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Gal Gadot... jfc    11/22/17  (5)
Nyuug is a truly contemptible little troll    11/22/17  (5)
So all these shitlibs harassed and groped women. Meanwhile, women love Trump    11/22/17  (5)
Thanksgiving in America 2017: Wife just unilaterally decided she doesnt feel    11/22/17  (32)
In the Korean air lounge at lax    11/22/17  (26)
Doobs at Thanksgiving table: "This stuffing is mushy, reminds me of pussy."    11/22/17  (161)
What happens to people who are below median at UVA?    11/22/17  (27)
This sexual harrassment crusade against men could strengthen the alt right    11/22/17  (6)
Stand aside Yankee shit Navy, the Russian fleet joins search for Argentine sub    11/22/17  (10)
YUUUUGE football game this weekend mates!    11/22/17  (2)
US has 10 times more retail square footage per capita than Germany.    11/22/17  (4)
Russian Navy off Fla., Russia invading Kiev, Obama lisping "Stop    11/22/17  (170)
Prole tell: knowing stuff about home improvement / maintenance stuff    11/22/17  (2)
can we talk about how fucking ugly TSINAH is for a minute?    11/22/17  (23)
Errrrmahgawd!!! (flatulent pear-shaped urban shrew)    11/22/17  (2)
Thanksgiving 2017 == Virtue Signaling Olympics    11/22/17  (5)
pwned the hell out of a kid wearing a Penn t-shirt    11/22/17  (69)
America Literally Going Through Cultural Revolution    11/22/17  (14)
I have been DOMINATING the bar scene with my Admiral Ackbar t-shirt    11/22/17  (34)
I wanna suck and fuck XO Peter Thiels COCK sooooooooooooooo badly....    11/22/17  (4)
Erick Erickson comes crawling back    11/22/17  (4)
Reminder that UC Berkeley's average SAT is literally lower than TUFTS    11/22/17  (70)
When WWI got desperate, the Brits started recruiting shortmos    11/22/17  (4)
15 years later, who won the Eminem vs Moby feud?    11/22/17  (12)
Guy whos spending Thanksgiving alone watching Bubba Ho-tep 2 taking ?s    11/22/17  (1)
Relationships form part of the reason I don't believe in God    11/22/17  (1)
Senator Ass Grabben (D - MN)    11/22/17  (1)
The ethereum of China    11/22/17  (2)
so we traded grunge and alternative rock for Lena Dunham and SJWs on Twitter    11/22/17  (3)
Can't remember the username on one of my fav alts. Being old sucks.    11/22/17  (1)
Breaking scandal involving GOP congressman Joe Barton    11/22/17  (32)
how can we INSPIRE young women to ACHIEVE THEIR DREAMS?    11/22/17  (7)
Franken had to know that more were coming    11/22/17  (13)
PROLE Tell: wasting time in airport lounges instead of researching going SOLO    11/22/17  (1)
Must We 'Believe' Juanita Broddrick? No    11/22/17  (8)
why do the british make the best song writers ?    11/22/17  (5)
kurt cobain was a genius    11/22/17  (5)
WaPo: This Thanksgiving, Im grateful Hillary Clinton is not president    11/22/17  (1)
Lol at John Lasseter, hugged some women too long, now lumped in w/ masturbators    11/22/17  (6)
Would a trusted Poaster please rate my profile pic and figure out with me Why I    11/22/17  (30)
I think my meth journey is over    11/22/17  (17)
Trudeau to reintegrate ISIS terrorists into Canadian society    11/22/17  (22)
Sexual harassment crusade against men could strengthen the nude lifting scene    11/22/17  (2)
TTT codemo taking ttt codemo q's    11/22/17  (48)
NYUUG's Take On Weinstein And The #MeToo Backlash:    11/22/17  (64)
So law school is 3 years, $200k and you learn about 10 Latin vocab words?    11/22/17  (11)
I'm a slave to my cock    11/22/17  (1)
rank these bands in terms of musical importance    11/22/17  (1)
Bort Gays, how gross is shaft hair?    11/22/17  (11)
