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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Trump to IRS: "my property is 10k sq. ft." to bank: "my property is 30k sq. ft"    01/19/22  (4)
"DIE FOR TRUMP" scrolling on a permanent loop in Floribama Shore now    01/19/22  (2)
Hypo: This woman is sitting on ur bed at the Marriott, dressed as so. "I need    01/19/22  (7)
Blind girl is now blind gf    01/19/22  (204)
Hypo: you’re a bald lawyer that wears diapers to work    01/19/22  (2)
Kikes and their Jesuit Shabbos Goys- A Guide to the 21st Century Supreme Court    01/19/22  (13)
What's the plan for SOL? HODL?    01/19/22  (21)
LMAO LMAO Supreme Court FUCKS OVER TRUMP AGAIN    01/19/22  (18)
which tampons do u guys use?    01/19/22  (1)
Using baby oil to jerk off for the first time after getting VR porn    01/19/22  (1)
autoadmit invented the term "three-peat"    01/19/22  (16)
A mute, naked, shaved head to toe, prostrated Luis waiting for ur embrace    01/19/22  (1)
blind gf grabs wrong phone and starts text-to-speech: "The most prestigious law    01/19/22  (13)
Any xo fitness studs follow this Knees Over Toes guy?    01/19/22  (28)
"DIE FOR ISRAEL" scrolling on a permanent loop in Times Square now    01/19/22  (51)
"The Mossad has authorized me to name the following..." (Ghiz Maxwell)    01/19/22  (5)
contractor i work with just hired a coder that used to be a Subway manager    01/19/22  (20)
“Silver” cuttingtable back from a long absence - where’s the faggot been?    01/19/22  (1)
I hope Putin crushes Ukraine    01/19/22  (8)
How would sex with blind gf work if she's a virgin and has never beheld man?    01/19/22  (33)
What if Jesus shows up and heals Sambo's gf on a date and she fucks Jesus    01/19/22  (2)
Wish I had a blind gf    01/19/22  (1)
imagine how hard blacks could contribute if they didn't constantly face racism    01/19/22  (1)
The economics of moving to these third tier cities don't work for most people    01/19/22  (158)
nothing feels better than cyberbullying a bald lawyer    01/19/22  (1)
Freight trains being completely looted (link)    01/19/22  (33)
Lia Thomas crushed by Yale tranny swimmer    01/19/22  (34)
Black ppl ruin literally everything it’s absolutely insane    01/19/22  (90)
a bald divorced middle-aged lawyer decides to buy Chuck Taylors. why?    01/19/22  (1)
"Lol why would Ukraine affect us here?""Lol why would a Serbian duke affect us h    01/19/22  (10)
DeSantis must be a poaster, it’s a 99% certainty    01/19/22  (36)
Better.com CEO fires 900 on Zoom, accuses them of "stealing" by workign 2hrs /d    01/19/22  (9)
Malia Obama looks like a cashier at Whole Foods (pic)    01/19/22  (21)
i don't even look at women with functional eyesight anymore    01/19/22  (2)
"We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook"    01/19/22  (1)
Most prestigious kitchen/chef's knife?    01/19/22  (6)
why is Putin so motivated to invade Ukraine? Lebensraum?    01/19/22  (32)
I have a few weeks off. Recommend me a great novel to read.    01/19/22  (60)
DeSantis 2024: Jet black Congo ophthalmologists for ALL women    01/19/22  (2)
Biden is so fucking terrible it’s insane    01/19/22  (5)
Leon Black raped woman in Jeff Epstein's mansion, paid $150M for "tax advice"    01/19/22  (18)
everyone who bought the latest Call of Duty is technically Reserve Guard per TOS    01/19/22  (1)
Cowgod, rate this private message that I got on gamefaqs today    01/19/22  (16)
What NYC's Lower East Side looked like in the 1940s when we were a proper countr    01/19/22  (2)
"yeah ok babe, i'll call you back later. cuttingtable is poasting again"    01/19/22  (5)
PSA to preppers: the post-collapse world won't be worth living in    01/19/22  (2)
