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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   09/13/19  (322)
RATE The Laver Coupe Teams In Suits (PIC) #tennis    09/19/19  (14)
Taylor Swift says she is now "obsessed with" politics and the 2020 election    09/19/19  (21)
I'm seeing more and more empty storefronts. Recession pending?    09/19/19  (3)
take a moment out of your day and RATE these seven poasters    09/19/19  (1)
GameStop to rebrand as fast casual “gamer hangout”    09/19/19  (41)
high IQ bros-- how to get women to agree to cuckold stuff?    09/19/19  (2)
guys, like, stop the RACISM (99 IQ xo turdskin)    09/19/19  (1)
It's a testament to Trump that no one has found any real dirt on him    09/19/19  (10)
Do you all understand most of the country is truly not racist. XO represents ins    09/19/19  (8)
PSA: You are nigger    09/19/19  (3)
broken branch    09/19/19  (1)
wife found all my forced bi cuckold porn. now she’s asking if i’m gay wtf    09/19/19  (12)
*squints @ diner menu* "Give me the niggers with extra mayo. Duke's, of course."    09/19/19  (12)
Did the detonation of the H bomb cause women to "notice" JJC?    09/19/19  (2)
Literally terrified and shaking that a major world leader wore blackface    09/19/19  (3)
ur warrior ancestors watching as u carefully tie rainbow tie during Pride Month    09/19/19  (8)
ITT: your top 3 pr0nstars ATM (at the moment)    09/19/19  (90)
What was the first cassette tape or CD you purchased?    09/19/19  (80)
"Bond. Rupinder Bond."    09/19/19  (1)
Hannity show is literally 50% "Dems are real racists" 50% "Dems are antisemites"    09/19/19  (10)
why did Eli come back anyway?    09/19/19  (2)
FLIGHT today has 'Mohammed' as PILOT and 4'9 subhuman AZNgirl as copilot NOTFLAM    09/19/19  (6)
Dirte's kids buying Mothers' Day cards at Costco    09/19/19  (2)
Most women aren't attractive.    09/19/19  (71)
idealistic young black man moves to 85% Irish city, is beaten to death on street    09/19/19  (13)
imagine being the person who 1st discovered that democrats are the real racists    09/19/19  (3)
Did the detonation of the A bomb cause aliens to "notice" Earth?    09/19/19  (5)
should i move back to australia? (fratty)    09/19/19  (7)
why are liberal politicians so racist. imo racism is bad    09/19/19  (3)
who gives a fuck about black face. just gas all jews.    09/19/19  (1)
Good morning Rupinder    09/19/19  (3)
Which mental illness causes women to post their public IG on their Tinder accts?    09/19/19  (2)
rating poasters as one of mr. jinx's brainless fucktoys ITT    09/19/19  (14)
Soundgarden - Put On Blackface    09/19/19  (13)
@realDonaldTrump: "'Coonman' has captivated America! Big comeback!"    09/19/19  (6)
*Billie Jean beat starts* *Coonman kicks podium away*    09/19/19  (8)
VA Gov Northam call Trudeau's use of blackface despicable (link)    09/19/19  (1)
I feel like I'm wasting my youth    09/19/19  (12)
That dead look in your ancestors' eyes as you ensure the balls don't touch    09/19/19  (17)
Trudeau caught doing ACTUAL BLACKFACE in second photo (DailyMail)    09/19/19  (11)
Lol at these places that give me employment offers. Huge red flag    09/19/19  (1)
I'll set sailin with Captain Morgellon, though I'll never leave dry land! My tr    09/19/19  (4)
so basically everyone in politics has done serial blackface?    09/19/19  (3)
Got My Free CSLG T-Shirt Yesterday    09/19/19  (69)
Houston @ Tulane (Tulane is the favourite) *THURSDAY GAME* (espn, 8pm EST)    09/19/19  (1)
19yo intern at the office is trouble.    09/19/19  (27)
