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STICKY: New account requests   03/23/18  (196)
Been poasting for a few days. RATE my NEET-friendly employment situation    03/24/18  (2)
friend got a DUI Jan 6th. what are her options?    03/24/18  (9)
About 35% of gen-x are just straggling boomers, another 35% are proto-millenials    03/24/18  (1)
Taking Qs on the xo law firm    03/24/18  (7)
NRA through its core is a vessel of white supremacy much more so than guns    03/24/18  (4)
Ever received an angry text from a chick after first date?    03/24/18  (23)
Donde esta Are Country Poaster?    03/24/18  (2)
Rate this Bumble behavior.    03/24/18  (21)
ITT: Timeline of Trump's Slide Into (((Global Capitalism)))    03/24/18  (55)
Delaney Tarr, senior from Parkland, FL needs to do porn as soon as she turns 18.    03/24/18  (11)
the core problem of Trump is an inability to pick proper personnel    03/24/18  (29)
NYC Taxi medallion owners killing selves all over the place    03/24/18  (3)
Yo Bloodacre you good?    03/24/18  (23)
being a science dood lieutenant in starfleet would be pretty sweet    03/24/18  (1)
Most important battle in history adjusting for # of events after?    03/24/18  (13)
so "tinychat" is just a way for clean white glory / arkan to out poasters?    03/24/18  (22)
Off to the loonie bin    03/24/18  (14)
This Emma Gonzalez slut is really starting to get on my nerves    03/24/18  (10)
This (retarded?) tweetstorm argues Trump can ignore part of the omnibus spending    03/24/18  (4)
Will David Hoggs sister be hot in four years?    03/24/18  (8)
RATE current pic of Jordan, J.D. and Elliott from Scrubs    03/24/18  (1)
could you get #MeToo'd for simply kissing a girl who did kiss back?    03/24/18  (2)
being an "activist" in 2018's USA is like being a Polish cavalry officer in 1938    03/24/18  (5)
Being a mod is so 180    03/24/18  (3)
stalking the streets of portland, me, giving penetrating looks to fat girls    03/24/18  (3)
is the wire worth watching    03/24/18  (125)
Anyone listens to First Mondays podcast?    03/24/18  (1)
What happened to all the great things we said on the other scholarship boards?    03/24/18  (2)
Rewatching the wire and it fucking sucks    03/24/18  (6)
massage master taking questions    03/24/18  (3)
Munger summers forced into arbitration    03/24/18  (5)
lol shitlib hero rapper Killer Mike comes out as pro-NRA    03/24/18  (21)
ITT: we poast vids of people getting roasted on powerlines & cables    03/24/18  (261)
tinychat    03/24/18  (6)
jcm u dont need to worry    03/24/18  (1)
would you do 30 months in prison for $104 million?    03/24/18  (43)
Mt Gox guy just got assassinated 180    03/24/18  (1)
FREE FRANCIS    03/24/18  (2)
Why are there only 2 scholarship boards now?!    03/24/18  (4)
Omega: getting fuct by men, beta: fucking women, alpha: fucking men    03/24/18  (1)
How do u date if u have nothing to say and find nothing amusing anymore?    03/24/18  (1)
I admit it: It ANGERS me @ how many fans Michigan can draw in fucking LA    03/24/18  (10)
Can XO recommend me a PC?    03/24/18  (12)
Rate this chick I went out with last night. 5'5", 130, maybe 34DD, pale brunette    03/24/18  (9)
What are the chances David Hogg has fucked Emma Gonzalez?    03/24/18  (15)
Fuck you Rach you fucking homo    03/24/18  (1)
How hard to cop home market biglaw as 1L at HYS?    03/24/18  (2)
Mdh I have a case against Monroes    03/24/18  (2)
*names my girl puppy Virginia Woof*    03/24/18  (4)
Trump order would ban most transgender troops from serving    03/24/18  (11)
Insane that Bunny Colvin from "The Wire" now coaches FSU in elite 8    03/24/18  (1)
john rocker tp, stop talking shit about luis    03/24/18  (8)
