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AutoAdmit Top 200 of the Decade.

Top 200 Threads of the Decade.
vivacious psychic
#1 Hardest to Find Thread
Arrogant nofapping partner philosopher-king
182 was an incredible thread, thanks for reminding me of it.
Drab appetizing roast beef
Top 200 Posters of the Decade.
vivacious psychic
how about the community accounts?
Drab appetizing roast beef
Glittery henna parlour useless brakes
i've been here or PR since the late 90s and I'm not on the t...
Diverse hunting ground
u suck mang
high-end federal church
some good reading here
Naked newt
Very impressive.
Bespoke mahogany hominid death wish
Thirsty Transparent Love Of Her Life Black Woman
#193 (favorite mayor mccheese album) is ranked unconscionabl...
Dun Razzle Hell
titcr. it's easily a top 10 all time thread. i've always t...
trip saffron box office
totally agree. in my view the mcheese is in the running for ...
Dun Razzle Hell
Not a bad list, dooder. Although I question your methodolog...
yellow library
Also, where the FUCK are some of the Dungeonmaster threads? ...
yellow library
This also reminds where, are is this GEM on your list, frien...
yellow library
it's #6 right?
Dun Razzle Hell
Duly noted. My bad, to the OP. But this still does not...
yellow library
Dun Razzle Hell
Damn, nice catch. What about XoXo: The Gathering. Did you ...
yellow library
that was good shit
Dun Razzle Hell
That fucker must have spent like 200 hours making those fuck...
yellow library
no doubt. that's a craft and craft takes time. say what ...
Dun Razzle Hell
Your stunning illiteracy calls into question any criticisms ...
vivacious psychic
your english is awful. learn how to write. also, quit bum...
stirring senate keepsake machete
trip saffron box office
also, egregious anti-spoonculum trolling
trip saffron box office
Good work
grizzly impertinent sex offender
w00t w00t.
Pontificating immigrant
i always liked those drawing threads, robocop and other thin...
demanding embarrassed to the bone pocket flask half-breed
Holy shit. Excellent work.
House-broken chad
The original Barbaro in hell thread: http://autoadmit.com...
bateful locus
Don't forget Barzini's masturbation fort [picture]! http:...
Excitant temple sandwich
What about the "ahoy there, GTO! Push the starboard ser...
dull tanning salon
Link, plz.
Excitant temple sandwich
it's on there mang, #127
high-end federal church
dull tanning salon
thriller trump supporter
ultimate gunner thread @ #69 is way too low. that's got to b...
Vengeful Regret Haunted Graveyard
2010 bump http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=626...
trip saffron box office
trip saffron box office
TBF- the "Ask a Mormon Thread" is def. t25. it's ...
supple lodge
i came here to post this
disturbing angry jewess center
infuriating point hairy legs
clear shitlib pervert
tbf, this should be bumped weekly, well into this decade....
aphrodisiac striped hyena
Glittery henna parlour useless brakes
ty for my inclusion.
Flatulent Misunderstood Place Of Business
Glittery henna parlour useless brakes
Glittery henna parlour useless brakes
IAMAREFRIGERATOR and Brownstone v. McBeef dramatized hear ...
Bipolar brunch
so underrated
hairraiser elite casino
Glittery henna parlour useless brakes
oh yeah this guy.
Histrionic brilliant theatre community account
excellent, but where is the one where dogfucker took on leit...
Unholy den
No Ducktales threads?
Maize beady-eyed rigor site
Drab appetizing roast beef
epic work. a single tear went down my cheek when I saw me an...
Arousing pistol double fault
shimmering heady milk mood
trip saffron box office
Arousing pistol double fault
Glittery henna parlour useless brakes
Milky candlestick maker area
amethyst odious bbw native
Glittery henna parlour useless brakes
Glittery henna parlour useless brakes
Glittery henna parlour useless brakes
lots of nostalgia today
Up-to-no-good electric electric furnace stage

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Date: December 30th, 2009 5:47 PM
Author: vivacious psychic
Subject: Top 200 Threads of the Decade.


