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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/18/20  (357)
First time making serious money. Any tips?    01/19/20  (55)
Is it prole to buy DAVE’S KILLER BREAD?    01/19/20  (20)
Elie Mystal blabbering nonsense to harm Sanders.    01/19/20  (10)
ancient roman restrooms didnt have privacy dividers between toilets    01/19/20  (15)
Is Dave Ramsey prole flame?    01/19/20  (28)
$90k in Columbus vs $200k in MFH    01/19/20  (17)
Let the record show that I did not consent to this. Let it show that I did not    01/19/20  (3)
TMF peeling out in junker used BMW as shitpit bites his dick off    01/19/20  (20)
*TMF driving 130 mph in his van with his pitbull to go visit an escort*    01/19/20  (12)
The average lib would get over the brutal murder of a loved one faster than    01/19/20  (1)
TikTok is just jews convincing blue eyed 16yos to sing about getting fucked    01/19/20  (11)
rate this russian escort i bang on the reg    01/19/20  (29)
america today is a line of women, varying shades of brown, scowling at you.    01/19/20  (1)
Trumpmo logic: "Fuck globalism, except for our elections, Russia, China ur in"    01/19/20  (2)
xo DryJanuary- spent $150 so far this month on credit cards    01/19/20  (1)
Best NBA player in world = blond dude & best soccer player = blond too    01/19/20  (41)
Xoxohth Wisdom    01/19/20  (2)
MacGregor Cowboy fight was the #1 most staged fraud thing ive ever seen in sport    01/19/20  (3)
I still think Mariota is better than Tannehill    01/19/20  (2)
Rate my GF's fantasy    01/19/20  (52)
🚨 Several cops shot dead near Waikiki Beach, Hawaii 🚨    01/19/20  (5)
Rate this broke college student    01/19/20  (96)
Insane feeling walking into Best Buy knowing I'm about to drop $3k    01/19/20  (9)
Bernie spreads doctored video accusing Biden of trying to cut social security2*    01/19/20  (3)
irl lol @ monikor football tp    01/19/20  (3)
wtf. alzheimers chasers forum. jfc.    01/19/20  (49)
Mandela effect fucking sucks    01/19/20  (5)
And the 2019 Doobs Award goes to Wilbur Mercer!! *So we looked at data frowning*    01/19/20  (5)
im tweeting daddy    01/19/20  (9)
nebuchadnezzar tp    01/19/20  (1)
XO parents: How many of you are overprotective dumb asses?    01/19/20  (14)
apparently the fruit of the loom logo never had a cornucopia in it?    01/19/20  (23)
Reminder: Trump lost by 3 million votes then GOP got gaped in next 3 elections    01/19/20  (14)
someone called me out on my bowlcut today    01/19/20  (7)
It’s painfully obvious that TMF sees escorts, and that he prefers young ones    01/19/20  (144)
I'm very depressed right now    01/19/20  (9)
Irony: Sanders would be the least Israel-friendly President of our lifetimes    01/19/20  (2)
PS5 reveal is set to take place in early February.    01/19/20  (21)
What kind of fucking idiot still supports Elizabeth Warren?    01/19/20  (71)
Kid made "deepfake" HS football highlights and got scholarship at Iowa St (link)    01/19/20  (9)
Recommend the CR 401k portfolio    01/19/20  (23)
Italian Lawyer Suing Emirates for 9hr Flight Next to Obese Fatso (PIC of Fatso)    01/19/20  (64)
I just sold my soul to Lucifer for Mahomes to get ear-holded on 1st drive    01/19/20  (2)
Like brah, CHILL...it was a hawaiian roll misunderstanding lol    01/19/20  (1)
*Bartender politely claps after peterman does "Physical" by Olivia NJ*    01/19/20  (5)
Meghan’s dad: “She’s turning royal family into a Walmart with a crown on i    01/19/20  (11)
I hear we got some real Jewish gangsters in here. Real Meyer Lanksys.    01/19/20  (4)
What's so great about "google fiber?" It's just faster, more expensive internet?    01/19/20  (10)
woah someone must have hacked my browser history and put all that gay porn there    01/19/20  (2)
