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Committee on the Weaponization of Government    04/16/24  (2)
*SPjr vomits a little playroom hotdog onto the bed as SP pushes the 2nd inch in*    04/16/24  (5)
Is Elon Musk losing billions of dollars every single day?    04/16/24  (17)
Netanyahu bends the knee to Iran - link    04/16/24  (2)
Ice-T: “This one’s a real sicko. Did a thing called the playroom hotdog.”    04/16/24  (158)
“But it’s a technology company!” TBF explains as TSLA crashes 40%    04/16/24  (4)
You fags are some of the most pathetic losers imaginable    04/16/24  (13)
#1 pick Caitlyn Clark to make $338k over 4 years    04/16/24  (2)
Bout that time of year to fill bath with box wine & load up 2 hour Sade mixtape    04/16/24  (6)
This Karma Sushi coupon sucks    04/16/24  (9)
Watch what happens to these Lunch Boys when they try and interfere with Brunchme    04/16/24  (1)
Americans are actually better off financially under Biden (link)    04/16/24  (8)
house is quiet. SIL sneaks 3 bottles of wine into the den. wakes you.    04/16/24  (25)
99.9% of cops admit to fantasy about a felon assraping them (link)    04/16/24  (4)
DJT stock $15 waiting room    04/16/24  (2)
Amerikkka is fucking fraud    04/16/24  (4)
"Property tax" is theft    04/16/24  (2)
Rate Zuck’s wife wearing only a coat (no bra) feeling on a handsome    04/16/24  (49)
In an alternate reality, there is a Brunchmen Cinematic Universe    04/16/24  (3)
Russia will retaliate against Israel if they strike Iran - link    04/16/24  (37)
Israel can't do shit without the USAF. Good luck flying fuel tankers over Iraq.    04/16/24  (1)
Brunchmen vs Lunchmen 2: Salad Daze    04/16/24  (1)
Xo is fucking fraud shit will talk every which way    04/16/24  (1)
Famous Bens pizza give em a call lol at this fraud "world"    04/16/24  (12)
What happened to Paul Town?    04/16/24  (9)
Don't follow your dreams, the security of the law awaits!    04/16/24  (1)
where will Barron go to college? Shitlib admins will ding him most places right    04/16/24  (22)
Who the fuck is still watching capeshit/comic book films at this point?    04/16/24  (15)
Backpackermos, explain women who stay in mixed dorms when female dorms available    04/16/24  (8)
Stomping in all the skulls of the frauds who've cheated me fags    04/16/24  (6)
NPR journo: we're biased but it's Trump's fault!    04/16/24  (94)
Re: careers. The people that argued for passion over practicality were correct    04/16/24  (69)
What do people get out of jigsaw puzzles    04/16/24  (5)
Non-stop Doodikoff dating experience past few months    04/16/24  (67)
can’t believe they make boys wrestle these busty teens (video)    04/16/24  (26)
For Israel, Revenge Should Be a Dish Served Cold    04/16/24  (3)
China’s demographics make consumption driven growth impossible    04/16/24  (13)
Why is my pewp so smelly    04/16/24  (8)
Elon says he’ll charge a fee for all new Twitter accounts    04/16/24  (28)
🚨🚨 Madison Cawthorne rear ends a cop 🚨🚨    04/16/24  (11)
Proposal, Russia gives Ukraine back its territory but gets Israel    04/16/24  (4)
Can’t think of anything more pathetic than “serving in the military”    04/16/24  (57)
How is Hamas embracing their new role as the good guys?    04/16/24  (1)
DJT $25/share waiting room    04/16/24  (12)
<sips coffee> <reads Karlstack> <waits patient 4 archiver to stop ruining boart>    04/16/24  (3)
I appreciate good looks in other men, that much is true    04/16/24  (1)
Karma Sushi announces new "Dog-ma" roll for its half AZN psycho customers    04/16/24  (1)
My dad works for Nintendo he says Trump is 100% going to prison.    04/16/24  (1)
