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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   11/12/18  (197)
Taco Bell to launch fast-casual "Cantina" in northern Virginia:    11/13/18  (9)
its been years since any quote unquote "comedian" made me laugh    11/13/18  (12)
The right wing racism here is pretty shocking, worse than ever. Its scary    11/13/18  (13)
possible to use Corey Wayne style tactics @ work?    11/13/18  (5)
Day 2: CIVIL WAR. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez strikes at Nancy Pelosi.    11/13/18  (28)
Anything more alpha than making fun of a female posters husband?    11/13/18  (7)
Charlottesville killer James Alex Fields got his ass kicked in jail    11/13/18  (3)
GC glaring at you as you introduce yourself to your neighbors    11/13/18  (16)
started crying and sreaming like an infant until someone gave me my juul    11/13/18  (1)
Amazon hired Jay Carney, Obama's Press Secretary, as Corporate Affairs VP    11/13/18  (4)
Florida Everglades venus flytrap filmed devouring 3lb swamp rat    11/13/18  (2)
Gin Blossoms feat. Drunkard- Hey Hennessy.mp3    11/13/18  (1)
The United States has more holocaust museums than schools    11/13/18  (17)
Cold Truth: Ur GF went on antidepressants after Chad dumped her*    11/13/18  (3)
There are people that graduate from TTT with 6 figure debt & never can pass bar    11/13/18  (19)
J-J-Julia taking personal offense every time Trump uses Hillary's nickname    11/13/18  (1)
Solos, how much will you make this year?    11/13/18  (14)
Poa pratensis is a European, non-native grass common in North America    11/13/18  (1)
Explain poor starving fast people    11/13/18  (2)
/*Zuckerberg Announces Facebook HQ2, Promises 50,000 new jobs/*    11/13/18  (5)
"here comes the scholarship!" (colt feeding antidepressants to his infant son)    11/13/18  (2)
Most prestigious liquor?    11/13/18  (41)
Tucker Max tries MDMA, feels overwhelming love    11/13/18  (39)
I did it all for the cookie (bloodacre)    11/13/18  (7)
Charles how are you celebrating Arlington's Amazon victory    11/13/18  (3)
avg age on xo is 35. so ppl will start dying of heart attacks in about 20 yrs?    11/13/18  (9)
RATE the complaint in CNN v Trump    11/13/18  (37)
is XO like a 1930s style German beer hall    11/13/18  (3)
So, Friendsgiving just happened. Wow, just wow.    11/13/18  (5)
RSF, why do the Trump kids help run the family business?    11/13/18  (30)
Friendsgiving is Yet Another Lame Millennial Trend    11/13/18  (122)
Seeing pics of people losing their shit over Tony Robbins. Cult? Legit?    11/13/18  (3)
Benzo, has poop ever just fallen out of yr ass while walking?    11/13/18  (268)
The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you    11/13/18  (21)
Second date: fingered her in my car until she squirt.    11/13/18  (8)
"Can you leave the roast beef off and just take a big dump on the bun?" -Benzo    11/13/18  (68)
Joe Rogan - Strange Times new (Oct 2018) stand up special on Netflix is credited    11/13/18  (5)
Platonic female friend went on date with an "incel", we're still lolling at him    11/13/18  (1)
I’m done. This place is a racist cesspool.    11/13/18  (9)
Amazon getting $2b to go to Queens. Will spend $5m on job/resume training for    11/13/18  (1)
Trumpmo here: Hilarious that Lee Greenwood is the top musical act for Repubs    11/13/18  (3)
XO Tyson Fury's dad barred from entering US    11/13/18  (2)
93 year old slowly typing "What's his name" with arthritic hands    11/13/18  (36)
Dems win House, Mueller unseals wave of new indictments, Trumptards decry timing    11/13/18  (12)
Would you rather your wife make 30k or 300k    11/13/18  (83)
Goodbye everybody    11/13/18  (7)
