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my govt keeps trying to frame me but I should trust them with this mandatory vax    06/13/21  (2)
Ross Douthat touches little kids in their private parts in his free time right?    06/13/21  (5)
Need video of that Denmark soccer playing dying    06/13/21  (1)
CBS shitting all over guns right now    06/13/21  (1)
JFL if you haven’t been on UBI and welfare market buying LINK with every penny    06/13/21  (9)
"There was no election fraud! Where's the evidence? Nooo don't do audits!"    06/13/21  (17)
why is xo full of geriatric freaks like EPAH and OldHLSDude    06/13/21  (22)
“You’re an asshole”. MiG: “yes, but WHY am i an asshole 🤔 “    06/13/21  (16)
Hillary Clinton kills reporter who broke the secret Clinton/Lynch tarmac meeting    06/13/21  (97)
i am outdoors suncucking 10-12 hours per day this sumer    06/13/21  (3)
We come on the Sloop John B    06/13/21  (84)
NYTimes “Conservative” faggot Douthat: Let’s lower filibuster to 55 for Li    06/13/21  (5)
“Eriksen has no pulse” the white soccer dork said to the asian at 11am on Sa    06/13/21  (8)
Thought of show Wonder Years and Became Depressed...    06/13/21  (27)
"Sanchez has no pace" the white soccer dork said to the asian at 7am on Saturday    06/13/21  (133)
What’s the deal with EPAHs penis? Is he a grower or what    06/13/21  (13)
Kylie Page in her prime was the best pornstar of all time    06/13/21  (1)
Pornography is unbelievably toxic and destructive and should be banned.    06/13/21  (5)
OH LOOK A MELVIN    06/13/21  (1)
Trashy couple taunts the dying 7-year-old of their neighbor they're in dispute w    06/13/21  (15)
Creepy Melvin excited that Kelly Clarskon in the house!    06/13/21  (1)
Kidney stone was so big they had to take it out through the ass (link)    06/13/21  (1)
Trudeau overheard saying Kamala will be pres by 4Q22    06/13/21  (5)
The droopy dog picture barking at your 1L orientation    06/13/21  (1)
all crypto going to zero sell asap    06/13/21  (7)
12 Monkeys doesn’t seem like a crazy movie anymore    06/13/21  (14)
Can someone please explain female sexuality to me.    06/13/21  (2)
NYT blablablaMuellercreepedonTrumpWH
   06/13/21  (3)
Possible explanation for UFOs    06/13/21  (27)
Denmark’s Christian Eriksen has COVID vaccine induced heart attack on the pitc    06/13/21  (8)
"Balls in the ass, dick in the pussy." High water mark for pornography?    06/13/21  (9)
really enjoying euro 2020 so far    06/13/21  (10)
Persona V Royal is the most immersive Weeb experience ever    06/13/21  (9)
What are the CR Costco food items to buy?    06/13/21  (1)
Rate this 180^180 $7.8 million house in Laguna Niguel    06/13/21  (2)
Yo nyuug, who did you think won the battle between Diz and the Saurus ii?    06/13/21  (2)
Winnie from wonder years is married to a biglaw partner lmao    06/13/21  (2)
Love exeunt but he is either stupid or a scammer    06/13/21  (6)
im a big buttfucking faggot    06/13/21  (1)
no one's wearing masks anymore    06/13/21  (6)
REMINDER: All forms of superluminal travel are impossible.    06/13/21  (2)
Your insane if your not copping dat free CSLG shirt (pic)    06/13/21  (63)
All niter at casino, worked out, no sleep, bout to bill. Taking Q's on my lifest    06/13/21  (78)
Why are conservatives so gullible? They believe literally anything    06/13/21  (124)
Epah is not aging well. Dude looks 70 in latest pic    06/13/21  (68)
"spring break 08" u whispered as a greyalien made u dance like marionette puppet    06/13/21  (7)
Law firm requiring masks if not vaxxed. What to do?    06/13/21  (6)