Holy shit NPR    01/19/20  (4)
Refs doing everything they can to stop Titans from winning    01/19/20  (1)
🚨 Scott Steiner IRL cuts a promo on Obeezy (cameo.com link) 🚨    01/19/20  (66)
I always preface sex proposals with "I'm not assuming you have a vagina, but ...    01/19/20  (1)
DBG, update us on how your Amazon scams are going    01/19/20  (4)
How ghetto is a royal Caribbean cruise?    01/19/20  (72)
The Box on tour, greedily slurping up jungle juice    01/19/20  (1)
How come NEITHER party iris talking about how BROKE our country is?    01/19/20  (48)
Hate niggers even more now that I heard about The Box    01/19/20  (5)
Are most serious about much of the crap they write ?    01/19/20  (5)
In a bar in Europe watching NFL    01/19/20  (5)
1 set of footprints: RSF, CryptoPiGlet, Colonel Chet Muscles rolling out to brun    01/19/20  (19)
ONE SET OF FOOTPRINTS: I walked around fucking IGWC in a full nelson    01/19/20  (72)
Listening to music in stereo on 2 speakers is underrated    01/19/20  (45)
Graphics card MASTERMEN: What is the best card I can get for $200?    01/19/20  (5)
New Jersey really?    01/19/20  (13)
How many posters can do a full split?    01/19/20  (1)
Luis, why didn't you invest in Gold and Silver instead of fake internet coins?    01/19/20  (3)
If you chose charmander=chad, squirtle=normie, bulbosaur=incel    01/19/20  (20)
look at this tweet that sam hyde liked    01/19/20  (23)
Missing idiot Ohio 14 yo found dead in neighbors chimney, dies horrible death    01/19/20  (38)
What do Biglaw litigators do after they are forced out in year 5-6?    01/19/20  (31)
CSLG, would you take $7.5 million if it meant cutting ties with kenny    01/19/20  (11)
Your life was already beyond repair when you chose bulbasaur over charmander    01/19/20  (28)
ARE Reptile bro has ussr built any new jeeps or submarines lately man    01/19/20  (3)
MSG in Chinese food isn’t unhealthy, you’re just racist (CNN)    01/19/20  (9)
I believe in jafar    01/19/20  (7)
corp slave chatting up yardhouse waitress, pronouncing autophagy as auto faggy    01/19/20  (18)
Some childhood photos (CSLG)    01/19/20  (91)
But lawyer Ken Starr made different arguments for a different client!    01/19/20  (1)
A circle of XO posters casually nutting on a kneeling Chalmers' head    01/19/20  (3)
Sorry mom. I'm just on edge because I haven't gotten to read Twitter yet today.    01/19/20  (5)
Twitter. Debating politics. Nintendo. Dad to two dogs.    01/19/20  (2)
Not flame: my local Burger King switched from CNN to Fox    01/19/20  (55)
If you were forced to commit suicide in the gym what would be the most painless    01/19/20  (18)
put all of your capital into Sears Roebuck stock, thank me later    01/19/20  (1)
Have $50k cash - thinking seriously of putting it all in Uber and waiting 5 year    01/19/20  (18)
CSLG: what advice for lawyers striking out on own in a niche area of PI?    01/19/20  (1)
So the national debt and fake money just make rich people richer?    01/19/20  (7)
I will take five (5) questions about my bf, but I choose which    01/19/20  (70)
Polish economy is roaring due to far-right govt. GC libs incensed (article)    01/19/20  (27)
*spends 30k on speakers* *listens to Steely Dan and The Who*    01/19/20  (5)
After.I say “that’s crazy” twice, pls wrap up ur story    01/19/20  (20)
Mrs. and Mr. Meghan Markle to no longer have their royal titles, benefits    01/19/20  (85)
chick love talking about their imaginary medical problems    01/19/20  (1)
to what extent can u pay for protection in prison?    01/19/20  (5)
Reddit is now completely unreadable.    01/19/20  (1)
Networks required to run Bloomberg 2020 ad at every commercial break    01/19/20  (6)
*Bloomberg shotguns your door down* "U R GOOGLING POLITICS. HI I WANNA BE POTUS"    01/19/20  (1)