Be embarrassed if everyone in your workplace looks like you --Natalie Portman (v    11/13/18  (23)
Sad Truth: "Orange man bad"😡 is a better meme than NPC    11/13/18  (4)
Friend killed himself    11/13/18  (17)
does sketch comedy even exist anymore    11/13/18  (3)
Trump is WINNING so hard that the GOP    11/13/18  (16)
😡 ORANGE MAN BAD 😡    11/13/18  (54)
Anyone else not break 1000 on the SAT?    11/13/18  (1)
I really Love you all    11/13/18  (9)
Chilmata (dogshit) is a Bald Fraud with an 1100 SAT score    11/13/18  (4)
Earl, how are you grandchildren?    11/13/18  (1)
Benzo's loose fuckhole backfiring like a Harley with straight pipes    11/13/18  (249)
RSF’s unbridled childlike enthusiasm for Medieval Times makes me lmao every ti    11/13/18  (23)
I’m surprised there aren’t way more mass murderers & revenge killings    11/13/18  (15)
NYU School of Medicine to waive undergrad course admission prereqs for attorneys    11/13/18  (2)
out of my 3 dads, colt is the only one to tell me not to go to law school    11/13/18  (1)
Standing at pool's edge. Luis, completing underwater lap, unaware of your presen    11/13/18  (57)
Sorry. I just can’t anymore.    11/13/18  (1)
Chainlink mooning    11/13/18  (3)
Many people don’t deserve to live and need to be put down    11/13/18  (6)
Bezos Confirmed: NYC and VA for HQ2-3 locations. LOL    11/13/18  (103)
Can’t stop jerking it to Instagram thots between 20-40lbs overweight    11/13/18  (60)
In U.S. vs. Incel, the female judge ruled against Incel    11/13/18  (2)
anglican lawyer just isnt funny, bros.    11/13/18  (77)
ABILIO JAMES ACOSTA    11/13/18  (1)
Rate this $1.75M CONDO in Seattle with $2k/mo HOA (link    11/13/18  (10)
Thoughts on someone that says they only care of themself?    11/13/18  (3)
Apple repairs spike as "blue wave" disappoints    11/13/18  (1)
If I don't kill myself by 40 I will kill myself    11/13/18  (1)
Don't be fooled by my new voting bloc / I'm still Ocasio from the block    11/13/18  (2)
In honor of America's veterans, I am giving hypos (Krampusnacht)    11/13/18  (134)
was boner police serious about dating jewesses? or was it "flame"?    11/13/18  (7)
Fuck, marry, kill: Fat GF, Black Fiance, and Short Russian Poaster Wife    11/13/18  (1)
Whok said “Jinxy, it’s 3am I must be lonely.”    11/13/18  (9)
LOL but why is he Orange?    11/13/18  (2)
Ocasio winning on Jeopardy to finance campaign    11/13/18  (4)
/* Facebook exec fired because he made donation to Trump /*    11/13/18  (9)
wtf white people. the lull in Islamic terrorism wasn't an invitation to fill the    11/13/18  (2)
anyone else get banned from JD Underground?    11/13/18  (50)
Ocasio-Cortez comes out against Amazon takeover of DC/NYC    11/13/18  (6)
Saw Overlord. Pretty good.    11/13/18  (2)
Your compliment was sufficient, luis    11/13/18  (34)
so Ocasio is just a way uglier Rosario Dawson    11/13/18  (5)
Trumpmos demanding that half of Earl be deported    11/13/18  (1)
Trumpmos, what would GOP House majority be if illegals hadn't voted in 2018?    11/13/18  (1)
Really suck at indoor soccer on hard surface.    11/13/18  (3)
Predictit on Ocasio sex tape release up to 74%    11/13/18  (1)
when "blue wave" turns into red wave, dems will spasm & twitch    11/13/18  (6)
dem party is actually dying i think (can't be saved)    11/13/18  (10)
Mirthless Korean-American SJW reviewing comedies for AVClub seeking MPA for    11/13/18  (2)
Poasts on the water (deep purple)    11/13/18  (7)
I want to be run over by a dumb driver or a smart car, either one works    11/13/18  (2)
iPhones, instagram, swipe apps: What has hurt women more?    11/13/18  (4)
how rich was Frasier supposed to be    11/13/18  (7)
if "blue wave" happened why are libs so upset?    11/13/18  (1)