The Rankings


200. accidently gave guy wrong directions, should i grow a beard: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=968647&forum_id=2

199. OBAMA is retarded. Shook the Marine's HAND!!!: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=928662&forum_id=2

198. Latham & Watkins to be renamed Latham LLP: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=949352&forum_id=2

197. I Present, Real Men of Law School: Militant Free Market Guy: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=934738&forum_id=2

196. In this thread we talk like LSD: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=171465&forum_id=2

195. Girlfriend cheated flowchart: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=865872&forum_id=2

194. Medea - how old would your aborted baby be now?: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=1040772&forum_id=2

193. What's your favorite Mayor McCheese album?: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=1011964&forum_id=2

192. Here, I give you classic Nickelodeon episodes: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=425290&forum_id=2

191. HOLY SHIT! THE END OF THE NYU STANDOFF!!!! VIDEO!!!!: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=938911&forum_id=2

190. XOXO Kindness Club Meeting Here: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=124521&forum_id=2

189. KnobGobbler's Homoerotic Compendium: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=147795&forum_id=2

188. Family of Fats Shoveling Fried Fish Next To Me At Airport: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=1009869&forum_id=2

187. Fiver: I will fingerbang you senseless.: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=284509&forum_id=2

186. saw a dashing young chap in a checkered cloth covering his torso: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=1045938&forum_id=2

185. I want to be an astronaut (Blue Smoke): http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=444693&forum_id=2

184. Idiot Chicago board posters!!!!!!!!!!!!: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=7484&forum_id=2

183. THE BETAMORPHOSIS.: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=1029548&forum_id=2

182. At what point do I tell my roommate enough is enough?: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=663389&forum_id=2

181. TTT Law school student's blog a GOLDMINE for XO: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=480903&forum_id=2

180. Hilarious Penn Law student website/resume - Let's bash this TTT: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=146685&forum_id=2

179. Whokebe is a vapour trail in a deep blue sky: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=943498&forum_id=2

178. WBA = Weiner Banging Assrammer?: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=110368&forum_id=2

177. A treatise on "#&" by 174 [OP edited]: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=299419&forum_id=2

176. BREAKING NEWS: KIRKLAND & ELLIS announces and shatters NY mk: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=548668&forum_id=2

175. ITT we post proceedings from the Riehl v. XOXO Trial: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=480092&forum_id=2

174. "University of Chicago is still a clerkship powehouse, however.": http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=1077978&forum_id=2

173. what's the deal with renada deshada: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=1069182&forum_id=2

172. Ghetto Poors dance down the aisle for their wedding: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=1050490&forum_id=2

171. Is there anyone here who DOESN'T sleep naked, and wtf not?: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=633236&forum_id=2

170. SYSOP: PLEASE IMPLEMENT SEARCH MESSAGE BODIES FEATURE: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=92836&forum_id=2

169. analogize your mack game to an NBA player: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=778953&forum_id=2

168. Wow...Asian UPenn 1L chick with a huge rack: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=510699&forum_id=2

167. ITT, we rename movies in the theme of Snakes on a Plane: http://xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=475411&forum_id=2

166. Obama says white DE who taunted Blount "acted stupidly": http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=1078534&forum_id=2

165. Women named Jill and Heidi should be raped.: [deleted by mods]

164. Arrow wants to titty fuck Wilford Brimley and catch Diabetus: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=100761&forum_id=2

163. WHO WILL STOP THE RUTGERS JUGGERNAUT?: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=486520&forum_id=2

162. TEMPLE PROF SLAMS XOXO IN LENGTHY SCREED: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=515885&forum_id=2

161. archaeologists find 'VHOKEBE' scrawled on palatine hill ruins: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=812550&forum_id=2

160. Textualism & Monopoly Rules: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=95271&forum_id=2

159. George Allen lost his mind, used racial slur on camera: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=473220&forum_id=2

158. what's with the asian 1L at michigan with the STUFFED ANIMAL???: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=924255&forum_id=2

157. ITT: Your old man's drink of choice and shit he taught you.: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=709503&forum_id=2

156. Bump this thread every time 174 touches another man: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=159861&forum_id=2

155. I'm the Hastings "tattle-tale"- Taking your fucking qu: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=616591&forum_id=2

154. BAM! You are a rapist. How do you gear up to go a-rapin'?: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=634889&forum_id=2