TSINAH’s puppy should get run through a meat grinder    04/16/24  (24)
2AM one post threads still at bottom of board when you log-in at Noon EST    04/16/24  (1)
Nullo spammer is already at it, fucking up the bort for everyone, this morning    04/16/24  (9)
ban and kill every xo poster    04/16/24  (45)
Julia’s OF is the saddest thing imaginable. One vid she just cries, nude (link    04/16/24  (8)
I need an alina habba deepfake fuk and sul RIGHT NOW    04/16/24  (3)
"Heh. Your calzones are mushy. Reminds me of pussy."    04/16/24  (2)
I have your nudes and everything needed to ruin your life    04/16/24  (5)
The FBI needs to shut down this dumpster fire of a “website,” seize all data    04/16/24  (35)
12 y.o. you, watching ur life, fighting back tears "why doesn't he ever TOP"    04/16/24  (2)
I-85 Confederate Flag owner is defiant and this is not okay.    04/16/24  (1)
I'm only two black cocks away    04/16/24  (2)
Will turn 40 in a few months.    04/16/24  (9)
You realize that if anyone can go to prison for any little thing then    04/16/24  (7)
'Migrants' FLOOD NYC city hall to demand LUXURY hotel rooms    04/16/24  (1)
Sometimes I just can’t believe how fucking stupid you people are.    04/16/24  (20)
XOXO Opinions on Naya, Cava, Dos Toros, Potbelly?    04/16/24  (4)
lol cant believe I simped over my 'wife' for half a year u guys were right    04/16/24  (16)
can anything be done about the slowness of the board?    04/16/24  (1)
Israelis Now Using CHaebong Hyung With Guttural "CH" For Haredim    04/16/24  (3)
LOL @ the hellhole of degenerates that NYC is (link)    04/16/24  (13)
The Society for the Prevention of Meanness to Luis    04/16/24  (1)
Indian lawyer files an “objection” accusing judge of racism every time she l    04/16/24  (113)
Stopped Payment On $100 Check For Shady Prole Goy Sprinkler Guy    04/16/24  (35)
fat women EVERYWHERE    04/16/24  (5)
REMINDER: Only ~7% of gold is used in real world "industrial" applications.    04/16/24  (90)
Gold @ $2,400    04/16/24  (2)
First transgender mosque opens in Bangladesh    04/16/24  (2)
Paul Ryan rode around giant Wiener with other straight AF dude during college    04/16/24  (1)
So nerds can become scumbags/jocks, etc, but losers are always losers?    04/16/24  (17)
The Real Reason Haredim Don't Want Their Children to Enlist in the Israeli Army    04/16/24  (27)
Israel almost done getting their shorts in, ready to attack Iran    04/16/24  (1)
lol Trump can’t attend Barron’s HS graduation because of NY criminal trial    04/16/24  (1)
US is the richest Third World country in human history    04/16/24  (1)
crazy, expending 13.5% of the world's energy to support blockchain coin integrit    04/16/24  (38)
Watched otzi say something over a dead body in nonsense    04/16/24  (18)
SP here. I will never be charged w such a crime. I will never "be tried"    04/16/24  (201)
Coworker: "Is that some sort of car website you're always on?"    04/16/24  (4)
DNA co's are FRAUDS. Guy sends in ANIMAL samples. Gets "results"    04/16/24  (2)
FUN FACT: there is no Hebrew word for "manual labor"    04/16/24  (4)
good morning    04/16/24  (2)
why did globohomo throw harvey weinstein and epstein to the wolves?    04/16/24  (29)
Cons get ready to be upset    04/16/24  (1)
🚨 🚨 🚨TSINAH hearing @9:00AM EST 4/29/2024 🚨 🚨 🚨    04/16/24  (68)
the doobsday device, a fabled/rumored item that will mass-out every xo poaster    04/16/24  (4)
DJT $20/share waiting room    04/16/24  (1)
These Resident Evil & Dead Space games are too scary to play lol fuck    04/16/24  (4)
Justice Thomas back from the Dead to Put Final Spike in Equal Protection Clause    04/16/24  (1)
