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STICKY: New account requests   03/23/18  (196)
Holy fuck the #MarchForOurLives crowds are ENORMOUS    03/25/18  (67)
College hoops this ncaa tournament: "first to 60 wins!"    03/25/18  (4)
anyone seen "Hitler's Circle of Evil" on netflix? on episode 1. decent so far    03/25/18  (9)
NYC Taxi medallion owners killing selves all over the place    03/25/18  (35)
An Actual Northwestern Sorority Video jesus christ (link)    03/25/18  (5)
genderfluid Toltecs pulling your white heart out at the top of One World Trade C    03/25/18  (5)
friend got a DUI Jan 6th. what are her options?    03/25/18  (36)
I somewhat suspect that not teaching about the history of Western civ    03/25/18  (47)
what % of gays have sucked a dick straight out of their ass?    03/25/18  (12)
"Wow I used to be such a faggot." (Me every six months)    03/25/18  (10)
rats fill the walls.    03/25/18  (3)
Amazing how shitty internet is compared to 10-15 years ago. GC ruins everything.    03/25/18  (1)
Hooked up with tranny with HUGE boner last night.    03/25/18  (8)
ok bort is fucked right now, hope this is all cleared up in the morning    03/25/18  (3)
lawman8, wmtp, you guys have a word? i know you're straight.    03/25/18  (8)
i demand to be raped    03/25/18  (3)
Wife wants to spend $2.5M on a house in a 67% black neighborhood    03/25/18  (16)
should I have sex with men for pathetic amounts of money    03/25/18  (2)
180 link for fans of retro vid game music and obscure japanese stuff:    03/25/18  (4)
Julia got a grad cert in belly dancing at Northwestern    03/25/18  (7)
So clean white glory of truth is just more shitty MPA flame?    03/25/18  (34)
xo 2017: trenbolone. xo 2018: spironolactone    03/25/18  (4)
how many unique poasters involved in this arkan/clean white drama    03/25/18  (24)
The emotional pain of depression that makes everything so fucking hard to do    03/25/18  (32)
the core problem of Trump is an inability to pick proper personnel    03/25/18  (46)
Ever received an angry text from a chick after first date?    03/25/18  (38)
Suburban People: would you rather have a bigger house or more land?    03/25/18  (6)
When your old-ass parent is like, I dont know how to send an iMessage,    03/25/18  (5)
arkan - i got your emails, i realize you know my IRL. don't out me you faggot.    03/25/18  (10)
I've seen the following Kurosawa films. Which others should I watch?    03/25/18  (5)
PREDICTION: Democrats will pick up more than 50 house seats in November    03/25/18  (15)
fill in the blank: this board is TTT because of Trump, Twinks, and ______?    03/25/18  (3)
"David Does Dade," a David Goes Hogg Wild Film, Vol. IV (2019, Rated NR)    03/25/18  (5)
MODS: irl threats have been made against me. ban this rat fuck.    03/25/18  (29)
Bump this thread if u r still 100% pulling for TRUMP    03/25/18  (425)
I wanted to be raped but not like this. Not by him.    03/25/18  (83)
Twink boy Stephen Curry out with sprained MCL    03/25/18  (9)
where do i discuss interest in white advocacy on my school applications?    03/25/18  (2)
lol shitlib hero rapper Killer Mike comes out as pro-NRA    03/25/18  (27)
The Papal States used to kill people with a giant hammer.    03/25/18  (6)
Northwestern Delta Gamma Video: Dorky Women With Full Bushes    03/25/18  (1)
for us who don't follow (or care) about clean white glory, what's going on?    03/25/18  (21)
what effect did propecia use have on Trump?    03/25/18  (1)
Will Baseball survive now that youngs have no attention span?    03/25/18  (4)
March for Our Lives destroyed by Tomi Lahren    03/25/18  (29)
white advocacy    03/25/18  (1)
