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Texas study: Actual cost of electric vehicle ownership is $18 per gallon    12/06/23  (8)
Caleb Hammer financially audits a tranny.    12/06/23  (8)
the Democrats are tanking aid to Ukraine/Israel/Taiwan (link)    12/06/23  (44)
I doubt all-boy Schools have Cliques to the same extent    12/06/23  (4)
Ukrainemo, but part of me is looking forward to seeing these Republican congress    12/06/23  (10)
"Or maybe he's wondering why you'd make a covenant with God then trick him    12/06/23  (2)
Anyone pay for OpenAI Chatgpt?    12/06/23  (26)
GTA VI to have racial quotas on civilian murders (link)    12/06/23  (22)
How many posters have made > $100 million from crypto?    12/06/23  (7)
Biden to DELAY menthol cig ban because NIGGERS threaten to not vote    12/06/23  (2)
Nigs buy land w/ no nig covenant; Q: Enforceable?    12/06/23  (2)
Do u remember this interview?    12/06/23  (1)
Covenant wedding: to divorce, must change xo moniker to real name    12/06/23  (3)
What's definitive explanation for why there's so much support for Palestine?    12/06/23  (10)
Rate the Education Qualifications of the President of HELLOSIRLAND    12/06/23  (7)
Nick Saban acknowledging he's playing on a stolen CFP spot before Michigan game    12/06/23  (3)
*cue Soft Cell - Tainted Love as MPA puts on pink wig*    12/06/23  (6)
will the Philippines ever turn into a high IQ Azn country?    12/06/23  (22)
Stonk market is Doomed    12/06/23  (22)
Rockstar to partner with ADL to monitor hate crime incidents in GTA VI (NYT)    12/06/23  (4)
It’s annoying how fast women lose their looks past maybe 27    12/06/23  (25)
Presidents of Harvard, MIT, Penn: “Calling for Jews to be killed is CR”    12/06/23  (79)
New NIL proposal: Venmo players live after big plays.    12/06/23  (7)
So xo really sides with the Demon King and his generals over Jews?    12/06/23  (13)
What's the latest on Trump trials? When do hearings start?    12/06/23  (2)
DeSantis asks legislature for $1MM to sue CFP committee over FSU    12/06/23  (3)
Biden to Houthis: "no worries about those attacks on our ships- haha" - link    12/06/23  (1)
“Sky Full of Stars” is better than every single Beatles song    12/06/23  (5)
What does xo think about men hitting transwomen?    12/06/23  (1)
did XO invent HELLOSIRLAND? a truly 180 meme and creation    12/06/23  (1)
Nikki Haley: "Lil boys should be allowed to cut dick off w/ parental approval"    12/06/23  (25)
will be having a roast for christmas with potatoes and yorkshire pudding    12/06/23  (2)
Radiohead fucking sucks    12/06/23  (26)
Luis Brisbois Bisgaard Smith    12/06/23  (15)
It was a RAPE Genocide!! 6 BILLION penetrations occurred!    12/06/23  (1)
Please allow 2-3 business days for these deposits to appear in your external fun    12/06/23  (4)
Unbelievable number of trash 6-6 teams in bowls, who is watching this    12/06/23  (27)
What does xo think about men hitting women?    12/06/23  (40)
NYU Jewess has had it up to HERE with "unauthorized protests" in library    12/06/23  (3)
so "consuela" is some raving schizophrenic conspiracy theory nut?    12/06/23  (19)
What are you getting for Christmas?    12/06/23  (18)
FRONTLINE doc on Uvalde. Holy shit.What a shitshow response from law enforcement    12/06/23  (2)
is it gay for a guy to have just a landing strip?    12/06/23  (1)
anyone else here never once ordered "uber eats"    12/06/23  (7)
Every person I've run over in GTA games weighs on my conscience    12/06/23  (3)
XO is ruthless when it comes to spelling and grammar. One little typo and your    12/06/23  (1)
Anybody here on the mustache-no-beard trend?    12/06/23  (28)
Why is Tesla Cybertruck shaped liek a cockroach?    12/06/23  (8)
Nothing INCITES me moar in LIFE than the thought of FILIPINOS, Furk u SIRS    12/06/23  (1)
New NIL proposal: fuckapp limited to FBS players and boosters' daughters    12/06/23  (1)
Wife refuses to combine her laundry with kids' laundry.    12/06/23  (36)