153. NEED XOXOHTH HELP IMMEDIATELY: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=382529&forum_id=2

152. difference between MadCat's pussy and a 747 airplane?: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=697192&forum_id=2

151. An Essay on Whokebianism: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=934135&forum_id=2

150. We should coordinate an attack against coll. board [media kid]: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=235736&forum_id=2

149. Black People In Alabama See Leprechaun - MUST SEE VIDEO: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=385073&forum_id=2

148. More masculine? asian males or fluffy puppies? [pics]: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=585062&forum_id=2

147. LAW BOARD VS. COLLEGE BOARD: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=69111&forum_id=2

146. ITT: I gradually turn $160 into $10K betting on sportsbook.com: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=683396&forum_id=2

145. How Investment Banking Analysts Party in NYC: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=505562&forum_id=2

144. Bump this thread every time XOXO runs slow: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=397756&forum_id=2

143. Lena Chen and the Case of the Naughty Nudie Pics: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=735470&forum_id=2

142. 2050 XOXO POSTER RANKINGS: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=302721&forum_id=2

141. AK47 pwned in AutoAdmit suit: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=774741&forum_id=2

140. 'NicoBlue's Aborted Baby' - best name ever?: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=195986&forum_id=2

139. If this doesn't convince you that caitlin hall is ugly: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=588044&forum_id=2

138. Duckburg ranked #3 city for most violent sexual assaults.: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=894470&forum_id=2

137. I listen to 'i am beautiful' when i masturbate [OP edited]: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=573317&forum_id=2

136. When you speak with someone in a thread ...(Poetic dreamer): http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=10067&forum_id=2

135. IN DIZ THRED, A REAL LATIN LOVER TEACHES YU PICKUP LINEZ.: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=376976&forum_id=2

134. Latest Palin Gaffe: Thinks Pizza Is Delivery When Its Digiorno's: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=863431&forum_id=2

133. UNBEARABLEVANITY: let's BASH this gay TTT!: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=17156&forum_id=2

132. Harvard Asian slut to be the next Kaavya: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=569172&forum_id=2

131. Call me Christa Dunker! 402-486-1372: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=127464&forum_id=2

130. JuliaRetarded: Back from Modeling in Paris, Taking ?'s.: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=70422&forum_id=2

129. The failed 'turning points' of the Iraq war: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=188886&forum_id=2

128. The OFFICIAL GTO LAWSUIT THREAD! PaulieWalnuts,others OUTTED: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=779018&forum_id=2

127. Ahoy there GTO! Push the starboard server to full ahead!: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=569126&forum_id=2

126. I got kicked out of Barnes and Nobles today: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=593673&forum_id=2

125. Hacker: you have 24 hours before you will be outed.: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=660802&forum_id=2

124. Just got my first kiss/makeout session, taking questions.: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=968688&forum_id=2

123. wiping your ass with retarded children's hair: yay or nay?: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=51702&forum_id=2

122. Auschwitz is a spa compared to what I am building in my yard: http://www.xoxohthcom/thread.php?thread_id=356543&forum_id=2

121. Kelley Drye - Fordham Offer Dinner recap: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=693326&forum_id=2

120. peak oil will end all discussions of prestige and $125K: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=392283&forum_id=2

119. SWIMMING UPSTREAM: The Lost Memoirs of The Meanest Fish & Mandy: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=938491&forum_id=2

118. Rowan to Rowan: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=3740&forum_id=2

117. So um... I was just diagnosed with cancer.: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=518677&forum_id=2

116. i'm depressed about xoxo lately =(: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=1019210&forum_id=2

115. Holy Shit, Just got in off the UM waitlist!: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=350165&forum_id=2

114. Did you ever "go too far" while playing as a kid?: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=413091&forum_id=2

113. the thousand students of harvard law descend upon you...: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=934916&forum_id=2

112. WAITERS - you're WAAAAY overpaid: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=443307&forum_id=2

111. Sorry Christopher Reeve, breathing isn't yet an olympic sport: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=92901&forum_id=2

110. If I don't get laid in 31 days I'm never posting again. (:D): http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=156938&forum_id=2

109. I find this board REPREHENSIBLE... it has RUINED law: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=357576&forum_id=2

108. what if a caveman heard some extremely low bass: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=950649&forum_id=2

