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Washington Post acknowledging the existence of smoke-detector-Americans    06/06/23  (123)
The 35 yo attorney who raped 4 woman in Boston story is insane    06/06/23  (108)
An extremely overlooked tax on the UMC and above: end of life care    06/05/23  (93)
Apple VR 🥽 $3499    06/06/23  (87)
Mearsheimer explains why Russia will win the Ukraine War - kikes, your response?    06/06/23  (73)
Beatles songs if the Beatles were lawyers    06/05/23  (62)
USWNT plays four-tier Welsh men's backup squad: video inside.    06/06/23  (57)
Furk INDIA, abt to buy ticket back to TRANNYLAND    06/06/23  (48)
2010s Cupcake trend died ignominiously    06/06/23  (45)
i would literally kill any ufc fighter 175lbs or under irl    06/05/23  (34)
6 ft bodybuilders are now lengthening their legs    06/05/23  (34)
Why don't people just parachute onto top of Everest & climb down?    06/05/23  (32)
Thinking of leaving Biglaw, any suggestions?    06/05/23  (31)
Tiktok trend where teens simulate cum facials with liquid soap (link)    06/06/23  (28)
High-level US intelligence officials confirm: aliens are REAL. US recovered UFOs    06/05/23  (26)
Studying calculus at 42 yo    06/06/23  (25)
Is anybody else starting to warm up to Tim Scott for POTUS?    06/05/23  (24)
LOL, CNN still has nothing about the dam blowing up    06/06/23  (23)
Ukrainians say they are gaining territory - link    06/05/23  (23)
Intel whistleblower alleges cover up of UFO retrievals/possession    06/06/23  (21)
Blackrock: we are forcing woke shit on companies (ink)    06/05/23  (20)
Guy with irl OCD taking qs    06/06/23  (19)
Do they have any events STRICTLY for tall men?    06/05/23  (19)
Former FBI soviet spy Robert Hanssen found dead in his prison cell    06/05/23  (19)
Chinese food is completely inedible once reheated. Which cuisines leftovers?    06/05/23  (18)
NYPost: US men becoming withdrawn NEET hikikomomori    06/06/23  (16)
Lib journalists busy gloating over death of 2yo because grandpa donated to TRUMP    06/05/23  (16)
Ukraine's military intelligence chief is MIA    06/05/23  (16)
Adorable tradcath Hapa speaks out against Penn teammate Will "Lia" Thomas    06/05/23  (15)
How do you get from “we built the modern world” to “you must tolerate our    06/05/23  (15)
Kiev will fall politically    06/05/23  (14)
Covid vax leasing to surge in unusual children brain abscesses    06/05/23  (14)
smoke detector thing almost as insane as black people 'washing chicken' in sinks    06/06/23  (14)
Poast some characteristic of a girl and I'll bump a thread where I fucked one    06/05/23  (14)
Study: Blacks don’t notice smoke alarm low battery alert chirping    06/05/23  (13)
Zoom meetings fucking never ever EVER start correctly and on time    06/05/23  (13)
RFK Jr. on Jordan Peterson’s podcast    06/05/23  (13)
they say the first 5,000 Substack subscribers are the hardest to get    06/05/23  (13)
water is already flowing from Crimea canal to Dnipro (link)    06/06/23  (13)
Back on a fasting kick. The hardest day is the first day.    06/05/23  (12)
Bald and Bankrupt in Mongolia - link    06/06/23  (12)
some chick with a live in bf is coming over to bring me birria beef and weed rn    06/06/23  (12)
Possible to plan guillotine so you ejaculate into your mouth after decapitation?    06/05/23  (12)
Women in public asked on camera if they'd support cops arresting short men (link    06/06/23  (12)
Local mayor DENIES that the dam has been blown - link    06/05/23  (11)
Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Buffett scrambling to buy millions of acres of farmland.    06/05/23  (11)
Ever go through a hard time from which you never thought you’d recover    06/05/23  (11)
Houses really are money pits    06/05/23  (11)
chris hansen busts a DOCTOR on his takedown with hansen show    06/06/23  (11)