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Jew bros, any of your family involved with secret control of world affairs?    01/18/21  (13)
"Queen's Gambit" except it's Henry Aaron shoving chess pieces up his asshole    01/18/21  (6)
Hitler had FDR/Churchill/Stalin beat on phenotype    01/18/21  (8)
I’m currently on a 2022 Senate campaign    01/18/21  (25)
I believe in One Nation, Under God, of HANK HILL HEROES    01/18/21  (2)
Fwd: Newt Gingrich - Why I will not accept Joe Biden as president    01/18/21  (22)
we can't have free speech because women get offended. (twins)    01/18/21  (3)
Richard Spencer/Alt-Right did more to move the overton window than everyone else    01/18/21  (57)
Kenny, if CSLG told you had to fuck his wife, what’s your play?    01/18/21  (3)
Anyone have a peloton    01/18/21  (40)
"So, Kamala will move against you first. She'll set up a meeting with someone.."    01/18/21  (56)
the enemy's only weapon is demoralization. be cheery! (twins)    01/18/21  (9)
LJL shitlibs: THIS is your D.C. National Guard    01/18/21  (57)
CAPTION this New Yorker cartoon (pic)    01/18/21  (17)
Henry Aaron so distraught not even one of his homemade cumcicles cheers him    01/18/21  (17)
Quakelivetournaments.com hailed as a "21st century agora" by leading intellectua    01/18/21  (5)
Can't stop Lol'ing about those Seattle BLM protestors doing somersaults off that    01/18/21  (17)
American here    01/18/21  (1)
by now I expect u have verified what I said (twins)    01/18/21  (1)
Besides fruit, are there other sources of "good" sugar?    01/18/21  (14)
"The highest rhetorical device is that wherein the speaker simply ignores    01/18/21  (1)
All libs I know are so scared about the inauguration    01/18/21  (2)
I’ve got a family of 6 - should we look into CostCo?    01/18/21  (3)
Biden afraid Trumpmos among the National Guard in DC will try to kill him (link)    01/18/21  (2)
Since Charles is gone, I guess I'll review Ready Player Two    01/18/21  (414)
Biden will be forced to step down, election cases will confirm Trump victory.    01/18/21  (27)
Hold my beer, guys    01/18/21  (2)
ungghh Becky, he's staying safe, social distancing & sheltering in place    01/18/21  (1)
God damn pregnant women are sexy as fuck    01/18/21  (18)
Seeing a naked pregnant woman makes me 10/10 horny, am I alone?    01/18/21  (10)
Have any poasters left lib cities for FL/TX yet?    01/18/21  (46)
Food prices are insane. Making your own Kroger ham sandwich costs like 20 bucks    01/18/21  (45)
exeunt, thoughts on ADA these days?    01/18/21  (11)
Do you think Zizek would sue me if I vaporwaved him saying "IDEOLOGY"?    01/18/21  (7)
Zizek repairing your Yugo GV in 1987 rambling about "ideology"    01/18/21  (12)
Rudolph the hook nosed kike queer. Lied about his army clothes    01/18/21  (99)
*The invisible hand of the market grabbing another slice* (CGM)    01/18/21  (6)
a Jimmy Eat World based political framework    01/18/21  (1)
Is golf as expensive and time consuming as it seems?    01/18/21  (69)
Wife is a political commissar for the left, a Covid Nazi, it’s a living hell    01/18/21  (79)
Rate this 22 yo capitol riot girl    01/18/21  (19)
Hologram of Biden walks out accompanied by Mandarin translator    01/18/21  (3)
8 Racy Fantasies about MLK’s Dreamstick (Teen Vogue)    01/18/21  (1)
Where to find out how to be stylish?    01/18/21  (9)
Angela Merkel “goes there”: Quarantine breakers to be “sent to camps” (l    01/18/21  (3)
The Trump Presidency TV Show finale: will it be the capitol riot?    01/18/21  (4)
How to avoid a wife like Thunder Collins'?    01/18/21  (4)
holocaust museum designed by jack nicklaus    01/18/21  (1)
rate this slutty doctor    01/18/21  (123)
