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Studying calculus at 42 yo    06/06/23  (25)
LOL, CNN still has nothing about the dam blowing up    06/06/23  (23)
NYPost: US men becoming withdrawn NEET hikikomomori    06/06/23  (16)
smoke detector thing almost as insane as black people 'washing chicken' in sinks    06/06/23  (14)
some chick with a live in bf is coming over to bring me birria beef and weed rn    06/06/23  (12)
Local mayor DENIES that the dam has been blown - link    06/05/23  (11)
Women in public asked on camera if they'd support cops arresting short men (link    06/06/23  (11)
And on the Third day, Ricky created the Crispy Chicken Deluxe, in His own image    06/06/23  (10)
Lululemon CEO: Feel free to rob our stores (link)    06/06/23  (9)
The only way to fix this society is rape    06/06/23  (9)
which side blew up the dam? tyia.    06/05/23  (8)
Rate this 170 lb woman    06/06/23  (8)
i'm truly sorry if i was ever mean to anyone here    06/06/23  (7)
Cathie Wood's ARKK sold Nvidia before its big rally. Women are 180.    06/06/23  (6)
Explain straight men with nipple piercings    06/06/23  (6)
:D makes great call on exeunt bluff to win WSOP mystery millions event    06/06/23  (6)
Tawnee Stone is a grandmother    06/05/23  (6)
Negative $300,000+ net worth? Explain that.    06/05/23  (5)
UConn to require course in "Anti Black Racism"    06/06/23  (5)
rate this scene from Dindu Thunderdome Philadelphia    06/06/23  (5)
if you use anythign with alluminum youre going to die    06/05/23  (5)
Libs now casting WOC as holocaust survivors    06/06/23  (5)
Smoking hot 21 y/o blonde poses as man in hoodie; Trick-rapes nearsighted teen.    06/06/23  (5)
*beep* another 30 second interval has elapsed in a Black home    06/06/23  (4)
BPD: Fake disorder invented to shame bold, expressive women? Discuss.    06/06/23  (4)
nobody is going to believe you    06/06/23  (4)
The Tuvanese Ted Danson    06/05/23  (4)
you're old, Belle knox aka miriam weeks aka duke porn shrew is 47 years old now    06/05/23  (3)
Can I actually get as a "Shabbos Goy"?    06/05/23  (3)
Dam worker seems to point to high water levels as cause - link    06/06/23  (3)
Victoria's Secret opens first lingerie store at Everest Base Camp    06/06/23  (3)
Big fan of this woman in new Indiana Jones trailer. She's spunky. Has it all    06/06/23  (3)
Have any of you seen the Chinese disappearing man trick?    06/06/23  (3)
"Elliot" Page attacked by a "transphobic" man    06/06/23  (3)
they went back in time and changed things again    06/06/23  (3)
"Oh I didn't ever hear that." the realtor said with a puzzled look.    06/05/23  (2)
Chirping smoke detectors disrupted COVID lockdown learning in DC (link)    06/05/23  (2)
Tommy, rate this article advising turds to be careful where they buy their juice    06/06/23  (2)
Scientists issue warnings    06/06/23  (2)
How many negroes does it take to change a battery in a smoke detector?    06/06/23  (2)
What are the latest news and theories on height?    06/06/23  (2)
Request: Meme about Chad Autists and Melvin OCD-fags.    06/05/23  (2)
RATE THIS PIG    06/06/23  (2)
Woman with Downs syndrome says favorite thing about husband is he's Tall    06/06/23  (2)
You're old: Karlstack has been moved to old-age hospice    06/05/23  (1)
Report: the DIAPER dam has been blown.    06/05/23  (1)
I think you should retire from xo. It was all fun and games but it's not and it'    06/06/23  (1)
Heroin up my dick hole    06/06/23  (1)
last known post by Emilio?    06/06/23  (1)
Who is FATTER: TSINAH, George Santos, or RSF?    06/06/23  (1)