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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Almost nobody on FB has "BLM" shit on their profile photo anymore    04/11/21  (2)
flw keep trying to get me to watch mozart in the jungle with him    04/11/21  (1)
*kanye west giving gop convention keynote address dressed as iron man*    04/11/21  (1)
Rating Poasters as Their Future Wife's OKCupid Username    04/11/21  (61)
"He uses the screenname 'I'm a big fat nigger and I have AIDS'"    04/11/21  (6)
In a Zoom meeting now. People are including pronouns with their screen names    04/11/21  (9)
FUCK LIBS. How do i get symbols in my screen name    04/11/21  (4)
my hs gf's AIM screen name was browneyedgirl2004    04/11/21  (13)
loaded grindr for "research". dad of 4 on my street's screenname was "mobile BJ"    04/11/21  (3)
Can the aliens stop the shitlibs    04/11/21  (3)
What are the top 3 all-time funniest XO screennames?    04/11/21  (100)
what is the XO consensus on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?    04/11/21  (4)
rate this girl's match.com screenname    04/11/21  (37)
Uses the frightening screenname *Can I Rape You Anally?    04/11/21  (4)
Hipster slut asked me for my AIM screenname at a bar    04/11/21  (8)
Ice-T: “This one’s a real sicko. Did a thing called the playroom hotdog.”    04/11/21  (70)
Do people still drink jagermeister    04/11/21  (8)
BOOM arrives at the pool party (TikTok)    04/11/21  (16)
Fratty will Australians every get better    04/11/21  (7)
Reminder: ALZABO tp is a literal chink who shills for the CCP    04/11/21  (2)
40% of US Marines have declined the vaccine    04/11/21  (17)
It is my DUTY to poast here    04/11/21  (5)
JJC getting "Semper Fi-nance" tattooed on forearm    04/11/21  (2)
Is it wrong to have zero sympathy for Saint George Floyd?    04/11/21  (114)
They stole a year of your life.    04/11/21  (29)
The top 5 whokebe posts off the top of my head    04/11/21  (5)
China: "vast majority" of tourists won't be taken hostage by China govt (link)    04/11/21  (4)
whok, do retards realize they're retarded?    04/11/21  (3)
I'm excrutiangly stupid (whokebe)    04/11/21  (2)
She sat her turnip vagrnae on my ate foot penus    04/11/21  (1)
From SPQR SP Jr. : the Italians and their slow decline    04/11/21  (1)
Daniel Whittington from the Whiskey Tribe nutting on ur wife's face, rock bottom    04/11/21  (1)
There have been dumber posters than spaceporn, but less self-aware?    04/11/21  (10)
Nonwhites just hate whites    04/11/21  (18)
Pentagon CONFIRMS triangle ufo sightings are REAL (link)    04/11/21  (17)
Can things ever get bad enough that there will be a reaction    04/11/21  (21)
should i buy this apt    04/11/21  (3)
Frog and Toad dragging spaceporn jr behind their F-150 like James Byrd    04/11/21  (15)
One of the weirdest things to me is Coates as a genius and Peterson as a monster    04/11/21  (3)
Sol is a pump scheme orchestrated by whales    04/11/21  (8)
aliens are visiting earth and the vaccine cause late onset adult autism    04/11/21  (2)
"Thank you for your interest. A team member will be in contact soon"    04/11/21  (3)
PENTAGON releases video of PYRAMID SHAPED UFOS    04/11/21  (40)
"ITH A DRONE!", he lisped as the Alien shoved a giant PROBE up his FUCKCHUTE    04/11/21  (2)
Explain psychology behind idiots like PP and SP who get outted and then    04/11/21  (27)
it's crazy that posting here is probably the biggest skeleton in our closet    04/11/21  (31)
jinx, will you cum spend christmas with me? (whok)    04/11/21  (2)
"Yes Glaucon, but what of the cock?"    04/11/21  (154)
how did spaceporn get outted?    04/11/21  (50)
"RE:re:re: Feedback from your recent interview from HR"    04/11/21  (3)
*takes investment advice from NYUUG* *pulls trigg....    04/11/21  (14)
"The team was very impressed by your credentials and has chose another applicant    04/11/21  (3)
