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do u ever think about how its evil to eat meat    11/23/17  (4)
Koreans mutilate their children's sexual organs in order to make whitey happy.    11/23/17  (4)
What's at the root of nyuug's inferiority complex wrt white males?    11/23/17  (15)
How often does xo attract a new long-term poster?    11/23/17  (12)
Can we talk about "Moments in Love" by Art of Noise?    11/23/17  (1)
Official petition to change xoxohth to wmtphth    11/23/17  (6)
Chinamen & Roundeye Travelmos: How Is One Dim Sum (HK)?    11/23/17  (24)
50 yo millionaire celebrity Megyn Kelly was intimidated by Charlie rose    11/23/17  (28)
Annual thread: "People" who travel in sweatpants - let's bash these TTTs    11/23/17  (4)
FBI agent, face shadowed, "Nobody could imagine this prostitution ring was 1 guy    11/23/17  (70)
Peterman uses Flying J urinals like Super Mario portal tubes    11/23/17  (23)
Should I make my brother an xo moniker account    11/23/17  (13)
"Lmao" has a certain chill fratty je ne se crois about it    11/23/17  (14)
Bang Bang (My Rapist Asked Me Out)    11/23/17  (45)
why are there so many cute 20 something girls in every major city    11/23/17  (17)
What's the female equivalent of mass shooters?    11/23/17  (6)
How many racist comments will be made at your family's Thanksgiving dinner?    11/23/17  (89)
suspended license faggot: "just don't break the law any more"    11/23/17  (1)
Why is Virginia so obsessed with speeding tickets?    11/23/17  (21)
Rule # 1: take your work seriously. Do not take yourself seriously.    11/23/17  (13)
Wild Turkey Day! Taking questions, cars, guns, booze, law.    11/23/17  (20)
I just want to lecture everyone like a sarcastic grandpa    11/23/17  (4)
RSF thinking back on the last wishbone wish he made versus his brother    11/23/17  (4)
Guy born in 1990 is already on FBI Most Wanted list. You?    11/23/17  (9)
roy moore mall ban was a lie    11/23/17  (23)
it is absolutely insane how Jewish the entertainment industry is    11/23/17  (12)
Are we for or against this net neutrality stuff    11/23/17  (63)
Johnsmeyer w/ headset mic in HS gym: "anything can be a meme. see this apple?    11/23/17  (52)
Half of CLS students are paying sticker = $335K all in    11/23/17  (62)
What MTV show signifies the point in time when America truly died?    11/23/17  (27)
"I like senators who don't get brain cancer."    11/23/17  (10)
inside a lady's head...    11/23/17  (194)
dabs and more dabs    11/23/17  (1)
Why are all men self-sacrificing heroes, while women are simply 100% evil?    11/23/17  (12)
about to search "luis" to see what utterly deranged faggot was up to at 4 am    11/23/17  (5)
i like how shrews call each other queen despite both literally gagging on dicks    11/23/17  (3)
volunteer at homeless shelter good for meeting women?    11/23/17  (15)
Assuming accrued interest....think anyone has paid 500k in education?$1 million?    11/23/17  (3)
I had NO IDEA that Marty Funkhauser = Super Dave Osborne    11/23/17  (4)
just paid $150 for a turkey, taking questions/criticism (fratty)    11/23/17  (20)
Your h.s. crush at the local bar tonight back home, wondering about you    11/23/17  (17)
Smacked law secretary on her big rump today, she giggled said "oh no sexual hara    11/23/17  (7)
My wife is pregnant and won't stop taking adderall. How bad is this?    11/23/17  (38)
Sex robot telling you about time her pet avatar died in the 3rd grade    11/23/17  (2)
A huge faggot taking Qs for a bit    11/23/17  (6)
180 ganguro tranny small penis humiliation porn (Red Hot Jam 406) (link)    11/23/17  (4)
Celebrated Thanksgiving today. Cousin had a miscarriage during dinner.    11/23/17  (9)
"Senator, what did you mean when you blank bumped 'gas all pumos?'"    11/23/17  (17)