Can someone please tell me what happened to the Wrestling forum?    03/24/18  (1)
me and leolenin sharing a jail cell bc we forgot to pay taxes on a few ven tra    03/24/18  (2)
Israelites initially worshipped Yahweh alongside a variety of Canaanite gods    03/24/18  (17)
How brilliant do you have to be to do 1st, 2nd, 3rd year Biglaw?    03/24/18  (2)
can't believe rach deleted the SPH forum    03/24/18  (3)
Windows phones are amazing. Lol at iScam havers.    03/24/18  (6)
Black cock $port$ fraud Loyola Chicago to the final 4!!!!    03/24/18  (2)
Russian Blue catdoods are so brilliant in appearance    03/24/18  (8)
I'm sooo ready for my massage!!    03/24/18  (10)
anyone fuck a totally hairless pussy this weekend?    03/24/18  (2)
Any plastic surgery more successful than Ivanka Trump's?    03/24/18  (4)
You know what? xoxo is wrong about rape culture, it is 180    03/24/18  (3)
So should biglawyers just do shakedowns of local businesses in their free time?    03/24/18  (6)
These are the oils we used today for my treatment (pic)    03/24/18  (1)
Avg. Norwegian marriage: 39 y/o male, 38 y/o female, not fucking flame    03/24/18  (2)
You know what? xoxo is wrong about Rogue One. Its 170. Come at me.    03/24/18  (13)
If things in the past could have gone one way or could have gone another, with d    03/24/18  (9)
Just started using a Palm Pre Taking Qs    03/24/18  (1)
yet another babe teacher, unobtainable to xo poasters, bangs teen boy    03/24/18  (70)
I want to own a gun. I never once gave a shit about the NRA.    03/24/18  (4)
If March for Our Lives was successful what would girls virtue signal over FB    03/24/18  (1)
"and Northwestern now has a four touchdown lead on Nebraska"    03/24/18  (1)
Possible to retrieve texts from a previous phone (but same cell number)?    03/24/18  (4)
High school student speakers are smarter and more eloquent than Trump; WHY?    03/24/18  (58)
ND to Frozen Four. Loyola to Final Four. Fuck Yeah Catholics!    03/24/18  (1)
ITT poasters share their stories about getting cuties DICK DRUNK    03/24/18  (155)
So neither RSF, not NYUUG has ever got a girl DICK DRUNK? LJL!    03/24/18  (9)
Antisemitism is a cancer destroying the alt-right    03/24/18  (6)
The emotional pain of depression that makes everything so fucking hard to do    03/24/18  (31)
What's your favorite Spin Doctors song?    03/24/18  (4)
my massage therapist and sister seem very excited to meet...    03/24/18  (4)
How many selfbumps should you do on a thread before acknowledging it just sucks?    03/24/18  (568)
Normal, average Americans vs the global elite, celebrities, and liberals    03/24/18  (10)
i don't know anything about life, etc., but giving advice ITT    03/24/18  (6)
Loyola Chicago to kneel in championship game to protest Pope's liberalism.    03/24/18  (2)
How long until libs discover that Tinder is perpetuating SEXISM and ban it?    03/24/18  (1)
Sister Jean gets a piece of the net!    03/24/18  (1)
Is Norttthwestern still Chicagos team?    03/24/18  (1)
pale brunette teens with guiness world record fingernails self-inducing vomiting    03/24/18  (3)
Lmao at Big10 bball teams, never won a National Championship    03/24/18  (5)
ITT smart Jew posters who refuse to state their LSAT: RSF, DBG, ARE Reptile    03/24/18  (18)
killing joke - eighties.mp3    03/24/18  (2)
i've never been exposed to pure, unadulterated evil before i met modern libs    03/24/18  (2)
why do libs want a dumbed down population of "activist" victimization bloggers    03/24/18  (1)
think too long about the lib endgame and you'll go insane    03/24/18  (4)
Siri, ask autoadmit where the closest place I can buy a bible is    03/24/18  (1)
Libs are pure evil. Should be lined up against walls and shot    03/24/18  (57)
