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Is Forensic Risk Alliance a SCAM?

my firm's checking these guys out. one of the employees ther...
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Date: April 10th, 2014 2:09 PM
Author: avocado aphrodisiac mediation nowag

my firm's checking these guys out. one of the employees there has some pretty nasty dirt in her past...can anyone add to it?

Van C. Khang, CPA


My firm recently considered contracting with this solo practitioner (VC Khang). When we asked our usual background questions about her personal past and present associations, her answers seemed evasive. So one of my associates followed up with a full background survey.

A number of red flags popped up concerning this individual. Most disturbingly, we discovered Ms. Khang is closely linked to an individual with a conviction for felony money-laundering. This alone convinced us to take our business elsewhere.

We also discovered that past employers and personal acqaintances, when allowed to speak "off the record", reported a systematic pattern of lying, cheating and deception in Ms. Khang's dealings with them.

Anyone interested in following up for themselves can easily find much information by a careful Google search: namely, search the firm's name ("Khang Advisory") + "scam" or "cheating" or "deception"

Khang Advisory tried to deceive my firm about their integrity, character and fitness. We are filing this report to ensure that no one else is similary scammed by this dishonest individual's misrepresentations.

AUTHOR: Ernst A. Young - ()

SUBMITTED: Friday, February 14, 2014

Used to work with her before the firm invited her to leave. I'm not surprised to learn she's hooked up with a convicted felon, since she was shady as all hell when I knew her.






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