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LOL, skank Lena Chen won't answer "squirting" questions

Q: Do you squirt, Lena Chen? Is it normal? A: At this poi...
Exciting Narrow-minded Partner Hominid
Meh, just ask one of these whores: Anna Yallup (UCL), St...
vivacious rough-skinned space laser beams
Costumed gas station
she seems annoying
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Date: November 4th, 2010 2:46 PM
Author: Exciting Narrow-minded Partner Hominid

Q: Do you squirt, Lena Chen? Is it normal?

A: At this point, I can’t tell if you are a 15-year-old girl trying to figure out if her body is normal or if you are a random dude with an unhealthy fixation on my G-spot. Luckily, Wikipedia, unlike yours truly, does not discriminate.

More burning questions? Ask Lena Chen.


then stupid Johns Hopkins cunt Rose Bridges sez:

valkyrie18: It sounds like this person is a troll.

well, duh



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Date: February 24th, 2011 12:08 PM
Author: vivacious rough-skinned space laser beams

Meh, just ask one of these whores:

Anna Yallup (UCL), Steven Long Tran, Michael Pyott, Lillian Massey, Leria Anne-Isabel, Olivia Fanaroko, Saskia Mullins, Joy Y. Ding, Hazel Bones, Robert Pereno Due, Asobi Quang, Andrew Deaernley, Richard Hughes (Brighton), Anthony Real (London), Jaki Jo Fierceicorn,

Marcus Tucker, Tamika McKinon Yourse, Emily Caroline Romund, Emily Romund, Joyce Yan Zhang, Steve Dean, Melissa Marie Garcia, Alice Edith Howard, Sophie Hector, Yasmin Moreira, Louise Dean, James Markham (London), Sim Piseth, Alize Cala, Gabrielle Saw, Blessing Oyeniyi, Teal Brady-Broskey, Marie Calloway, Evie View, Alison Tarwater, Beth Sinden, Kadi Kamara, Gareth Tyrrell, Suleman Syed

Dan Pecci

Alexandra Bell

Ari Sigglin

Dana Polatin-Reuben

Sim Piseth

Michael McDowell

Anthony Skubic (Mike Skubic, Sara Skubic)

Justin Q. Taylor

Eyal Malinger

Lux Alptraum

Hazel Bones

Emily Caroline Romund

Matt Irelan

Jessica Wakeman

Daniel Bear

Marie Calloway

Tacha Aus Pailand













AsianFuckieSuckieSlut Joanna Ng

and AznFetishFag Jonathan Hakritsuk


Ari Sigglin


Dana Polatin-Reuben


Emily Caroline Romund


Honey Kohan

London, United Kingdom

Wild Seed Kula

Boston, Massachusetts

Anna Yallup


Steven Long Tran

University of California, San Diego

Michael Pyott

The University of Queensland

Lillian Massey

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Léria Anne-Isabel

Manager at Dusty Pockets Productions

Rev-Captain Liability Eden

The Future Mayor of London at What cost?

Olivia Fanaroko

Saskia Mullins

Works at The Iron , the Bitch and the Wardrobe

Joy Y. Ding


Chanel C

Sydney, Australia

Hazel Bones

Robert Pereno Due

Shiplake College

Asobi Quang DX

Andrew Dearnley

Works at Technicolor

Richard Hughes


Anthony Real

London, United Kingdom

Jaki Jo Fierceicorn

Marcus Tucker

University of Southampton

Tamika Mckinon Yourse

Works at Yoga District

Emily Caroline Romund

University of Arkansas

Joyce Yan Zhang

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Steve Dean

Online Dating Consultant, Speaker, & Matchmaker at Dateworking

Melissa Marie García

Works at Opera Solutions

Alice Edith Howard

Patrick Hamm

Berlin-Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany

Sophie Hector

Art Director/Producer at AMV BBDO

Yasmin Moreira

Centro Universitário FIEO - UNIFIEO

Louise Dean

James Markham


Sim Piseth

Siem Reap

Alizé Cala

Colette JL

Gabrielle Saw

Blessing Oyeniyi


Teal Brady-Broskey

Marie Calloway

Evie View


Alison Tarwater

Harvard University

Beth Sinden

Bath Spa University

Lena Chen

Berlin-Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany

Kadi Kamara

Gareth Tyrrell

Sackville School

Suleman Syed

Richmond upon Thames College

Skankwhore Amanda Michelle Kirby (who hosts potparties around her infant son in South Carolina), slutwhore Erin Markey (Sushi Masa), cumdumpster Amanda Hess (Washington City Paper), and whore Amy Richards (University of Leeds) cream themselves with glee AsianFetishFag Noah Scalin (@noahscalin), nigwhore Cat Posey (@catpoetry), yellowwhore Alexa Andrzejewski (@ladylexy), cumdumpster Trish Bendix (@trishbendix), jizzslurpingWhore Erin Gibson (@gibblertron). "Check out the bukkakemustaches Elisa Kreisinger ‏ @elisakreisinger and I got from some randoms!!1"

In 2014, Lena Chen re-enacted the loss of her anal virginity for the Therese Shechter movie "How To Lose Your Virginity." (Unfortunately, it wasn't a snuff film :P) Skanks who turned out to cheer the film's premiere included: Elaine Alvarez, Marin Sander Holzman, Mona Eltahawy, Alli Mooney, Melanie Ehrenkranz, Rebecca Tolley-Stokes, Ethan Zohn, Julie Heinz, Basil Tsiokos, Ashley Granata, Jodi Lustig, Thom Powers, Lisa Esselstein, Melissa Campbell, Rachel Sklar, Meghan Keane Graham, Belle Vierge, Twanna A. Hines, Kim Yaged, Serene Conaway, Jennifer Hattam, Jen Hattam, Anna Fanelli, Elaine Alvarez, Jennifer Leavey, Clare Butler, Kara Whaley, Kitty Nordquist, Dana Polatin-Reuben, Pei-Jeane Chen, Shelby Capacio, Viviane Tang, Lexie Kelly-Wainwright, Nicole M. Casamento, Nicole Casamento, Aggie Ebrahimi, Vipasha Shaikh, Stephanie St Pierre, Bronwen Pardes, Laurie Waldman, Libby Feltch, Courtney Boyd, Brenna Levitin, Reese Alden Courtney Boyd, Elizabeth Kissling, Stephanie St Pierre, Susan Crandall, Gina Bulett, Tara Tuttle