People actually pay 30% of a car's MSRP just to lease it for 3 yrs?    01/18/21  (45)
Tom Brady throws TD pass to Drew Brees' SON not flame (link)    01/18/21  (8)
Fleshlight TP is right about this: you simply can't be long term w sex freak wom    01/18/21  (1)
What does xo think about the storming the capitol stuff    01/18/21  (104)
Cost of living is too high    01/18/21  (103)
Come visit us at Autoadmit.com: THE attorney specialists    01/18/21  (1)
leforte 10    01/18/21  (2)
Polo + blazer and khakis    01/18/21  (4)
Did Leno or Letterman have a Dem politician on their show every week?    01/18/21  (19)
What's your favorite "law activity" that you do for work?    01/18/21  (24)
what do you guys want to talk about    01/18/21  (13)
COVID fatality rate in the USA is about 0.53%    01/18/21  (19)
I just finished shaving my feet    01/18/21  (6)
very bullish development for crypto: hedge funds    01/18/21  (124)
I only wear golf polos and wear them to bed    01/18/21  (2)
Some DJ should add Zizek saying "IDEOLOGY!" to rap songs    01/18/21  (14)
zizek pokes his head out of your glove box and says "ideology"    01/18/21  (23)
If it weren't for average people like me, non-average ppl would not stand out    01/18/21  (18)
Zizek rotating smoothly into child's video shouting IDEOLOGY in 8 bit sound qual    01/18/21  (45)
libs emailing me articles about how vaccine doesnt mean things go back to normal    01/18/21  (14)
Thinking of enrolling in the Cheesecake Factory "Ultimate Rewards Club" (CSLG)    01/18/21  (12)
Parsons for Charles Kushner, Lil Wayne, none for Assange or Snowden    01/18/21  (10)
I'm Liu Chang my first week of posting is now completed    01/18/21  (5)
Am I an alcoholic? Drink about 70 beers per day    01/18/21  (21)
Downloaded two month free Peloton app. What should I do with this?    01/18/21  (4)
Are hybrid cars flame? Thinking of getting a toyota corolla for $23.5k    01/18/21  (1)
How BADLY will Dems lose the House in 2022?    01/18/21  (115)
I am scheduled to get my COVID vaccine in 3 weeks    01/18/21  (9)
Reminder: This is a Green Bay Packers supporters board    01/18/21  (1)
Who uses the word "explicate" when you can use "explain"?    01/18/21  (10)
Wtf is Wandavision    01/18/21  (14)
Haven't seen a single military person/closed part of DC all weekend    01/18/21  (1)
I’m a Bay Area lib w/tranny kids, here’s my take on future of GOP    01/18/21  (8)
Cobra Kai Season 3    01/18/21  (32)
So DC is in full lockdown now?    01/18/21  (4)
Reason I failed in life: loser ideology    01/18/21  (2)
Lol at ever having a daughter    01/18/21  (5)
Election misinformation dropped 73% the week after Trump banned from Twitter    01/18/21  (7)
Jill Biden screaming for a doctor while Joe bleeds out and Kamala cackles loudly    01/18/21  (1)
Didn’t MLK rape some lady or watch it happen?    01/18/21  (9)
Valorant Masterman here. Cum gather ITT.    01/18/21  (3)
Brady will not be retiring anytime soon    01/18/21  (2)
I’m beginning to think some of you aren’t epidemiologists    01/18/21  (24)
🚨🚨🚨Attention: smooth Sanchez is live right now 🚨🚨🚨    01/18/21  (2)
First time I got screamed at for not wearing a mask was today    01/18/21  (90)
I have nothing for my morning tomorrow so I am gonna stay up late drinking    01/18/21  (2)
Pencil, would you poast a screenshot of your "by you" poasts?    01/18/21  (4)
Rate Trump’s official schedule for today: Many meetings, many calls    01/18/21  (3)
Remember remember, the 6th of January-ebber.    01/18/21  (1)
Disabled CA man wheeling towards a small business (link)    01/18/21  (15)
If the Vaccine doesn't prevent you getting it- just symptoms- why go on about #s    01/18/21  (5)
