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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   03/15/20  (388)
Honiara's new shtick is 180    04/08/20  (1)
This has been DEBUNKED thread LOCKED    04/08/20  (2)
Will anybody take Jim_Kelly seriously anymore after this Chinese virus debacle?    04/08/20  (6)
this has got to be one of the stupidest things that has ever happened in history    04/08/20  (3)
Assange would refuse to shake hands with lots of guests    04/08/20  (3)
Benzo thinks he could qualify for an apartment rental!!! LOL    04/08/20  (12)
Garfield panicking as Maundy Thursday approaches    04/08/20  (3)
JJC asking about his “friends” eMBA the year he started business school    04/08/20  (5)
real talk: we are all fucked, there is no way out    04/08/20  (12)
Yes your honor most lawyers on that board are a threat to public safety but let    04/08/20  (1)
Scientific panel tells White House coronavirus won't go away with warmer weather    04/08/20  (3)
lol at not eating canned mackerel    04/08/20  (1)
Researchers create model of "Gamer" phenotype 20 years from now (pic)    04/08/20  (19)
WWII doc (Netflix) says Pervitin (meth) was key to blitzkrieg - true?    04/08/20  (6)
WHO chief says he's been getting racist attacks & death threats from Taiwan    04/08/20  (18)
I'm trying my hardest to get THE BUG to no avail    04/08/20  (4)
Next 2-3 years will be BOOM TIMES for smart solo attorneys. It's not too late    04/08/20  (15)
Upon reflection, every gay man you know has a gay celeb they look like    04/08/20  (1)
The problem with hydroxychlorquine is we don’t have enough and won’t have en    04/08/20  (11)
Should we nuke China?    04/08/20  (6)
Arnold's son w/ the Mexican midget maid is the only one looks like him (DTP)    04/08/20  (5)
The only path out for America at this point is to nuke China.    04/08/20  (22)
American “cities” are just huge concentrations of well-adjusted criminals    04/08/20  (3)
$50k, you have ability to know who is a COVID POZpig    04/08/20  (1)
Lib Madison Wisconsin MD murdered by Dindu    04/08/20  (86)
i just realized i only use computer to read stuff online and watch video    04/08/20  (1)
How long until a NUKE gets dropped on CHINA    04/08/20  (1)
we are going to have to build way more housing, there is no way around it    04/08/20  (16)
WTF - Ta Nehisi wrote a novel?    04/08/20  (15)
New JJC post on the MBA experience    04/08/20  (18)
is peter thiel a bottom or top?    04/08/20  (1)
Anyone else irrationally hate apple products?    04/08/20  (34)
Help me pick a couch/sectional    04/08/20  (37)
Tom Brady reviews Rob Gronkowski’s ‘amazing’ penis    04/08/20  (5)
i stopped looking at porn for a bit... getting ads for ED on fb all of a sudden    04/08/20  (1)
Trump must pardon Joe Exotic    04/08/20  (4)
Tariq Nasheed - stank ass (1999) (music video)    04/08/20  (1)
Poll: Will we regret locking down?    04/08/20  (50)
insane how we can only imagine Spaceporn & Lawman’s thoughts on Covid    04/08/20  (3)
Yes honey it's Jake from state farm. Ive been sucking and fucking him for years!    04/08/20  (3)
REQUEST: someone start a vegetable garden and post daily progress pics    04/08/20  (2)
WTF are these nigs doing to these XO poasters?    04/08/20  (2)
Marshall Mather's Hairline in 2020 Official Thread    04/08/20  (21)
govt. taking ur money to give to tax-cheat poors and tax-cheat billionaires    04/08/20  (2)
Most COVID cases in US came from ITALY & EUROPE, Chinese Scientists Say    04/08/20  (2)
new Louis CK special is absolutely amazing    04/08/20  (4)
There is NO WAY Trump can Make America Great Again!    04/08/20  (4)
So is the gov't actually going to give money to anyone or was that flame?    04/08/20  (7)