107. To the idiot driving circles around GW blasting *Free Fallining*: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=980602&forum_id=2

106. Stock tip for all my close friends on XO: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=272696&forum_id=2

105. PSA: Practice reports show that ND will be a beast this year: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=671757&forum_id=2

104. StabbyMcStingray to Steve Irwin: Sting, Fag!: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=483879&forum_id=2

103. Finalizing contract with Satan; need advice: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=452510&forum_id=2

102. How did Babar the Elephant get so fucking rich?: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=605156&forum_id=2

101. It's the "Write Like Kaavya Viswanathan" thread!: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=409315&forum_id=2

100. NYT article on law school at Falwell's Liberty Univ: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=109417&forum_id=2

99. FROM THE FILES OF FISH, P.I.: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=307979&forum_id=2

98. Someone monitor this 24 hour streaming porn site: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=458325&forum_id=2

97. C+C's The Fine Things of Life (Installment 1): http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=946862&forum_id=2

96. Wine Expert taking questions: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=168309&forum_id=2

95. It was a thick, tattered folder that held the 180s.: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=1076880&forum_id=2

94. WTF? UPenn LAW student OPENS FIRE on Indian guy: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=572952&forum_id=2

93. Is XOXO the new post-irony?: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=511467&forum_id=2

92. The Museum of Modern Robocop Art: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=143013&forum_id=2

91. diff between a chick on law review and a washing machine?: http://xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=684266&forum_id=2

90. : http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=9955&forum_id=2

89. ITT: How Hillary will win the nomination: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=786682&forum_id=2

88. Women, what if your BF threatened you with DMX lyrics?: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=606684&forum_id=2

87. Laptops banned at Penn: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=465346&forum_id=2

86. Describe your worst procrastination stories in college: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=319517&forum_id=2

85. Friend that knows GTO: He just bought a new small boat. WTF?: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=549209&forum_id=2

84. xoxo dungeonmasTTTer launching White House bid [OP edited]: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=566978&forum_id=2

83. Purdue should go undefeated: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=89981&forum_id=2

82. BAM! you're thrown into an NBA game. How bad do you fuck things?: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=411114&forum_id=2

81. How ghetto is a Royal Caribbean cruise?: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=977870&forum_id=2

80. Girls in Video Games vs. Girls IRL: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=848883&forum_id=2

79. I shall post ITT once a day until the end of time: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=462868&forum_id=2

78. chat live with a mormon missionary is working !!!!: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=625312&forum_id=2

77. guy next to me drew a robot on his torts final: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=315257&forum_id=2

76. HYPO: you and your hot daughter are playing naked Twister: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=624623&forum_id=2

75. The AutoAdmit suit is real.: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=644106&forum_id=2

74. John Marshall: #1 in ZOMBIELAW!: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=688335&forum_id=2

73. sometimes i wonder what i'll tell my grandkids about this place: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=1061047&forum_id=2

72. Skadden vs. Kirkland [Chicago]: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=573864&forum_id=2

71. In this thread we talk like plucot: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=143999&forum_id=2

70. Daniel Brou is biggest COWARD I know: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=692052&forum_id=2

69. Help me become the most legendary gunner ever: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=83485&forum_id=2

68. Google is OVER.: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=229606&forum_id=2

67. My flow is slick and smooth like diarrhea: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=334035&forum_id=2

66. Mice in Kitchen, Suggestions?: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=774882&forum_id=2

65. OFFICIAL Reporter, D. Auto.: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=927632&forum_id=2

64. In this thread, LeiTTTer asks you questions: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=175688&forum_id=2

63. 2006 Biglaw Summer Classes -- Breakdown by School: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=359417&forum_id=2

62. Breaking point: Threw a big turd at a nigger today: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=142848&forum_id=2

61. New photo from GW Law orientation: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=473597&forum_id=2

60. I'm doing shrooms tomorrow night: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=118105&forum_id=2

59. Just fucked my dog's face and screamed PWN3D: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=439310&forum_id=2

58. My letter to Susie: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=140795&forum_id=2

57. So "to be fair," what're u doin on NYE? Wait, nevermin: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=907790&forum_id=2

56. OMG!! Dion Alaniz IS BigTex!!!: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=350148&forum_id=2

55. Recently became a Christian, taking questions.: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=193235&forum_id=2