GOP poised to win governorships in Nov in several key midwest states    11/13/18  (27)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won her race 78%-14%    11/13/18  (15)
Atheism is low IQ, I'm convinced *something* is going on. Not sure what.    11/13/18  (60)
'Big Law Killed My Husband': An Open Letter From a Sidley Partner's Widow    11/13/18  (551)
Did beckersted pass the NY bar?    11/13/18  (1)
Best Congressional district to carpetbag into and get elected? (white man)    11/13/18  (3)
jim_kelly, thoughts on alexandria ocasio-cortez's feet?    11/13/18  (2)
Phock Yu, an Avante-Garde Pan-Asian-German-French Fusion Noodle Haus    11/13/18  (2)
He was red haired & wow! / the boy sure went down / they call'em the Irish rover    11/13/18  (1)
I wish the jew media didn't paint asian men as effeminate faggots    11/13/18  (1)
I saw a muslim with a cup of acid in his hand. Walking through the streets of    11/13/18  (30)
Anyone else play ESO on XboxOne?    11/13/18  (1)
drakemallard i think libs honestly believe a "blue wave" is coming    11/13/18  (26)
Are robot vacuums woah cr or ((gc)) junk flame?    11/13/18  (4)
XO needs to go all in on Hillary 2020    11/13/18  (3)
DAT BLUE WAVE, DAT CANCEL    11/13/18  (8)
Gen-x may be apathetic, but the all the worst bootlickers I know are millennials    11/13/18  (1)
What professions are narcissists most attracted to?    11/13/18  (10)
All the men who fought, slaved away and died so you could sit in an office    11/13/18  (1)
Speaking of prestigious liquor, for u Chicago bros, Pappy Van Winkle is 50% off    11/13/18  (1)
Will Alexandra Cortez have to do same fundraising grunt work as other freshmen?    11/13/18  (17)
well isn't that convenient that im 'crazy' and 'unhinged' & everybody else isnt?    11/13/18  (6)
the reason europe is so cucked is bc all its great men died in the world wars    11/13/18  (4)
Government workers retire. Collect pension. Get another government job.    11/13/18  (10)
Being a pumo is the greatest form of authorship on xo    11/13/18  (11)
Has any guy ever actually successfully overcome Madonna-whore complex?    11/13/18  (45)
Mainstream media thought police don't step to XO because they fear the INTELLECT    11/13/18  (1)
nigger boi    11/13/18  (1)
Shame some people don't get along with or even talk to their siblings    11/13/18  (1)
evan39, will u be relocating to NYC or D.C., friend?    11/13/18  (5)
Rate this now-deleted tweet by a virtue-signaling doctor    11/13/18  (21)
Reminder: TRUMP is winning. Tick tock libs.    11/13/18  (1)
Lutheran Missouri Synod cr?    11/13/18  (21)
Disney World bans Man who waves Trump banners on roller coaster rides (link)    11/13/18  (14)
Seems impossible to get myself to care about paper pushing job    11/13/18  (13)
Post ITT if you HATE managing other people    11/13/18  (4)
The arc of desire bends towards homosexuality    11/13/18  (4)
"Confederates LOST! #StillWithHer by the way"    11/13/18  (1)
reminder: MOST classy, hot white girls EXCLUSIVELY date asian guys now    11/13/18  (3)
Turned down another client b/c I'm in house    11/13/18  (1)
What are some credited perfirmance SUVs in the $75-85k range?    11/13/18  (3)
(2018) CNN suing WH for "right" to assault women    11/13/18  (4)
i never realized how much i loved boner police until he was gone    11/13/18  (15)
little known tinder hack: u can change settings so u see men and only men    11/13/18  (3)
Human females raised Neanderthal children among human tribes like it was okaynbd    11/13/18  (9)
NOWAG update: I married a 16 yo hologram (link)    11/13/18  (1)
There's no way Ragnus can do 5 pullups like he said    11/13/18  (7)
OUT Ocasio-Cortez's bar. Where did she pour shots, showing cleavage for tips?    11/13/18  (1)

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