To the deep state, ur a non-productive, needlessly consuming, resistant widget    01/19/22  (4)
how did jews get away with "sliming" children?    01/19/22  (7)
Why are libs still acting like masks do fucking anything?    01/19/22  (5)
CEO of Stetson is a Japanese woman ljl    01/19/22  (1)
The blind wife cries out in pain as she mocks your autism    01/19/22  (1)
Why did Biden green light a Russian invasion of Ukraine?    01/19/22  (5)
Official XO Poll: Should U.S. go to WAR with Russia if Russia invades Ukraine?    01/19/22  (11)
"can we hold hands? haha, very funny, where did you get the hotdog sausages    01/19/22  (1)
avg/ ordinary citizen here. Boards foremost foreign affairs expert. Taking Qs.    01/19/22  (5)
but call him an Alt & see how he recoils, how he shrinks back "I've been found o    01/19/22  (1)
i'm most impressed the blind girl asked HIM out, that is alpha    01/19/22  (2)
the first lady of france is a man lmao    01/19/22  (1)
Rate this ass    01/19/22  (27)
Sambo: any nervousness about the first sex with this girl?    01/19/22  (1)
250+ response Sambo thread in 2026 about his mute mistress    01/19/22  (1)
CLARENCE THOMAS was only SCOTUS Justice to rule in favor of Trump    01/19/22  (4)
Sambo take a deep breath, go for a walk, stop pounding amphetamines    01/19/22  (2)
Is Sheldon Whitehouse the last WASP politician?    01/19/22  (10)
Gamefaqs posting ideas    01/19/22  (7)
"Great Satan" - I finally appreciate this insult    01/19/22  (4)
finally got pozzed with covid    01/19/22  (3)
do what we say or we'll make u expose our fiat debt ponzi scheme!    01/19/22  (2)
Im 6’3    01/19/22  (5)
hey FBI - maybe stop betraying your country for evil pedophiles b4 u go 2 hell?    01/19/22  (4)
Dems: You should be imprisoned for opposing war with Russia    01/19/22  (18)
Dolphin who self-identifies as human will compete in Ivy League swim meet - link    01/19/22  (1)
Biden pauses student loan payments until August    01/19/22  (2)
Women be stupid    01/19/22  (1)
The tranny swimmer took a dive in latest race to throw heat off lmao    01/19/22  (5)
wife suggesting we move "down south". wut do?    01/19/22  (114)
Fuck bros I have omicron    01/19/22  (2)
sorry 2 CIA if reading this, but i stand with russia on this matter    01/19/22  (11)
trust sessions. trust barr. operators are standing by. 17 brothers    01/19/22  (1)
CR February travel destinations for 180 outdoors?    01/19/22  (1)
"i dont understand, we have a thriving infoservice economy" the starving man th    01/19/22  (2)
squander the best years of your life making some law partner filthy rich 😋    01/19/22  (20)
André Leon Talley, Editor and Fashion Industry Force, Dies at 73    01/19/22  (1)
me & man o war playing one last game of boo ray before the bomb    01/19/22  (1)
if it's all over and elections will be rigged farces from here on out    01/19/22  (2)
Shigeru Miyamota says Ratchet & Clank is best video game ever made (link)    01/19/22  (2)
With a Repair Ship Many Days Away, Tonga Faces Weeks of Digital Darkness    01/19/22  (1)
israel/biden are going to attack iran after russia invades ukraine    01/19/22  (1)
google starbucks    01/19/22  (7)
countries and companies used to be like marriages, now they r fuckbuddies    01/19/22  (2)
We are getting close    01/19/22  (1)
i don't wanna wait for our lives to be over    01/19/22  (3)
Russia and Iran Put on a Show of Unity — Against the U.S.(NYT)    01/19/22  (1)
NPR: Chief Justice Roberts is a FUCKING PEDOPHILE LIAR    01/19/22  (11)
they knew ivermectin was effectively the best cure we'd ever have    01/19/22  (2)
He’s no good to me dead    01/19/22  (1)
CFO seems like the potus leadership position    01/19/22  (2)
Has anyone here had the JNJ (j and J) vaccine?    01/19/22  (3)