54. Guy sitting next to me in Starbucks wearing "?" suit: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=329753&forum_id=2

53. me & whokebe did a reggae version of dylan's 'slow train com: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=905605&forum_id=2

52. *****Official NAKED NUDE BOOBS******Thanks Coked Up [OP edited]: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=240790&forum_id=2

51. quietly: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=511923&forum_id=2

50. The pipes of Sir Vixthror's castle By Poetic dreamer: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=104041&forum_id=2

49. Last person to respond to this thread wins: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=15209&forum_id=2

48. Notice to YLS faculty concerning Heide Iravani: [deleted by mods]

47. Courtroom sketch from Doe vs. XO: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=647030&forum_id=2

46. COME HEAR AND TELL ALL YOUR FUNY JOKES!!!!@!: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=229796&forum_id=2

45. I'm 12 feet from her: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=154048&forum_id=2

44. A haiku about fulano: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=493354&forum_id=2

43. Cool guys with cool haircuts at HLS [OP edited]: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=274114&forum_id=2

42. Shit. I think this guy I saw today died...: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=111867&forum_id=2

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40. Toward a Consensus Philosophy of Shit Eating: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=48602&forum_id=2

39. About to hook up with the most gunnerish female in my section [OP edited]: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=628166&forum_id=2

38. CLS: ITT 2Ls in Fed Courts Explain Their Selfishness: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=559859&forum_id=2

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34. and the wind SCREAMS jewdood: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=940355&forum_id=2

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31. analogize your mack game to an nfl player: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=459104&forum_id=2

30. Theaetetus: tried y'all's fucking neanderthalish wiping method: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=23417&forum_id=2

29. Wayne State placement in Phoenix: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=137811&forum_id=2

28. The firefighters on Sept. 11 hurt more than they help: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=484669&forum_id=2

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26. Did jew bitches give blowjobs in Auschwitz for the protein?: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=147077&forum_id=2

25. STB RAISES TO $160K: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=568075&forum_id=2

24. I may be starting to lean to Brownstone over McBeef: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=616148forum_id=2

23. Julia: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=18399&forum_id=2

22. XOXO: A PRETTY FUCKING SHITTY SOURCE OF INFORMATION: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=184688&forum_id=2

21. YLS 1L CGWBT: [deleted by mods]

20. Rode a public subway. Here is my report. [174] [OP edited]: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=250240&forum_id=2

19. The Secret Diary of Whokebe: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=707335&forum_id=2

18. XO EXCLUSIVE: UChicago to Leiter: "DING! Fag.": http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=577417&forum_id=2

17. Rowan. Gross. [deleted by mods]

16. Typical Day For First Year Litigation Associate: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=446186&forum_id=2

15. Notice of lawsuit pending vs. certain AutoAdmit posters: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=643868&forum_id=2

14. rk982 retiring: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=265019&forum_id=2

13. MRS. BRIAN LEITER OUTED (pic): http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=147975&forum_id=2

12. You have a friend in the diamond business: http://xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=504853&forum_id=2

11. ****Revifed 18th Century Englifh Trolling Rules****: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=89681&forum_id=2

10. Just accepted at Sullivan, accepting praise and taking questions: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=514098&forum_id=2

9. I just had amazing sex w/someone NOT my boyfriend!!!: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=64039&forum_id=2

8. GTO resigns: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=594221&forum_id=2

7. Just decided not to do a murder-suicide copycat at Hastings Law: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=616215&forum_id=2

6. I AM A REFRIGERATOR!!!! I AM VERY COLD!!! WOOOOOSH!!!!!!: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=208789&forum_id=2

5. Stupid Bitch to Attend Yale Law: [deleted by mods]

4. Lawboardpwned: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=208747&forum_id=2

3. Kirkland Ellis and Bryan Cave to Stabby: "DING! Fag.": http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=246164&forum_id=2

2. you jerks, i got pwn3d: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=395748&forum_id=2

1. Big changes coming in the next few days: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=486568&forum_id=2


The Last Thirty-Five Out


IH has the new rankings: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=3710&forum_id=2

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Zero deaths from Hurricane Katrina: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=248816&forum_id=2

this preposting shit is gay (macho): http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=259786&forum_id=2