Trump signed a budget that gives other countries a wall, but not his own?    03/24/18  (4)
*high school soccer team beating USWNT 3-0 while hitting puberty*    03/24/18  (1)
Some say Spaceporn is elaborate flame, I say some people just made this way.    03/24/18  (15)
Peterman, please stop with the squeegee. My Audi is fine. You need help.    03/24/18  (7)
UConn women's bball plays worst D3 men's team. Who wins?    03/24/18  (48)
Lol @ "unclean hands" defense just use Purell like one time before court    03/24/18  (1)
Libs IRATE at xo Loyola's Cinderella run    03/24/18  (9)
DC 6s fucking hot RNC staffers "oh I feel SO DIRTY"    03/24/18  (1)
"Bear," she cried. "I love you. Pull my head off"    03/24/18  (4)
Trader Joe's Cashier: Tilapia fillets will go great with that IPA 6 pack, enjoy    03/24/18  (18)
There needs to be an early bird tc for board olds    03/24/18  (1)
On reddit, u can buy shit stained panties but cannot link to licensed gun sales    03/24/18  (5)
In 2024, 45% of voters will be millennials or post-millenials, boomers = 25%    03/24/18  (3)
RSF pounding his tits like a fucking gorilla as Stormy wins AVN Best Boobs    03/24/18  (3)
Charlie Kirk disproves modus ponens.    03/24/18  (1)
Holy fuck the #MarchForOurLives crowds are ENORMOUS    03/24/18  (62)
Just massacred one of those take home chickens. This could be habit forming.    03/24/18  (14)
Women's college asks professors not to call students women.    03/24/18  (21)
Why I Left Judaism    03/24/18  (10)
clean white hooded his innocent wide 6yo eyes."Yeah I do that, cost you extra."    03/24/18  (12)
ITT: situations where a sports fan is obligated to suck an athlete's cock    03/24/18  (20)
Third Position going to be cr xo politics going forward?    03/24/18  (3)
Euros getting Neanderthaled, chinks raising CRISPR babies whites fucked LJL    03/24/18  (9)
Gen Xers are 100x more pathetic than the millenials they make fun of    03/24/18  (2)
There's NOTHING in the bible that said Jesus PHYSICALLY came back from the dead    03/24/18  (26)
"It's me, uncle Arkan" he whispered as 6yo clean whiteglory clutched his blanket    03/24/18  (8)
Summon: MODS    03/24/18  (12)
truth tp wiping the cum from his chin and his shoes as he exits the confessional    03/24/18  (4)
truth tp screams w/ ecstasy as 230lb trucker makes deposit in his "Confessional"    03/24/18  (6)
luis is that guy who brings a 14" COCK into the PISSCLIT line    03/24/18  (1)
Tell me about your worst emotional pain.    03/24/18  (284)
PSA to arkan/clean white glory - ur about to seriously regret ever poasting here    03/24/18  (96)
RSF pounding his tits like a fucking gorilla as Karen McDougal says he's smaller    03/24/18  (4)
GOD has mandated Villanova vs Loyola in TRADITIONAL CATHOLIC NCAA final    03/24/18  (8)
ITT: pics of HOT teens getting off    03/24/18  (11)
Saturday night plans itt bros    03/24/18  (5)
mr. jinx is that guy who brings 14 items into the express checkout.    03/24/18  (3)
Krampusnacht smells like curry    03/24/18  (49)
14yo truth tp checking for cock breath before leaning in to kiss priest    03/24/18  (6)
mr. jinx still has to go door to door introducing himself as a pedophile    03/24/18  (4)
Politically 'engaged' high schoolers are bad news for conservaturds    03/24/18  (4)
A girl you've never met invites YOU out to join HER AND HER FRIENDS    03/24/18  (34)
Fuuuuckkkk. Still sooooooo hungover. Can't function. Can't eat.    03/24/18  (1)
There must be some kind of way out of here, said pepito to luis    03/24/18  (60)
There is a huge #DeleteFacebook trend on Twitter    03/24/18  (4)
sacred symbol of the holy teen    03/24/18  (1)
I'm a TWINK. GenZ weirdo-ohhhhh    03/24/18  (1)

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