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I’m not sure I’m ever going to be able to stop fucking 25 yr old chicks    12/02/23  (4)
FizzKidd? More like FizzMidd amirite lmao    12/02/23  (6)
Pac-12 was 2nd rate. Good riddance.    12/02/23  (3)
Modern Norman Rockwell AI    12/02/23  (28)
Should I get drunk and fuck a pretty hot 41 yr old Brazilian milf rn?    12/02/23  (7)
Millennial women are absolute trash in bed    12/02/23  (32)
My kids hyper-liberal Catholic school is too con 4 me    12/02/23  (5)
FizzKidd introducing her new husband, JizzYidd    12/02/23  (35)
Cousin I used to JO to is now a middle aged person    12/02/23  (3)
tOSU should get in over Washington    12/02/23  (3)
r/valueinvesting redditors are hopeless    12/02/23  (5)
A famous Viking was called "Baby Friend" because he refused to kill babies    12/02/23  (2)
new order - ceremony.mp3 is the greatest song of all time    12/02/23  (2)
Tucker: 'white women are the root cause of most of our problems and must be stop    12/02/23  (7)
The Atlantic: “Inflation is Your Fault”    12/01/23  (5)
hey disco you ever fucked an asian girl before?    12/01/23  (3)
enjoy the tampax pronoun bowl 2-loss oregon trash frauds    12/01/23  (1)
Simply in awe at how ugly the women my age are lol    12/01/23  (1)
Here's how tOSU can still make it in (RSF)    12/01/23  (2)
Why does my packaged bread always get Moldy    12/01/23  (15)
Oregon Ducks exposed as fraud 🤮🦆    12/01/23  (36)
Underrated empires: Seleucid, Byzantine, Holy Roman    12/01/23  (2)
2-loss pac12 trash offends me    12/01/23  (2)
Elon says we are 3 years away from super galaxy brain AI, so nothing matters    12/01/23  (22)
Did Babe Ruth have his wife killed?    12/01/23  (4)
Peterman squealing “I’m almost at my ‘monthly nut’!” as trucker nutted    12/01/23  (2)
ever stretch your own flaccid cock backwards and stuff the head in your asshole?    12/01/23  (58)
You can re-arrange the letters of Pac-12 to form Cap-2    12/01/23  (1)
Redditors fantasize about how great life would be if they made $70k per year    12/01/23  (24)
Stats Handsome swiped on me on Bumble (FizzKidd)    12/01/23  (191)
Pregnant folx    12/01/23  (2)
Fake And Gay = FAG    12/01/23  (3)
My cum stinks    12/01/23  (1)
Wife is pregnant (6+ weeks) - what do I need to do?    12/01/23  (54)
Serious Q: Why order sirloin at a steakhouse over ribeye, strip, etc? (same $)    12/01/23  (1)
Why aren't we running casinos that take money from China like Cambodia?    12/01/23  (6)
both these teams would be middle of the pack in Big Sky conf    12/01/23  (1)
All these "filler" consoles just existed to wring money from divorced dads    12/01/23  (5)
THE university of Washington about to “close out” the “PAC-12”    12/01/23  (3)
don't know any Jay-Z songs, only Beyonce "put a ring on it". why are they famous    12/01/23  (12)
Wife gets the "ick" when husband fails two interviews (link)    12/01/23  (43)
This should have been the national championship game and everyone knows it    12/01/23  (1)
Zoomer bartender owned guy at the brewery tonight, said "you look like you buy c    12/01/23  (5)
32X irl get together (January 6 2024 Birmingham AL)    12/01/23  (14)
This god matrix simulation thing is really fucking with me now that I'm onto it    12/01/23  (2)
Michael Penis can't throw touchdowns to save his life    12/01/23  (1)
anyone gonna work all weekend?    12/01/23  (9)
Migrants landing in Malibu now    12/01/23  (2)
Since we're all 55 to 65+ years younger than Buffet we do rich    12/01/23  (3)
NSAM sucking Boom’s flaccid dick in casino handicapped bathroom    12/01/23  (3)
