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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/14/18  (216)
in work elevator, noted 'Schindler Elevator' plaque. adlibbed 'Schindler's Lift'    12/14/18  (14)
post itt if ur bullish on diarrhea    12/14/18  (2)
a theory of diarrhea    12/14/18  (4)
"I'm an important lawyer" spat the fat moron who was not important at all    12/14/18  (2)
Why does XO hate on online dating?    12/14/18  (6)
Mods please ban this impersonator "chindler"    12/14/18  (16)
chindler's list    12/14/18  (4)
Know anyone that owns a Self-Storage bidness? Seems like easy money, no?    12/14/18  (1)
Final P&L For The Year 3 MILLION (CSLG)    12/14/18  (3)
XO is an occult demonic deathbook that makes celebrities get killed    12/14/18  (1)
Did the founding fathers intend for women to vote?    12/14/18  (7)
LONDON fast food couriers constantly under attack by MOPED GANGS    12/14/18  (13)
why should i respect the law?    12/14/18  (6)
post itt if ur bullish on crypto    12/14/18  (10)
Because man has made laws he subsequently comes to think that he exists for the    12/14/18  (3)
Just got smash bros ultimate, think I'm too old for this shit    12/14/18  (9)
What is the single greatest moment in pro wrestling history?    12/14/18  (22)
To this day I still think this Flynn thing is bullshit entrapment    12/14/18  (13)
why do you guys hate women so much    12/14/18  (30)
Summon Chilmata    12/14/18  (8)
im going to livepoast my exit bag/barbiturate suicide Saturday at 4EST    12/14/18  (29)
Can you sue somebody in small claims court to take their shit off your property?    12/14/18  (4)
Lawyer is the most PATHETIC of the white collar careers    12/14/18  (1)
unmarried women at age 30, into cattle cars, executed    12/14/18  (4)
legitimately hate women and can’t even hide it anymore    12/14/18  (4)
the “depth” of a woman is cervical at best    12/14/18  (3)
Forget voting, women shouldn’t even be allowed to drive    12/14/18  (6)
remnants of male spiritual energy imprinted into the physical bodies of shrews    12/14/18  (7)
Dogs bark, babies cry and women leave    12/14/18  (3)
lol at women and fags having dicks shoved in their ass and throats    12/14/18  (2)
haha holy shit wow, another mentally ill woman in my life    12/14/18  (7)
Women collect male souls through sex like Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat    12/14/18  (2)
Let's ban guns! *gets sent to the gulag*    12/14/18  (2)
amazing how much energy the succubus takes from you    12/14/18  (2)
Lol at these so called men who took bullets for chicks during vegas shooting    12/14/18  (2)
He gotta have that >6 feet | >6 figures | >6 inches    12/14/18  (10)
insatiable occasionally mentally ill sex machines    12/14/18  (4)
it's 6:22am. you've still got 1-2 hours before you've gotta get ready for work.    12/14/18  (9)
Trumpmos, simple question, is Trump above the law? yes or no?    12/14/18  (5)
Chubby 35 yo screaming "super smash bros" as crumbs fly out of his mouth.    12/14/18  (3)
Canadian guy: 'Oh, sore-ey! Spunk in me mum, eh?'    12/14/18  (3)
type “brittle” in the xo search bar    12/14/18  (1)
Tiffany Trump looking like a clutchable tranny at White House Christmas party    12/14/18  (27)
Shot explosive diarrhea all over the Western Wall    12/14/18  (3)
Do neocons think they can convince all these Latinos to support their wars?    12/14/18  (5)
once brenda left 90210, the show lost its moral anchor of walsh parenting    12/14/18  (34)
leave upset jew alone, he is a very underrated poster    12/14/18  (1)
if it's not obeezy spamming inane bs its fucking upset jew    12/14/18  (14)