"Thank you for yout interest. You have not been offered an interiew at this time    04/11/21  (1)
"You would be perfect for the job but the cis white male slot was already filled    04/11/21  (2)
Stop spamming whok faggot. We get it, you didn't get hired. Fuck off.    04/11/21  (3)
WW3 USA will try to purge itself of parasites, China will liberate.    04/11/21  (1)
Remember this song? ICP's "Miracles"    04/11/21  (4)
Super hot chick is stalking me on Linkedin right now    04/11/21  (14)
Remember when Obama put Biden in charge of solving the campus rape crisis?    04/11/21  (6)
My boss says all my Funko collectibles are making my office look "unprofessional    04/11/21  (23)
Wife is enthralled by new rechargeable mini-vac    04/11/21  (1)
we need to arm hong kong protestors    04/11/21  (1)
Typical Russian Apartment Tour    04/11/21  (3)
hiking and campingmos how do you deal with mosquitoes?    04/11/21  (20)
whok, cum to bed honey    04/11/21  (4)
"LOL JUST LOL @ u thinking you are good enough to work for us. LOOOSER!!1!"    04/11/21  (1)
"Let's keep the lines of communication open for when another opportunity arises"    04/11/21  (4)
"Thank you for your interest.One of our team members will be in contact shortly"    04/11/21  (1)
"The team wishes you the best in continuing to develop your skills over time"    04/11/21  (4)
Subject: Your lack of attention to detali    04/11/21  (44)
"Varm Korv Boogie" (Hot Dog Boogie) was a hit song in Sweden in the 50's    04/11/21  (1)
"The team faced an extremely difficult choice among many outstanding candidates"    04/11/21  (2)
"Thanks you for the email. Someone from the team will endeavour to respond"    04/11/21  (1)
"It was an extremely competitive season and we have gone with another candidate"    04/11/21  (2)
We need to get our fattest poaster to physically pick up Oliver Darcy & eat him    04/11/21  (13)
biglawyers: when interviewing in-house, how do u fake interest in the company?    04/11/21  (12)
Spaceporn flipping thru milk cartons: “would, would, girl, girl, would ...”    04/11/21  (40)
The Dutch once ate their Prime Minister (not flame)    04/11/21  (3)
RSF DONATED TO BIDEN    04/11/21  (7)
"We encourage you to apply for future suitable candidacies. Thank you"    04/11/21  (2)
Why can't the rest of America be more like Baltimore and Philadelphia?    04/11/21  (7)
"Your interview and resume were outstanding...however, we have gone with another    04/11/21  (3)
I’m 37, an Oncologist and my asshole is glued permanently to jinx’s cock    04/11/21  (9)
Kind of want to start a new "challenge" on FB called the "Milksteak Challenge"    04/11/21  (1)
"The team just wanted to give a call to let you know we chose another candidate"    04/11/21  (2)
Sad thing is if America fails, the world fails. It is eternal night.    04/11/21  (37)
Rate these three Yale lacrosse fags that transferred to Denver    04/11/21  (65)
franklin and marshall and jared gay 3 way    04/11/21  (1)
"I'm not sure if your the best fit for our brand's culture, but all the best"    04/11/21  (1)
Is a trip to Mexico City cr    04/11/21  (60)
HEY! SPACEPORN! Leave those kids alone *electric guitar riff*    04/11/21  (30)
Vladimir Putin Just Officially Banned Same-Sex Marriage In Russia    04/11/21  (1)
Remember when Birdshits stormed the US parliament and tried to behead the Crown    04/11/21  (1)
Observation about Vaccine Passports    04/11/21  (15)
"wow havent been pounded this hard by a black in almost 20 mins" (hate crime hen    04/11/21  (1)
Can plants feel? (boom)    04/11/21  (6)
Why do Black Americans hate Asian-Americans so much?    04/11/21  (12)
human diversity is disgusting. we need a curated collection of like 10 ethnic gr    04/11/21  (2)
Where should a smart kid born today try to go to college?    04/11/21  (50)
"But Mr. Jinx! I poop from there!" (whokafag)    04/11/21  (38)