Dems are pure evil for using "open borders" as a negotiating weapon. They H8 us    12/06/23  (1)
180 Reddit anti-semitism    12/06/23  (3)
Consuela has been blown the fuck out so hard by to be fair he’ll never recover    12/06/23  (13)
Underrated Poaster - Paralegal Mohammed    12/06/23  (3)
FCS has logical 24-team playoff (conf champs + at large), zero players sit out    12/06/23  (1)
๐™‰๐™ž๐™œ๐™œ๐™š๐™ง Wednesday ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿฅ‚๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ‰๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ ๐ŸŽ‰    12/06/23  (28)
Libs hate Jews because they're white. Cons hate Jews because they aren't.    12/06/23  (3)
fsu: UNCONQUERED | commiTTTee: LJL    12/06/23  (4)
george20 screaming at Chase rep demanding chargeback for ZZ Top tickets    12/06/23  (4)
Normie retail still ignoring Crypto    12/06/23  (6)
Where did everyone go?    12/06/23  (2)
Longterm effects of replacing white kids w/ melange of niggers, spics, and muds?    12/06/23  (1)
RATE this house    12/06/23  (9)
They say coffee caused the enlightenment but countries where coffee came from    12/06/23  (1)
Using Stimulants To Get The Desire To Win Back    12/06/23  (1)
I would have USA give $1 trillon to Israel in exchange for    12/06/23  (3)
Houses Passes Resolution, 311-14: Anti-Zionism Is Antisemitism    12/06/23  (13)
Evil Chinese GENOCIDED poor Uyghurs by hooking them up w jobs at Volkswagen    12/06/23  (2)
Post ITT and Consuela will confirm whether or not you have "Charm"    12/06/23  (5)
Leaked video: 5th grade music class performs “My Vag” by Awkwafina    12/06/23  (3)
If you’re not drinking 2-3 gallons of bone broth daily you’re ngmi    12/06/23  (2)
Xo hasn't been the same since Janedonutxoxo left    12/06/23  (2)
The Halfordian rating system and humor will never die    12/06/23  (2)
hypo: 6 million jews perish from an event called "The Holocaust"    12/06/23  (2)
10 Times Corporate Lawyers Won through Physical Violence (BuzzFeed)    12/06/23  (7)
Death to neocons    12/06/23  (6)
ndsu๐Ÿฆฌ @ south dakota coyotes๐Ÿพ (FCS Playoffs) saturday 2:30pm EST    12/06/23  (1)
Neocon Jews are more than a little creepy    12/06/23  (5)
Just applied for XO Myanmar Visa    12/06/23  (27)
i come to xo 1-3 times a day, every single time its completely unreadable    12/06/23  (8)
women will always default to low anxiety losers/scumbags on long enough timeline    12/06/23  (25)
TND is a perfectly reasonable political position    12/06/23  (5)
what would happen if every single ncaaf team went 6-6 on year?    12/06/23  (3)
Ever run over a hitchhiker and not tell anyone?    12/06/23  (1)
Based MSNBC exposing AIPAC contributions to politicians (video)    12/06/23  (8)
Campus rape baiting speedrun (world record) (YouTube)    12/06/23  (3)
Whok tp is a sterile mutant lmao    12/06/23  (1)
LOL my life is an absolute fucking joke    12/06/23  (26)
How much of your day is spent being productive?    12/06/23  (2)
Any scholarship on the racial breakdown of targeting calls in college football?    12/06/23  (2)
Wife spends over $300 a day on ubereats a day    12/06/23  (89)
Jews really can't help themselves re: outrageous exaggeration    12/06/23  (1)
*shakes cucumbers tp's corpse on a wheelchair* "wake up, goddamnit! cmon pls don    12/06/23  (1)
durian tp atop a time-traveling snail, echoing "good evening" through epochs    12/06/23  (4)
"But there's just one week of no 'good morning' and everyone LOSES THEIR MINDS"    12/06/23  (2)
cucumbers tp wishing minotaur "good morning" in flawless Linear A    12/06/23  (7)
cucumbers tp cum back im sorry i mocked your GM threads, now cum back pls    12/06/23  (1)
Need someone to check in on cucumbers tp    12/06/23  (8)
"guten morgen" says a whimsical cucumbers langley soryu kicking you in the balls    12/06/23  (8)
TSINAH named Time Magazine Person of the Year    12/06/23  (9)
2045: AGI eliminates last existing wagecuck, rachmiel fixes search    12/06/23  (6)
cucumbers tp saying "good morning" to drawer full of day-labeled diapers    12/06/23  (6)