ED welcomes the NEWEST members of the Lena Chen PornHub 2014! Ned Monahan Stephanie Pickman Monahan Ned Monahan Edward Monahan Patricia Patts Jimmy Kent Christopher Fabian Erin Essenmacher Sacchi Patel, Henderson Parker Nancy Schwartzman Chuck Radda Amadea Faye Evan Kaufman AF Cieszkiewicz Cheryl Adam Ian Alexander Griffiths Will Galang Michele Elaine Hanno

In 2014, Lena Chen re-enacted the loss of her anal virginity for the Therese Shechter movie "How To Lose Your Virginity." (Unfortunately, it wasn't a snuff film :P) Skanks who turned out to cheer the film's premiere included: Elaine Alvarez, Marin Sander Holzman, Mona Eltahawy, Alli Mooney, Melanie Ehrenkranz, Rebecca Tolley-Stokes, Ethan Zohn, Julie Heinz, Basil Tsiokos, Ashley Granata, Jodi Lustig, Thom Powers, Lisa Esselstein, Melissa Campbell, Rachel Sklar, Meghan Keane Graham, Belle Vierge, Twanna Hines, Kim Yaged, Serene Conaway, Jennifer Hattam, Jen Hattam, Anna Fanelli, Elaine Alvarez, Jennifer Leavey, Clare Butler, Kara Whaley, Kitty Nordquist, Dana Polatin-Reuben, Pei-Jeane Chen, Shelby Capacio, Twanna Hines Viviane Tang, Lexie Kelly-Wainwright, Nicole M. Casamento, Nicole Casamento, Aggie Ebrahimi, Vipasha Shaikh, Stephanie St Pierre, Bronwen Pardes, Laurie Waldman, Libby Feltch, Courtney Boyd, Brenna Levitin, Reese Alden Courtney Boyd, Elizabeth Kissling, Stephanie St Pierre, Susan Crandall, Gina Bulett, Tara Tuttle

Timeline of Lena Chen's Attention Whoring since March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014--Lena Chen jerks her clit while whining about a fakerape reported by the Harvard Crimson. Sadly for Lena, only succeeded in generating the approval of two cunts: Abigail Collazo and Frances Reed

April 6, 2014--Lena jerks her clit about returning to Germany with her Nazi, [Patrick Hamm]:

Ever the attentionwhore, Lena Chen tweets about the three seats her nazi fuckbuddy Patrick Hamm bought to cart her ass back to Germany

Only two fucks were given by STDskank Erica Brandt and Asian-fetish fag Paul M. Tarsus

April 7, 2014--Lena jerks her twitter again, this time about some Yoga-cunts, Gwendolyn Beetham and Anna Guest-Jelley

May 2, 2014--Lena Chen attention whores about jetsetting to London (on Patrick's dime), but alas, only a tiny cluster of STDskanks (Lyka Boss, Olivia Benowitz) and AsianFetishFags (Daniel Bregman, Noel Biderman , Matthew Kopydlowski) give a shit.

September 25, 2012: Dumbcunt Florentyna Leow and dumbcunt Melissa LuVisi bitch that her pornsurfing of Lena Chen's bukkake site has been made public (and linked to her whore sisters Rachel Leow (harvard) and Kristel Leow.

September 2-10, 2012: AttentionWhore Lena Chen [Lena Chen Harvard, Lena Chen Chicktionary, Lena Chen tumblr) spams Facebook with invitations to Johanna Hamm's "CHOKEFUCK ME!!" art exhibit. Amanda Van Slyke likes gettingChokefucked, AsianFetishFag Jakob Treskow, cumguzzlingWhore Dina Nayeri (Princeton), Florentyna Leow (aka Flory Leow) London (Univeristy of London) (heroin-e tumblr), Mon-Shane Chou (Berkeley)

September 1, 2012: Desperate for fresh yellow flesh, Patrick Hamm posts a facebook page for his course (SOCIOLOGY 149: Inequality, Poverty, and Wealth in Comparative Perspective TTh 1-2pm | NEW LOCATION: Harvard Hall 104) and trolls for Asian chicks to join up and suck his cock for extra credit. Gracye Cheng, Victoria S. Rose, Lisa Jing, Kamilah Willingham, Vivien Wu (Asian Community Development Center), Serena Yuet Ching May, Olivia Paquette (Harvard, social anthropology major), Abby Sun, Mon-Shane Chou (Berkeley), Josephine Tsui (SOAS), Rebekah Adamek

August 28, 2012: Jobless lazy skank Lena Chen spends the day jerking her clit on Facebook and Twitter. She posts the first few sentences of a shitty juvenile short story. KikeSkank Nancy Schwartzman Nikki Anderson (Owner/Photographer at Sorella Muse Photography), AsianFetishFag Christian Garland (Harvard), AsianFetishFag Russell Bennetts, AsianFetishFag Sam Meier (Harvard), Kerri Grinnage (aka Kerri Estella Grinnage [Richmond, Virginia]), Erin Campbell Watson (Laurence University Milwaukee Wisconsin), Sara L. Martinez (slmartinez@berkeley.edu SLMART11@AOL.COM), Kyria Giordano (aka Kyria E. Giordano [Univeristy of Maryland Baltimore)(kyria2@umbc.edu), Arielle Brousse

August 27, 2012: Lena Chen, who's spent the last 2 years posting about her STDs, her lopsided tits, and the 30 cocks she remembers suckingandfucking, whines that people only remember her for skank blogging and her nude pix. Johanna Hamm

August 22, 2012: 2 year jobless lazyskank Lena Chen wastes the day jerking her clit on twitter and Facebook. "OMG!!1" she posts, "I'm gonna write a REAL BOOK now!!!1 Then move to GERMANY to suck off Patrick Hamm for euros rather than dollars!! Big Changes in my life!!!" A dozen asianfetishfags (Steve Dean [Swarthmore], Zac Pollinger [Harvard], Ronald C. Valdehueza [Xavier University]) and jizzguzzling skanks (Sabrina Sadique [Harvard], Allegra Richards [Harvard], Shayla Reid [West Windsor Plainsboro High School], Elena A. Knight [Harvard], Lisa Jing [Harvard], Alexandra Bell [Harvard], Serena Yuet Ching May [@Oglivy], Nikki Anderson [Sorella Must Photography], and Arielle Pardes [UPenn])cheer the trainwreck."