TSINAH is easily one of the most alpha poasters here    11/22/17  (8)
wait Ted Kennedy actually killed someone???    11/22/17  (6)
Just ordered a large pizza on Thanksgiving eve    11/22/17  (9)
if libs were smart they would state that sexual harassment allegations are bs    11/22/17  (5)
rate this copy of Scholastic my kindergartner just brought home    11/22/17  (32)
In all legends men have thought of women as sublime separately, horrible in a he    11/22/17  (7)
Bort Gays, have you ever groped/fondled women?    11/22/17  (14)
AssFaggot & Tremaine, LLP seeks a dedicated mid-level litigation associate.    11/22/17  (2)
KKK MOON MAN    11/22/17  (1)
I think my ETH journey is over    11/22/17  (2)
The way you look never changes. Sad.    11/22/17  (3)
Lol 16 women accuse Paul Giamatti of trying to stick his finger in their asses    11/22/17  (1)
Can a cop arrest you for arguing with him    11/22/17  (69)
corp slave is my squirrely little oriental fucktoy    11/22/17  (3)
Would Senator Ted Cruz have been POTUS if Trump didn't run?    11/22/17  (11)
Guy who lives in a PATRIARCHAL SOCIETY here, taking questions.    11/22/17  (28)
ITT: the DEFINITIVE list of STUFFWHITEPEOPLELIKE:    11/22/17  (28)
Welp friends, I'm cancelling my 401k contribution and going all in on Ethereum    11/22/17  (49)
Democrats Come Out To Condemn Ted Kennedy Over Chappaquiddick    11/22/17  (1)
can someone link me to the inaug rioter who was getting prosecuted and was sad t    11/22/17  (1)
would you let your 17yo dotter wear these shorts to her cross country practices?    11/22/17  (19)
oh theres no place like the 405 for wagecucks, cause no matter how hard you bus    11/22/17  (2)
lol at millennials protesting on the internet    11/22/17  (2)
European countries are banning Richard Spencer, but not returning ISIS fighters?    11/22/17  (5)
Ragnus, found a pic of your future wife    11/22/17  (6)
Do any of you fellas struggle with hair loss?    11/22/17  (10)
Any established rules of thumb for interacting with female roommates?    11/22/17  (5)
NYT: all men are rapists.    11/22/17  (5)
Why Did ACP Cross The Road?    11/22/17  (4)
Received Item From Major Retailer Intended For Someone Who Used To Live Here    11/22/17  (21)
There should only be 500 niggers alive today. All of them in zoos.    11/22/17  (1)
lmao @ this tacticool black lever action 30-30 cowboy gun.    11/22/17  (3)
ACP wishing everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING wearing his turkey decorated lifts    11/22/17  (5)
Imagine you went to UC Boulder. You and your GF just smoked the bong    11/22/17  (26)
The worst part about being incarnated is the boredom    11/22/17  (5)
Has anybody watched "The Job Interview" on CNBC    11/22/17  (8)
Brexit was false flag flame to show that elites really should run the world    11/22/17  (4)
should i go to chipolte    11/22/17  (5)
Venturing outside is such a chore for me    11/22/17  (4)
I need a mans bib    11/22/17  (2)
I think my life journey is over    11/22/17  (2)
Say FUCK U to GC by donating to my solo firm fund    11/22/17  (24)
Today's most restless, anxious, unsatisfying hits, Sundays on 92.7 FEAR RADIO    11/22/17  (264)
glhf    11/22/17  (4)
Whenever I think about Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for 2nd cousin threading    11/22/17  (5)
Welcome to this very special Thanksgiving weekend edition of 92.7 The Fear    11/22/17  (3)
gg    11/22/17  (4)
the shrew endgame is chattel slavery for white men    11/22/17  (1)
heaping slice of home made apple pie. dollop of cool whip    11/22/17  (3)
Can't stop looking at 30-50year old milfs on IG with tiny bikinis    11/22/17  (25)