Is Brandon Sanderson xoxo-approved?    04/08/20  (1)
PSA: There is NO WAY the US can beat Belgium    04/08/20  (75)
Californians IMMUNE to Coronavirus    04/08/20  (25)
So PPP businesses cant fire anyone for 2 months?    04/08/20  (2)
*TMF riding ATV thru post-apocalyptic Maplewood, NJ; shit pits foaming at mouth*    04/08/20  (18)
More Americans have died from Coronavirus than 1/3 of US combat losses in Vietna    04/08/20  (7)
We say NYC is dense etc etc but how exactly did all these ppl get infected?    04/08/20  (15)
How can less than one percent have filed unemployment? Everything is closed    04/08/20  (7)
This pandemic is literally worse than nuclear war. 18+ months of this is hell    04/08/20  (6)
*Martin Shkreli wheeled into coronavirus lab strapped to Hannibal Lecter gurney*    04/08/20  (22)
3 deaths in germany. aryans literally immune to covid.    04/08/20  (5)
So printer go brrrrrr forever to pump the stock market?    04/08/20  (2)
This is my mask. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My mask is my b    04/08/20  (1)
Most COVID cases in US came from ITALY & EUROPE, Scientists Say    04/08/20  (11)
No mom he's being what we call a coronafaggot    04/08/20  (1)
Guys, there is no way Germany doesn't beat the United States    04/08/20  (5)
They made Jake From Statefarm a nigger    04/08/20  (3)
Got lectured by a boomer for hanging out at a friend's place    04/08/20  (1)
that CSLG can become so wealthy is a damning indictment of US    04/08/20  (105)
if you kill yourself now, you can help FLATTEN THE CURVE    04/08/20  (2)
I WILL NOT WEAR IT (corona masks) MY NORDIC GENES WILL DO THE REST    04/08/20  (8)
so DNC rigged its primary (again) for a guy named "China Joe" during COVID-19?    04/08/20  (11)
I've been locked in a cock cage for longer than the lock-down. NBD    04/08/20  (1)
why do white women crave the superior genetics of asian men?    04/08/20  (13)
There's not enough cum. (bloodacre in a jacuzzi bath with ALL cum, no water)    04/08/20  (125)
Dupa, What is the best knife to carry to kill a pitbull?    04/08/20  (12)
luis is a human cinnabon    04/08/20  (2)
My penis ACTUALLY looks like a clitoris (bloodacre)    04/08/20  (6)
How did you find out about XO?    04/08/20  (51)
Still can't believe bloodacre retired when Rach banned rasqie    04/08/20  (2)
Why are Americans so averse to wearing a mask?    04/08/20  (11)
just lmfao. "masks not effective" *28 days later* "jail for not wearing mask"    04/08/20  (14)
Libs want to release violent criminals while jailing people for not wearing mask    04/08/20  (8)
I don't understand the HATE against CHINESE    04/08/20  (66)
Oh fuck, DEEP BRAIN CHAIN is dying. Was my favorite coin in Jan 2018 (DTP)    04/08/20  (3)
rate this Worldstar football tackle (video)    04/08/20  (2)
why should i NOT get married on a cruise in october?    04/08/20  (11)
Slate: "Outlandish" to claim whites are immune to coronavirus    04/08/20  (3)
Fucked three dudes at Steamworks last night, taking q's    04/08/20  (211)
xo Shkreli: "Let me out and I'll find the cure."    04/08/20  (8)
TSINAH claims that the only reliable way to blank poasts is archive entire bort?    04/08/20  (47)
People hooking up like rabbits due to corona (link)    04/08/20  (1)
This can't be a BIOWEAPON. A BIOWEAPON would cause complete CHAOS    04/08/20  (8)
I’m flying this week. Should I wear a mask?    04/08/20  (5)
Not flame. Gronk to the Bucs    04/08/20  (16)
Name the BEST Fantasy novels/series    04/08/20  (4)
Where the Crawdads Sing - why is this book so popular?    04/08/20  (1)
are women fucking their dogs even more rn?    04/08/20  (3)
over it    04/08/20  (2)
women adopting shelter dogs in droves (link)    04/08/20  (1)
pizza tracker ENGAGED - rate my order (pic)    04/08/20  (31)