the lack of true “professionalism” is devastating to society    12/14/18  (5)
Frosty the Snowman Was a Raunchy Powercuck    12/14/18  (1)
*Blue Smoke arriving high at ur mother's funeral* "and if she hadn't been white?    12/14/18  (15)
If BBB fails, Lavar Ball has a promising career as a voice actor    12/14/18  (2)
One Time At Church Of Holy Sepulchre, I Purposely Ripped Huge Fart Inside Tomb    12/14/18  (9)
do jews just expect us God “chose” the ugliest & whiniest group of ppl as hi    12/14/18  (5)
I wish there were more John Hughes movies. Hollywood is putting out such    12/14/18  (19)
Need New York restaurant recs    12/14/18  (2)
Public Service Announcement: NIGGER    12/14/18  (3)
yo ironside, u wanna talk 90210?    12/14/18  (19)
"Will you accept a collect call from: " *Stephen hawking voice* "AssFaggot"    12/14/18  (104)
BOM wat's the point of "society"?    12/14/18  (5)
Hat and sports apparel retailer "Lids" has 1,116 stores    12/14/18  (9)
I think I’m a bad influence on AssFaggot.    12/14/18  (4)
anybody else here proud of how much they love and respect women?    12/14/18  (1)
3rd year partner at my firm just retired.    12/14/18  (9)
think i'll just surrender 100% to alcoholism, sick of this charade    12/14/18  (35)
penis brittle    12/14/18  (2)
Didn't realize how many four-eyes dorks there were on xoxo    12/14/18  (2)
40% LASIK patients get problems; 33% get severe dry eye    12/14/18  (49)
anything more satisfying then spraying ROPES of ZIT JUICE on some twinky mirror    12/14/18  (6)
Magic Johnson's son looks like something straight out of a horror movie    12/14/18  (15)
Oh gimme the BeefBoy and free my soul...    12/14/18  (448)
Reminder: they make contacts you can sleep in    12/14/18  (1)
When Roosh dropped his book "Game" my whole reality shifted    12/14/18  (1)
just trained my dickhole to smoke juul    12/14/18  (6)
Karlie Kloss married Kushner's brother...rate their wedding    12/14/18  (19)
Can your dopamine receptors "heal" and/or regenerate by living an ascetic life?    12/14/18  (25)
Blue Smoke is not only obese, but she has total gorilla face.    12/14/18  (1)
So many wives satisfy their husbands fully, with rim jobs - but not MND    12/14/18  (14)
not a news guy, but has John Kelly quit the WH yet?    12/14/18  (8)
Cheatmos--staying at 5-star hotel next week    12/14/18  (31)
Almost all women's fiction involve getting raped    12/14/18  (4)
Earned $300 in 2 hours worth of comission TCTP    12/14/18  (10)
shareholder profits above all    12/14/18  (1)
Does Youtube TV stream sports in 4k?    12/14/18  (7)
i just bought me a platinum football field, nigga    12/14/18  (2)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims she is Jewish (not flame)    12/14/18  (56)
Does constantly bothering a chick lead to her having sex with you?    12/14/18  (2)
Things that are dry: Deserts. Surface of moon. TMF's butthole.    12/14/18  (5)
hate someone at work? buy fire ants and dump in their desk    12/14/18  (1)
Do all parents think their kids is best looking kid ever and 10/10    12/14/18  (28)
Lol just found TMF's yearbook. Guy won "most likely to have a dry asshole"    12/14/18  (2)
How many XOers are INTJ    12/14/18  (19)
just took a big smelly doo doo. taking ?s    12/14/18  (8)
fantasy pics of hot warrior chicks riding exotic animals    12/14/18  (31)
Jared Kushner has creepy dead eyes    12/14/18  (2)
Trump won Michigan, Wisconsin, AND Pennsylvania. JFC lol Libs lmao    12/14/18  (45)
not flame id probably have sex w upset jew and im not gay    12/14/18  (1)
Link me to the credited green tea    12/14/18  (14)
