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Musicmos: is Schenkerian analysis very difficult or am I low IQ?    11/18/17  (6)
Guy across the street has full Christmas yard display up. It's ridiculous.    11/18/17  (3)
nig cunt asses really CLENCH ur tiny white dick, make it hard 2 pull out. unghhh    11/18/17  (1)
Phone lines in Texas "totally jammed" due to ppl calling to add Longhorn Network    11/18/17  (5)
I was feeling pretty down on myself the past few days. I just took YUGE DUMP!    11/18/17  (3)
There are like 100+ college football teams and not a single good game on today    11/18/17  (1)
i cant, my opioid gut    11/18/17  (1)
Kentucky has hottest girls in SEC    11/18/17  (2)
*sings "im a fag you need to kill* to tune of "solsbury hill"*    11/18/17  (1)
Bump this when George RR Martin is #Metoo'ed    11/18/17  (5)
Commercials with blacks and acting like WASPs    11/18/17  (17)
Can I ever marry a TS?    11/18/17  (3)
joe budden AKA jumpoff AKA regular jizzo tp    11/18/17  (1)
That Wisconsin TD Pass was insane    11/18/17  (1)
Poaster high on ecstasy arrested in New Jersey (link)    11/18/17  (15)
peak GC: some kind of Darth Vader as Santa Claus inflatable yard display?    11/18/17  (2)
nigger    11/18/17  (1)
CNN picked Andy Cohen to replace Kathy Griffin for New Years... odd choice no?    11/18/17  (1)
crazy how paltry even $50k is. not even worth investing. cant do ANYTHING w/ it.    11/18/17  (9)
Sings "I'm profoundly mentally ill" to tune of Solsbury Hill    11/18/17  (5)
Shitlaw boss started a band "LinkedIn Park"    11/18/17  (42)
lol WTF @ this Walmart commercial trying to pander to shitlibs    11/18/17  (4)
I'll put the cobwebs back in place, I've never been too good w/ names but I reme    11/18/17  (1)
"he's like a latino stephen malkmus" i answered 2 a guy asking what luis is like    11/18/17  (2)
Plan to take any content from xo for Thanksgiving dinner?    11/18/17  (14)
Men in the United States are chronically lonely.    11/18/17  (13)
Not now!!! Im on the phone with a CLIENT!!!!    11/18/17  (1)
New Taco Bell Commercial featuring Chad and Shortmo    11/18/17  (6)
Whenever out with a TS, many bros assume I'm not aware.    11/18/17  (5)
If I impregnate a Jewish slut, will my son or dotter be a Jew??    11/18/17  (1)
Alleged murderer released after DA mutters "cmon n-----" to "Not Guilty" plea (l    11/18/17  (1)
Nebrasshit going to give up 400+ to another rb LJL    11/18/17  (2)
Quoth the Raven: "ALT-F4" (Earl Allen-Poe)    11/18/17  (6)
So much style and it's wasted    11/18/17  (1)
4'10" Turkish Olympic weightlifter Naim Suleymanoglu DEAD at 50    11/18/17  (6)
Frontwards is the best Pavement song    11/18/17  (17)
Listen, "men"'s college "hoops" picks for 11/18/2017    11/18/17  (7)
Tim Heidecker murder trial    11/18/17  (10)
why isnt the www.niggers.com url being used    11/18/17  (2)
*rach lays hands on longwangpoontang's shoulder* "it's time to stop"    11/18/17  (20)
   11/18/17  (3)
Consuela,you here..have some ETH USDT crypto news    11/18/17  (2)
Reminder: women NEVER forget bad things you do/say to them    11/18/17  (1)
90s lib: Stop cutting down trees! 17 lib: Zher butt is where zhe pees    11/18/17  (2)
holy fucking shit @ these white mice azns everywhere    11/18/17  (1)
Just LOL, Lena Dunham stands up for her producer against rape accusations    11/18/17  (12)
LIFEHACK: scam the fuck out of Amazon prime returns    11/18/17  (28)
Former US Attorney: Mueller About to Start Wrecking Shit    11/18/17  (71)
3:30am, a Seattle grocery PA system. "As a young man in Vienna, I first encounte    11/18/17  (13)
people who militantly announce "I ONLY DRINK CUM."    11/18/17  (1)
*gropes you*    11/18/17  (2)
people who militantly announce "I ONLY DRINK WATER."    11/18/17  (13)