NYC seems to be in its worst shape since the 1980s    09/19/19  (5)
Don't push my penis, bro.    09/19/19  (1)
Penis Story Collapses In Flaccid Hearsay (Ann Coulter)    09/19/19  (8)
Libs: when did ‘Blackface’ switch to ‘Brownface’ meme?    09/19/19  (3)
name when uve actually had fresh juice (memories thread)    09/19/19  (3)
Crazy to see all these lib shrews on FB 'disavowing' Trudeau for 'racism'    09/19/19  (2)
Was Karl Marx right?    09/19/19  (8)
My wife for Israel    09/19/19  (1)
Statute of Limitations for rape in NY is now TWENTY YEARS    09/19/19  (11)
lewy body tp    09/19/19  (1)
I literally cannot pay my bills due to lack of cash    09/19/19  (74)
How can I make my gigantic forehead seem smaller?    09/19/19  (7)
Justin Trudeau's nickname in college was "Coonman" (Toronto Star)    09/19/19  (1)
You'll now be known as Blacknigger (Ellis Island official to Schwarzenegger)    09/19/19  (6)
Quit job live in 120 square foot cabin eat deer & fish & grow garden credited?    09/19/19  (19)
Rank my "nice" knives    09/19/19  (4)
and then we called it "brownface"    09/19/19  (5)
   09/19/19  (55)
Somali "targets" 5y/o white boy at mall, throws him off 50-foot balcony (link)    09/19/19  (21)
These Bing Rewards seem like garbage. You lied.    09/19/19  (3)
TMF 2 kid's 4th grade class: "That's why the compliance officer is so important    09/19/19  (25)
dirte tp running the small town over 30 tatted up divorced bar skank scene    09/19/19  (9)
your formerly angelic future wife's first underboob tattoo tp    09/19/19  (21)
tv show idea: the bachelor but with SSBBWs    09/19/19  (6)
a large cocktail of drugs w/ horrible side effects minimally slowing ur balding    09/19/19  (6)
Just put up my x-mas decorations    09/19/19  (3)
bloodacre, gun to ur head: "take 5" by hershey or by brubek?    09/19/19  (12)
bon vivant, is your wife BBW    09/19/19  (1)
NY Mag: XO Tucker is the most important pundit in America    09/19/19  (4)
You are tied to a cube, everyday a Jew makes cut in balls, T and sperm fall out    09/19/19  (3)
Tommy after high hopes I give your Iraq poasting a C. You're cleared 2 retire    09/19/19  (8)
Got a little "rapey" with a diminutive Asian guy at the gym    09/19/19  (161)
I can’t help falling in love with CNBC anchors    09/19/19  (29)
John Mark Karr tp    09/19/19  (1)
Emerging rap scene: Incel-core    09/19/19  (33)
Oh, oh, oh Chink child o' mine    09/19/19  (6)
Drunk driving Amish on horse and buggy escape from police in Ohio (link)    09/19/19  (3)
"My! Sorry for the cum fart! As I was..." *barfs cum* (Peterman @ MBA interview)    09/19/19  (158)
Great thing about biglaw attorneys is that you can just give them tons of work    09/19/19  (3)
Saved by the Bellevue starring Upset Jew and boomerboat    09/19/19  (2)
lateral-mos - help a brother out    09/19/19  (6)
6'2.8" Long Dick Internet Poster here    09/19/19  (3)
The viral load in America's pozzed bloodstream is reaching Karposi stage    09/19/19  (7)
Trudeau singing "darken my skin" to the tune of "harden my heart" by quarterflas    09/19/19  (1)
i’m poz    09/19/19  (2)
Halford bathing doobs in the Ganges, PNs turd floating nearby    09/19/19  (17)
What is the Cr way to die for Israel?    09/19/19  (4)
"AutoAdmit?" Rach says. "AutoAdmit, like, XO? It shut down in 2007."    09/19/19  (19)
I hereby SUBMIT my 9th RESIGNATION from XO eff September 19, 2019    09/19/19  (52)
google Michael Aquino - pedophile, military officer, MKULTRA spymaster, satanist    09/19/19  (10)
xo cowboy crew    09/19/19  (3)
are libs going to win in the end? they don't seem like winners tbh    09/19/19  (40)