About humping boys: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=263467&forum_id=2

guys: a girl having had an abortion: deal breaker?: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=274224&forum_id=2

How much would you contribute to take care of Rasquach?: http://xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=321060&forum_id=2

HLS version of Brokeback Mountain!!!!!!!!!!!!: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=349891&forum_id=2

LSD kids bash xoxo: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=387263&forum_id=2

The Detroit Tigers are running shit in the AL: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=395439&forum_id=2

HE'LL SAVE CHILDREN, BUT NOT THE BRITISH CHILDREN: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=484972&forum_id=2

Why ibanking pwns biglaw [174]: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=550214&forum_id=2

Holy fucking shit: Worst Fordham 1L class in history: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=560107&forum_id=2

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My 23 year old daughter wants to go to law school: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=721421&forum_id=2

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The torrential rain beats down upon his lone phallus: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=87377&forum_id=2

Mom burns to death daughter's gloating rapist.: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=940354&forum_id=2

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Girlfriend wants me to spend $30k MINIMUM on engagement ring: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=973226&forum_id=2

This will be XOXOs first 25,000 post thread: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=996172&forum_id=2

*stumbles into camp with an arrow lodged into his throat*: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=1013244&forum_id=2

The Modifesto: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=1100950&forum_id=2

I think I want to be a professor. [deleted by mods]




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NYPD white trash declares war on NY Times: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=309787&forum_id=2

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Buddy's GF just shit all over him. Literally.: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=536624&forum_id=2

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Things on which :D is a motherfucking expert: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=619909&forum_id=2

told female friend tonight how much i wanted to eat her out...: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=675218&forum_id=2

BREAKING: Vinny Testaverde on plane to Boston: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=853505&forum_id=2

proles who work at bookstores: please fuck off: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=970930&forum_id=2

u suck my cock boy: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=1084928&forum_id=2




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The Last Cuts: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=1104174&forum_id=2

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80-61: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=1104288&forum_id=2

60-41: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=1104308&forum_id=2

40-21: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=1104327&forum_id=2

20-1: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=1104342&forum_id=2

Conclusion: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=1104351&forum_id=2

Post-Script: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=1130389&forum_id=2


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Date: February 2nd, 2010 3:29 PM
Author: Arrogant nofapping partner philosopher-king
Subject: #1 Hardest to Find Thread




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Date: July 21st, 2010 6:01 PM
Author: Drab appetizing roast beef

182 was an incredible thread, thanks for reminding me of it.


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Date: December 30th, 2009 5:47 PM
Author: vivacious psychic
Subject: Top 200 Posters of the Decade.


The Tiers




Great Teacher Onizuka

The Boondocks



Renada Deshada


Joe (Caltech '04)


regular guy






Pedicabo Vos







Edgar Allen Pwn

Gogol Ganguly




The Meanest Fish




Stabby McLawyer






A horse walks into a bar





Scatman John's Mustache

Sonic Youth




Japanese Business Dood




Poetic Dreamer

To be fair






black eyeliner




Madame Cunt








black keys



Doc Lewis

Don Barzini

Edgar Martinez

el greco


Extreme Fajitas



Harrison Randall Pink





Ivy League Girlie


Jul. Shockley


Marcellus Wallace




Mr. Plow Underground

Mr. Jinx




port drudgery










2nd Year Biglaw Litigator

reality, sorry





Foggy Bottom Dreaming

Gay Posse



Levi-Civita symbol

Mad Cat Disease


Merriweather Post Pavilion


Susie Derkins

there's a wocket in my pocket




The Box


Carl Spackler

Chalmers Johnson



five alive!

h. ryder

Howard Stern

Jane Hoya


Mayor McCheese














Bubba Sparxxx

Bull Connor




The Dark Knight



Dwyane Wade





gross old man



Henrietta Egg


He's the Scat Man



Hizzla's Feminist Thought Professor


I only jerk off to ex girlfriends

Innocent Stationary Bike




Jim S. Adler


man o' war

Midnight Cowboy










Rational Thought

Red Means Go

red swingline stapler

The Rock

Sean Hannity





Sweep the Leg Johnny





Winnie Cooper




Introduction: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=1139675&forum_id=2

First Update: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=1159340&forum_id=2

Second Update: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=1165456&forum_id=2

Third Update: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=1170869&forum_id=2


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Date: July 21st, 2010 6:03 PM
Author: Drab appetizing roast beef

how about the community accounts?


