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American education *cough* indoctrination is a complete fraud&waste

Chronic absenteeism not viewed as major concern Just 5% o...
irradiated azure brethren
irradiated azure brethren

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Date: June 21st, 2024 10:31 AM
Author: irradiated azure brethren

Chronic absenteeism not viewed as major concern

Just 5% of Minnesota parents and the general public are concerned about chronic absenteeism in schools, despite the rate more than doubling since 2017. Why?

St. Cloud State cuts among “deepest” in higher education

A sharp decline in enrollment and burgeoning budget deficits forced drastic cuts at St. Cloud State University.

Homeless camps decline in Rochester following city ban

After three people died and dirty needles, feces and debris overtook city parks, Rochester banned all encampments in parks and other public places.

NEW: Scandal Tracker 2024

From Feeding Our Future to Child Care (CCAP), we're tracking the ever-growing list of frauds against state and local governments in Minnesota.

Simon accused of misleading local governments on absentee ballot boards [updated]

Minnesota’s top election official, Secretary of State Steve Simon, continues to undermine efforts to ensure absentee ballot boards are impartial. (UPDATED)

Nearly 2/3 of Minnesotans think K-12 education is on the wrong track

Only 35 percent of Minnesotans believe things in K-12 education are going in the right direction, according to a new survey.


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Date: June 21st, 2024 8:12 PM
Author: irradiated azure brethren