Don Lemon praises Trudeau, takes swipe at Trump    09/19/19  (3)
peace the fuck out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=
   09/19/19  (1)
What happened to Texas?    09/19/19  (22)
   09/19/19  (1)
All 400,000 of ur male ancestors wondering why you haven’t impregnated a femal    09/19/19  (103)
whok, will you form a family..    09/19/19  (14)
Lox bagel = greatest Jewish contribution    09/19/19  (1)
“GODDAMNIT JINX WHY CANT YOU GET ME PREGNANT?!” raged whok reading PF post    09/19/19  (13)
New Freddie Gibbs madlib Album is nuts    09/19/19  (28)
NYT Kavanaugh hit piece writer: "This is all Fox News's fault"    09/19/19  (50)
pure evil    09/19/19  (1)
is that mexican chick the original morgellons poster?    09/19/19  (27)
torn between wearing hot pink golf polo/marilyn manson tee to RAP CONCERT tonite    09/19/19  (1)
Emails with ex-wife. Mine are always matter of fact, cut to the chase. Hers    09/19/19  (34)
my brains are on fire with the feelin' to kill    09/19/19  (2)
Schizophrenia in Action- Watching NYC libs deal with subway bums    09/19/19  (16)
Bros with Morgellon's---what do you do when you get a bad flare up?    09/19/19  (4)
i'll kill all of you lib faggots.    09/19/19  (2)
pregnant black woman and husband hacked to death by Irish people (Sun)    09/19/19  (1)
Can't sleep, air drumming to Lifehouse Greatest Hits    09/19/19  (1)
‘Silicon Valley’ Star Thomas Middleditch: Swinging Saved My Marriage    09/19/19  (33)
Just flushed Tommy T's relatives. What a stinker!    09/19/19  (5)
Libs lied, USA died    09/19/19  (2)
Rollover old 401k into IRA or another 401k?    09/19/19  (26)
Those US Navy ufo videos --- yeah, those are extraterrestrial craft.    09/19/19  (41)
Anon. Texas Caller: "Listen y'all, I like Americans, but I LOVE Taco Bell's deli    09/19/19  (3)
Trump advantage: Americans are retards and his messaging works w/ retards    09/19/19  (6)
Shitlawyers: How often are you scared of your clients?    09/19/19  (19)
XO 2018:My baby got eaten by a Coyote and my 15k rents due for my 100sqft    09/19/19  (63)
arnold schwarzenegger soundboard saying nigger 25 different ways    09/19/19  (9)
straight to sex, hop on floor stinking hard like poop/pee (xo Nasim)    09/19/19  (4)
chatting with a virtuous pedophile    09/19/19  (1)
punch a nazi    09/19/19  (1)
if you give a picture of arnold schwarzenegger the "magic eye" treatment    09/19/19  (5)
negative xp    09/19/19  (2)
There's An OSAMA In The Israeli Knesset    09/19/19  (1)
searched "fucked a new" . . . lmaoooooooo just lmaoooooo    09/19/19  (56)
Democrat Migrants flooding into the South    09/19/19  (51)
"What's A Juice Press? Do I Stick It Up My Ass" (BOBBY BIRDSHIT)    09/19/19  (5)
Tattooed cock    09/19/19  (4)
TT’s “drinking bros” are just juice vendors    09/19/19  (3)
Bobby Birdshit spree shooting 9 Thai girls after finding out they not LADYBOYS    09/19/19  (1)
TT and other$ here have you had Thai pu$$y like fhi$?    09/19/19  (9)
First gay experimentation (memories thread)    09/19/19  (3)
   09/19/19  (1)
ITT poast your address    09/19/19  (14)
As I get older I’m losing even my capacity to hold opinions    09/19/19  (29)
Which Henry Aaron alt did you make first (memories thread)    09/19/19  (1)
Bobby Birdshit feeding his half NOWAG kid wonderbread and boxed piss juice    09/19/19  (2)
Explain to me like I'm a retard how to manage 401k, IRA, vanguard shit    09/19/19  (11)
Chandler just settled a friend's total dog case for $40K    09/19/19  (26)
MAGA: Make Asshole-trumpmos Go Away    09/19/19  (1)

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