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TRANSFORMERS: RISE OF THE BEASTS trailer is 1-fucking-80    12/02/22  (12)
"My God. That's him." "Who?" "The Cocaine Bear."    12/02/22  (2)
Buddy of mine gets exposed for wearing lifts at airport    12/02/22  (11)
If you're fat then fuck you    12/02/22  (4)
White rice is glycemic poison, yet Asians inhale it like air and stay skinny    12/02/22  (10)
I know several 24-year-olds making around 200k out of college at META    12/02/22  (14)
Wtf is happening to Wikileaks?    12/02/22  (8)
🚨🚨🚨Elon to expose Twitter coverup of Hunter Biden story at 5pm 🚨🚨    12/02/22  (45)
Daily drone drop vid.    12/02/22  (5)
There won't be another English Queen in your lifetime    12/02/22  (9)
Don't mention Joe being involved, it's only when u are face to face    12/02/22  (12)
you forgot one thing, mr. biden...your laptop full of pedophilic incest pictures    12/02/22  (3)
Just found out my Grandpa used to fuck my current GF. I’m devastated    12/02/22  (28)
Who here does not masturbate at least once a day    12/02/22  (6)
holy fuck i just saw a huge bear in Asheville    12/02/22  (4)
Maureen Dowd points to me as the reason you'll most likely loose it?    12/02/22  (17)
Kevin Warren: "Ohio State has played 46 1/2 excellent quarters of football."    12/02/22  (8)
Baltimore: Uber drivers carjacked, robbers then pick up riders and rob them too    12/02/22  (29)
Targeted ads on pornhub are scary accurate (link)    12/02/22  (4)
10 to be held by H for the big guy?    12/02/22  (37)
Oh...good morning...from fucking rehab    12/02/22  (22)
Does taking out student loans ever make sense?    12/02/22  (1)
Lol shitcons! "10 for the big guy" referred to the Biden family's tithing scheme    12/02/22  (1)
Your team just made me the uncontrollable tax cheat philanderer sex and drug add    12/02/22  (21)
10 for the big guy? I'll hold 15, 20, nay, even 30 for the big guy    12/02/22  (1)
How is Bose still in business with Apple raping it left and right    12/02/22  (6)
Feeling anxious, so I skipped dinner and went for a nine mile walk tonight    12/02/22  (23)
Furio from Sopranos discovered $10M painting misidentified, bought for $68k    12/02/22  (7)
still LOLing @ Drake Mallard burning the Fox News ticker into his OLED tv    12/02/22  (1)
Penn State law to quit USNWR rankings!    12/02/22  (4)
Indiana Jones 5 trailer is out    12/02/22  (83)
xo is old: no more "what's his name" threads, only "who's ur bull" threads    12/02/22  (2)
Chandler and I are investing in a gym in Reseda, CA (CSLG)    12/02/22  (16)
Ye thing looks staged    12/02/22  (4)
options finished thnx adderall    12/02/22  (33)
Is being tall really THAT important?    12/02/22  (14)
Bort scholars: What's the purpose of main2?    12/02/22  (4)
are you happy    12/02/22  (2)
Elon Musk found hanged in office, self inflicted shotgun wound to back of torso    12/02/22  (5)
soccermos: why not just watch a regular sport?    12/02/22  (43)
I remember being totally confused when I hear about Martin Luther    12/02/22  (23)
Hunter Biden Energy    12/02/22  (11)
Video of American accented Ukranians repelling Russian forces    12/02/22  (1)
Midlaw objects to Fugitive Associate Act    12/02/22  (3)
“He gets a little moody without his screens”    12/02/22  (10)
STREETS WANNA KNOW    12/02/22  (10)
CIA whistleblower found dead from two headshot suicide (link)    12/02/22  (3)
fucked 2d woman at age of 27, discovered I have esp. girthy dick    12/02/22  (81)
This is the kind of weak bullshit that wins you a Nobel Prize in physics in 2022    12/02/22  (3)
Cocaine Bear    12/02/22  (8)
They remade Addams Family but Wednesday is now Mexican and blacks everywhere    12/02/22  (69)