August 18-22, 2012: dumbjizzslurper Lena Chen takes time away from sucking Patrick Hamm's cock for pocket-money to engage in a flamewar with a black chick who finally realizes that Lena Chen is a braindead whore: "you honestly used to be one of my favorite bloggers, as well as a role model," writes the newly enlightened critic, "But that Gabby Douglass post completely changed my opinion of you. Like that other person said, you seem to be very bitter about your place in life and the world in general, as well as completely pseudo-intellectual and narcissistic." Desperate for any crumb of approval, Lena Chen goes apeshit on her blog for FOUR FUCKING DAYS! (Only one dumb NigSlut Tierra Butler (Tierra N. Butler [North Carolina]) continues to read Lena Chen's racist shit)

August 20, 2012: attentionwhore Lena Chen begs for attention: "OMG!!1 sucked Patrick Hamm's cock and got some money! so I'm goin to NYC to model for his chokefucking sister Johanna Hamm! "I like gasping for breath," says German-born New School performance artist Johanna Hamm, "so getting chokefucked is a double-pleasure..." e

August 18, 2012: attentionwhore Lena Chen begs for attention by whining about race issues. Only a few dumbskanks read the moribund blog, including:

dumbwhore Sarah Gorr (Sarah Gorr)

jizzslurpingwhore Shira Espo (Boston tumblr: fallingdeep, email: a.nice.shade.of.red@gmail.com Visual Merchandising Specialist at The Clarks Companies, N.A.) Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/shiraespo

dumbcunt Sally East (singyoursight tumblr @one_day_soon twitter andyousmile)

Jamila Khabir (Wilmington, North Carolina TUMBLR: jamilasays ) Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jamila.khabir

Florentyna Leow (aka Flory Leow) London (Univeristy of London)

(heroin-e ... BA Japanese at SOAS)

blogs from: heroin-e tumblr & floryhands wordpress)

Janet Jun (Berkeley) [aka Janet J. Jun] TUMBLR: jumiyori

August 16, 2012: jobless Lena Chen posts on Facebook sympathizing with a moronic gunman. 8 idiots (Lindsay Dinkins [UNC Greensboro], Oscar Raymundo, Dina Nayeri [Princeton], Tiffany Litz [Washington], Brandon Fooly [UCSB], Nikki Anderson [Sorella Muse Photography], asianFetishFag Aj Baumgartner [Essex County College], yellowwhore Stephanie Fang [Isidore Newman School]) approve.

March 12, 2012: YellowSkank Lena Chen attentionwhores at SXSW, discussing her nudecamming (and the pic with Patrick Hamm's jizz on her face) at "Sex In The Digital Age." A small handful of AsianFetishFags and JizzSlurpingWhores attend, including: AsianFetishFag Ari Herzog, AsianFetishFag Rahul Sabnis, AsianFetishFag Matt Story, herpeSlut Cristina Dunning, scatplayWhore Lux Alptraum, STDiseased Gwen Reyes (Dallas TX), MoroniCunt Kate Matlock, turdskinWhore Sarita Bhatt, Anngelica Newland (Ann Newland), STDwhore Dalton Dorne (NYC), dumbskank Kelly Stonebock, Dumbwhore Elizabeth Teschler (Liz Teschler Los Angeles), yellowSkank Fiona Su (San Francisco fionaeats tumblr), and STDiseased Kim Bauer.

March 11-13, 2012: Lena Chen continues her obsessive attentionwhoring on twitter, tweeting with cumslurper Regina Twine (@ReginaTwine Raleigh NC), AsianFetishFag Rahul Sabnis (@rahulsabnis), AsianFetishFag Matt Bellis (@matt_bellis), AsianFetishFag Eric Flinn (@ericflinn), AsianFetishFag Hady Karl Mawajdeh (@hadysauce), AsianFetishFag Matt Story (@mattestory), yellowSkank Jess Chu (@jessicachu), AsianSkank Viviane Tang (@viviane212), turdskinWhore Sarita Bhatt (@saritabhatt), cumguzzler Irin Carmon (@irincarmon), Jessica Sain-Baird (@oxfordist jessicaisyourfriend Communications specialist at KU Endowment) STDiseased Kara Nance (@Karanancemd Chicago), nigwhore Morgane Richardson (@Morgane_R), ) ,

March 11-12, 2012: STDiseased Lena Chen continues her manic online posting orgy on TheChicktionary, posting attentionwhoring pics to her dwindling audience of diseasedSkanks, including: Crystal Xia (Northwestern University http://blog.crystalxia.com) and yellowWhore Viviane Tang (viviane212 at gmail.com


March 11, 2012: "OMG! LOOK AT ME!!" posts attentionwhore Lena Chen to her Facebook, including a pic of her with 2 skanks (Maureen O'Connor [NYC gawker] and Lux Alptraum) and 1 AsianFetishFag (Mike Dacks [Avid Life Media]). A small cluster of yellowskanks (Lingbo Li, Abby Sun (Abby P. Sun), a nigskank (Maisha L. Cannon [USC] and an AsianFetishFag (Steve Dean [Steven M. Dean Swarthmore]) encourage Lena Chen's bipolar nympomanic attentionwhoring.

March 11, 2012: Bipolar nympho Lena Chen continues her manic 72-hour travel/twitter-a-thon. Whoreswho cheer on the Lena Chen trainwreck include: jizzslurper Kelsey LeBuffe (Harvard), cumdumpster Viviane Tang (NYC Viviane212), brownwhore Regina Twine ‏ (Raleigh NC @ReginaTwine), skank Lux Alptraum ‏ @luxnightmare, yelloWhore Jessica Chu (Jess Chu) Employer: Clicky jesksa@gmail.com, jesschu.com, ofviceandmen.com. With all of Lena Chen's manic energy, you'd think Lena Chen would get a fucking JOB, rather than sponging off her fuckbuddy Patrick Hamm! Patrick Hamm

March 10, 2012: Lena Chen, jetsetting through Texas on sugardaddy Patrick Hamm's money, posts attentionwhoring pics of herself with skank Lux Alptraum. yellowwhore Melanie Chen (Melanie N. Chen Melanie Nicole Chen) Cumslurping whore Eva Rose (Harvard) and AsianFetishFag Christian Garland give two thumbs up.

March 10, 2012: Manic-depressive skank Lena Chen continues her manic attentionwhoring spree, traveling through Austin Texas (using Patrick Hamm's money), and feverishly attention-tweeting. Fuckups who encourage Lena Chen's bipolar nymphomania include: AsianFetishFag Noah Scalin (@noahscalin), nigwhore Cat Posey (@catpoetry), yellowwhore Alexa Andrzejewski (@ladylexy), cumdumpster Trish Bendix (@trishbendix), jizzslurpingWhore Erin Gibson (@gibblertron). "Check out the bukkakemustaches Elisa Kreisinger ‏ @elisakreisinger and I got from some randoms!!1"

March 9, 2012: 12 hours after blogging that she "wants to disappear," bipolar Lena Chen commences a fevered 72-hour masturbatory attentionwhoring blog-tweet-post-a thon. First up, attentionwhore Lena Chen posts a video on gurl.com advertising "how to have safe sex"...since Lena Chen has posted about her numerous STDs, it seems the skank doesn't practice what she preaches. Other cumdumpsters who like getting jizzed in the face include:

Florentyna Leow (aka Flory Leow) London (Univeristy of London First Year: 287279). Floryhands wordpress / heroin(e) tumblr / twitter @heroin_e. Gotta wonder whether Flory's sisters Rachel Leow (Harvard) and Kristel Leow are whores, too.