Sometimes I feel rly vulnerable and feel like my "handsomeness" is just schtick    11/22/17  (4)
My mom and sister are going on and on about straight white men    11/22/17  (5)
How many antisemitic comments will be made at your family's Thanksgiving dinner?    11/22/17  (1)
xo Nixon: theyre just a bunch of brown goddamn Moslems.    11/22/17  (1)
Hey Doobs, 5 years from now I'll still post about your lil' reddened pisser    11/22/17  (18)
Christmas preparations underway. January 7th just around the corner.    11/22/17  (2)
There is no God but HALFORD and doobs is his PISSPiG.    11/22/17  (3)
twins, a question    11/22/17  (15)
ASSFAGGOT likes to get BUTTFUCKED by NIGGERS    11/22/17  (15)
XOXO needs to start a law firm    11/22/17  (61)
If u are only attracted to mentally well/able/cis people,u are upholding VIOLENC    11/22/17  (3)
Roy Moore cucking, now praising Lincoln.    11/22/17  (1)
The most generous are the poor    11/22/17  (8)
Check out my YouTube channel    11/22/17  (1)
Several of my friends have blown up and gained like 30 pounds in the last year    11/22/17  (10)
Got shit all over my hands, wiped it off with dry tissue paper. Sufficient, yes?    11/22/17  (5)
Russians are dumb!!! No wait, theyre brilliant political operatives! (xo libs)    11/22/17  (1)
Why did Chris Farley commit suicide    11/22/17  (11)
I have a fetish for extremely boring and plain looking women.    11/22/17  (8)
Homeless man spends last $20 to help (kyoot) woman, gets $47K in return    11/22/17  (16)
If I went to law school at 35, would I have a shot at biglaw?    11/22/17  (13)
everyone here is a fat asian man, evidence inside    11/22/17  (6)
What's a good entry level mountain bike?    11/22/17  (5)
Been dry aging a turkey for Thanksgiving. It's covered in maggots. Normal?    11/22/17  (25)
Pls explain to me like I'm 5 how Russia prevented people from voting for Hillary    11/22/17  (99)
Your phone rings "blurred lines." U look down. Text from nude luis.    11/22/17  (51)
Chicago attorney taking questions    11/22/17  (37)
Vince Vaughn was only 26 in Swingers    11/22/17  (2)
blp: hows life going? want an update on your relationship situation    11/22/17  (4)
***OFFICIAL COMPENDIUM*** of girls you would marry on the spot.    11/22/17  (16)
infertility pumo- update on your wifes pregnancy?    11/22/17  (5)
This is what nyuug's studio apartment smells like.    11/22/17  (1)
Friendsgiving is Yet Another Lame Millennial Trend    11/22/17  (51)
i want to kill piggies    11/22/17  (1)
start a thread about money, iq, or whores and it blows up    11/22/17  (3)
Biggest Chad I know gave me a lecture today about Roy Moore & rape culture.    11/22/17  (3)
Had lunch with Chad friend from back home. Spent the whole time bashing Trump.    11/22/17  (2)
How much money would someone have to give you to give up xoxohth?    11/22/17  (21)
San Quentin inmate/convicted murderer learns coding; now makes $400k (LINK)    11/22/17  (10)
askav: does fall trigger ur ancestor memories of apple dumplins in mtn dew sauce    11/22/17  (18)
Does Net Neutrality mean that Comcast wont be able to throttle your bandwidth?    11/22/17  (13)
Good Goy Trump To Close PLO Office In DC    11/22/17  (1)
DBG did you ever go to a monster truck rally as a kid?    11/22/17  (4)
We should start an XO DBG divorce pool; everyone buys a month.    11/22/17  (2)
Anyone else hate being human, not necessarily life itself, but being human?    11/22/17  (18)
Let's be clear: the IQs of poaster range about 120-135. No one here is 140+    11/22/17  (77)
It's fun to have sex with women thinking you'll date them then ghosting them.    11/22/17  (10)

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