MLK relatives multiply like holocaust survivors    01/18/21  (1)
Xo, Reddit, Instagram - triumvirate of sites where losers hang out    01/18/21  (6)
Cant believe trump isnt attending inauguration, he shld be spying on next POTUS    01/18/21  (4)
how are people still this hysterical over Covid    01/18/21  (3)
What are the next $SCAMCOINs to invest in?    01/18/21  (1)
Katie Couric: How are we going to "de-program" Trump supporters?    01/18/21  (7)
I'm a gay black nigger with AIDS and I live in a jungle in Africa    01/18/21  (166)
Odds the MLK Jr rape tape actually gets unsealed and released in 2027?    01/18/21  (12)
LMAO the Google doodle of J. Naismath features a black guy & Hispanic girl    01/18/21  (53)
Is it a huge mistake to hire a genuinely hot secretary/paralegal?    01/18/21  (9)
rate my new "fedora closet" (MPA)    01/18/21  (4)
Anyone ever visited The Villages?    01/18/21  (39)
I have never met a server at a restaurant who uses a wheelchair    01/18/21  (7)
what was the point of that “impeachment”?    01/18/21  (21)
Bin Laden in heaven looking down at USA 2020: "oh wow, lol hehehehe'    01/18/21  (6)
I'm $1M in student loan debt, 5800 interest per month (Dave Ramsey)    01/18/21  (14)
ur shrew gf pressuring u to buy “fedora closet” in downtown boutique    01/18/21  (1)
"Hello 911? This is America, I'm fucked.. send help"    01/18/21  (1)
Rep. Steve Cohen Says He Saw Lauren Boebert Giving Tour Before Capitol Riot Day    01/18/21  (9)
Luis, I have the perfect job for you.    01/18/21  (3)
Cocks. Fucking. Cocks and fucking.    01/18/21  (3)
what are your predictions for Inauguration Day?    01/18/21  (35)
use hand computer to meet broken strangers for sex and tapas    01/18/21  (6)
this 90 days of masks or whatever seems pointless and dumb    01/18/21  (1)
Look at all the “racial equity” shit Biden plans for start in office    01/18/21  (4)
There are fewer than 400,000 homes for sale in the United States    01/18/21  (3)
I would like to move my whole family down to Jupiter, FL from NYC    01/18/21  (30)
Why did they have to call it "Space Force"???    01/18/21  (29)
Voy a votar por Donal Tron    01/18/21  (3)
Watching Tiger documented: LJL at his bitter wrinkled ex-gf    01/18/21  (8)
so once women got "liberated" they chose to be agency-less sex objects?    01/18/21  (3)
Mike Cock    01/18/21  (1)
Reparations, <>NO OIL<>, gun ban, new states, mask mandate, nat'l ballot harvest    01/18/21  (3)
First Farrah Fawcett, now Screech diagnosed stage 4 ANAL cancer    01/18/21  (2)
what % of women have regular sexual fantasies about "right wing" men    01/18/21  (12)
1st president in 152 yrs to not attend successor's inauguration. Honorable?    01/18/21  (68)
Professions that almost guarantee 500k: MD, ibanking/PE/HF, MBB?    01/18/21  (15)
So Biden & his mask mandate will get credit for "ending" COVID thx to seasonali    01/18/21  (6)
DTP was cited in a scholarly book about crypto    01/18/21  (16)
Planting a rapeseed flower in honor of MLK day    01/18/21  (2)
Final Gallup POTUS approval poll: Trump shocks with record high approval! MAGA!    01/18/21  (4)
*Takes off Cookie delivery uniform/cookie design hat, logs onto coinbase    01/18/21  (8)
biz idea. seeing eye humans for blind dogs    01/18/21  (1)
What are you eating for MLK Jr. day?    01/18/21  (5)
hey    01/18/21  (2)
That feeling when you realize that "we" lost WW2    01/18/21  (7)
Has anyone had to tell NANNY to stop using her phone?    01/18/21  (12)
REMINDER: As lawyer you took oath to defend constitution. If you recognize Biden    01/18/21  (13)
XO Bills?    01/18/21  (10)
Just smashed monitor in impotent wagecuck rage    01/18/21  (11)

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