biodiversity is disgusting. we need a curated collection of like 10 animals    04/11/21  (6)
so is it hard to get professional jobs these days if you're white?    04/11/21  (5)
I just had a realization about dreams    04/11/21  (1)
If they could, libs would force vaccine passports on MAGA whites but not BIPOC    04/11/21  (2)
Medieval serfs still got to keep ~75% of crops    04/11/21  (31)
Just got USD verified for Binance.US. Better to transfer cash directly or btc/e    04/11/21  (6)
It's a strange feeling when you realize that all your best years are behind you    04/11/21  (2)
Honestly how do people stay married without wanting to commit suicide?    04/11/21  (3)
How long until Trader Joe's stops bagging groceries for all its customers?    04/11/21  (2)
This female "rabbi" tried to shake my hand. I ran away screaming SHOMER NEGIAH!    04/11/21  (9)
Upset Jew uses xo to pick-up men. don't be seduced by his boistinker    04/11/21  (2)
What happens if you don't have enough money to leave the Parking Garage?    04/11/21  (9)
Gained a ton of respect for CSLG after he dadded around losers GJR and MF    04/11/21  (9)
I happy (boom)    04/11/21  (3)
Any reason to hold BTC at all in this bull market?    04/11/21  (5)
So is NYUUG going to do the same thing with money/crypto he did with bitches?    04/11/21  (1)
how fucked up that Sammy Gravano never got got?    04/11/21  (7)
"It's all so tiresome, Jerry." "There there; be a good goy, George"    04/11/21  (4)
My house/neighborhood is like a vacation resort    04/11/21  (1)
San Antonio's riverwalk is americas greatest tourist spot    04/11/21  (44)
In case you forgot what the Great Reset is, here is the article exposing it    04/11/21  (21)
I feel that 'ghastly' is an under-used word    04/11/21  (5)
most prestigious word: ghastly vs revolting vs dreadful    04/11/21  (8)
What was the last truly great tech advance?    04/11/21  (2)
They Are Not Alone: U.F.O. Reports Surged in the Pandemic    04/11/21  (2)
The most ghastly Prince Philip discussion board in the colonies    04/11/21  (12)
My direct flight from AK to Maui was just changed to stop in Seattle    04/11/21  (11)
IL GOV signs bill to force cities to pay for pensions, Chicago to raise prop tax    04/11/21  (50)
Chicagomos, how much would they have to raise property taxes for you to leave    04/11/21  (5)
Countries where having US$1 million is impressive to average person?    04/11/21  (48)
rate great-uncle Lord Mountbatten advice on women to Prince Charles    04/11/21  (2)
guys, i have some sad news... Mr. Jinx finally fucked whokebe to death    04/11/21  (9)
I 100% support mandatory forced vacations    04/11/21  (31)
Mother stabs her 3 babies to death.    04/11/21  (4)
just ordered a peanut butter stout at a gastropub in Visalia    04/11/21  (22)
Which one of you shitlawyers sent this threatening letter to your neighbor?    04/11/21  (85)
Evan39: Do guys give better BJs than women? (asking for friend)    04/11/21  (4)
LOL Meghan Markle jealous of attention a dead old man will have at his funeral    04/11/21  (1)
“The other day a white coworker was complaining about a POC coworker being lat    04/11/21  (12)
TT is such an angry drunk    04/11/21  (6)
you can't spell "worThless piece of shiT" without TT    04/11/21  (4)
PP and TT are the poster children for why diversity doesn't work    04/11/21  (18)
I like pee-pee AND poo-poo. (Boom)    04/11/21  (11)
anyone watch anime show Attack on Titan? any good?    04/11/21  (7)
If we can't open up with vaccines, what was the point?    04/11/21  (77)
ITT: one weird trick to tell the real Whokebe from the fakers    04/11/21  (8)
BLM storms Iowa capitol; MSM silent    04/11/21  (4)
I think about that guy that tripped and killed his son a lot    04/11/21  (9)
Is Obama mad AF that Biden seems to be getting stuff done?    04/11/21  (2)

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