cucumbers tp selecting "good morning" database on Westlaw    12/06/23  (3)
cucumbers in submersible heading down to tell fish and eels good morning    12/06/23  (4)
"Hey, yeah -- Merry Christmas to you, too! BTW, wanna have rough gay anal sex?"    12/06/23  (5)
describe what is likely to happen if i move to nyc sans job/$$$    12/06/23  (17)
Cucumbers TP as part of a synchronized swimming routine, forming shapes that spe    12/06/23  (3)
Cucumbers TP origami figures unfolding to say "good morning."    12/06/23  (3)
The most prestigious cucumbers tp discussion board in the world.    12/06/23  (5)
Cucumbers skywriting good morning and then intentionally crashing    12/06/23  (3)
cucumbers’s first day in hell: “Good morning”    12/06/23  (2)
cucumbers tp arranges cosmic dominoes pattern spells "good morning"    12/06/23  (2)
cucumbers tp as encoded runes on the Rosetta Stone translating to "good morning"    12/06/23  (4)
love when cucumbers tp comes on to say good morning    12/06/23  (2)
cucumbers tp spills potion on ancient scroll unfurls, reads "good morning"    12/06/23  (3)
i imagine cucumbers tp poasts good morning as part of a monk's devotional practi    12/06/23  (3)
Batman animated series ep where cucumbers tp hijacks fortune cookie truck    12/06/23  (2)
CUCUMBERS on a SEAL Blackhawk crossing into Yemen: "30 seconds to GOOD MORNING!"    12/06/23  (8)
cucumbers Columbus discovering the New World: "good morning"    12/06/23  (2)
cucumbers tp stem cells under magnification spelling out "good morning"    12/06/23  (3)
cucumbers tp *watching your deadlift form*: "that's more of a good morning."    12/06/23  (4)
Phones buzz from emergency alert. It’s cucumbers saying good morning    12/06/23  (3)
cucumbers tp christening the USS GOOD MORNING    12/06/23  (3)
Nancy Drew smirking at cucumbers tp during dénouement: "good morning"    12/06/23  (3)
cucumbers tp playing goldeneye paintball mode spelling 'good morning' on frigate    12/06/23  (16)
cucumbers on Uncle Sam poster: “I want YOU…to have a good morning”    12/06/23  (5)
Is checking account part of net worth?    12/06/23  (6)
cucumbers tp, trapped in transfinite sims, recalls the Aleph Key: "good morning"    12/06/23  (3)
cucumbers tp wishing you a good morning as last ship leaves for Alpha Centauri    12/06/23  (22)
cucumbers tp squeaking "gm" in time to gibberish tp fucking wife thru thin wall    12/06/23  (12)
cucumbers to his lined up stuffed animals: “all aboard the good morning expres    12/06/23  (10)
Rotoscoped cucumbers tp dancing with betty boop wishing al jolson good morning    12/06/23  (4)
a nude cucumbers tp playing Clair de lune on your piano as you wake up    12/06/23  (6)
cucumbers tp squeezing into ur house like eugene tooms to wish u good morning    12/06/23  (2)
numbers in a computer database tp    12/06/23  (5)
cucumbers & humus tp sticking notes saying 'good morning' in the wailing wall    12/06/23  (3)
BRRAKING: EVENT OCCURS, moving lines move, Suitmen bemused but focused    12/06/23  (29)
still LOL at Darth Cheney darkly demanding you support his daughter, or else    12/06/23  (9)
BOX SPREAD: four-leg strategy with riskless payoff, first discovered by meth add    12/06/23  (7)
Taylor Swift to U: you are never, ever, ever--paying back those loans~    12/06/23  (4)
Senior Army JAG Prosecutor FIRED for email he sent in 2013 that doubted victims    12/06/23  (21)
weird that I hate NeoCons more than other types of Libs?    12/06/23  (18)
I got picked up during sex!!!!!!    12/06/23  (64)
cucumbers tp wishing you good morning as you go over the top at the Somme    12/06/23  (6)
The Curious Incident of cucumbers tp in the Morning-Time    12/06/23  (3)
cucumbers tp crucified to the right of jesus saying 'good morning' every few min    12/06/23  (2)
Movies you liked more than the book?    12/06/23  (46)
"I am Scum, and I am Tall." "Wow."    12/06/23  (1)
Wife refuses to combine her laundry with bull's laundry.    12/06/23  (4)

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