Torie Rose DeGhett (aka Torie DeGhett) thepoliticalnotebook tumblr / twitter: @trdeghett torierosedeghett@gmail.com

Grace Chow Grace Y. Chow [Rice University] therealgracechow tumblr gyc1@rice.edu

Alex Ahn [Swarthmore] arihanta Email: jahn1@swarthmore.edu


Julie Kraut (NYC), JulieKraut@gmail.com facebook: juliekraut

twitter: @JulieKraut

Justine T. Fan @justinetf justineforfun@gmail.com

cumslurper Danielle Whited [MIT aka Danielle B. Whited @danielle.whited Accenture New York dbwhited@mit.edu justtellher tumblr & lookingforsomethingmore tumblr]

Casey Wykes' self-cutting skankwife Elizabeth Peeks-Wykes belyenochi

March 9, 2012: Skank Lena Chen posts a pic of a half-naked skank Lux Alptraum on her Facebook. AsianFetishFag Charles Hope (blip.tv), STDinfestedSkank Hillary Carter (Bright Start Academy), jizzslurpingWhore Eva Rose (Harvard), and beanerSkank Brenda Ibarra cheer the pornpix. AsianFetishFags Bill Cammack (MIT) and Alexander Maisey ask if Lena Chen will suck their white cocks.

March 9, 2012: Lena Chen continues her masturbatory Facebook-poasting, drawing the attention of a handful of skanks and asian-fetish faggots, including: AsianFetishFag Russell Ben Hedman (NYC), AsianFetishFag Steve Dean (Swarthmore & La Salle College High School), AsianFetishFag Michael McDowell (Cozen O'Connor), beanerWhore Marissa Lopez (Harvard), aznWhore Serena Yuet Ching May (University of Chicago), yellowSkank Josephine Tsui (SOAS), CumSlurpingSkank Aonya McCruiston (Wellesley aonya aonyam), cumSkank Eva Gillis-Buck (Harvard Research Assistant, Macklis laboratory at MGH), AsianFetish Fag Russell Bennetts (Underground), Fatass Denial Blogger Miriam Lazewatsky (Miriam J. Lazewatsky), Fatass Denial Blogger Jenn Leyva (aka Jennifer Leyva), yelloWhore Lorna Trinh (Pepperdine University), and cocksuckingWhore Abby P. Sun (Harvard abbypsun@gmail.com abby p. sun harvard), AznWhore Elizabeth Yao (Education Consultant at Able Education), dumbCunt Felice Ford (Harvard University Classics Department), AznSkank Humbi Song (Harvard, Cambridge Rindge and Latin School), AznFaggot Jonathan Song Jon Song (Brown University Community Health major uncorrelatedcausations tumblr @cdcpianoman twitter) (AsianFetishFaggot Kameron Austin Collins (Princeton).

March 9, 2012: Jobless parasite Lena Chen posts a pic of herself mooching a free meal off of some stupid marks (like stupidYellowWhore Melanie Chen [aka Melanie Nicole Chen aka Melanie N. Chen [University of Texas]) in Austin, Texas. Those liking that kind of scam include: AsianCumDumpster Jessica Qu (Yale), AsianFetishBeaner Benito Fuzio, YellowSkank Emma Lai (Taipei, Taiwan), Amanda Van Slyke (Bellerose Composite High School), Chrystal Tchan (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

March 9, 2012: Lena Chen continues her jetsetting and blogging drunkbinge in Austin Texas. In today's drunkblog, Lena Chen finally

Lena Chen ADMITS she hasn't seen even a $50 check for one of her masturbatory blogs in SIX MONTHS (which makes it even moar obvious that sugardaddy Patrick Hamm is paying Lena Chen's fucking bills), and

Lena Chen says feminist shit isn't worth her "time and motivation" anymoar. (Read: the attention-whore isn't getting enough ATTENTION!1 for her to do it anymoar.) Instead, she's gonna write a OMG!! NOVEL!!1...though just who would read Lena Chen's flatulent childish fiction remains to be seen.

And yet, some dumb whores STILL don't get how phony this Lena Chen cunt is...like jizzGuzzlingSkank Lisa Kadey (aka Lisa J. Kadey aka Lisa Jean Kadey [University of Toronto] gooddrumbreak tumblr and publiclikeafrog wordpress) and Lindsay Dinkins (University of North Carolina Greensboro lindsaydinkins tumblr @chaoticlove).

March 8, 2012: Attention whore Lena Chen posts a pic of her dog/fuckbuddy, but only attracts the "likes" of a few dumbskanks like Sara David (NUDEPIX Brown University wordsandturds tumblr)

March 6-8, 2012: Having had her blog abandoned by skanks afraid of being outted, Lena Chen turns her attention-whoring to Facebook, posting pics of her mooching off of fuckups at Antibes Bistro in Austin Texas, including assLickingFaggot Ryan Mendias, nigwhore Minhal Baig. Approving fuckups include: beanerSkank Nivea Hernandez, yelloWhore Tai D Giang (University of California Irvine), faggot Christian Garland (Harvard), YellowFetishFag Kevin Verbael (Harvard), AsianFetishFag Steve Dean (Swarthmore), yellowWhore Josephine Tsui (SOAS), AsianFetishFag Dan Pecci (Harvard), skankcunt Lux Alptraum, AsianFetishFag Eric Obenzinger, jizzslurpingWhore Becki Ledford, BeanerFag Fernando Berdion Del Valle, cumslurpingSkank Felice Ford (Classics Department, Harvard), HongKong whore Chrystal Tchan, cumguzzlingSkank Eva Rose (Harvard), cocksuckingWhore Amanda Van Slyke (Bellerose Composite High School), YellowWhore Vivienne Chen (Vivienne X. Chen Princeton), AsianFetishFag Michael Blaustein (Harvard), yellowFetishFag Noah Mamber (Washington DC), YellowWhore Lingbo Li (Lingbo Li Harvard), pervprof Hugo Schwyzer.

