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UPS driver throwing your Amazon bought 15lb turkey over the fence    11/19/17  (3)
Saw REVERSE CUCKOLDRY (white Chad, black Melvin) ad at movies    11/19/17  (7)
school district demographics are single most important thing when choosing    11/19/17  (7)
Littering is about power, not trash    11/19/17  (15)
one night stand once wrapped her ankles around mine, asked her if    11/19/17  (13)
Trump names pardoned turkey's Bill & Hillary, slits throats instead    11/19/17  (1)
need boner police to rate this map of europe    11/19/17  (3)
Me and new gf got matching Eli Roth hennas btw Im gay (MPA)    11/19/17  (7)
jew-asian autistocracy | perennial mulatto underclass | facial rec AI death bees    11/19/17  (15)
RATE Sam Cohen's Saturday Night Outfit Tonight (PIC) #ironside    11/19/17  (10)
Teens at Chick-Fil-A now saying "180 fuck libs" instead of "my pleasure"    11/19/17  (13)
monitoring my civ in stellaris as i poast nothing really going on rn    11/19/17  (7)
Rate this Rhodes Scholar and her IPA tits boyfriend:    11/19/17  (5)
"Sunday funday! Lets rage!" *makes ducky face & creates 10 alts to attack luis*    11/19/17  (5)
"Bloody hell. What a SLAG!" said the LORRY DRIVER during Peterman's UK tour    11/19/17  (7)
Commercials with blacks and acting like WASPs    11/19/17  (41)
Brunette, blue eyed law shrews, come ITT    11/19/17  (19)
dun dun dun nu na BILLING IN THE NAME OF    11/19/17  (109)
anything that more closely visits the costs of shitliberalism on shitlibs is 180    11/19/17  (1)
Video of Bram the Bunny Part II    11/19/17  (179)
rate these AMOG destroyers    11/19/17  (7)
DVP and colt tp are much more alike than they are different (DTP)    11/19/17  (6)
"the shooter repeatedly shouted, 'I'm NOT DVP,'--investigators are still unsure    11/19/17  (8)
when people are raped in prison do u think they cum in their asshole    11/19/17  (1)
POASTRADAMUS when will u pay consuela    11/19/17  (16)
Wow, so Dr Nadal was the best player this year by over 1000 points? #tennis    11/19/17  (2)
Making friends after you're done w/ school & in a new city, jfc this blows    11/19/17  (13)
getting brasted every night    11/19/17  (6)
Consuela,you here..have some ETH USDT crypto news    11/19/17  (3)
Probably about to fuck my 4th Brazilian. This time a HAPA. Of course, Libs MAF.    11/19/17  (8)
180 fuck libs    11/19/17  (233)
Anyone ironically take a big shrew to Museum of the Bible in DC?    11/19/17  (5)
getting basted every night (thxgiving turkey)    11/19/17  (2)
Graduate student who showed Jordan Peterson clip in class is disciplined    11/19/17  (47)
Alright guys, I just called up DVP to confirm I'm not him (DTP)    11/19/17  (2)
Alpha pickup move at church: do NOT take the Eucharist    11/19/17  (1)
Rate this white guy's experience in a South African jail    11/19/17  (95)
assfaggot is the niggest!    11/19/17  (1)
Nyuug what do you do for a living in Seoul?    11/19/17  (14)
My sister in law is JCM    11/19/17  (3)
LOL this drunk girl is VERY persistent (txts) [LOL women]    11/19/17  (4)
assfaggot and i are niggers    11/19/17  (22)
Calishitlawguru getting STYLED ON by Firma Dominguez and Cellino & Barnes    11/19/17  (4)
Offering dudes emotional validation for their weekend sex stories ITT    11/19/17  (2)
New Rhodes Scholars named (you wont believe number 1)    11/19/17  (71)
I have about $1200 to spend on a phone in the next couple weeks    11/19/17  (1)
is peter parker a journalist or a scientist    11/19/17  (2)
is anyone going to see JUSTICE LEAGUE?    11/19/17  (11)
Watched John Wick 2 recently. Not as awful as I thought it'd be. better than 1st    11/19/17  (6)
Two Furbies wake up cooing to each other in middle of night. One chirps 'nigger'    11/19/17  (6)