Sold all my crypto holdings and invested in ranch    12/14/18  (18)
going to get shithouse on cheap booze and slam some cheeseburgers    12/14/18  (1)
*sopranos theme playing over montage of Boner Police driving thru McDs drive thr    12/14/18  (13)
Rating AssFaggot as a poaster ITT    12/14/18  (3)
New Manga About Crypto: Digital Illusions—Shameful Depreciation!!    12/14/18  (1)
Army guy makes $25M selling t-shirts to Trumpmos. Fuck, we should do this    12/14/18  (7)
I’m an IRL Bill Ponderosa.    12/14/18  (7)
Literally ate 4 christmas cookies today, omg    12/14/18  (5)
Dem 2020 poll: Biden 30, Sanders 14, Beto 9, Booker 5, Harris 4, Kerry 4    12/14/18  (17)
co-workers are all going to a restaurant tnight. wasn't invited. TCTP    12/14/18  (54)
YOU'RE OLD: Brad Pitt's face is melting    12/14/18  (22)
Deadliest incidents in the United States in 2018    12/14/18  (5)
theory: women are bringing on civilizational destruction to experience rape agai    12/14/18  (20)
Slept 10 hours and drank GREEN TEA. Feel 1% better today. Keep going?    12/14/18  (4)
luis, I will PAY YOU to fight me IRL. cover airfare, hotel, hospital    12/14/18  (2)
ALERT: BTC ABOUT TO DROP BELOW 3,000    12/14/18  (1)
Mario Party game where goal is to keep ur fat GF away from Mexican food    12/14/18  (4)
Punk lawyer hitting a No Comply as he skates into Wachtell    12/14/18  (6)
Why did that big ol' Melting Pot have to boil on over our nice, WHITE stove?    12/14/18  (1)
life the movie (2017) is a parable of what jews do to host countries    12/14/18  (2)
Subhuman Russian troops kill Ukraine's trained dolphin army    12/14/18  (17)
infp is a mental illness, not a personality type    12/14/18  (14)
feral hypergamy dying soon- may be Rimbaud of XO    12/14/18  (1)
Biggest Christmas party weekend of the year. And I'm sick :(    12/14/18  (1)
not fucking hot enough chicks early enough is what really did me in    12/14/18  (5)
DO NOT open this depressing article on Human Life Span of 90 Year Old    12/14/18  (6)
dvp finally went too far    12/14/18  (1)
Frank Sinatra had an IQ of 147    12/14/18  (9)
Remember xo2012 when the board said that libs weren't insane?    12/14/18  (12)
Dentons has the most TTT website    12/14/18  (1)
"Get your fucking sturdy nigger phallus out of my face im breastfeeding!"    12/14/18  (1)
So many people have had rim jobs - but not TMF    12/14/18  (1)
"INTJ? I'm a CENJ" (Bloodacre: Cum Eating New Jerseyan)    12/14/18  (1)
Warmonger Bill Kristol's neocon rag The Weekly Standard folding    12/14/18  (16)
Almost all nonfiction books at this point have some trump angle    12/14/18  (5)
TMF come ITT    12/14/18  (75)
This racist paramedic hates some people; he needs to be fired (WaPo)    12/14/18  (75)
feral hypergamy tp is what happens to goys after jews suck every dollar from the    12/14/18  (2)
Lifehack: Completely steal KarsForKids business model.    12/14/18  (3)
Divorcees or posters with awful wives, what went wrong?    12/14/18  (1)
Women of western backgrounds become stubby porky little gremlins by 30 (DTP)    12/14/18  (3)
the purpose of capitalism is to degrade and persecute the masses of humanity    12/14/18  (1)
"i spy with my beady eyes..." (peterman)    12/14/18  (8)
"don't worry, mom, I've got some stuff in the pipeline." *beady eyes narrow*    12/14/18  (15)
"Yeah, I can call you 'Daddy,'" Peterman said, narrowing his beady eyes    12/14/18  (11)
Your current gf's eyes glazing over as she hums the Kars for Kids song    12/14/18  (3)
Whok said “Jinxy, it’s 3am I must be lonely.”    12/14/18  (18)

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