are trannies horny all the time?    11/18/17  (1)
90s libs: Handicapped-accessible bathrooms; 10s libs: Tranny bathrooms    11/18/17  (3)
Really depressed, sluggish, hungry today    11/18/17  (22)
The free solo footage in Valley Uprising made my dick shrivel up JFC    11/18/17  (11)
Ordering shit on amazon and feeling buyers remorse before it even arrives    11/18/17  (8)
What are the best documentaries on Netflix    11/18/17  (6)
waiting for updates after buying a new game is the worst part of ps4    11/18/17  (3)
JFC 1st ep of Punisher (Netflix), already shitlib af    11/18/17  (8)
Free Money: Navy +17 versus Notre Dame    11/18/17  (16)
Black woman laughs as white male veteran dies (CNN)    11/18/17  (7)
90s lib: "Lollapalooza tix!" 17 lib: "Lol! Let's cut off our dicks!"    11/18/17  (16)
How does Shovel Knight rank as a 2D platformer    11/18/17  (4)
Rapper DUNKS on entire Norwood Scale (vid)    11/18/17  (1)
Tranny I follow on Snapchat dances around in panties and bra nightly.    11/18/17  (26)
Electronic music makers, is the iRig Keys I/O a ONE STOP SOLUTION for making ele    11/18/17  (4)
Trumpmo- Build a Wall! / AlphaChad- Fucks every girl in his dorm hall    11/18/17  (1)
*Wakes up, logs in and clicks "by you"* Great they are still all purple.    11/18/17  (5)
Trumpmo- Media Lies! / AlphaChad- cums in your future wife's eyes    11/18/17  (1)
Feel really horny guys what should I do?    11/18/17  (12)
Trumpmo- Grab their Pussies! / AlphaChad- Gets grabbed by Pussies    11/18/17  (1)
raskolnikov reading a DTP/DVP poast: "haha wow holy shit"    11/18/17  (1)
Trumpmo- Blood & Soil! / AlphaChad- on anal night, she better bring baby oil!    11/18/17  (1)
*A young DERSHOWITZ asked what happened to the cookies in the cookie jar*    11/18/17  (8)
Trumpmo- Libs make him Irate / AlphaChad- Never pays for Date    11/18/17  (1)
given the insanely high traffic, free internet porn would be a great avenue    11/18/17  (2)
the whirling-dervish carnival organ ruins 90% of The Doors' music    11/18/17  (4)
Things added to bills playbook with Peterman at QB    11/18/17  (2)
Trumpmo- Raging in Thread / Alpha Chad- Getting Head    11/18/17  (1)
AMEX dispute chargeback (((mastermen))) need your advice ITT    11/18/17  (15)
*flash of lightning above alt stable* *nude luis gallops out on all 4s, neighing    11/18/17  (4)
"wlmas" is just a petumkin alt right    11/18/17  (2)
Alcoholic WLMAS is going to get his ASS FUCKED by the state bar    11/18/17  (1)
OSU on pace to score 136 points right now    11/18/17  (12)
gropin' USA - the beach boys.mp3    11/18/17  (1)
the hell with Trump, Trenton Garmon should be POTUS    11/18/17  (2)
sporTTTsnut explains fraud SHAM & the absolute STATE of "american" football    11/18/17  (1)
Rate this Papa John's employee (pic)    11/18/17  (9)
Don Easy Peasy Trumpy Squeezy    11/18/17  (2)
WLMAS is a drunk little lonely loser ljl    11/18/17  (7)
2nd cuz looks up at you, sees you're asian, goes back to eating    11/18/17  (116)
Mueller investigation finds that drinking a bottle of whiskey per day is normal    11/18/17  (1)
Will it fit in my ass? Will't fit'n m'ass? Will'n m'ass? WLMAS!    11/18/17  (118)
bbooom who are these fraud$ wearing nebraska uniforms not real cornhuskers!    11/18/17  (1)
My pet dog died today. Had him cremated. Was there watching.    11/18/17  (145)
"Herro, dis ah Jay Jay Cee at Rucky Stal #1 Dly Creaner, starchy?"    11/18/17  (1)
'I see things differently': James Damore on his autism and the Google memo    11/18/17  (26)
Rate Miss India (winner of Ms World) XO Daily Mail    11/18/17  (1)
Is an M7 MBA basically just travel every week? JFC    11/18/17  (15)
Holy fuck. JJC is at a M7 mba program.    11/18/17  (15)
cot damn peterman is into some sick shit    11/18/17  (4)