Flying to Seattle Wednesday, should I wear a mask on the plane?    04/08/20  (7)
Bed Bath and Beyond and Bath and Bodyworks to merge    04/08/20  (1)
Wife sending dotter to day care for first responders    04/08/20  (28)
I Was Sexualized Through a Video Conference Call (Slate)    04/08/20  (9)
gross poopy butts    04/08/20  (2)
3,911 American have died from Coronavirus in the last 48 hours. TRUMPMOS?!    04/08/20  (1)
Posters who've spiraled downward with mental illness after years on XO    04/08/20  (94)
Coors Light is the world’s best beer hth    04/08/20  (4)
Ocasio-Cortez, pregnant with swollen tits, coming at you with kitchen knife    04/08/20  (89)
Let's do diapers today! Let's do computer extensions! Let's do existential nihil    04/08/20  (4)
comically evil CDC lab head demanding Shkreli test cure on himself    04/08/20  (2)
What’s this Garth Brooks cat shit on Netflix and why should I care?    04/08/20  (1)
why are ppl so mad @exeunt? i gave him shit for secret slack but he's a good poa    04/08/20  (8)
Trump on joe exotic pardon: "I'll take a look"    04/08/20  (5)
Bailey Jay Tweets Endorsement of Joe Biden    04/08/20  (2)
Fauci: I don't think we should shake hands "ever again"    04/08/20  (3)
not a "violence" guy, 'legal' to punch CBD-addled hipsters in the throat?    04/08/20  (3)
6 trillion could have given every taxpayer $40,000.    04/08/20  (6)
GC to FIRE crew: "Get back in"    04/08/20  (3)
What are your thoughts on CBD oil? Flame?    04/08/20  (3)
American “cities” just huge concentration camps of poorly-adjusted millenial    04/08/20  (1)
bowlcut is a creepy old headmaster who caught me smoking in the boy's room    04/08/20  (2)
Doctor ignores social distancing recs to strangle girl for ignoring social dista    04/08/20  (4)
How many new cases; new deaths today?    04/08/20  (3)
Do high schoolers who get into H work psychotically hard    04/08/20  (67)
Scientists: Chinese virus from China ACTUALLY came from Europe    04/08/20  (3)
Libs absolutely furious that we haven't crossed the 2k dead/day threshold.    04/08/20  (1)
poppers | SSRIs | HAARP    04/08/20  (9)
fell into the grand canyon trying to social distance from tsinah    04/08/20  (1)
ITT I post the FB posts of Azn megashrew I've met    04/08/20  (894)
CDC moves S.Korea to Level 3 Warning. nyuug FUCKED    04/08/20  (35)
nyuug - thoughts about ur first world country (with 1,766 coronavirus cases)?    04/08/20  (64)
Epstein’s CPAP tp    04/08/20  (1)
you call that hitting a bottom? (Henry Aaron's abusive bf refreshing Yahoo finan    04/08/20  (5)
Full Bryan Cave letter regarding pay cut    04/08/20  (9)
angry white boy rage    04/08/20  (1)
"gravity" is fraudulent    04/08/20  (3)
Why is BILL GATES getting a pass on his EPSTEIN connection?    04/08/20  (3)
Why have minivans lost their prestige?    04/08/20  (64)
i'm sick of libs    04/08/20  (4)
Mouse in this house    04/08/20  (48)
Stalin tp is a very underrated poaster    04/08/20  (4)
How about Titt Romney and he has jumbo yumyums    04/08/20  (5)
In America the rich & powerful can hunt & kill people for sport    04/08/20  (6)
Megadeth releases terrible coronavirus-themed single    04/08/20  (8)
I want Bowlcut to catch me smoking a joint and spank me with a cane    04/08/20  (5)
I lay out Exeunt's reasoning for calling the stock market crash + rebound (DTP)    04/08/20  (31)
So Republicans committed rampant voter fraud in 2018 and now say they care about    04/08/20  (1)
reminder: DTP made millions with Cardano. Just trolling us for lulz now    04/08/20  (2)
Holy shit just saw office space for the first time    04/08/20  (10)
Firm is calling a partner meeting next week (Zurich)    04/08/20  (55)

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