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remember when TT tried to live in Mexico and the squat mayans ridiculed him    07/04/22  (68)
Russia has lost complete control of east Ukraine region    07/04/22  (108)
180 CNN story re: Tall, handsome Newsom PWNing short, ugly DeSantis. Lmao    07/04/22  (46)
as a male nurse, cowshit gets VERY upset when you suggest nurses fuck doctors    07/04/22  (4)
Disney really doesn't want to bring X-men back bc they hate Scumbags    07/04/22  (9)
PSA: RSF loses his fucking mind when you call him Jewish    07/04/22  (43)
make up should be illegal    07/04/22  (2)
ARE Reptile: the czar’s Air Force has 500(!), err, 400(!) planes!    07/04/22  (12)
Twitter thread on the “threat” of Russian escalation (link)    07/04/22  (26)
Worst thing that's ever happened to you because of alcohol?    07/04/22  (45)
RSF: Christian from MFH, member of New Jersey synagogue? Why?    07/04/22  (5)
DAILY REMINDER: The July 4, 1985 Liberty Concert. Hall and Oates    07/04/22  (23)
We will never know what SNES vs Genesis sold in the U.S.    07/04/22  (40)
James Cameron hasn't made a film since 2009's Avatar    07/04/22  (46)
Libs now literally castrating themselves    07/04/22  (7)
i can’t, my preferred pronouns    07/04/22  (1)
what's a good 'MURICAN dish to bring to a 4th of july thing? chili?    07/04/22  (96)
Airbus wins    07/04/22  (1)
oh you’re genderqueer? i’m agender. my bf is genderfluid    07/04/22  (4)
happy that spaceporn left this place    07/04/22  (5)
What is the typical British opinion of Americans?    07/04/22  (49)
The Bear on Hulu is good    07/04/22  (7)
If you were the Dems, who would you run in 2024?    07/04/22  (25)
Happy Fourth! Text that is haha. Up for anther croissant?    07/04/22  (8)
Reminder: that major American universities have genderfuck housing    07/04/22  (69)
what are chances we can get Mitch McConnell to join Alt Right, go full 1488    07/04/22  (7)
taking questions about the faggot UK    07/04/22  (9)
Luxury "Sedans" are the biggest Goy trap imaginable. lol    07/04/22  (33)
Just finished first season of Barry. Entire plot revolves around dangers of simp    07/04/22  (2)
Ricky pulled over by girl cop, calls her “tits”    07/04/22  (2)
Are there posters you hate/disagree with but respect their intellect?    07/04/22  (24)
MPA Blogging My XFiles Watch-Through    07/04/22  (146)
The “good girl” in Free Fallin’ would be considered a Nazi today    07/04/22  (35)
Breaking point: NYT done with shitlib misogyny    07/04/22  (93)
RATE this Jewess (PIC):    07/04/22  (7)
Anyone else entertained by the stupid arguments on Nextdoor    07/04/22  (25)
movies like Speed, True Lies, etc wouldn’t be believable today    07/04/22  (10)
cowshit 7/3 megathread    07/04/22  (14)
Russia inks deal for rotating Babylon 5 style space station    07/04/22  (1)
doodikoff cannot and will not have sex until he beats Margit    07/04/22  (2)
Started going to city parks. Sit on bench and stare into space until sundown.    07/04/22  (16)
I like the city park but lately there's this weird kike who occupies a bench and    07/04/22  (1)
Got the public defender to write "Gideon's Cocksucker" on her tits (pics)    07/04/22  (1)
Got the assistant DA to write "shapeshifting kike" on her tits (pics)    07/04/22  (7)
If I was an alien I would invade on some day other than Independence Day jfc    07/04/22  (1)
what is it with GOYIMS and ALCOHOL    07/04/22  (131)
Die Hard 4 (set on 7/4) has a shitlib enemy who loves America more than shitlibs    07/04/22  (1)
Mish McConnell's real first name is 'Addison'    07/04/22  (1)
Russia now controls 50.1% of Ukraine    07/04/22  (4)
Why can't you get good Mexican food on the east coast?    07/04/22  (66)
research boner rate this Japanese escort who came to visit me for the next few d    07/04/22  (10)