walked around bourbon street last night, everyone walking around smoking weed    06/13/21  (5)
Credit Brooklyn Neighborhoods for the single    06/13/21  (77)
what is the argument for getting kids vaxxed?    06/13/21  (7)
President of China here taking Qs    06/13/21  (32)
7 Signs of Autism in Men    06/13/21  (10)
The Rolex thing backfired, dutchess now wants to get her ring appraised    06/13/21  (41)
Clique heavily influenced GPA    06/13/21  (4)
The combo of birth control and tinder has ruined society    06/13/21  (7)
Lol at the TLS Phillies just lol    06/13/21  (14)
MTA threatens to kill people who don't respect pronouns on their trains.    06/13/21  (4)
Five years with a rectal foreign body: A case report    06/13/21  (20)
The iPhone changed the world so much    06/13/21  (4)
ITT: Important Scholarship on "Buck Breaking" Meme (TBF)    06/13/21  (34)
a typology of liars    06/13/21  (30)
nescac gf: coxswain at Bowdoin. shrew wife: 2 months since you blew a load in    06/13/21  (18)
Dakota Skye: 1994 - 2021    06/13/21  (37)
Saw a harvard engineering 5'2 indian "male" walking with white girl    06/13/21  (12)
Had a surprise kidney stone, worst experience of my life    06/13/21  (1)
Actor Ned Beatty (1927-2021):    06/13/21  (4)
Klee, you cumstain    06/13/21  (1)
Democrat stabs pregnant woman on suburban Atlanta trail in front of her 3 y/o    06/13/21  (26)
I VOTED BUDEN NOW REGRET IT    06/13/21  (2)
Spaceporn monologuing to tied up CPS worker as laser moves up table    06/13/21  (14)
giancarlo stanton's contract lol    06/13/21  (4)
An Abridged Taxonomy of XO villains    06/13/21  (14)
Moving to Mill Basin so I can tell ppl I live in Brooklyn    06/13/21  (2)
🥈 Silvermos, why isn't silver mooning? 🥈    06/13/21  (4)
why not borrow $ on loan with BlockFi and use it to buy more crypto?    06/13/21  (1)
day #5 of COVID and i still feel like death    06/13/21  (43)
What if some faggots have sex in my bed?    06/13/21  (1)
Is SOL still a buy?    06/13/21  (1)
what is the argument for getting kids waxed?    06/13/21  (1)
YouTube removes all videos claiming puberty blockers are harmless    06/13/21  (1)
is a high sodium diet Cr?    06/13/21  (3)
priDEMONth    06/13/21  (2)
Twitter removes Carlson tweet criticizing new Alzheimer's drug    06/13/21  (1)
Have you guys seen this UFO video from Puerto Rico?    06/13/21  (77)
First Aduhelm shipment included covert White House delivery (DailyMail)    06/13/21  (1)
2021-2022: Year libs go after ppl who “spiked punch” back in the day    06/13/21  (2)
Yale Law Students are both incredibly obnoxious but also always successful    06/13/21  (9)
RATE these teens laughing and joking about their recent murder (twist) (link)    06/13/21  (16)
Bruce Jenner starred in a move where he spiked a black chick's punch at an HBCU    06/13/21  (2)
Just got scammed out of $700,000 by my father (wrassler)    06/13/21  (2)
How is everyone not malnourished? Who gets enough of the DV of selenium or w/e    06/13/21  (4)
Remember in like 1999 when they told women weren’t as “shallow” as men    06/13/21  (7)
I've made $300k by not paying off my mortgage and investing the $$ instead    06/13/21  (1)
moniker randomization needs to end    06/13/21  (13)
Does anyone remember Winnie Cooper/Kevin’s SAT score    06/13/21  (39)
Is there any doubt that the FBI encourages these mass shootings behind the scene    06/13/21  (8)
Anyone following UFO stories know it's very likely AI from off this world    06/13/21  (6)
Oversimplified    06/13/21  (1)
