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Afaik an elephant has never been to the moon    06/22/24  (14)
Salton Sea was a strange and well preserved place    06/22/24  (9)
How do you pronounce “HVAC”? “aitch-vee-ay-see” or “aitch-vack”?    06/22/24  (8)
Japanese game franchises you've heard of but know nothing about    06/22/24  (7)
thoughts on this Tarot trinary: world | high priestess | death    06/22/24  (6)
LJL @ how GHETTO and TTT ACH and the US Banking System Is    06/22/24  (5)
I swear if I see one more queer kissing on TV trying to sell me a    06/22/24  (3)
Moving to Hobart in August. Taking questions.    06/22/24  (3)
What's the deal with humans having different blood types?    06/22/24  (2)
The latest online romance plot taking middle-aged women by storm    06/22/24  (2)
Bang bang, nigga, that's the sound of one hand clapping    06/22/24  (2)
waking up screaming tp    06/22/24  (2)
Watching new season of The Boys and keep wondering what Jew Seth Rogan is thinki    06/22/24  (2)
Does anyone like to put ice cream on steak?    06/22/24  (2)
this faggot fuck country can eat shit right out of my asshole    06/22/24  (2)
What exactly is the snapping sound in this video?    06/22/24  (1)
Samantha Bee literally annihilates Mike Huckabee from the face of the Earth    06/22/24  (1)
how much of A.I. success can be attributed to contributions of women?    06/22/24  (1)
Why are so many bald lawyers on ozempic?    06/22/24  (1)
French women are the biggest whores imaginable    06/22/24  (1)
Ray Peat may be a Doctor of Jurisprudence    06/22/24  (1)
Caterina Sforza exits Army recruiting office with a frown & full gold pouch    06/22/24  (1)
Temple of Solomon explodes like Michael Bay film in New Testament?    06/22/24  (1)
"Coal in the stocking" actually lost German tradition of Krampus defecating in    06/22/24  (1)
Snoot the poaster have you been to "Awful Awful" in Murphy's New Jersey    06/22/24  (1)
Dr. Peat; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love the Caldo de Caña    06/22/24  (1)
Staring at copy of La Société du Spectacle & asking invisible camera behind u    06/22/24  (1)
Indian bone flute riff plays as you stare at case of Steel Reserve in Buc-ees    06/22/24  (1)
2024 Disney constantly jumping the shark    06/22/24  (1)
leb friend LOVES lamb, hummus    06/22/24  (1)
nigger 🦧    06/22/24  (1)
Death to Babylon    06/22/24  (1)
This country could be paradise again    06/22/24  (1)
The Ecoonomist (link)    06/22/24  (1)
"No, Chief Justice, I don't know who keeps peeing in the SC sink", Alito drolled    06/22/24  (1)
5 hour loop of TRUMP doing signature shimmy dance to Auslander Raus (link)    06/22/24  (1)
Trader's Joe products that are superior to brand name    06/22/24  (1)
JMIA got pretty banged up this week    06/22/24  (1)
good morning    06/22/24  (1)