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Date: August 30th, 2010 3:06 PM
Author: Glittery henna parlour useless brakes


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Date: December 30th, 2009 6:07 PM
Author: Diverse hunting ground

i've been here or PR since the late 90s and I'm not on the top 200 list. :(


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Date: December 30th, 2009 6:10 PM
Author: high-end federal church

u suck mang


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Date: December 30th, 2009 6:26 PM
Author: Naked newt

some good reading here


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Date: December 30th, 2009 9:12 PM
Author: Bespoke mahogany hominid death wish

Very impressive.


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Date: December 30th, 2009 9:14 PM
Author: Thirsty Transparent Love Of Her Life Black Woman



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Date: December 30th, 2009 10:26 PM
Author: Dun Razzle Hell

#193 (favorite mayor mccheese album) is ranked unconscionably below its worth


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Date: December 30th, 2009 10:27 PM
Author: trip saffron box office

titcr. it's easily a top 10 all time thread. i've always thought this was a criminally underrated thread and sure enough it didn't even make the list: http://www.xoxohth.com/thread.php?thread_id=1008791&mc=28&forum_id=2#11858901

Whokster got snubbed all around


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Date: December 30th, 2009 10:32 PM
Author: Dun Razzle Hell

totally agree. in my view the mcheese is in the running for goat (and the christian bros thread is top flight whokebian thread). i've been on this board a longass time and i know good posting and i do believe that in that single thread the whokster beats solzy, he beats renada, he beats evan-2001.


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Date: December 30th, 2009 10:31 PM
Author: yellow library

Not a bad list, dooder. Although I question your methodology.



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Date: December 30th, 2009 10:31 PM
Author: yellow library

Also, where the FUCK are some of the Dungeonmaster threads? Do you have any idea how epic that shit was?

Thanks God I saved some of his GOLD in this thread, for instance:



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Date: December 30th, 2009 10:38 PM
Author: yellow library

This also reminds where, are is this GEM on your list, friend?


(I'm a refrigerator....woooooooooooooooooosh!)


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Date: December 30th, 2009 10:43 PM
Author: Dun Razzle Hell

it's #6 right?


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Date: December 30th, 2009 10:45 PM
Author: yellow library

Duly noted. My bad, to the OP.

But this still does not explain the lack of DUNGEONMASTTTER love.


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Date: December 30th, 2009 10:46 PM
Author: Dun Razzle Hell



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Date: December 30th, 2009 10:49 PM
Author: yellow library

Damn, nice catch. What about XoXo: The Gathering. Did you see those fucking Magic cards, dood?


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Date: December 30th, 2009 10:59 PM
Author: Dun Razzle Hell

that was good shit


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Date: December 30th, 2009 11:01 PM
Author: yellow library

That fucker must have spent like 200 hours making those fucking cards. Epic shit.


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Date: December 30th, 2009 11:07 PM
Author: Dun Razzle Hell

no doubt. that's a craft and craft takes time.

say what do you reckon ever happened to the poster WBA? think he's still posting in diguise?


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Date: December 31st, 2009 9:36 AM
Author: vivacious psychic

Your stunning illiteracy calls into question any criticisms you may have, which appear to be simply thinly-veiled self-promotions of your alternative monikers.


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Date: December 31st, 2009 10:04 AM
Author: stirring senate keepsake machete

your english is awful. learn how to write.

also, quit bumping this thread. nobody cares about your dumb list.

lastly, get a life. you should make it priority number one not to be able to make a similar list another 5 years from now.


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Date: December 31st, 2009 3:59 PM
Author: trip saffron box office



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Date: December 31st, 2009 1:16 AM
Author: trip saffron box office

also, egregious anti-spoonculum trolling


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Date: December 31st, 2009 10:07 AM
Author: grizzly impertinent sex offender

Good work


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Date: December 31st, 2009 10:28 AM
Author: Pontificating immigrant

w00t w00t.


