Why Dr. Brian Leiter Hates Us

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Is it any coincidence that less than 24 hours after we release a study that all but entirely discredits University of Texas law professor Brian Leiter's competing law school ranking index, Dr. Leiter goes on a venomous and utterly juvenile tirade slandering the author personally and us as a whole?

Nah, we're not surprised. Just disappointed. Disappointed that an academic felt the need to sink to a five-year-old's maturity level. Disappointed that a so-called law school rankings expert, rather than producing a critique of a competing study (or even just ignoring it), decided to spend several hours engaging in character assassination.

Some professors study law and economics. Others study law and philosophy. Leiter studies law and... law school rankings. Now, there's nothing inherently wrong with that... except when the resulting "studies" are so methodologically flawed that a first year law student can discredit them and write up a superior study merely by applying knowledge gained from an introductory statistics class.

However, let's not focus on the study--after all, Leiter didn't. And anyway, it's always seemed this man has had a bizarre grudge against the board since its inception. Yet we have identified a curious individual from a single law.utexas IP whose identity makes us wonder.

The guy on this IP spends a lot of time here. Or at least an alter ego who uses the same computer does. Just in the past two weeks (we didn't check earlier than that), he's been here almost every single day. And he's become one of the site's most proficient users of the search box.

For one, he likes to search for "Leiter." A lot. In these same past two weeks, this user has searched for "Leiter" no fewer than 14 times.

He also has apparently taken to searching for bathroom, racist, and anti-semitic language in thread titles. It's a veritable rainbow of colorful language!
  • cunt: 4 times
  • fuck: 1 time
  • blowjob: 2 times
  • bitch: 5 times
  • whore: 1 time
  • fag: 5 times
  • fags: 1 time
  • nigger: 14 times
  • blacks: 2 times
  • jews: 14 times
  • jew: 9 times
  • kike: 1 time
This mystery individual was also the first user to search for all of the terms mentioned in Leiter's blog today--before it was ever posted.

The above are just about the only law school-related terms this anonymous user has searched for in the records, with two exceptions: after searching for such lovely little treasures, this anonymous user does move on to two respected academic figures:
  • bernstein - 1 time
  • volokh - 1 time
In his spare time, he enjoys clicking on links to Hotornot pages of students from UT, learning more about Paris Hilton, and reading threads about Leiter (such as this one ).

One can only wonder what other activities this man takes up in his free time. Perhaps long walks on the beach?

Finally--yesterday, an anonymous "lawprof" wrote to Eugene Volokh's blog about offensive terms like "jew" and "nigger" appearing on this site. Only one person on the board searched for those terms before the article was posted in the blog, and that person happens to have the same utexas IP as that of the mystery individual.

Why is this man out to get us, making trouble, stirring things up, when we're just on our site minding our own business and producing some truly significant admissions studies? Doesn't he have better things to do?

All we know is, we certainly love the attention! Thanks so much!

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