Evolution is bullshit, or there are major factors to it that aren’t understood    07/04/22  (49)
MISH got dem VOATS yo!    07/04/22  (1)
Oh what a Principal!!!!!!!! New York Libs MUST EXPLAIN yourselves    07/04/22  (33)
Klynove has fallen to the empire too    07/04/22  (1)
Rudolph is like that one nugget of shit you can't quite flush down the toilet    07/04/22  (28)
xo2016: "GO BACK TO INDIA" xo2022: "I'm going back to India."    07/04/22  (16)
Lin Manuel Miranda presents "Ukraine: The Musical" on Broadway in 2023 (link)    07/04/22  (7)
Russia to take an “operational pause.” troops exhausted after taking two tow    07/04/22  (12)
White House reassures Bezos that Biden was just lying, is not dumb    07/04/22  (3)
On the 4th I always think about how ALPHA Teddy Roosevelt was    07/04/22  (4)
10 Reasons Why Amerikkka Sucks and Is Awful    07/04/22  (9)
Most people here are terrible    07/04/22  (8)
ESPN and ESPN2 have Wimbledon SHIT instead of Nathan’s 🌭 very sad.    07/04/22  (1)
Keep replaying the teenage girl death scene in Too Old to Die Young    07/04/22  (1)
Pack of buck wild niggers stole my cornhole set today    07/04/22  (6)
Every movie since 1965 is somewhat about suburbs hiding a monster    07/04/22  (38)
Financial Action Task Force (on Money Laundering) appoints T Raja Kumar as POTUS    07/04/22  (1)
Uralvagonzavod apologizes for "delivering only 80 T-90M tanks per week"    07/04/22  (1)
Bigger deal in your family: celebrating July 4 or grieving Gettysburg July 3?    07/04/22  (1)
Do penguins engage in anal sex?    07/04/22  (2)
Salon: This 4th of July, let’s extinguish fireworks for good    07/04/22  (1)
“On this 4th, I cheers to all the tall men! Get ready for us this summer!”    07/04/22  (1)
Wonder if colt ever attained self-actualization    07/04/22  (11)
guy told me he has multiple cell phones charging at 3 different McD's locations    07/04/22  (4)
Female posters on xo be like    07/04/22  (3)
Sri Lankan Sprinter Mudiyansalage Yupun Abeykoon runs sub 10 second 100m    07/04/22  (1)
Proles love to watch loud videos on their phone without headphones    07/04/22  (1)
Trump's "Free Speech" Truth Social restricts access from Vietnam!!    07/04/22  (1)
On this 4th of July I will be toasting the men of Army Group O    07/04/22  (2)
"....a fucking *Glove*?"    07/04/22  (11)
Lib friend invited me to "Interdependence Day BBQ"    07/04/22  (114)
It’s amazing how proud & happy broke retards on the dole are to vote    07/04/22  (4)
It feels like levels of Christianity hating are off the charts lately    07/04/22  (18)
Where to move for a true taste of Americana?    07/04/22  (45)
Epic takedown of the Shitlib Race by President Jeff Davis:    07/04/22  (1)
Both of Will Smith’s kids are genderqueer    07/04/22  (14)
THEORY: kenny is using too small a bowl on his head, making his brain psychotic    07/04/22  (4)
Wesleyan University used the initialism LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM for "lesbian, gay, bisex    07/04/22  (11)
Pick one Youtube influencer to marry (links to choose inside)    07/04/22  (1)
could literally beat the ever living fuck out of every poaster here under 240lbs    07/04/22  (20)
ITT: Post your best lib haikus    07/04/22  (10)
Russia now controls 50.1% of Europe    07/04/22  (1)
Crypto rallied 10% and crashed 10% in last 8 hours    07/04/22  (5)
What is this a Chinese contest haha. (tsinahs objective 8gf at CUT)    07/04/22  (3)
I do not look down on niggers, kikes, wops or greasers.    07/04/22  (2)
it’s 180 when stupid faggot cops get shot & killed    07/04/22  (1)
“America” can burn in hell    07/04/22  (1)
America is so revolting and shitty that our streets are filled with vagrants    07/04/22  (2)
This “society” is fucking TRASH. Our govt is fucking TRASH. These women are    07/04/22  (1)
Russia inks order for 6 more Project 06363 submarine    07/04/22  (1)