stayed up listening to Tron: Legacy soundtrack playing Rocket League til 4 a.m.    01/19/22  (6)
bitches are constantly trying to "analyze" you    01/19/22  (2)
How’s Leavenworth, WA?    01/19/22  (19)
Moonshine girl is now blind girlfriend    01/19/22  (3)
Rocket League is a Triumph of Aryan visuospatial creativity and brilliance    01/19/22  (4)
Pravda has NOTHING on NPR    01/19/22  (1)
Moderna is the key to all of this    01/19/22  (22)
BLOOMBERG: Burisma Board authorizes one-time special dividend of 100% to Hunter    01/19/22  (1)
Glad I got my canned food but didn't stock enough gasoline :(    01/19/22  (12)
Leader of far right resistance wears an eyepatch from shooting self in the eye    01/19/22  (7)
The #1 potus goat life hack of all is psyllium husk fiber every day not flame    01/19/22  (17)
does the 5g story strike anyone as odd    01/19/22  (1)
Xbox gamepass has ruined every relationship in my life    01/19/22  (6)
My sources have confirmed that Ukraine invasion is happening    01/19/22  (64)
Based Xbox is Ruining my life    01/19/22  (4)
board libs what made you change your mind on war, free speech, police state    01/19/22  (1)
Gamepass is tearing my life apart    01/19/22  (3)
virginia bans teaching CRT at k12 schools (where it's never been taught)    01/19/22  (44)
DESCRIBE life in franklin, tn    01/19/22  (41)
Holy shit I can’t stand black ppl    01/19/22  (1)
Japanese porn censors this girl's pussy but not her asshole taking a shit- nsfw    01/19/22  (3)
Russia is about to invade Ukraine    01/19/22  (42)
Consuela what is the Deep State’s angle on this whole “Russia” thing?    01/19/22  (2)
Dems are gonna gets CRUSHED this year in mid terms and in 2024    01/19/22  (34)
This guy did a deep dive into Garfield internet culture (1:20)    01/19/22  (2)
New rising stair in NY politics is some mud goblin called "Illapa Sairitupac"    01/19/22  (1)
This is the truth of God - it is us and he who created us and created him    01/19/22  (1)
need vegas tips itt    01/19/22  (20)
people are about to discover our "economy" has been dead for >20 years    01/19/22  (4)
tolstoy, nabokov, lopatkina, valieva. franzen, candace bushnell, misty copeland    01/19/22  (1)
girlfriend wants to try sex where we roleplay as babies    01/19/22  (146)
Rate this tight Asian (semi-sedated?) chick fucking BBC (NSFW)    01/19/22  (2)
"Just make sure transmen get features on magazine covers!" *dies on Omaha Beach*    01/19/22  (74)
NIGGAS are literally destroying the DEMS    01/19/22  (26)
Just ordered the Westboro Baptist prepaid funeral picket package    01/19/22  (1)
name some high quality software that rarely breaks/drives you crazy    01/19/22  (24)
Whore Detected. Opinion Rejected.    01/19/22  (2)
Can anyone bump old threads of libs discussing Biden not getting the US in a war    01/19/22  (1)
blind gf: "describe it to me", "it's beautifu- *nuclear blast wave hits*    01/19/22  (1)
surfing XO 36 hours prior to nuclear holocaust    01/19/22  (4)
almost got ass kicked by USMC recruiter today (biglaw)    01/19/22  (111)
My sources confirmed Putin backing off due to strongly worded threat from Biden    01/19/22  (3)
ummm, can we ungarbage a 180 jimmy pop thread. thanks (link)    01/19/22  (15)
revising a master service agreement 36 hours prior to nuclear holocaust    01/19/22  (4)
The reflection of the mushroom cloud grew ever larger from the    01/19/22  (25)
after the clearnet is gone remember xo warned you about cyber pandemic    01/19/22  (2)
It would BEHOOVE the Ukraine to surrender without a fight I reckon    01/19/22  (3)
russian and china furiously stockpiling gold since 2008, why?    01/19/22  (1)
ITT: We Archive the Brutal, One-Shot Kills of XOXO    01/19/22  (356)

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