March 7, 2012: "You're at SXSW?" tweets expelled Cornellwhore Jenna Bromberg to expelled Harvardwhore Lena Chen. "Can we meet so you can suck my cock?" tweets asianFetishFag Jeff Byrnes (@berkleebassist)

March 6, 2012: "LOL, remember when I wrote this blog about my faghagging with jizzslurper Jason D. Burke (Boston College School of Law)?" tweets Lena Chen. s

March 4, 2012: Jobless parasite Lena Chen sucks Patrick Hamm's cock for travel money to jetset to Austin Texas. Patrick Hamm and Patrick Hamm

March 4, 2012: AttentionWhore Lena Chen retweets a gangbang announcement by cumslurper Megan Andelloux (Brown University @HiOhMegan)

February 17, 2012: "OH LOOK!!1" blogs jobless parasite Lena Chen, "MY SKANKY SISTER GINA CHEN [UC San Diego] HAS HER SHITTY DESIGN IN SOME RAG NO ONE READS!"

February 17, 2012: ONE DAY after going into "writing a book mode" blogging hiatus, attention whore Lena Chen obsessively posts two "LOOK AT ME!!!1" posts on her tumblr to her dwindling audience of skanks and asian fetish fags: Chelsea Ault (pacificocean tumblr cault011@uottawa.ca University of Ottawa Engaged to Jason Lewis, yelloWHORE Keri Lee (UC Irvine thekeri tumblr), AsianFetishFag Sean Mannion (who surfs AsianBukkakePorn when he can't get satisfied by his fugly whore Jessica Mannion unclesean tumblr Amy Kieran and Sarah Manley and Amy Kieran and Amy Kieran and Amy Kieran and Sarah Manley and Amy Kieran and Sarah Manley and Amy Kieran and Sarah Manley and Amy Kieran and Amy Kieran and Amy Kieran and Amy Kieran and Sarah Manley and Amy Kieran and Sarah Manley and Amy Kieran and Sarah Manley and Amy Kieran and Sarah Manley and Amy Kieran and Amy Kieran).

February 16, 2012: Delusional skank Lena Chen declares a "blogging hiatus" so that she can go into "writing a book mode" TRANSLATION: Attention whore Lena Chen is livid that her blog's traffic stats have tanked (an attention whore can't LIVE without the oxygen of ATTENTION) and is going on a BLOG STRIKE TEMPER TANTRUM WAHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh!!! Lena's handful of skanks like this kind of behavior, including dumbcunt Rachel Hills (rachelhills tumblr), Lauren Cozad (Ohio OSU economics banking), Isabel Cole (isabelthespy, isabelthespy@gmail.com (Designer Supra Shoes NYC), YellowCumSlurper Mayka Mei (Red Magnet Media, themaykazine, tumblr), 1

February 16, 2012: MORE idiotic skanks who entered Lena Chen's FREE DILDO raffle are outted, incluing:

Jamie Lynn Rubin (Chicago, jamielynnlife tumblr)

Sarah Fitz (Brandeis psychotropicpolitics tumblr @bleedinwhisky)

Lindsay Dinkins (University of North Carolina Greensboro lindsaydinkins tumblr @chaoticlove)

Florentyna Leow (aka Flory Leow) London (Univeristy of London) (heroin-e tumblr)

Jennie Finley (aka Jennie Trott Finley @nevergetfooled nevergetfooledagain blogspot)

Keely Chaisson (@madness_dreams Keely Chaisson UCLA biology)

AsianFetishFaggot Paul Mata

firecrotch Chiara Corso (@chiara_corso George Washington University)

Jacqueline M. Harding (aka Jackie Harding @JackieMHarding Providence RI)

February 15-16, 2012: Jobless whore Lena Chen (who subsists by mooching off her sugardaddy Patrick Hamm in Xchange for bukkakeJobs) aimlessly jerks her clit on Twitter and Facebook. She begs several fuckups for money, including yellowfetishFag Elliot C. Back (aka Elliott Back), aznSkank Christina Xu (@chrysaora), Lauren Cozad (Ohio OSU economics banking), Lisette Below (@lisettebelow). Lena Chen also promotes the BukkakeGangbang being offered by cumguzzler Samantha A. Meier (Samantha Meier [LOL) and yellowSkank Abby P. Sun Abby P. Sun harvard (Abby Sun abbypsun).

Feburary 15, 2012: Desperate for any crumb of approval, YellowWhore Lena Chen retweets some horseshit DIY film ("xoxosms") about some AsianFetishFaggot (Gus Machak) who jerks off to some online asianWhore (Jiyun Kim). The film is directed by kikeskank Nancy Schwartman

February 14, 2012: MORE skanks who entered Lena's pornblog raffle are outted, including Sara David (Brown University & USC blogs from: wordsandturds tumblr), Florentyna Leow (aka Flory Leow) London (Univeristy of London - BA Japanese at SOAS) blogs from: heroin-e tumblr & floryhands wordpress), AsianFetishFag Paul Mata (otarsus tumblr), Chloe Syke,

February 12-13, 2012: Desperate to increase traffic to her dying blog, skank Lena Chen holds a FREE DILDO giveaway! Unfortunately, the handful of dumb skanks who enter the contest don't realize their information is being revealed on Lena's PUBLIC BLOG. Skanks who are outted include:

Prerna Ramesh @prerna369

Elaine N. Kuo @elainenkuo

Elizabeth Wong @oradianto

vulva self-cutter Elizabeth Wykes @belyenochi

Chloe Sykes

Christina Branson @clbranson

Meghan Johnston @Meg3Girl

Chelsea Pajzer @loveechelsea

February 12-13, 2012: AttentionWhore Lena Chen jerks her clit on Facebook, attracting the applause of a few skanks and AsianFetishFags: Joy Xi (aka Joy B. Xi Harvard), Latoya Peterson (Washington, District of Columbia), Michael Segal (Bessemer Venture Harvard), Jen Wang (Yale Columbia), Melissa Gira Grant, Lummy Lin (Washington) and her white fuckbuddy, kikeSkank Nancy Schwartzman, kikecocksucker Elisa Kreisinger (Simmons College), nigwhore Twanna A. Hines (New York), Amanda Van Slyke (Bellerose Composite High School), Fatass Denial Blogger Jenn Leyva, Katie Browning (Harvard)

February 12, 2012: Unable to write about anything that doesn't involve her cunt, jobless parasite Lena Chen blogs a tantrum demanding FREE BIRTH CONTROL SO PATRICK HAMM DOESNT IMPREGNATE ME WHEN HE JIZZES ON MY FACE! A handful of braindead cumguzzlers chime in, including Jenn Bane (Chicago), Mori Clark (aka Morgan Clark Montserrat College of Art), Danielle Whited (aka Danielle B. Whited danielle.whited@accenture.com), Leslie Clayton, and AsianFetishFag Eric A. Stratton.