Nebraska down 7-0    11/18/17  (1)
Trucker: "Wait, that's not Gatorade." Peterman: "I know."    11/18/17  (46)
peterman fueling up his taurus in a wig, ready for wild weeknd at flying j (pic)    11/18/17  (4)
Shrew GF: "you're ok but Chad was bigger" 2nd cuz: "NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER    11/18/17  (52)
Alzabo are large, bear-like predators from an unknown star system. They are cove    11/18/17  (1)
"Not all Muslims," whimpered the final Christian as he was beheaded    11/18/17  (18)
big congrats to u texas for getting bowl eligible    11/18/17  (1)
mark "pathetic loser faggot" helfrich    11/18/17  (2)
Hillary officially questioning "legitimacy" of Trump's election    11/18/17  (41)
Lol Michael Phelps went full Christian?    11/18/17  (5)
evan39 get ur lasso its time to round up boomer$    11/18/17  (7)
90s libs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 10s libs: cut your tranny child's dick off    11/18/17  (24)
Private equity is the MOST prestigious industry by nature    11/18/17  (76)
Laughing because we all know Hillary is running again in 2020 right?    11/18/17  (1)
Class action against Mirimax/Weinstein for fraudulent misreprsentation?    11/18/17  (20)
2nd cousin: "you are a sexy guy ;)" shrew gf: accidentally gave you pink eye    11/18/17  (8)
90s lib: "Saying 'fag' is crass." 17 lib: "Do I stick it up my ass?"    11/18/17  (3)
WTF, Miami has two guys wearing #4?    11/18/17  (5)
2nd cousin: Wanna pet my pussycat? ;) Shrew gf: Blue hair, pussy hat    11/18/17  (1)
Peterman: If you squeeze the base, it should pop most of them. Trucker: *vomits*    11/18/17  (13)
Chill thing about being low T: never go bald. Luscious feminine locks for life    11/18/17  (3)
gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang guc    11/18/17  (9)
2nd cousin asks you for a slice of cream pie at dinner    11/18/17  (14)
2nd cousin: "Can u show me how nintendo 64 works?"    11/18/17  (15)
All of the colored kids in my kids 95% white elementary are well behaved    11/18/17  (15)
People are shooting cops in the US and getting away with it    11/18/17  (4)
2nd cousin: "hehe spilled some cream" shrew gf: veganaise    11/18/17  (7)
Illinois QB is named "Chayce"    11/18/17  (1)
Lilrosiedoll if you don't know who this camwhore is look her up asap    11/18/17  (1)
90s lib: gays in army; 2017 lib: tranny army    11/18/17  (3)
My lean cost more than your rent (it do!)    11/18/17  (1)
90s lib: We love the comeback kid 17 lib: Cums on the back of a kid    11/18/17  (4)
Jealous Boomer men are using women as weapons against younger guys    11/18/17  (25)
Panda. ... Panda. ......... PandaPandaPandaPandaPanda    11/18/17  (9)
90s lib: smash the glass ceiling! 17 lib: anthem kneeling    11/18/17  (1)
Your 10-0 Nebraska Golden Knights    11/18/17  (1)
Lifehack for Macs: Add foreign kb so you can proudly display USA flag in top bar    11/18/17  (36)
90s lib: gays should walk down the aisle! 17 lib: equal rights for pedophiles!    11/18/17  (1)
90s lib: Ban trans fat 17 lib: Trans, and fat    11/18/17  (10)
every time i see a skiny girl with a little butt i want to bury my face in it    11/18/17  (6)
90s lib: happily expecting first child. 2017 lib: boner police lives in basement    11/18/17  (1)
Negroid she-ape accuses chill Jew-bro of rape. DBG, thoughts?    11/18/17  (6)
Go back to India, Indian scum    11/18/17  (1)
"you call this 'deep' dish pizza, you son of a bitch?"    11/18/17  (7)
90s libs FUCK AUTHORITY; 2010s libs: TRUST AUTHORITY    11/18/17  (4)
HoldUp TP to take over "Howard Stern Show" for ailing Stern    11/18/17  (13)
90s lib: Those companies should be forced to split!; '10s lib: call it a boiclit    11/18/17  (1)

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