting off of virtual money gets me all verklempt    12/15/17  (3)
I think it's wrong to pay someone to accuse someone of sexual assault    12/15/17  (4)
Music to code to?    12/15/17  (35)
protip: use Sleep Cycle app to be woken up in a period of lighter sleep    12/15/17  (12)
I paid off my student loan today    12/15/17  (19)
wait libs tried to pay a woman 700k w DNC $$$ to accuse Trump?    12/15/17  (9)
reminder Transcendental Meditation will change your life    12/15/17  (2)
Escape is never the safest place!    12/15/17  (1)
Going off the media, people are getting 'blasted' and 'slammed' every night    12/15/17  (3)
Bought myself a new snowboard for Christmas    12/15/17  (3)
party time- just dropped 3 extract transformer bombs. not that gay molly shit    12/15/17  (6)
VLOG of women shitting    12/15/17  (2)
Instagram of IDF girls in uniform    12/15/17  (4)
Blog of man who had his glans removed and transplanted around his rectum, penis    12/15/17  (1)
I hate niggers.    12/15/17  (2)
*cold werewolf snout rooting around woman's menstruating vagina*    12/15/17  (3)
Living in a city is a lot like Eternal Darkness for GameCube    12/15/17  (3)
Taking off work and day drinking with an old buddy next Friday    12/15/17  (7)
What are the current Bitcoin at $1000 real estate markets to buy in?    12/15/17  (22)
#MeToo hehe *gets huge check from DNC*    12/15/17  (1)
Luis on to catch a predator: "I just came here to chill "    12/15/17  (95)
Tax Mo's - Can I prepay California SALT for 2018? 2019?    12/15/17  (42)
mb a year from now we'll read Roy Moore accusers got mortgages paid by "donors"    12/15/17  (1)
ADmitting defeat in Torah debates DESTROYED reproductive success of jewdoods    12/15/17  (3)
Underrated Springsteen song: Streets of Philadelphia    12/15/17  (4)
POLL: will cancer ever be cured in our lifetime?    12/15/17  (16)
Who is worse: Epah or Corporate Warrior?    12/15/17  (6)
Rating poasters as big white cocks.    12/15/17  (26)
my erect hog has the exact girth, length of of a can of skoal    12/15/17  (4)
Odd case that XO political lunatics posture from a point of mental normality    12/15/17  (25)
Cooley Law FIRES BACK in lawsuit against ABA (rate this metaphor)    12/15/17  (36)
Reviews are the biggest scam in 2017. Fake Amazon shit. Last jedi at 95%. Everyt    12/15/17  (86)
knitting pussyhat much easier for masses than reading 1097 pages    12/15/17  (5)
Doctor salaries = last great path to wealth    12/15/17  (104)
Hilarious to see beta provider men think they're hot shit    12/15/17  (2)
Reminder: Nixon fired Special prosecutor Cox in Oct 73. Nothing happened    12/15/17  (2)
grew up in SF. it's now the worst city in America.    12/15/17  (5)
Underrated gag in home alone: every vehicle hitting that statue    12/15/17  (9)
Lack of Hispanics in "Star Wars" raises concerns - link    12/15/17  (1)
Can't relate to all the neurotic, anxious, depressed types here. You people suck    12/15/17  (11)
Oaxacan protesters in LA: "THIS IS OUR LAND!"    12/15/17  (2)
LUBE UP bearKats, the Bison are brewing up a whipping for u in Fargo    12/15/17  (1)
Put a full liter of soy sauce up my anus with an enema. I'm not Asian yet. Why?    12/15/17  (3)
insomnia induced by obsessive thoughts about twins threads    12/15/17  (7)
2 fleets of Airbus A380s colliding in the sky above as you bump a twins thread    12/15/17  (6)
*evan39 smatters on the cherry lip balm* "I'm so gonna eat a pussy tonite, hehe"    12/15/17  (13)
All the good men are either gay or taken. evan39: I know hehe    12/15/17  (2)
When Trump fires mueller what are the chances of congress passing veto proof    12/15/17  (6)
With a little chicken fried, a cold beer on a Friday night.    12/15/17  (1)
If you're not mining ETH 12 months ago, you're insane    12/15/17  (9)
Video of Buford tp Discovered (link)    12/15/17  (5)
Prestigious sales company (HerbaLife) wants to hire me TedCruzTP    12/15/17  (1)
Finished 2017 tax projections: netted $1.326 mil (CSLG)    12/15/17  (84)
An actual doctor, here, taking questions on specialties, lifestyle, salary    12/15/17  (20)
BTC is a ponzi scheme? LoL GC is a ponzi scheme!    12/15/17  (4)
*demands to be taken seriously* *screams & moans like a dumb animal during sex*    12/15/17  (16)
my sister's shitcompany gave the employees a $70 bonus    12/15/17  (166)
Anyone else dip their homemade sandwiches in egg yolk? 180    12/15/17  (6)
name one period of history you don't care to learn about at all    12/15/17  (19)
Is modern "art" a joke?    12/15/17  (14)
Have a serious health issue that is very depressing    12/15/17  (66)
Rejected working titles for the Holocaust, II    12/15/17  (19)
Earl and Nutella getting fucked by tax reform is so fucking 18000000000000000000    12/15/17  (30)
Sneaky ways to get people BLASTED DRUNK at office XMAS party?    12/15/17  (3)
"Gotta remind how awful over eating is" "I'll diet starting tomorrow!    12/15/17  (1)
OMG dont you guys CARE that INTERNET will END (plus MARKETS will never RECOVER)?    12/15/17  (1)
diesel will finally use his earnings to carve a sculpture of his headpubes    12/15/17  (2)
crazy that old MMOs just charged $10 month. nobody thought of lootbox type shit    12/15/17  (11)
U could get better poasting than Corporate tp in any cubicle in any office    12/15/17  (1)
BF Skinner scrolling through freemium iPhone games: "haha holy shit"    12/15/17  (15)
lol at fraud Frenchies they plagiarized La Marseillaise    12/15/17  (1)
Dennis Rodman praises Donald Trump.    12/15/17  (2)
la-di da-di / we like some ah-di / we megapost use diapers as a pottie    12/15/17  (4)
Much like BTC mining being run by 4-5 big nodes,4-5 mentally ill poasters run XO    12/15/17  (2)
Yay, I can still say I'm in the same tax bracket as Warren Buffet!    12/15/17  (1)
Better biz: maid service or home health care?    12/15/17  (3)
shrew: "no bouncey house? this party is ruined!" nutella's DH: "I've got this."    12/15/17  (3)
Just bought a Cozmo robot for a nerd friend. Rate it    12/15/17  (5)
Reminder: Body can only make use of ~30g of Protein at time.    12/15/17  (3)

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