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LOL, Gawker.com spanks slut Lena Chen

Laughsome nursing home weed whacker
Plus, these comments are a riot: maevemealone says: I...
Laughsome nursing home weed whacker
Wait a minute... NYCFan posts on Gawker about using hookers...
Excitant Jade Tattoo Toaster
Curious Pistol
What would it cost to have her killed?
Fuchsia ungodly corner
just wait for the AIDS to set in
Motley Rebellious Boiling Water Point
I bet you could pitch her a snuff-film: "OHMYGAWD!! ...
Laughsome nursing home weed whacker
Curious Pistol

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Date: May 16th, 2007 8:22 PM
Author: Laughsome nursing home weed whacker


they get letters

Harvard Sex Bloggers Get More Play Than You

3,349 Views "I found The Sex Diaries thoroughly entertaining, but I was disappointed by your omission of a critical Manhattan dweller: the college student," writes Lena Chen to, and in, New York mag. "My friends and I were inspired to take a page from your book and start weeklong diaries of our own. After seven days of awkward dates, booty texts, and drunken hookups, we came to a conclusion: Harvard students are getting more play than New Yorkers."

Well, sure, we'll buy that. What's a more powerful aphrodisiac than not having gotten any in high school? But Lena neglects to mention a crucial detail in her letter: she writes Sex and the Ivy, a sex blog full of insights like "Is it any wonder that of the guys I have hooked up with, the overwhelming majority are from this year's graduating class? It's not as if two-year's difference means terribly much but the difference, however minute, is enough." What's the real purpose of the letter, then?

Perhaps Lena, though she's only a sophomore, is already spreading the word about where she'll be spreading her postgrad legs. Watch your back, Julia Allison!


Date: May 16th, 2007 8:43 PM
Author: Laughsome nursing home weed whacker

Plus, these comments are a riot:

maevemealone says:

If I lived in Boston, I wouldn't want to get out of bed either and would do whatever it took to get back into bed as quickly as possible.

05/15/07 04:47 PM

LolCait says:

With dorms named Pennypacker and Hurlbut, it's no wonder.

05/15/07 04:47 PM

TedSez says:

Of course seniors are going to want to do it with you a week before commencement. Graduation is the ultimate way of saying "I have to get to work early in the morning."

05/15/07 04:47 PM

sheistolerable says:

"Hi, I'm a female college student on a campus where everyone lives in the dorms . . . and getting ass is quite the challenge for me, so I'd like to be celebrated for my success at it."

05/15/07 04:49 PM

VenusCloacina says:

@LolCait: I lived in Hurlbut! And our dorm T-shirt said "Do it in the 'but". Ah, college days.

05/15/07 04:50 PM

VenusCloacina says:

Also, Ms. Chen appears to be in Mather House, given the concrete dormroom pictured. It was like a constant nerd orgy over there in my day. Their house newsletter was called "The Concrete Abstract" and that was the kind of thing they thought was funny.

05/15/07 04:51 PM

Clevertrousers says:

Umm... College students getting more than people who work for a living? Stop the presses!

05/15/07 04:52 PM

Sev says:

Mommy and Daddy must be so proud that they're paying out the ass for an education so she can take it in the ass from a bunch of nerds.

(Yes, I am jealous. I haven't had ass since Falwell was alive.)

05/15/07 04:52 PM

Clarence Rosario says:

Quality, not quantity.

05/15/07 04:55 PM

transomist says:

God only knows what lurks beneath that laptop.

05/15/07 04:56 PM

ellagood says:

not a fair comparison.

i demand a Harvard/Columbia fuck-off.

and you can take that any way you like it.

05/15/07 04:57 PM

Clevertrousers says:

Only undergrads have sex on a comforter like that.

05/15/07 04:58 PM

GinaRomantica says:

@VenusCloacina: Yup, Mather, according to the FAS directory.

05/15/07 05:02 PM

sheistolerable says:

@LolCait: @VenusCloacina: If I out myself as a fellow alum, am I still allowed to hate the commenter VeritasMan just because?

05/15/07 05:02 PM

NYCF says:

The hourly cost of that ass [yearly tuition divided by total number of lays] has got be to way worse than any similar number of hookers I can grab on the west side.

05/15/07 05:03 PM

Clevertrousers says:

"I found The Sex Diaries thoroughly entertaining..."

That was the first warning sign...

05/15/07 05:05 PM

Smitros says:

Making the 'rents proud, I see.

05/15/07 05:05 PM

transomist says:


Is VeritasMan an even more insipid incarnation of HarvardBoy? If so, I know who he is.

05/15/07 05:06 PM

OneHundredServed says:


If you out yourself as an alum could you please do it properly by saying, "I also went to a college in Boston...specifically in Cambridge and...OK, OK, it was HARVARD...but I digress..."

05/15/07 05:08 PM

LolCait says:

@sheistolerable: You have my permission. I myself am not an alum, but spent a lot of time with a friend who lived in Pennypacker, Hurlbut, and Mather at one point or another. Not sure how much ass she got, but the odds, it seems, were in her favor.

05/15/07 05:11 PM

VenusCloacina says:

@sheistolerable: Of course. The only good Harvard alums are bitter, self-loathing Harvard alums. ONE OF US! ONE OF US! ONE OF US!

05/15/07 05:12 PM

GorgeousGeorge says:

Whoa, whoa, whoa. So you mean this enterprising young woman actually managed to convince a male Ivy Leaguer to have sex with her?! Jesus Christ, that's quite an accomplishment. "Like shooting fish in a barrel" isn't quite the metaphor I have in mind, because really, it's not hyperbolic enough. Hyperbole alone can't begin to describe what I have in mind. But I guess I'll go for "Like shooting porn in Encino."