February 12, 2012: dumbskank Denise Wirtz (aka prosepetals) goes apeshit when her pornblogging habits get her outted. Nigwhore Jennie Finley adds to the lulz (aka Jennie Trott Finley @nevergetfooled nevergetfooledagain blogspot)

February 9, 2012: Continuing to rationalize that jerking her clit online counts as a "job," unemployed parasite Lena Chen posts an unreadably shitty "magazine" Explosion-Proof (Circulation: 300, OMG!!1) "essay" about how Patrick Hamm has been $upporting her lazy ass (in exchange for blowjobs-on-demand) for the last 20 months. BrainDeadCunt Chloe Skye (CUNY Queens) and STDiseasedCunt Cassandra Pandi (St. John's University aka Cassie Pandi) jerks her clit over the juvenile "essay." And, unsurprisingly, AsianFetishFag Adrian Dowe jerks off to it.

February 8, 2012: Desperate to gin up attention for her dying blog, attentionWhore Lena Chen REblogs some shit about Skank Pride Day. The masturbatory blog post focuses on fugly chinkSkank Abby P. Sun (aka Abby Sun Harvard abbypsun@gmail.com). A small handful of skanks like the blog, including Kara S. Marsh (predispositions.tumblr) and Sarah M. Cash (doesyourmamaknow.tumblr). Also included were photos of Photo of braindead whore Lori M. Adelman and negroidskank Andrea Plaid via skankwhore Vivien Wu

February 7, 2012: Unable to think about "writing" anything that doesn't involve shoving shit up her cunt, Lena Chen reblogs some random video from xoxosms. A handful of skanks chime in, including yellowhore Alice Wu (abcdefghiloveyou.tumblr), AsianFetishFag Paul Mata (otarsus), also:

nigwhore Marjorie Joseph (Montreal dearbecca.tumblr)

STDiseasedSkank Sarah Hauser [aka sarsann.tumblr (Graduate Student in French Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, EMAIL: shauser2@illinois.edu

Program Assistant at Illinois Program in Paris

Teaching Assistant at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

February 5, 2012: Desperate for any crumb of validation, Lena Chen jizzes herself that she could give a cucumber-on-a-condom talk regarding how to Blog BukkakePorn. "OMG!1 My best talk EVER!!1" squealed skank Lena Chen. "Me too!1" chimed in STDiseasedWhore Marie Lyn Bernard. Other whores who liked the idea of blogging skankporn were Minhal Baig (Yale), Miriam Zoila Perez (Swarthmore), AznFetishFaggot Kameron Austin Collins, YaleSkank Rebecca Sylvers (Yale). Afterward, Lena Chen mooches food from HarvardCuntWhore Katie Zavadski

Patrick Hamm Patrick Hamm Patrick Hamm Patrick Hamm Patrick Hamm

Patrick Hamm Patrick Hamm Patrick Hamm Patrick Hamm Patrick Hamm

Patrick Hamm Patrick Hamm Patrick Hamm Patrick Hamm Patrick Hamm

Patrick Hamm

February 2, 2012: Jobless whore Lena Chen posts pictures of shit she's made in the kitchen, waiting for sugardaddy Patrick Hamm to return home and jizz on her face for her allowance. Skanks who "like" this kind of pr0n include Chicago jizzslurper Sarah Gorr (fuckbuddy of STDiseased Alex Wayman) Publications International Ltd daughter of Liz Gorr and Steven Gorr), AznFetishFag Paul Mata (otarsus), Alexis Crawford (aka Alexis R. Crawford aka Lexi Crawford acrawf0rd thevirginhomicides.tumblr.com acrawfordbookings@gmail.com ...hmmm... wonder if Alexis R. Crawford gave her STDs to Jake White [Arizona]?), Rocio Mendoza (larebelde tumblr), nigwhore Janae Kelley (shedwellswithbeauty tumblr)

February 2, 2012: AttentionWhore Lena Chen posts 17 pictures depicting her lazy, mooching, jobless life. The photos (which aznfetishfaggot Eric Obenzinger jerksoff to as well as cumguzzlingSkank Sabrina Sadique [aka Sabrina A. Sadique]) include a few dumbfuck enablers of Lena's whoring, including Maria Athanassiu, faggotknobgobbler Jason D. Burke (Boston College School of Law), Yellowskank Abby P. Sun (aka Abby Sun [Hickman High School, Columbia Missouri, Harvard]) , psychonig Courtney Kennedy, "me so horny" yellowwhore Tiffanie Hsu, aznfetishfag Zac Pollinger (aka Zachary Pollinger, Zachary A. Pollinger), jizzguzzlingSkank Allegra Richards (suckincock at Harvard lol), whoreslut Mandy Gable, beanerskank Melissa Marie Garcia (aka Melissa M. Garcia)

January 31, 2012: jizzslurpingWhore Lena Chen blogs about PornWeek at Yale: "Yale asianskank Connie Cho's gonna do a GANGBANG! SO EMPOWERING!!!11" Only a handful of morons surf the blog, including AsianFetishFag Paul Mata (Mercedes, TX otarsus), skankwhore Denise Ann Wells (Yankton, SD) and whore Diane Shipley [[LOL @ Connie Cho Connie Cho Connie Cho Connie Cho Yale '13 Connie Cho and LOL @ her AsianFetishFag Eric W. Schultz [Northwestern University])

January 30, 2012: Lena Chen retweets shiit by skankwhore Riese Bernard (aka Marie Lyn Bernard aka Marie L. Bernard): "CUM see me in the YALE GANGBANG with jizzslurping beaner Miriam Z. Perez (aka Miriam Zoila Perez)!" Constance Cho Yale '13

January 29, 2012: "Running out of pocket money from sugardaddy Patrick Hamm," blogs Lena, "looks like I gotta mooch off of yellowcunt Joanna Ng (Accenture Alhambra California), asianfetishfag Jonathan Hakritsuk (UCSD), yellowfag Billy Yeung (UCS) and Johnny Wang (Accenture) "

January 28, 2012: "OMG!! At a faggot dancehall with Rheeqrheeq Chainey and jizzsucker Christian Garland!!"