Ok honey, maybe try playing Magic the Gathering the dishes and putting them in t    12/01/23  (9)
Ok honey, maybe try playing dungeons and dragging the laundry basket    12/01/23  (1)
Millennial women are absolute trash    12/01/23  (6)
Nature and "God" actually make HUGE fuck up mistakes all the time    12/01/23  (1)
I have a date with Luis tonight    12/01/23  (2)
"Poasting has slowed to a trickle on AutoAdmit." Rach must intervene soon    12/01/23  (61)
Penix (a black pussy turned into a penis) vs. Bonix    12/01/23  (4)
lefty Jimmy Dore mocks women cops    12/01/23  (1)
Mass Russian slaughter after failed Avdiivka assault - video    12/01/23  (1)
buddy came over and I said hey you wanna hear a Peter Gabriel song    12/01/23  (1)
What the fuck is six sigma lean kaizen etc    12/01/23  (1)
Petition to legalize casino gambling in DC gaining steam at my house    12/01/23  (1)
Upset Jew is poasting as Chingada Madre now.    12/01/23  (6)
ChatGPT sucks now    12/01/23  (9)
CASINO | GAMING | EXPERT | WITNESS    12/01/23  (2)
My piss stinks    12/01/23  (37)
only the worst people get rich: CSLG, chandler, RSF, peterman, EPAH, exeunt    12/01/23  (68)
Cowgod - thoughts on 90s kids calling console cartridges "tapes?"    12/01/23  (8)
stop expending any effort whatsoever on “women”    12/01/23  (2)
Does Luis drive a pedo van?    12/01/23  (20)
Gonna miss all you guys, take care :(    12/01/23  (8)
The Soo CR stinky piss stream    12/01/23  (1)
Pac 12 defense is so horrible.    12/01/23  (1)
Travel shrew films breathtaking view of Angkor Wat at sunrise    12/01/23  (1)
Nippon Professional Baseball you changed to Fred Durst?    12/01/23  (2)
I can smoke a cigarette with my asshole    12/01/23  (13)
Welp, just got shitcanned from shittech job    12/01/23  (76)
Jews blame random Chinese guy for Israel's unpopularity    12/01/23  (1)
Just tricked Karlstack into sending me a dick pic lol who wants this thing    12/01/23  (1)
Casino gives woman steak dinner instead of $43 million: mitigation of damages?    12/01/23  (12)
Beyonce hates her skin color & is lightening her skin ala Michael Jackson    12/01/23  (2)
time travel nude luis fucking the crazy out of valerie solanas    12/01/23  (2)
Kaleigh McEnanny used to glow. No more 🥲    12/01/23  (4)
Back in the 1980s the culture was against being a strumpet and a party girl    12/01/23  (1)
Austrian-American hears Rock Me Amadeus, moves to Vienna, buys white Kia    12/01/23  (1)
Holly Rowe's face looks like road kill    12/01/23  (5)
Finally settled on "Cheers and sincere regards, all the best," for email closing    12/01/23  (4)
Yeah, there's cum in my asshole. And no I don't know how it got there. (bloodacr    12/01/23  (14)
this living on earth experience seems wholly unnecessary    12/01/23  (6)
I work with a 22 year old kid with a CRAZY girlfriend    12/01/23  (28)
38+ yrs of poorly integrating into the faggot default world tp    12/01/23  (2)
reading ricky <3 cslg post was worse than learning santa isnt real    12/01/23  (31)
*enters "cum in my ass" into xo search*    12/01/23  (13)
Demiurges unconditional hatred tp    12/01/23  (4)
cowcube    12/01/23  (5)
good evening    12/01/23  (5)
Female athletes at U. of Oregon suing for an equal share of NIL money    12/01/23  (19)
So many commercials for HIV meds. Is everyone POZ now?    12/01/23  (3)
Lol the sign literally says FUCK STORE! GET THE FUCK OUT!    12/01/23  (1)
Newsom vs. DeSantis was a brilliant move for Newsom, horrible mistake for Ron    12/01/23  (17)
lol at Charlie Munger’s circlehead    12/01/23  (18)
Charlie Munger on LAW and LAWYERS    12/01/23  (7)