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Date: December 31st, 2009 10:32 AM
Author: demanding embarrassed to the bone pocket flask half-breed

i always liked those drawing threads, robocop and other things. is that on the list? too lazy to read


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Date: December 31st, 2009 1:14 PM
Author: House-broken chad

Holy shit. Excellent work.


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Date: December 31st, 2009 1:43 PM
Author: bateful locus

The original Barbaro in hell thread:



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Date: December 31st, 2009 1:46 PM
Author: Excitant temple sandwich

Don't forget Barzini's masturbation fort [picture]!



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Date: December 31st, 2009 1:49 PM
Author: dull tanning salon

What about the "ahoy there, GTO! Push the starboard server to full!"

that's the only one that ever made me really lol


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Date: December 31st, 2009 1:50 PM
Author: Excitant temple sandwich

Link, plz.


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Date: December 31st, 2009 1:51 PM
Author: high-end federal church

it's on there mang, #127


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Date: December 31st, 2009 1:52 PM
Author: dull tanning salon



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Date: December 31st, 2009 1:50 PM
Author: thriller trump supporter


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Date: December 31st, 2009 1:56 PM
Author: Vengeful Regret Haunted Graveyard

ultimate gunner thread @ #69 is way too low. that's got to be a top 10 thread.


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Date: January 1st, 2010 4:29 AM
Author: trip saffron box office

2010 bump




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Date: January 2nd, 2010 3:45 PM
Author: trip saffron box office


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Date: January 2nd, 2010 3:46 PM
Author: supple lodge

TBF- the "Ask a Mormon Thread" is def. t25.

it's brought many hours of hearty lulz


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Date: January 2nd, 2010 3:57 PM
Author: disturbing angry jewess center

i came here to post this


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Date: January 3rd, 2010 4:03 AM
Author: infuriating point hairy legs



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Date: January 8th, 2010 3:07 PM
Author: clear shitlib pervert



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Date: January 15th, 2010 3:29 PM
Author: aphrodisiac striped hyena


this should be bumped weekly, well into this decade...


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Date: January 22nd, 2010 5:35 PM
Author: Glittery henna parlour useless brakes


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Date: January 22nd, 2010 5:45 PM
Author: Flatulent Misunderstood Place Of Business

ty for my inclusion.


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Date: February 2nd, 2010 3:19 PM
Author: Glittery henna parlour useless brakes


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Date: February 17th, 2010 5:39 PM
Author: Glittery henna parlour useless brakes


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Date: February 17th, 2010 6:01 PM
Author: Bipolar brunch

IAMAREFRIGERATOR and Brownstone v. McBeef dramatized hear



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Date: June 9th, 2011 8:32 AM
Author: hairraiser elite casino

so underrated


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Date: April 13th, 2010 10:23 AM
Author: Glittery henna parlour useless brakes


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Date: July 20th, 2010 8:55 PM
Author: Histrionic brilliant theatre community account

oh yeah this guy.


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Date: July 20th, 2010 9:10 PM
Author: Unholy den

excellent, but where is the one where dogfucker took on leiter?


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Date: July 25th, 2010 8:19 PM
Author: Maize beady-eyed rigor site

No Ducktales threads?


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Date: July 26th, 2010 10:50 PM
Author: Drab appetizing roast beef


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Date: July 26th, 2010 11:05 PM
Author: Arousing pistol double fault

epic work. a single tear went down my cheek when I saw me and my fellow megaposters get recognized here.


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Date: October 2nd, 2010 4:04 PM
Author: shimmering heady milk mood


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Date: October 6th, 2010 6:09 AM
Author: trip saffron box office



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Date: October 6th, 2010 6:09 AM
Author: Arousing pistol double fault



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Date: November 23rd, 2010 3:52 PM
Author: Glittery henna parlour useless brakes


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Date: November 23rd, 2010 3:54 PM
Author: Milky candlestick maker area



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Date: November 23rd, 2010 4:10 PM
Author: amethyst odious bbw native



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Date: January 14th, 2011 4:50 PM
Author: Glittery henna parlour useless brakes


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Date: June 20th, 2011 10:06 PM
Author: Glittery henna parlour useless brakes


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Date: October 13th, 2011 12:37 PM
Author: Glittery henna parlour useless brakes


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Date: October 13th, 2011 1:00 PM
Author: Up-to-no-good electric electric furnace stage

lots of nostalgia today