Trump signed a budget that gives other countries a wall, but not his own?    03/25/18  (7)
lonely bird dies after pathetic life with fake GF (very sad)    03/25/18  (133)
list of poasters who i miss    03/25/18  (69)
Why the hell did FSU not foul at the end? They just gave up?    03/25/18  (13)
future wife threading has amazingly come to reddit    03/25/18  (3)
Real talk: most SEC/ACC frat bros are TERRIBLE at hooking up with chicks    03/25/18  (8)
Arkan is a Serbian faggot who deserves death    03/25/18  (4)
LINK: Ted Cruz on women's bodies: "They pee out their butts, right?"    03/25/18  (1)
clean white arkan - you really fucked up when you doobsed out on tinychat, hth    03/25/18  (4)
How WASPy is this NYTimes Wedding couple?    03/25/18  (10)
wow, tough night on XO for arkan lol    03/25/18  (3)
my political commentary is always spot on, nobody gives me credit    03/25/18  (1)
what movie should i watch    03/25/18  (9)
Little known fact: Slavery was legal in Hawaii until 1900 when liberated by US    03/25/18  (11)
Two tards just ruined one of the longest blank bump chains in xo history    03/25/18  (18)
Why don't airline companies ever develop their own jets?    03/25/18  (9)
hey arkan, did you lock your door tonight? better double check    03/25/18  (19)
mr jinx here, just woke up from a 10-year comma. Am I still plowing whokebe?    03/24/18  (17)
Loyola vs Michigan who wins    03/24/18  (14)
PSA to arkan/clean white glory - ur about to seriously regret ever poasting here    03/24/18  (118)
Noticeable decline in 2018 FSU sorority house    03/24/18  (15)
Any chance that CSLGs kids dont end up as RSF-like malcontents?    03/24/18  (119)
three | inch | pecker    03/24/18  (1)
OneRepublic has some 180 jams    03/24/18  (4)
How to preftigiously pronounce "capricious" and "substantive"    03/24/18  (1)
you'll only see your dad about 10 more times IN YOUR LIFE (get a grad cert)    03/24/18  (1)
Is Tom Leykis cr?    03/24/18  (1)
RSF pounding his tits like a fucking gorilla as Benzo evades his ban    03/24/18  (1)
AVERAGE BEEKEEPER makes 70K; Cornell BEEKEEPING CERT: $899    03/24/18  (15)
last week i chased 4 shots with beer and was hungover for 2 days    03/24/18  (1)
"Buzz buzz"says Kasich sticking the Zika syringe into the pregnant woman's belly    03/24/18  (40)
all the kids marching today are crisis actors right?    03/24/18  (2)
SQMO This is ACP get the FUCK in here, Chandler too    03/24/18  (14)
Itt give me tips on buying a BIBLE    03/24/18  (35)
would u rape a girl wearing a tight black dress at your party? rape?    03/24/18  (1)
Soros crisis actor payroll spreadsheet LEAKED!    03/24/18  (3)
gonna have to dump some app chick, kinda feel bad about it    03/24/18  (9)
I said you should not have worn that dress, should not have worn that dress    03/24/18  (1)
*T-girl doing Helicopter in front of JCM right now*    03/24/18  (1)
These hos ain't Loyola    03/24/18  (2)
Biz idea: take on sovereign citizens as clients    03/24/18  (4)
RSF pounding his tits like a chinaman on a railroad spike    03/24/18  (2)
9,760 people correctly predicted Loyola-Michigan in the Final Four, per ESPN    03/24/18  (2)
RSF pounding his tits like a fucking gorilla upon seeing another brother thread    03/24/18  (25)
texted bumble match "buzz buzz" + bee emoji    03/24/18  (25)
RSF pounding his tits like a fucking gorilla as Karen McDougal says he's smaller    03/24/18  (6)
RSF pounding his tits like a fucking gorilla as Stormy wins AVN Best Boobs    03/24/18  (6)
RSF pounding his tits like a fucking gorilla as NJ Devils lose    03/24/18  (8)
Watchmen you know they're talking shit about you on econjobrumors right?    03/24/18  (23)