Elon, we are dialed into the Hunter Biden call, will you be joining?    12/02/22  (4)
Neil deGrasse Tyson is really dumb    12/02/22  (19)
Female sports are massive cauldrons of lesbian sex abuse you're insane if u let    12/02/22  (20)
Bing Crosby “kill yourselves” to the tune of silver bells    12/02/22  (118)
Can we get an update from HATP on his “relationship” with “the box tp”?    12/02/22  (44)
How many beers is .08?    12/02/22  (21)
I work 10 hours a week and make 75k in flyover    12/02/22  (10)
Don't mess with him Todd. He's an e-Engineer    12/02/22  (1)
CNN’s Oliver Darcy blames TUCKER and TRUMP for turning Kanye ANTISEMITIC    12/02/22  (2)
TMF do you have EDF5 on pc?    12/02/22  (3)
China gaping Russia even harder on gas prices - link    12/02/22  (2)
Germany's defense secretary is a total joke - link    12/02/22  (1)
RATE (((akiva cohen)))'s shakedown demand on musk for ex-twitter employees    12/02/22  (34)
Shareblue bros, what are are plans to respond to Elon Hunter story today?    12/02/22  (1)
America just simply sucks everywhere you go    12/02/22  (4)
Hege I've seen good things about going loud with 300blkout nocan sprsonic grain    12/02/22  (2)
Switzerland to ban Electiv Vehicle charging to avoid Electricity Blackouts    12/02/22  (1)
NYC MFE - Apartment fire, but no injuries    12/02/22  (1)
Is Austin, TX an ok place to live or is it just being forcememed    12/02/22  (33)
NY to force online entities to remove hate speech from websites or face fined    12/02/22  (29)
why does working make me so miserable?    12/02/22  (8)
Bee movie prequel coming out in 2024    12/02/22  (3)
The irrefutable argument for god (Jordan Peterson)    12/02/22  (3)
Audrey Plaza epitomizes “Butter Face”    12/02/22  (48)
pls b tru: Elon to expose intra-Twitter decision about Hunter's laptop    12/02/22  (5)
Which poster has a higher IQ? Candy Ride tp or geno tp?    12/02/22  (4)
thermal video of Russians getting absolutely shredded by artillery (link)    12/02/22  (40)
Hate Speech’s Rise on Twitter Is Unprecedented, Researchers Find    12/02/22  (9)
Just more parasites growing in ""womens" stomachs anyway    12/02/22  (5)
This is the hard part of Ukraine taking Crimea - link    12/02/22  (91)
How did Kanye incite violence    12/02/22  (7)
anybody like Iron Maiden better with Paul Di'Anno?    12/02/22  (26)
Silver in technical breakout. Inverse head n shoulders in process. $50 target.    12/02/22  (16)
New girl w/ email job vid just -=>DROPPED<=-: Deloitte marketing manager edition    12/02/22  (125)
180 anti-Globohomo screed from a hard-left Bernie bro (Counterpunch.org)    12/02/22  (22)
I'm most interested in people/books/media that are banned. I seek them out    12/02/22  (3)
Pro Ukraine and got the jab    12/02/22  (1)
TMZ: Matt Damon asks girls to call him The Martian during sex (link)    12/02/22  (8)
Its coming home, lads    12/02/22  (3)
Post-Covid the writing has been legit. Theres a new twist everyday    12/02/22  (2)
I've written several books with multi-millionaires and it made me understand som    12/02/22  (11)
It's coming home bros    12/02/22  (1)
ITT I give you the STONE COLD AJiP lock of the week (cfb)    12/02/22  (10)
if you dont trust the banks, why would you trust the Bankmans?    12/02/22  (1)
Masons use ATMs and the masonic torment nebula to teleport vast distances    12/02/22  (8)
Ahriman is just giving this torment away dummies    12/02/22  (8)
Libs keep saying Ye is DONE HERE. I get the feeling he isn't done here.    12/02/22  (51)
king nude luis bringing baby oil and a tarp to the manger    12/02/22  (2)
Who has the Fattest Wife on Autoadmit?    12/02/22  (77)
Help! Grandfather, age unknown, replaced limbs with masonic compasses & viewfind    12/02/22  (10)