Joe Barton sex scandal is getting better and better    11/23/17  (2)
Gloria Allred: I'm afraid the yearbook was destroyed, in a fire    11/23/17  (1)
Wife left & took babby 4 tksgiving. Going 2 feed homeless instead of being alone    11/23/17  (21)
Rand Paul is dying    11/23/17  (17)
Ive given out like 2eth on xo    11/23/17  (5)
This Assignment is made without warranty or representation of title, express or    11/23/17  (2)
would be 180 if mueller did a "fuck libs" float with trump tomorrow at the parad    11/23/17  (1)
ITT list the loneliest thing you do    11/23/17  (138)
Protip: Russia has Kompromat on Trump    11/23/17  (282)
Best thing about thanksgiving is sitting around the table, everyone is white    11/23/17  (26)
Had a friend write an employee recommendation for a job - still got dinged    11/23/17  (4)
WTF Russia and Turkey have gone to war with each other like 50 times    11/23/17  (3)
without looking, what 2 countries have fought most wars w/ each other    11/23/17  (64)
lol rate this pic of dog the bounty hunter, chiklis, and lorenzo lamas at friend    11/23/17  (1)
The Tuss - Acid Brother    11/23/17  (6)
Rate this fugitive on the run since the late 1990's    11/23/17  (4)
Xavier: Renegade Angel - holy shit this show is 180    11/23/17  (19)
If you arent pooping, youre shit    11/23/17  (1)
forum of blackhead fetishists that intentionally "grow" pores of winer (link)    11/23/17  (2)
Attention to law, man (.80)    11/23/17  (3)
Range rovers are pretty baller    11/23/17  (3)
Shintaro Kago - Punctures In Front of the Station [ENG]    11/23/17  (15)
This reality or Women +1 average hotness but poop sometimes comes alive bites u    11/23/17  (6)
If you arent a lawyer youre shit    11/23/17  (3)
Happy 30th Anniversary to the Max Headroom signal hijacker    11/23/17  (5)
i think insanity is setting in    11/23/17  (11)
JFC listening to this early 2000s trance mix is depressing as fuck    11/23/17  (2)
I need a mentally ill striver to lecture me on racism    11/23/17  (4)
Early 2000s music that gives you nostalgia    11/23/17  (16)
in the sopranos they once suggest that italian men have a thing for irish women    11/23/17  (7)
Joanna Gaines playfully dabbing homemade whipped cream on your nose    11/23/17  (3)
How hard is it to NOT break 80k as a lawyer?    11/23/17  (8)
Notre Dame squeaked it out against Wichita State    11/23/17  (1)
which one of u chumps tried to tell me.Maui is boring? did 180 hana rd today.    11/23/17  (2)
LOL JUST LOL @ sad degenerate geeks abusing drugs on xmas    11/23/17  (86)
Ted Cruz had exactly 0.00% chance against Hillary in the general election    11/23/17  (57)
Its a simple formula: X multiplied by 365, divided by 24, divided by 7    11/23/17  (5)
The harassment allegation fan has to have been organized    11/23/17  (2)
Why are people still not using collaborate features on documents    11/23/17  (8)
This Assignment of Overriding Royalty Interest is made to Peanuts and Men, LLC,    11/23/17  (11)
180 conservahero grandma is playing YUGE prank on Libs at thanksgiving    11/23/17  (8)
dab rips & cream whips: a very xo thanxgiving eve    11/23/17  (1)
On rap radio stations every commercial are car crash/PI lawyer ads w/rap jingles    11/23/17  (1)
Tiny Swiss city will pay you $25,000 to move there    11/23/17  (22)
Ljl at this quote from frankedn accuser    11/23/17  (2)
This board needs more posters like AssFaggot    11/23/17  (24)
RATE this Ukrainian high jumper girl    11/23/17  (22)
Thanksgiving is 180. No weird Libs in my family that I have to deal with    11/23/17  (20)
libs: "you grabbed a girl's ass one time. checkmate." lol you fags    11/23/17  (6)
TSINAH got xo worried about net neutrality while he steals our medical records    11/23/17  (1)
Does TMF work in compliance?    11/23/17  (8)
Our joke "media" looks the other way when libs say and do fucked up things    11/23/17  (2)