05/15/07 05:20 PM

harvardBoy says:

My ears are burning.

No, seriously, they burn whenever I have to hear about Lena Chen's fug exploits.

Two nice counterpoints to Sex and the Ivy:

- The real Harvard experience: http://nosexandtheivy.blogspot.com/

- Harvard's Em and Lo!: http://www.thecrimson.com/article.aspx?ref=518765

05/15/07 05:26 PM

girlinterrupted says:

Is anyone else totally over the sex columnist thing? People have been having sex for millions of years. You are not special. And twin-bed dorm sex with your roommate five feet away is the least sexy thing I can imagine, so please stop talking about it like you just reinvented the dildo or something.

05/15/07 05:26 PM

lucio says:

@LolCait: and Wigglesworth. Is that dirty? Wigglesworth?

05/15/07 05:36 PM

copyed says:

@transomist: At a guess, and after a glance at the picture, I'd say a 12 year old. Seriously, if you go there, you're going to jail.

05/15/07 05:43 PM

the_marquee_de_lafayette says:

@girlinterrupted: What she said.

05/15/07 05:47 PM

HeyThatsMyBike says:

@girlinterrupted: Glad I wasn't the only one looking at the size of her bed and cringing. Will never miss that.

05/15/07 06:01 PM

Clevertrousers says:

@girlinterrupted: At least she's not blocking up public bathrooms with her stupid sexploits like that other annoying twatwaffle.

05/15/07 06:02 PM

hominaray says:

It's got to be tough getting laid living with 10,000 drunk losers with low standards.

BTW gyys, check out my new blog. It's all about catching flies using nothing more that a hot summer sidewalk and 400 pounds of dog shit.

05/15/07 06:04 PM

Stark_pigeon says:

I've talked to the nerdy sex waitress of philosophy before online, and I was intrigued by her willingness to be flirty, coy, to talk about sex, but to immediately address the one issue that must be at the core of her and her fellow colleagues' identity crises -- don't all Ivy Leaguers struggle with these post high school abandonment crises -- that though she writes about sex, any boy will get the wrong idea that this is a major component of her rich, metatextual life. Sheesh. Give me a break. If you weren't suffering from some kind of deep psychological need to project your horribly boring sex life to millions, then you certainly would be able to convince me or anyone else that sex is not a major issue in your life. For now, though, keep pumpin' and thrustin'!

05/15/07 06:41 PM

rufus says:

Would this be an appropriate time to use the phrase "Asian whore"?

05/15/07 07:23 PM

Colonel Mustard says:

@girlinterrupted: For real. I get tired of people disguising their nymphomania as edgy sociological research. Like, "I fucked twenty guys this last week so I could write an informed article about dating!" No, you fucked twenty guys because you like cock.

05/15/07 08:06 PM

ellagood says:

@Colonel Mustard: finally! SOMEONE who would appreciate my senior thesis.

05/15/07 08:35 PM

bloggadocio says:

Is "I couldn't help but wonder" the "once upon a time" of cliterature?

05/15/07 09:05 PM

xoxoANP says:

@Stark_pigeon: Word up.


When I was an undergrad at my Ivy I suffered from a banal psychological need to project my boring non sex life onto anyone who would take my crudely xeroxed zine

05/15/07 10:07 PM

Seeräuber Jenny says:



05/15/07 10:25 PM

TheJerseyDevil says:

@girlinterrupted: Piggybacking on that, can we find some way to make all these wannabe chick-lit/postfeminist sex writers realize that 'Sex and the City' is fiction? If you move to New York and become a writer you will not wear Chanel or shop and eat at $250/person restaurants. You'll be living in Washington Heights, eating ramen noodles and wearing Old Navy. In real life, Carrie ends up in Bankruptcy court; Charlotte ends up with a nasty addiction to Percocet; Miranda doesn't have time for girlfriends; and Samantha ends up dead.

Also? The whole Carrie Bradshaw thing went out with nameplate necklaces and those hideous giant flower clips. Give. It. Up.

05/15/07 11:00 PM

punkybrewster says:

@girlinterrupted: As the kids say: "Holla."

Also over college kids telling me anything about sex, life, or drugs.

05/15/07 11:09 PM

sloppy_seconds says:

I personally think the insight that younger chicks like to bang slightly older dudes when they're in college is earth shattering.

05/16/07 10:19 AM

sloppy_seconds says:

@girlinterrupted: The dildo has been reinvented? Why was I not informed. I demand to know when. And by whom. And, er, how much.

05/16/07 10:33 AM

earlytimezone says:

This is as far as I could get before my brain shut down:

"Reciprocate. Especially when it comes to oral...Getting oral sex is far from consent to give it. It may not be terribly polite to deny the other party (after all, I'm breaking my own rule), but there is certainly no obligation."

05/16/07 10:43 AM


Date: May 16th, 2007 11:16 PM
Author: Excitant Jade Tattoo Toaster

Wait a minute...

NYCFan posts on Gawker about using hookers?


Date: May 17th, 2007 10:38 AM
Author: Curious Pistol



Date: May 16th, 2007 11:09 PM
Author: Fuchsia ungodly corner

What would it cost to have her killed?


Date: May 16th, 2007 11:20 PM
Author: Motley Rebellious Boiling Water Point

just wait for the AIDS to set in


Date: May 17th, 2007 9:40 AM
Author: Laughsome nursing home weed whacker

I bet you could pitch her a snuff-film:



Date: May 17th, 2007 8:43 PM
Author: Curious Pistol