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A Trump win would make conservatism way more socially acceptable    05/28/24  (60)
new “social” app FlyMeOut lets chicks apply to be taken on free vacays    05/28/24  (59)
In ten years Social Security can only pay out at 80%. No Boomer will address    05/28/24  (47)
Rate TRAVEL plans for rest of 2024    05/28/24  (39)
It feels like the economy is about to really go to shit    05/28/24  (29)
Are lake houses 180? If you had $50m, would a sick lake house with a dock    05/28/24  (28)
New status signifyer should be being in great physical shape    05/28/24  (27)
Desperate to win back young voters, Biden enlists teen idol Robert De Niro    05/28/24  (26)
ITT: all the evidence that 10/7 was an Israeli operation    05/28/24  (26)
Leaving today for Guyana/Suriname trip, Soo CR (RSF)    05/28/24  (25)
turns out a former slave taught Jack Daniels how to make proper whiskey    05/28/24  (23)
Serious brain drain on the right the last couple of years    05/28/24  (20)
told my therapist to fuck off, feels 180    05/28/24  (20)
what do "black pillers" want done?    05/28/24  (20)
Best-selling video games in the United States by year    05/27/24  (19)
women are magical, sweet angels who need to be protected    05/28/24  (18)
no one wants to watch girlpower movies anymore, good    05/28/24  (17)
Best postwar American short story writer?    05/28/24  (17)
There's no point in owning all consoles in a Gen anymore    05/27/24  (16)
Audio of shootout in Winnetka after a resident interrupted car thieves    05/28/24  (16)
Leo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, DDL, Matt Damon, Christian Bale have 0 appeal to youngs    05/28/24  (16)
People who criticize OYT for his low NW don’t understand how high CT COL is    05/28/24  (16)
Melinda Gates going the Mackenzie Bezos route with her ex’s money    05/28/24  (16)
So FizzKidd is flirting with "Chingada Madre" to make Karlstack jealous? lmao    05/28/24  (15)
17 yr old migrant kills 28 yr old German for laughing at his limp dick    05/28/24  (15)
How to Watch Star Wars, Part 1: The Prequels Are Good (2:18:18)    05/28/24  (15)
Ricky listens to zoomer emo rap    05/28/24  (15)
rate Sofia Vergara at 17 in a bikini in a Pepsi commercial (clip)    05/28/24  (15)
I acutely miss drinking on Sunday nights    05/27/24  (14)
TT what are some places cr to bail to from ameica to save ones life?    05/28/24  (14)
i miss that fucking retarded coke out whore    05/28/24  (14)
Married xoers: How long would marraige last if you played Saturn in open-concept    05/28/24  (14)
there is pretty much zero "investigative journalism" anymore    05/28/24  (14)
Bobby Lee says a director once called him a "pan-faced gook"    05/28/24  (13)
people who dont know aphex twin are my worst enemies (FizzKidd)    05/28/24  (13)
How is it possible the US is the strongest country if Americans are so retarded    05/28/24  (13)
Jayson Tatum is the perfect lib male.    05/28/24  (13)
"Civil War" movie is incredibly disturbing    05/28/24  (13)
Molly Ringwald: "I Was Taken Advantage of by Hollywood Jewish Predators"    05/28/24  (13)
they've really made things suck    05/28/24  (12)
Products named after Saturn are cursed    05/28/24  (11)
thoughts on this AZN escort?    05/28/24  (11)
France 2003: Iraq war is violation of international law! France 2024: War is 180    05/28/24  (11)
Do you willingly and openly share your recipes?    05/28/24  (10)
extremely online demoralization agents    05/28/24  (10)
SUMMON NYUUG    05/28/24  (10)
Post something that embodies High Loser qualities    05/28/24  (10)
Why do proles still use “Facebook” so much?    05/28/24  (10)
Blacks posting long self-congratulatory messages about doing mundane work things    05/28/24  (10)
Trump verdict this week    05/28/24  (10)