Hypo: xo poasters unknowingly convince triads to hire them to run separate casin    12/01/23  (2)
Maggie, I'm still a man. "I know Ronnie. I can feel you." Then kiss me, Prime    12/01/23  (1)
Do you think Brenton Tarrant & Anders Breivik are Heroes? Villains? False Flag?    12/01/23  (2)
Reminder: slot machine manufacturers get sued if the machine pays out    12/01/23  (2)
Ducks will come back and WIN NC    12/01/23  (1)
I only drive Ford Fusions    12/01/23  (4)
2026 TT cursing USD inflation for making his luggage heavy    12/01/23  (1)
Wife's 37 year old friend desperately wants to marry    12/01/23  (463)
Liv Tyler, Jennifer Garner, Amy Jo Johnson    12/01/23  (4)
Kids broke out the advent calendars today. Here’s my view right now.    12/01/23  (8)
Do xo poasters really go to Walmart    12/01/23  (15)
luis "beneil dariush" diesel fighting tomorrow.    12/01/23  (1)
I fucked my whole life up being a good honest person    12/01/23  (4)
I wish everyone on earth would die tonight    12/01/23  (12)
Circumcision rate by Console    12/01/23  (1)
Michael Penis Jr. is incredibly overrated. Being hyped up for some reason    12/01/23  (2)
Cravath SHATTERS the Milbank scale    12/01/23  (52)
RATE this video of the Pope reveling in a carnival of satanic delights    12/01/23  (2)
TCR put gun in mouth & blow brains out when last of beautiful children grown?    12/01/23  (1)
White man make more money in casino than biglaw. Work more fun    12/01/23  (1)
Which formation is best for defending depositions?    12/01/23  (4)
6-minute Nintendo commercial pulling on Losers’ heartstrings, evoking nostalgi    12/01/23  (1)
TT get in here and look what whitey is doing in Cambodia    12/01/23  (5)
I just shit so much it piled up out of the toilet bowl water    12/01/23  (3)
Think about how much puss the guy who invented hot showers must have got    12/01/23  (1)
xo is like the mafia. you can't leave. get back in.    12/01/23  (2)
FIZZKID: "Fuck my pussy, fuck my race -- put some bones in my kid's face"    12/01/23  (31)
dailymail CONFIRMS that vibrator girl is DET :( 120    12/01/23  (54)
Karen, are benzo, EPAH, spaceporn, Rudolph, and/or obeezy bitch bois?    12/01/23  (7)
So Penix will win Heisman cr?    12/01/23  (2)
Why do AGI skeptics think a computer can never equal or surpass a human?    12/01/23  (2)
There are probably 1 million people alive today smarter than Socrates/Aristotle/    12/01/23  (26)
Dr. Pepper: *Counterstrike voice* “terrorists win”    12/01/23  (1)
getting drunk before noon was a terrible idea in reluctant retrospect tp    12/01/23  (2)
Been praying all day for the Firmament to collapse in on us    12/01/23  (4)
describe the biggest diaper you know IRL    12/01/23  (1)
"Hi, my name is Booger." "What?"    12/01/23  (4)
describe the biggest loser you know IRL    12/01/23  (207)
Going on a group trip    12/01/23  (13)
Got a 165 LSAT and honestly think you faggots are lying when you poast scores    12/01/23  (41)
UW's kicker is going to be the first guy with down's syndrome to win an NCAA cha    12/01/23  (2)
*** Gambling crisis among American Young People ***    12/01/23  (8)
Does anyone here remember what it was like to go to The Outback as a kid?    12/01/23  (23)
Liberty 🗽 🔥v. New Mexico State 🤠 2023 CUSA championship *official threa    12/01/23  (2)
Remember when libs treated Al Jazeera like gospel    12/01/23  (1)
Thought about CSLG at least 35x today    12/01/23  (27)
Jimmy Carter dating Riley Reid. Riley says her teeth never been whiter.    12/01/23  (2)

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