Sales Hayek’s body is still remarkable    04/16/24  (5)
Freaky Friday but it's Caitlin Clark and Clarence Thomas    04/16/24  (1)
Reminder: OJ got off because Mark Fuhrman casually said the N-word once or twice    04/16/24  (4)
We built this city...we built this city on COCK CON-TROL    04/16/24  (53)
At the Halford, Halford Cantina, Doobs Rape with Passion was Always in Fashion    04/16/24  (21)
starting to get a semi on people having kids    04/16/24  (1)
Despite all the Cocks that I've got, I'm still Doobsy from the Lot    04/16/24  (9)
i have fucked literally every Israeli chick in Bal Harbour, FL and have to flee    04/16/24  (12)
starting to get semi-blackpilled on people having kids    04/16/24  (1)
I walked 14 KM today    04/16/24  (1)
ITT I out Donald Duck TP    04/16/24  (2)
Caitlin Clark stuns in $17,000 Prada ensemble    04/16/24  (7)
"if you could clone one per-" "clarence thomas 8 times."    04/16/24  (38)
*begins squawking autistically* Rach, pls... fix our ZoZo.    04/16/24  (1)
My acct told me to make a 1Q estimated payment. Then I got a refund. ATD?    04/16/24  (9)
Anyone else basically not getting PS6 no matter what?    04/16/24  (6)
I just admitted everything to my wife. Here we go. Huge fight. Jesus.    04/16/24  (23)
(800)607-3016    04/16/24  (2)
All bullshit..call it all out..clean it all up and move forward positive    04/16/24  (5)
Mr. Dooberstein, could you please explain why 'boilet' is bolded on your resume?    04/16/24  (11)
It's all fraud..is this truly low iq here now or a joke?    04/16/24  (1)
Slow as a snail    04/16/24  (1)
Lol at all of this bs    04/16/24  (1)
Does weed fuck up your short term memory?    04/16/24  (3)
NYT: For high end visitors, Auschwitz offers “concentration glamping” experi    04/16/24  (4)
Lmao Cochran really niggafied OJ’s house?    04/16/24  (37)
Seems plausible in a month Trump is sentenced to 160 years in prison    04/16/24  (33)
"bye!" "you too"    04/16/24  (5)
Germany to give Holocaust survivors $236 payout to help them cope with October 7    04/16/24  (5)
RSF how did the Buckeyes look?    04/16/24  (3)
Hypothesis: Libs KNEW about POC plagiarism, but didn't care    04/16/24  (1)
I wish you would step back from that Venkatesh / you could, cut ties with    04/16/24  (4)
who else is wearing their harold baines jersey to work today    04/16/24  (2)
And here's to you, Subramanian... Jesus loves you more than you will know    04/16/24  (4)
Cowgod did you see that they are locking down CE on gamefaqs?    04/16/24  (5)
hot hmong homo    04/16/24  (22)
Francesca Gino plagiarism -- how common is this in academia?    04/16/24  (1)
Opinions on Trello app?    04/16/24  (3)
Rate her.    04/16/24  (2)
I'm a Doobsy gurl, in Bob Halford's World / My Boobs are Plastic, my Ass Elastic    04/16/24  (19)
Boomers ruining Augusta Golf Club (DM)    04/16/24  (10)
My rump is accepting deposits    04/16/24  (8)
Wetin don happun so far afta Iran attack Israel    04/16/24  (4)
John Mellencamp - Jack & Diane    04/16/24  (2)
Cute gf calls it the "Sunday Scaries"    04/16/24  (22)
Azn tourists pranked by Roach Motel (link)    04/16/24  (16)
Doobs, dressed Peppa PIG, led on a leash by Halford to your sons kindergarten    04/16/24  (26)
I Went Home with Doobs in a Dress, the Way I Always Do, How was I to Know that    04/16/24  (19)
*doobs dressed up like amelia bedelia beating rats with a broom in the HELLROOM*    04/16/24  (76)
FACE DOWN! PISSWYRM UP! HEH! HEH! HEH!    04/16/24  (3)
The fabulous sports babe made the national radio hall of fame    04/16/24  (2)
Face down, Pisswyrm up, Heh, Heh, She Likes To Fuck    04/16/24  (71)

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