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What should people with preexisting conditions do under trumpcare    04/28/17  (37)
Can someone explain why lawyers here say making partner = breakfast    04/29/17  (26)
POLL: where would you rather live, Huntington Beach or San Francisco    04/29/17  (20)
U. Michigan offers 120 Jewish courses - twice as many as Brandeis    04/29/17  (15)
Ljl GOP shelving health bill    04/28/17  (12)
LOL @ the description for 'Dear White People' tv show    04/29/17  (6)
Any good prison or gang documentaries on Netflix?    04/28/17  (5)
Allergies are KILLING ME in NYC    04/28/17  (5)
This is your future Asian overlord (SFW)    04/29/17  (4)
best way to stream $porttt$ nowadays?    04/28/17  (4)
Students Hate Trumps First 100 Days Accomplishments (TWIST)    04/28/17  (4)
evan39 I'm always thinking of ways to do scams and break the law, rob banks etc    04/29/17  (3)
*HR rep stares into Chilmata's beady eyes* " DIDN'T harass her?"    04/28/17  (3)
HYPO: San Francisco enacts ordinance prohibiting hospitals from disclosing immig    04/28/17  (3)
Poasters who cry when you jizz in them    04/28/17  (3)
Overlap between ppl who type "Risten" & breitbart comments section cheerleaders?    04/28/17  (3)
75% of workers ages 2534 have total savings/investments of less than $25,000    04/29/17  (2)
How to start a supremacist, all-white, frat w/o igniting controversy?    04/29/17  (2)
What do Asian eyes look like after smoking weed?    04/29/17  (1)
Gorsuch Nervous About Showering In Front Of Other Supreme Court Justices    04/28/17  (1)
Female teacher accused of having threesome with student let off hook    04/28/17  (1)
BIGLAW Instagram stars stranded at Ugland House on Grand Cayman    04/28/17  (1)