Physical deal breakers for women    11/23/17  (32)
I should probably be making plans to flee the US, right?    11/23/17  (1)
I hate how womens' emotions based on vocal tone are so ambiguous    11/23/17  (1)
TSINAH being against net neutrality means you should be for it, NQA    11/23/17  (3)
Even elite high school students get shut out by Ivies    11/23/17  (44)
Don't let the flying j lot bois fool you: HIV status does matter.    11/23/17  (1)
Once Trump's FCC kills net neutrality, will ISPs hobble VPN traffic?    11/23/17  (22)
Don't let the media companies fool you: Net Neutrality doesn't matter.    11/23/17  (47)
HEY: Why don't you try some vanilla flavored poison? (GC)    11/23/17  (1)
Damn girl that ass could take a pounding    11/23/17  (5)
Mario Odyssey vs BOTW.    11/23/17  (54)
Boner police's existence is the only reason not to commit suicide    11/23/17  (10)
IRL girls apparently don't consider "dat ass!" a compliment    11/23/17  (31)
let's pause and reflect: mall ban is a lie. yearbook signature is forged.    11/23/17  (4)
been SLAYING pussy in DC by telling one simple lie    11/23/17  (134)
What's with all the shitty people?    11/23/17  (1)
ALMOST hooked up with some college chicks in DC    11/23/17  (45)
holy shit! mom just told me jk roher is coming to our family thanksgiving!    11/23/17  (3)
Getting into about 2 fights a week with family/friends. What am I doing?    11/23/17  (1)
pre-thankgiving tinychat...https://tinychat.com/
   11/23/17  (2)
Guy who has filmed SEVERAL WGWAG pr0n vids. Taking ?s ITT.    11/23/17  (18)
Whats it like trying to have "sex" with a sub-7" penis? Can girls tell its in?    11/23/17  (4)
Taylor Swift keeps texting me nude selfies    11/23/17  (5)
uncle on FB destroys marriagecucks    11/23/17  (3)
chandler is a huge fag who deserves your scorn -- not your ETH, pity, or clients    11/23/17  (62)
if you order anything but michelob ultra at a bar you're a disgusting fat fuck    11/23/17  (5)
How do you campaign against cruelty without moralizing rhetoric?    11/23/17  (6)
thankgiving    11/22/17  (3)
nyuug: "I can't get hard for a girl a second time"    11/22/17  (30)
Hilarious how pre-2009 nonfiction worships Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods    11/22/17  (3)
Would you ever raise another man's kids as your own?    11/22/17  (38)
trumptards lose their minds over pizzagate fantasy, send actual pedo to Senate    11/22/17  (30)
pepito and i are 98 iq    11/22/17  (14)
So XO "conservaheroes" advocate/defend pedophilia, wife beating, and heroin use?    11/22/17  (12)
Nyuug tells height to the cm. Won't reveal clitpeen size. Odd case.    11/22/17  (5)
UnFUCKINGbelievable. Polish CUTIE bears KOREAN SONS. **Twist** WGWAG!    11/22/17  (24)
cockney friend celebrating 'Fanksgiving'    11/22/17  (1)
Not flame hit a bar with Assfaggot IRL. Several chicks cold approached him.    11/22/17  (13)
W imitating Yeb's debate performance at Bush family tgiving dinner    11/22/17  (73)
Help me buy a winter jacket    11/22/17  (20)
Just accepted at Goodyear, accepting praise and taking questions    11/22/17  (35)
Nothing against gay ppl but being gay is truly fucked up    11/22/17  (3)
Yeah mom he's a faggot for penises. Well I dont know what other kinds there are!    11/22/17  (1)
something is wrong people are sick and insane    11/22/17  (2)
I only fuck white women to corrupt them    11/22/17  (19)
Anyone else spending tomorrow alone?    11/22/17  (9)
Just fucked 21 yr old georgetown slut. taking questions til i pass out    11/22/17  (28)
used aquatic ape hypothesis to pick up an objective 4 in DC    11/22/17  (46)
What my woke 4 year old told my racist uncle at Thanksgiving    11/22/17  (1)
Gal Gadot... jfc    11/22/17  (5)

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