we need to start sticking the homeless into unsold luxury condos    01/19/20  (9)
*columba playing candy crush on htc phone w/ sound on during HW's eulogy*    01/19/20  (47)
I'm an ugly freak and here's what I think about politics and traveling    01/19/20  (7)
screaming chevelle MUCH LIKE SUFFOCATING as you deepthroat Dr. Cool    01/19/20  (3)
CSLG is a breath of fresh air from sad biglaw poasts and politics threading    01/19/20  (8)
*tiffany trump covering her lsat answer sheet so tsinah can't cheat*    01/19/20  (52)
"Stripes" (1981) starring Bill Murray and Harold Ramis    01/19/20  (18)
Niggerball Semis LIVE NOW CBS    01/19/20  (2)
yo turtle dont forget those bose headsets!    01/19/20  (10)
rating posters as descendents songs ITT.    01/19/20  (13)
Boomer crashing plane in2 ur kids schoolbus as "Taking Care of Business" plays    01/19/20  (89)
Birdshit Couple With Topless Tribal Dindus In Namibia (PIC)    01/19/20  (46)
Kim Kardashian covering her ca bar answers so tsinah won't cheat    01/19/20  (1)
Rawls question: In the Original Position, would you know whether you're a poaste    01/19/20  (3)
Wait so The Box is dating a nigger?    01/19/20  (36)
LOL at this Ridiculous 9th Circuit Dissent by "Obama Judge"    01/19/20  (39)
TommyT is freer than I'll ever be and I'm somewhat jealous of that    01/19/20  (3)
You're a wizard kevin! (Dumbledore voice)    01/19/20  (7)
Why does CSLG think we want to constantly hear about his "life"?    01/19/20  (38)
Harry and Meghan breakdancing outside of Tesco for crisps and spare change    01/19/20  (5)
Rate these BIRDSHIT midgets with MIDGET adopted NOWAG and Indian kids    01/19/20  (11)
breaking bad but skylar fucks 300 black guys instead of that Ted guy    01/19/20  (41)
Soccer was invented by European ladies to keep them busy while their husbands    01/19/20  (1)
WTF happened in 1971?!?? (Chart)    01/19/20  (45)
CSLG = Buck Strickland. chandler = Hank Hill    01/19/20  (1)
Harry's ginger head pubes coming out in giant tufts from all the stress    01/19/20  (3)
EPAH tell us what you know about halford    01/19/20  (64)
$343,000,000.00 up for grabs Wednesday    01/19/20  (6)
*Watching Schitt's Creek with AssFaggot* "Good show. Should I suck your cock?"    01/19/20  (7)
has the boomer thing caught any real traction yet    01/19/20  (1)
Harry holding up the Royal Title like the Intercontinental Championship Belt    01/19/20  (1)
Need help finding a video that was linked here.    01/19/20  (9)
Why don’t they have world fairs in the USA anymore    01/19/20  (1)
Harry in tracksuit asking 'd'you wanna buy some gear, mate?'    01/19/20  (2)
Finance bros, what's the deal with gold as an investment?    01/19/20  (33)
'Locked-in syndrome': ur fully conscious but completely paralyzed (DTP)    01/19/20  (11)
*thinks of embarrassing thing 15 years ago* *says nigger in crowded restaurant*    01/19/20  (57)
Madman Plumbers Cummers Yan Perrod with a Stunner on a teenage Doobsycat    01/19/20  (4)
Is law an “honorable” reason not to have served in the military?    01/19/20  (6)
Fulano furiously examining the snatch block he bought on Amazon, dumbfounded    01/19/20  (1)
Don’t feel secure unless I have at least $100k in my checking account    01/19/20  (10)
Jeremy Nguyen is the top PI attorney in the Valley    01/19/20  (1)
female pubic hair    01/19/20  (6)
After cumming buckets inside his ass, he licked me clean with his tongue (DTP)    01/19/20  (17)
Can’t wait to blow threw my wife’s trust fund    01/19/20  (2)
Going to out Jeremy Nguyen in the next five minutes    01/19/20  (2)
Bloodacre stuck with the moniker "Dupa" for eternity    01/19/20  (21)
Uppababy most prestigious stroller brand?    01/19/20  (26)

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