YouTube removes Tucker video w/Harvard Med prof on vaxing Covid-recovered kids    06/13/21  (2)
Clique Theory thread    06/13/21  (20)
With his London tweets, Trump embarrasses himself - and America (WaPo conservati    06/13/21  (44)
Best way to get a vaccine exemption?    06/13/21  (9)
ok mom, i know his moniker is woke, but he doesnt seem woke at all to me    06/13/21  (4)
There is, fundamentally, nothing worth spending money on    06/13/21  (2)
Bannon now selling prepper food supply kits    06/13/21  (22)
Buck breaking of first year associates usually finishes by May after stub year    06/13/21  (1)
SPRING BREAK 08    06/13/21  (1)
Rob Zombie Buck Breaking Movie: Bill Moseley rapes Ken Foree while Sherri Moon l    06/13/21  (1)
Singing "Breaking Buck" to the tune of "Creeping Death"    06/13/21  (1)
CM ducks? MR not ducks. OSAR CM wangs? LIB MR ducks    06/13/21  (1)
Crazy that aliens gave us a 180 guide to life    06/13/21  (2)
djoker getting wrecked    06/13/21  (9)
steal gas -> sell gas -> trade options on Robinhood Cr?    06/13/21  (2)
Best Museum you've been to and recommend    06/13/21  (46)
love it when luis calls things faggy    06/13/21  (11)
cute guys with muscular thighs    06/13/21  (2)
New York charges u a FEE to look at the sky w/ a telescope    06/13/21  (1)
Nyuug setting his most recent SOL YouTube video to Superman by Goldfinger.    06/13/21  (1)
wow can Bucks beat Nets?    06/13/21  (1)
what kind of sick fuck actually orders dominos and drives there to pick it up    06/13/21  (58)
Phoenix Suns fan beats the shit out Nuggets fan then says Suns in 4.    06/13/21  (31)
Better highrise balcony or 1st floor porch??    06/13/21  (5)
hot sex with hot guys    06/13/21  (2)
Suns in Four    06/13/21  (4)
Official Ranking of Best Passports/Citizenship to Have (link)    06/13/21  (3)
Strattera is giving me diarrhea    06/13/21  (3)
Contacting aliens could end all life on earth    06/13/21  (7)
Rate this Ukrainian film about Biden Crime family    06/13/21  (81)
The agenda is to destroy any and all pillars of civilization.    06/13/21  (9)
It's spa-Peggy and meatballs night    06/13/21  (2)
Epah gave his best years paying reparations    06/13/21  (3)
Shitlaw Steve was CLSG before shitlaw was cool    06/13/21  (41)
just had "korean chicken"...it's literally just chicken    06/13/21  (4)
Buying a 3M home. FMA bros.    06/13/21  (182)
Should I get a Hummer or Wrangler (Rubicon)?    06/13/21  (2)
Just ordered Dominos carry-out large 3 topping special with 3 toppings of pepper    06/13/21  (2)
Deep State bringing political criminal charges against Giuliani for Ukraine    06/13/21  (15)
Rate this job poasting (coal burning/diversity & inclusion content)    06/13/21  (3)
so no one gives Trump credit for Operation Warp Speed?    06/13/21  (19)
deep state activated weirdo ukrainian "US" officer to proxy whistleblow POTUS?    06/13/21  (2)
How do I phenotypemaxx?    06/13/21  (2)
Trudeau overheard sharting in a tim hortons bathroom    06/13/21  (1)
did i dream that Clintons used Arkansas POTUS position to do business w cartel    06/13/21  (6)
Let us keep track of the latest KOREA screename ITT    06/13/21  (146)
propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate    06/13/21  (6)
Federer and Nadal got cucked by an alpha Serb xo Djoker    06/13/21  (6)
Can someone logically explain why we must continue providing aid to Israel?    06/13/21  (120)
Where will biglaw salaries settle this week?    06/13/21  (3)
I find it 180 that S.Korean women are politically SPHing korean "men"    06/13/21  (30)

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