Honest question: How does WLMAS survive in this world?    11/19/17  (5)
DTP = DVP. So what?    11/19/17  (5)
whats the difference between an alpha and a beta male    11/19/17  (1)
Been getting really into legos lately. Taking questions.    11/19/17  (6)
Blurred lines plays as Luis and 4 other turdskins roll into a subway on segways    11/19/17  (3)
Thanksgiving Shoppers Are Doling Out $200-Plus for a Turkey    11/19/17  (1)
Your HS GF moaning as you slide into her SOPPING wet & pheromone-rich pussy    11/19/17  (4)
Brooklyn shrew msgs me re. Friendsgiving & her impending IBS (txt)    11/19/17  (13)
5 hour PBS documentary about Gadsden Mall in the 1970s    11/19/17  (7)
How do I know if I'm actually a girl inside?    11/19/17  (4)
Should I go see Australian girl in Vegas for 2 days or not bother    11/19/17  (19)
TRAVELMOS: Anything to see in Johannesburg?    11/19/17  (8)
post pics of the hottest law girl you've ever seen    11/19/17  (74)
you guys seriously watch these comic book/star wars movies?    11/19/17  (7)
People from Arizona (as a whole) are the most vapid, cultureless trash in the US    11/19/17  (26)
TO THE MOON 180 FUCK LIBS    11/19/17  (5)
K guys are ur spouses/gfs going to drag you to see Greatest Showman? (trailer)    11/19/17  (3)
why is the Fed still keeping interest rates low    11/19/17  (19)
Playboy's "Women of Chick-Fil-A" Winter 2017 Edition    11/19/17  (3)
180 fuck libs    11/19/17  (6)
LMAO 180 FUCK LIBS NOW AND FOREVER    11/19/17  (4)
Trump at the XO Rose Garden: "Oh and one more thing before I go, 180 fuck libs."    11/19/17  (3)
my urine smells fantastic. why?    11/19/17  (7)
Must breed *breathes heavily* *leers*    11/19/17  (7)
nyuug mounting 200-plus lbs American prostitute: BANGARANG WGWAG!!!!    11/19/17  (9)
"180 FUCK LIBS!!" *gets beheaded*    11/19/17  (2)
Apples diversity chief out after outcry    11/19/17  (89)
Hey guys. Got my top hat. Left the basement. Which PUA blogs are worth reading?    11/19/17  (1)
redskins patriots superbowl you heard it here first    11/19/17  (3)
Hey Now! Jeffrey Tambor accused of sexually harassing a transgender on Transpare    11/19/17  (17)
So whites are the only race with empathy for other races?    11/19/17  (9)
ITT: pics of how we imagine 2nd cousins look like    11/19/17  (119)
Netflix documentary about 2016 election night is great    11/19/17  (37)
Your dads Billy Bass starts singing blurred lines in the middle of tsgvng dinner    11/19/17  (5)
anyone else think the wonder woman movie sucked?    11/19/17  (1)
Imagine a Persian Robin Thicke but more handsome    11/19/17  (3)
A List of All the White Nationalities I Have Fucked in 2017: (NYUUG)    11/19/17  (31)
U ever feel so mentally ill u need someone like Dr Loomis chasing u around    11/19/17  (1)
white people think they are 'too cool for school'...    11/19/17  (1)
Gf to me: "kissing a man without a mustache is like eating an egg without salt"    11/19/17  (9)
wtf, guy from AC/DC died of 'dementia'?    11/19/17  (1)
How MAF are libs that nyuug, RSF and Fleshlight are fucking chick's this weekend    11/19/17  (2)
rate this full ac/dc bon scott concert    11/19/17  (2)
Your phone rings "blurred lines." U look down. Text from nude luis.    11/19/17  (26)
Shrew GF: WH setup back channel; 2nd Cuz: Cockseal my back channel    11/19/17  (2)
Graduate student who shoved Jordan Peterson cock in ass is disciplined    11/19/17  (2)
ERRRRRRBODY GET UP    11/19/17  (3)
My Billy Bass just called Alexa a nigger and I said "180" out loud    11/19/17  (1)
Smaller Penis: spaceporn or nyuug?    11/19/17  (1)
just ate a bunch of thanksgiving food and epsom salt so i'm about to pee cassero    11/19/17  (15)