JShocrates slapping around Glaucolt in scholarly debate about po boy essentia    12/02/22  (3)
My 65" LG C2 120hz OLED just arrived. Holy shit this is amazing.    12/02/22  (18)
*2022 WORLD CUP PREDICTIONS THREAD*    12/02/22  (15)
MPA's biglaw workday began today with him finding a small idol to TAK    12/02/22  (5)
TMF is a pot bellied goblin    12/02/22  (1)
What is your favorite palindrome?    12/02/22  (19)
LJL Disney literally shutting down Spash Mountain for a new WOC theme ride    12/02/22  (3)
don’t fart out his cum bro    12/02/22  (46)
Zelenskyy holding up intact Gex: Enter the Gecko copy in Kherson rubble    12/02/22  (3)
People tricking ChatGPT “like watching an Asimov novel come to life”    12/02/22  (11)
Let's talk about Gex baby/Let's talk about wormy world tree/Let's talk about all    12/02/22  (2)
everything makes sense when u realize it's all a mass masonic humiliation ritual    12/02/22  (6)
How is Apple not violating like a million Antitrust laws?    12/02/22  (9)
Gun to your head: Fuck, Marry, Kill---Gex, Bubsy, Sly Cooper    12/02/22  (4)
Department of Justice began criminal investigation of Biden sex assault accuser    12/02/22  (8)
Many people are saying TMF is a Panama City slumlord    12/02/22  (5)
lol holy shit america is so fucking awful, literally every part of it    12/02/22  (1)
AppleTV+ has a comedians in cars getting coffee….except with Hillary and Chels    12/02/22  (13)
If you look closely at 17:42 of AJ/Ye video you can see J.R. "Bob" Dobbs face    12/02/22  (4)
Good news about Ukraine's power situation - link    12/02/22  (52)
"Even my risotto po boy?"    12/02/22  (4)
What's a great business to start? Name one, I'll do it and make $1MM in 2023    12/02/22  (17)
TBF's canned ragepoasting is kind of like the work of an ancient biographer imo    12/02/22  (3)
Let's see Ukraine's km/light rail total    12/02/22  (1)
49ers -4 against Dolphins this week is a lock    12/02/22  (1)
TT hires Saigon bar girl Catcher in the Rye style, asks her Qs abt VN Light Rail    12/02/22  (4)
Tommy blurting out "Bullet train" to every Rorschach ink blot @ Viennese shrink    12/02/22  (3)
one painting from each year of the 1600s (link)    12/02/22  (8)
I’ve been eating Celsius powder instead of drinking coffee    12/02/22  (5)
Cool it with the anti-Masonisms    12/02/22  (3)
Im like 40 and have Hair. My phenotype is excellent imho    12/02/22  (4)
Is Elon Musk the only known billionaire to ever have been cucked by a tranny?    12/02/22  (1)
so Ricky was a 5'6 soccer enforcer?    12/02/22  (6)
Asked like 10 women I know IRL if they think Elon Musk is handsome. Only 1 said    12/02/22  (12)
Wow you're doing great keep it up love it πŸ˜™    12/02/22  (2)
you need to break free from the chains of autism    12/02/22  (1)
pee & poo    12/02/22  (3)
It's 2022... we're "queering Evola"    12/02/22  (2)
I am queering the discourse, pray I don't queer it further    12/02/22  (16)
Super Bowl will soon run out of monoculture halftime performers    12/02/22  (55)
OpenAI, write a legal demand letter from a Reddit user. Include the word 'tap-da    12/02/22  (2)
Now that he has a slightly higher salary did Brett Kavanaugh buy an iPhone?    12/02/22  (1)
Ricky, why don't you move to Serbia?    12/02/22  (9)
Fat flabby Kanye bodyshames fat flabby Elon (link)    12/02/22  (6)
what happened with that dumb ZZZ FL lawsuit?    12/02/22  (1)
LAWYERS - any analysis on Alex Jones bankruptcy filing?    12/02/22  (2)
someday adults will be back in charge and we can pass fiscal conservative policy    12/02/22  (4)
bhagwan shree luis    12/02/22  (2)
big dog bhagwan    12/02/22  (7)

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