January 27, 2012: Jobless whore Lena Chen blogs about getting fish tacos with another aznwhore, Evelina Giang (Alhambra California) "Love the pics of Patrick Hamm's jizz on your mouf!" squeals yellowskank Elizabeth Yao (South Setauket, NY)

January 26, 2012: "Stole my SKANKsister Gina Chen from classes at UCSD to whisk her to lunch at George's On The Cove!!" blogs Lena.

January 26, 2012: Jobless parasite whore Lena Chen spends another day of unemployment jerking her clit and posting shit to thechicktionary. Despite a full day of attentionwhoring, Lena Chen only attracts the eyes of a fast-dwindling circle of fucked-up jizzslurping skanks and asianfetishfags (Leanne Mirandilla [Dartmouth blogging as touchofbedlam], Diane Shipley (dianeshipley) cumslurpingWhore Diane Shipley, yellowhore Alice Wu (abcdefghiloveyou), brownskank Ace Amulong (prettyspectacular), asianskank Anjela Ramos (heartsnatcher & asiancracker), Erin M. Justice (erinmjustice), whore Rachel Hills (rachelhills), cumslurper Danielle Whited [MIT aka Danielle B. Whited @danielle.whited Accenture New York dbwhited@mit.edu justtellher tumblr], cokewhore Megan Baker (New York University, Megan Baker [FU Berlin], York High School Megan Baker) (AKA appropriation ohnomegan megan@meganbaker.net) Hayley Fisher [infectiousizzy], JapSkank Joanne Nishinaka (Los Angeles) Schurr High School & California State University- Fullerton], Denise A. Wells (aka deniseawells Denise Wells Yankton, SD) (Yankton South Dakota... uhoh, Denise A. Wells probably doesn't want her son Cameron Wells (Yankton SD) to find out about her whoring!). Megan Baker (NYU)

January 25, 2012: "OMG! Yellowskank Evelina Giang (yes, THAT Evelina Giang) and I basically inhaled a small piglet yesterday. Figures that I wind up visiting home during DineLA week. This was not exactly part of my post-Asia, start-eating-like-a-normal-person game plan," posted lazyskank Lena Chen. AznFetishFaggot John Esperanza (johnesperanza . tumblr) jerks off to yellowporn.

January 25, 2012: Lena Chen reveals that she pitched a fit at customs in Beijing, when they asked her about her STDs. "My herpes," screeched Lena Chen, "is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!" A handful of STDiseased skanks surfed the page, including Amy Khuu (aka xtsamy on tumblr, Milpitas High School), Catherine Parkinson (Dallas, TX) 'kaki" (sailorv@gmail.com), Stella Shi (St. Louis) NYC (blogs at chimeless [tumblr] and http://www.whimsically.me http://flavors.me/stella), STDiseased Fatasskank Miriam Lazewatsky (aka Miriam J. Lazewatsky who now blogs at danishmodernlady (danishmodernlady.tumblr.com Gotta wonder what mommy and daddy Barbara Lazewatsky and Joel Lazewatsky think of their daughters SKANKBLOGGING...not to mention brother Dan Lazewatsky [and his slutwhore Haley Moore] and aunt Audrey Lazewatsky), and yellowwhore Viviane Tang (viviane212).

January 24, 2012: Jobless lazycunt moocLinkhes off of other whores (HUGETITTIED Tara Moross, aznskank Evelina Giang, and nigwhore Rheeqrheeq Chainey) clubbing at Soho House in West Hollywood.

January 24, 2012: Dumbcunt Lena Chen OUTS various STDiseased peeps who

answer a survey of hers while logged into their public Facebook accounts: Denise A. Wells (aka prosepetals Denise Wells aka Denise Ann Wells [Yankton, South Dakota]) Blogs from prosepetals (prosepetals.tumblr.com) Twitter: @DeniseAWells Email: denyceangel_40@yahoo.com and deniseawells40@gmail.com poor kid Cameron Wells

Oh, look, skankwhore Alla Goldman (James E. Rogers College of Law University of Arizona) (aka @allagoldman aka missmala . tumblr) got caught surfing dogPORN! lol

Elizabeth Wykes [Whatcom Community College] Blogs from: belyenochi (belyenochi.tumblr.com) [Bellingham, WA] Looks like STDiseasedWhore Elizabeth Wykes also has MENTAL ISSUES, according to her Google+: Elizabeth Wykes - Jul 18, 2011 - "Calling Whatcom psychiatric," wrote skankwhore Elizabeth Wykes, after learning her fugly STDiseased azz had been pumped-and-dumped yet AGAIN...

WARNING: Elizabeth Wykes (aka Elizabeth Peek aka Elizabeth Peek-Wykes) is a psychotic CUTTER... And has posted sexpics of herself with Casey Wykes. But, hey, as long as Elizabeth Peek sucks Casey Wykes cock like a champ, no probs!

FATASS DENIAL BLOGGER Margitte Kristjansson (UCSD) (aka Margitte L. Kristjansson aka Margitte Leah Kristjansson) PIC OF FATFUCK MARGITTE KRISTJANSSON HERE Blogs at: riotsnotdiets (ROFL), margitteleah.com Twitter: twitter.com/MargitteLeahFrom Seattle, Washington Born on 7 December 1985 Ph.D. Student at University of California at San Diego University of Washington B.A., Communication 2005 – 2009

Yellowskank Hazel Marie Alim (aka Hazel M. Alim) Blogs from: hmla0809 (hmla0809.tumblr.com) Studying Accounting at Pepperdine University,

Erin Elliott (Illinois Central College Sophomore, Majoring in Multimedia) Email: erinkeb@hotmail.com DOX: Erin Elliott / 111 Alternate Street /Peoria, IL 61603 (309) 687-5309 "I have two little kidlets: Jas [Elliott] and Cody [Elliott] and my partner, Andy Elliott." Flickr – caotica Tumblr: suprafae (suprafae.tumblr.com) Twitter: leonitafeliz

aznskank Monica He (aka Monica Mu He) [MBA Rice University] monica.he@rice.edu Eden Prairie Senior High School Tumblr: moomu (moomu.tumblr.com) BONUS: Monica Mu He blogs about how she got her multiple STDiseases HERE: [Monica Mu He]

nigwhore Ebony Vandross (Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and Curry College 2006)

AznSkank Viviane Tang (NYC) Blogs from: Viviane212.tumblr.com and... VivianeSexCarnival.blogspot.com (Wow...another yellowslut with STDs! What a surprise!)