*Your 2nd cousin singing You Oughta Know at karaoke, holding intense eye contact    11/19/17  (45)
Cliffs on the new star wars game?    11/19/17  (3)
Most Underrated Album Ever    11/19/17  (7)
Fucked a new SWEDISH GIRL Fri night AND new 38 yr old last night. Taking ?s    11/19/17  (54)
*washes luis with a horse sponge on a stick*    11/19/17  (1)
hot_take the poaster taking questions    11/19/17  (15)
*flash of lightning above alt stable* *nude luis gallops out on all 4s, neighing    11/19/17  (7)
Franken banned from Minnesota's 'Mall of America' in '78 (WaPo)    11/19/17  (10)
2nd cousin: Meet me under the mistletoe? Shrew gf: Ugh, fungus on my big toe.    11/19/17  (11)
Big Baller Brand vs. Trump Organization    11/19/17  (2)
Why is this meme about 2nd cousins? why not 1st cousins?    11/19/17  (106)
Will you accept a collect call from *5 second blurred lines snippet *?    11/19/17  (1)
Going to replace all EU4 Indian tribes with NESCAC schools    11/19/17  (5)
DTP giving out SCHOLARSHIP, receiving ABUSE    11/19/17  (10)
RATE this Jewess (PIC)    11/19/17  (11)
My dad's sleeve mentality really pisses me off    11/19/17  (3)
See how yearbook photos have evolved over the past century    11/19/17  (5)
Huge lmfao at all the LOOK UP UR OLD CLASSMATES websites that scam boomers    11/19/17  (2)
*loads Persia in EU4* *classical soundtrack changes to blurred lines*    11/19/17  (2)
Tim Heidecker murder trial    11/19/17  (40)
XO bering slow righnt now?    11/19/17  (2)
SIRE, Boner Police has entered into a royal marriage with Assfaggot.    11/19/17  (2)
The thing about boner police is - and here's the thing - is that he's 180.    11/19/17  (1)
2nd cousin asking what you know about related party transactions    11/19/17  (80)
Sire, TUFTS now has the Jewish culture we desire.    11/19/17  (4)
lots of scott frost news/rumors lately    11/19/17  (9)
2nd cousin: "sticky buns?" ur shrew gf: "he's gluten-free"    11/19/17  (116)
2nd cousin: "oh look, there's some mistletoe on my belly ;)"    11/19/17  (11)
ur shrew gf fuming about that slut 2nd cousin of yours    11/19/17  (103)
A Legendary CharlesXII    11/19/17  (1)
2nd Cousin: can I use ur shaving cream? I just need a little bit    11/19/17  (48)
WaPo Datelab: NOWAG (HAPA?) strikes it big with prototypical millennial blonde    11/19/17  (32)
Russian lady with big tits wants me to do serious ironwork project for her    11/19/17  (1)
Cute Mormon child bikes off of cliff while parents watch (liveleak)    11/19/17  (10)
XO search cutting off after page 1 if you search more than 1 word - what was fix    11/19/17  (2)
Does the kid in Terminator 2 ruin the film    11/19/17  (20)
Luis is a barrel chested centaur leading me through an emerald forest    11/19/17  (2)
15 month old ate me under the table this morning with wife's biscuits & gravy.    11/19/17  (21)
Is there a XO election night master thread?    11/19/17  (1)
More terrifying: Seeing a comedians weiner or a group of black youths nearing u?    11/19/17  (2)
Just encountered a true alpha Chad, was in awe    11/19/17  (1)
"Is there a-" *lawman raises hand* "I'm a doctor!" "No sir, we need some sm    11/19/17  (3)
Going to get some Coldstone    11/19/17  (9)
Why come coastal Jews try to LARP as prole midwestern state school goyim?    11/19/17  (1)
i imagine rach to look like Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon    11/19/17  (6)
LaVar Ball is fucking hilarious    11/19/17  (5)
Flame aside, is t14 law school worth it for the average polisci shithead?    11/19/17  (42)
lately I'm much more interested in the softer side of Sears    11/19/17  (17)
UNGHHH, girl I met for 15 minutes invited me to stay w her in Miami    11/19/17  (25)

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