Sukhoi delivers first 4 Su-34M tactical bombers    07/04/22  (1)
you awaken to doobs, in stars and strips genderfuck drag    07/04/22  (1)
doobs, nude except tweed blazer & 80s sunglasses using ur kid’s slip n slide    07/04/22  (2)
Daily reminder: America Sucks and Should Not Be Celebrated.    07/04/22  (2)
💰 We need to interview a Chaturbate big spender 💰    07/04/22  (4)
Are GENDERFUCKS impacted by the ban???    07/04/22  (4)
The Joker releasing "genderfluid" into Gotham Reservoir    07/04/22  (31)
imagine getting full tranny surgery only to be outdone by an 8 yo "genderfuck"    07/04/22  (7)
Amid Ukraine War, Orchestras Rethink ‘1812 Overture,’ a July 4 Rite    07/04/22  (1)
another Russian ammo dump goes up in flames (video)    07/04/22  (6)
Are too much watermelon yesterday. Stools are loose and black.    07/04/22  (1)
WWII Vet breaks down praising Biden and the Neoliberal vision of America    07/04/22  (16)
metaverse and chill?    07/04/22  (3)
*Will D**bs be the first GENDERFUCK to graduate law center?*    07/04/22  (8)
Why is Europe with their "superior" education system unable to compete with US    07/04/22  (38)
Firstborn is going to be gender fluid. Goddamit.    07/04/22  (12)
As a nonbinary polyamorous justice-involved genderqueer furry of size, I demand    07/04/22  (5)
Updated Covid Shots Are Coming. Will They Be Too Late?    07/04/22  (1)
Nonbinary Twitter employee shrieking as it is banished back to hell dimension    07/04/22  (2)
Any shitlib non-vaxmos?    07/04/22  (3)
"Objective beauty is a myth!" shrieked the obese blu hair genderfuck    07/04/22  (4)
"internet coins, genderfucks, lawyers obsessed with nude bodybuilding" said the    07/04/22  (4)
Former NBA player EVISCERATES Clarence Thomas (link)    07/04/22  (13)
Any neurodivergent genderqueer Latin@s of size here?    07/04/22  (4)
Being a genderqueer tranny is the 2020s equivalent of an afro in the 70s    07/04/22  (2)
"THIS IS NOT NORMAL!!!" screamed the purple hair genderfuck with bolt thru nose    07/04/22  (22)
President Buttigieg nominates drag queen Infiniti Genderfuck for SCOTUD    07/04/22  (3)
"My grandson Jayden is a freshman at Wesleyan. Yeah, in the genderfuck house!"    07/04/22  (5)
Classy crowd aboard CSLG’s latest cruise resolves a dispute amicably (vid)    07/04/22  (2)
Why do you really like it here?    07/04/22  (17)
just imagine how 180 it felt to be jinx the 1st time ur cock slid into whoks ass    07/04/22  (13)
remember when mr. jinx tried to live in Bangkok and the ladyboys ridiculed him    07/04/22  (1)
Ohio police academy teaches cops how to shoot guns out of suspects' hands (link)    07/04/22  (1)
Rate the comments on this cop vid--he doesn't even grab her "throat"    07/04/22  (4)
jag outted (tiktok)    07/04/22  (5)
Oink oinks getting PAID for killing Jayland Walker    07/04/22  (7)
Rank the following 5 current boxers by ability and accomplishments    07/04/22  (1)
We will win the spiritual war    07/04/22  (5)
Gpt3, please write a Iliad style Greek epic poem about Luis’s beauty    07/04/22  (6)
ITT I state whether you are a puppynoob.    07/04/22  (19)
George Carlin said this about USA in 2005    07/04/22  (2)
"I just feel like you're not truly committed to 1488," laments ur Filipina wife    07/04/22  (71)
White Diversity is a work of God and truly something to behold    07/04/22  (29)
Yellow Lab/ Golden Retriever alliance when?    07/04/22  (5)
Yellow Lab lives matter (but Goldens matter more)    07/04/22  (11)
shins headphone scene from garden state but with emilio and CS lewis audiobooks    07/04/22  (8)
Emilio - Indian guy staring cock-eyed at ur golden retriever    07/04/22  (3)
If I hadn't had an abortion when I was 19, I wouldn't have discovered Sega Genes    07/04/22  (4)

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