Late night on a Saturday and here I am, doin work, for grad certs    03/24/18  (1)
***grad certs***    03/24/18  (7)
most unlikable poaster?    03/24/18  (11)
Benzo's loose fuckhole backfiring like a Harley with straight pipes    03/24/18  (231)
Delaney Tarr, senior from Parkland, FL needs to do porn as soon as she turns 18.    03/24/18  (24)
The Genius of Google: Keyboard Entry "ncabb", no results for NCAA Basketball    03/24/18  (3)
ITT you pick the 4th thing I troll for after certs, sleeves, and lifts    03/24/18  (2)
Reminder: gerald    03/24/18  (3)
How far above 140 is Ben Shapiro's IQ?    03/24/18  (3)
Sad fact of life: Speed/coke/etc. tolerance never fully goes away    03/24/18  (5)
"On November 16th, you posted on AutoAdmit as 'gerald', is that right?" "gerald"    03/24/18  (7)
Glenn Loury and Amy Wax talk again!    03/24/18  (2)
xo poster beating his wife & screaming at kids after calculating his crypto taxe    03/24/18  (11)
It is harder for a plankton to be a lobster than rich man to pass through needle    03/24/18  (1)
What % of D1 basketball starters could do 5 pullups    03/24/18  (5)
gerald certs    03/24/18  (1)
That foul when fl st stole the ball at the end was bullshit    03/24/18  (2)
Theyre chanting Seriously - Its 2018!! at the march right now    03/24/18  (7)
LMAO at this new "I'm with her" poster    03/24/18  (5)
Any posters still breastfeed?    03/24/18  (1)
Whats the xo consensus on ADD/ADHD and Adderall/Ritalin?    03/24/18  (5)
breathing is for pussies    03/24/18  (3)
xvideos.com banner flash ad: WANNA FUCK SHARKLASERS?    03/24/18  (39)
Most important battle in history adjusting for # of events after?    03/24/18  (17)
college basketball is fucking horrendous. close game =/= well played    03/24/18  (2)
ITT: xo poaster goes to the basketball court    03/24/18  (2)
Loyola and a big 10 team in first    03/24/18  (1)
Rate this texting behaviour    03/24/18  (14)
mickey and gus on love ( Netflix show) fight a lot for a brand new couple    03/24/18  (1)
It Happened To Me: I Ended Up In Bed With A 27-Year-Old Virgin    03/24/18  (3)
Been poasting for a few days. RATE my NEET-friendly employment situation    03/24/18  (22)
Michigan will fall to Loyola    03/24/18  (2)
Doubling down on LEAN HOGG FUTURES    03/24/18  (1)
benzo, you around to rate something?    03/24/18  (9)
Djoker One-And-Done In Miami Masters #tennis    03/24/18  (9)
pussy march for our black lives matter    03/24/18  (2)
ljl @ people who buy residential property as "investments"    03/24/18  (2)
massage man taking questions for 10 minutes    03/24/18  (12)
You can all die a miserable death you devoid of critical thinking fool$    03/24/18  (1)
What's A "Property & Casualty (P&C) Claims Analyst" (Someone w Recent TTT JD)?    03/24/18  (1)
would be 180 if FSU upsets Michigan and falls to Loyola    03/24/18  (12)
Fouls are gay in basketfraud    03/24/18  (3)
metaphysics is gay is gay    03/24/18  (3)
"Oh, did you mean Child Murderin' Marco Rubio?"    03/24/18  (1)
We literally have someone singing OPERA in tinychat and ur missing it    03/24/18  (3)
How I found xo    03/24/18  (5)
The unibombers and brady frauds to final 4 to get beat by Loyola    03/24/18  (1)
Michigan only up by 2 to a 9 seed ljl    03/24/18  (1)
Florida State has chance ljl    03/24/18  (2)
Xo still believes In fraud ball    03/24/18  (2)
pussy march for our black lives matter    03/24/18  (1)
it's amazing how many things which confused me growing up were shitlib flame    03/24/18  (6)
David Hogg pounding away at Delaney Tarr, making her cum    03/24/18  (11)

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