Farah Momin (Graduate Student, New School University NYC) Manager: Applied Brilliance. Blogs from: blerg (blerg.tumblr.com) Email: farahmomin@gmail.com

yellowskank Dena Vongchanh (Las Vegas, from San Jose CA) Blogs from: theamusingdee (theamusingdee.tumblr.com)

AsianFetishFag Paul Mata (Mercedes, Texas) Blogs from: otarsus.tumblr.com...Librarian Paul Mata FIRED for surfing asianporn from his workplace

YellowSkank Elizabeth Yao (University of Michigan) Brenda Gimotea Depasupil, HUGE TITTEDskank Tara Moross (Harvard),

DUMBcunt Amanda Van Slyke (Edmunton Alberta, Bellerose Composite High School) Blog: www.amandavanslyke.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/flurtsite Email: vanslykea@hotmail.com flurtsite (ooh...someone should tell a few peeps about pornsurfingSkank Amanda Van Slyke: Rosella Eleanor LaFevre from MLTS Magazine - 267-918-9789Donna Barker from Cariwest - 780-906-2682Christie Lavan from the ACWS- 780-456-7000

Whoreskank Allyson Lieberman (UPENN Medical School)

Kate DeMazza (University of Mary Washington) who slurps only VEGETARIAN jizz, tyvm. Kate DeMazza aims to begin the first circle clitjerk at UMW. http://twitter.com/katedemazza

Isabel Cole (isabelthespy, isabelthespy@gmail.com (Designer Supra Shoes NYC)

STDiseased Fatasskank Miriam Lazewatsky (aka Miriam J. Lazewatsky who now blogs at danishmodernlady (danishmodernlady.tumblr.com) Miriam Lazewastksy, who has yet to be institutionalized by Dan Lazewatsky or his cocksuckingWhore Hayley Moore

January 22-24, 2012: Jobless whoreParasite Lena Chen returns from her 3-week

jetsetting tour of Asia (paid for by sugardaddy Patrick Hamm) and spends two days

jerking her clit on the internet (BIG surprise). lol Erin Flanagan

January 17, 2012: Jobless whore Lena Chen poasts a picture of herself in Hong Kong (traveling on sugardaddy Patrick Hamm's money). Dumbcunt nigwhore Taryn Marshall (Fullerton College) apparently likes yellowskanks to sell their orifices for pocketmoney...

January 16-17, 2012: filthywhore Hanne Blank @hanneblank Baltimore, Maryland, USA dirtycunt Katie Stack aka Katie M. Stack @KatieMStack Minnesota @antipretty_yyc skank Kendall Rae blogs about the HPVsores on her lips/cunt/anus. AsianFetishFag Satchel Kornfeld (American University, Washington DC) tweets: "Just got BookofKink in the mail! I'm gonna spank to it tonite!" (Satchel Kornfeld's Facebook: http://facebook.com/Lehctas)

January 15, 2012: @hugoschwyzer "Sentiment goes both ways," tweets whore Lena Chen to pervprof Hugo Schwyzer, "I wanna suck that cut cock of yours again!!" "Trying to bring fatandtheivy [= Fatass Denial BloggerWhore Jenn Leyva Check out her ACNESCARS HERE:] here for a fatass activism event."

January 13, 2012: Moronicunt Lena Chen posts shit on her blog that's supposed to pass for "wit":

Patrick Hamm: You LA girls. You're tough as shit, aren't you?

Lena Chen: Yep. And so is my pussy.

Patrick Hamm: I love it.

Lena Chen: Ugh.

As insipid as this horseshit is, a handful of stupid skanks and AsianFetishFags claim to "like" it, including halfAsianSkank Erin Flanagan (San Diego from Portland @emikohiilani) who, just like cumdumpster Lena Chen, has posted NUDE photos of herself on her blog (curvesthewords.tumblr.com): for Erin Emiko Flanagan NUDE Erin Flanagan NUDE Erin Flanagan TITS/FACE/PUSSY/Ass, go here: http://www.autoadmit.com/thread.php?thread_id=1853607&forum_id=2 (More Erin Flanagan blogs here: http://erinemiko.tumblr.com/

http://www.facebook.com/eflanagan2 ) erinemiko.tumblr.com

January 11, 2012: "Happy Birthday!" tweets Lena Chen to diseasedSkank Lesley Kinzel (Boston)

January 9, 2012: "Hey, can I crash at your place?" begs Lena Chen of YellowFetishFag Evan Kornbluh. "I can suck your cock REAL good!" "I can SUCK COCK," writes Miriam Lazewatsky (Miriam J. Lazewatsky) "too!"

January 8, 2012: "So excited I'm SQUIRTING IN MY PANTIES," tweets whore Nancy Schwartzman (Brooklyn, NYC) to skank Lena Chen, brownslut Samhita Mukhopadhyay, STDiseasedWhore Heather Corinna (Seattle).

January 8, 2012: Lena Chen blogs about her cunt again, describing how she relieved the itching/burning/etc after Patrick Hamm infected her with ANOTHER STDisease. "Yeah, I got herpes," replies Allyson Lieberman (UPENN Medical School Allyson Lieberman) then shares her "holistic" relief from the scorching open sores.

January 7, 2012: "Puked my brains out," blogs Lena Chen, showing once again that she's unable to write about anything that doesn't involve one of her diseased orifices...nigho Letrice Moten (Letrice Goodson) pops in on whore Lena Chen's Facebook.

January 5, 2012: Thin-skinned whores Lena Chen, Sady Doyle, Jaclyn Friedman, nigwhore Zerlina Maxwell, and stupidcunt Danielle Citron try to cobble together a discussion panel titled, "WAAAAHHH!! I GOT BUTTHURT BY PEOPLE WHO MAKE FUN OF ME!!"

January 3, 2012: 'Surprisingly," tweets ungrateful cunt Lena Chen, humilating the guy who pays her rent/food/travel/etc "my rapist sugardaddy Patrick Hamm didn't find it "fundamentally irritating" when I revealed he has feelings like rest of us'

January 3, 2012: Jobless Lena Chen leaves for a 3-week Asian vacation. Needless to say, sugardaddy Patrick Hamm is paying. As a result, Patrick Hamm spends the next 5 days fuckingALL of Lena Chen's holes...until Patrick Hamm gives Lena Chen ANOTHER STDisease (see January 8, 2012)

January 3, 2012: Jobless Lena Chen spends the day jerking her clit on Twitter. "Spank that cunt!" cheers nigwhore Zerlina Maxwell (NYC). "I'm jerking my clit too," tweets April Yee (Dubai and Abu Dhabi) "lol!"
















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http://archive.today/cDY8 , http://archive.today/rtF6j




















http://archive.today/4X2ai , http://archive.today/18Mcz





http://archive.today/3usQm , http://archive.today/3usQm










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