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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/12/19  (255)
when will rach give us page 2 again    02/17/19  (3)
worst part about taking heavy drugs/psychedelics itt    02/17/19  (5)
any developments in the sqmo/Tezos debacle?    02/17/19  (1)
not flame im a huge sadsack gay loser btw haha    02/17/19  (5)
Indians REALLY Aren’t That Intelligent (On Average) [article on India's IQ]:    02/17/19  (60)
What do you call a gay Jewish nigger?    02/17/19  (1)
Nigerians: “Do we take the tuna sub too?” Jussie: “No, I keep this.”    02/17/19  (9)
Rate this AR15 chick    02/17/19  (6)
Filled with rage these days hahah    02/17/19  (6)
how do we know smollett & nigerians weren’t inception-style brainwashed?    02/17/19  (3)
bitcoin neckbeards in teslas peeling out in front of HBS bros    02/17/19  (41)
LOL @ this Jew shitlib: "Why are we accepting CPD's word over Jussie's?"    02/17/19  (4)
Wahhh Wahhh stop following me! (guy who posts in every single one of your thread    02/17/19  (1)
d00d who maed it inventing Vine killedself at 34    02/17/19  (12)
#FreeJussie    02/17/19  (1)
Really shitty poster gunnerattttt. Former monikers?    02/17/19  (8)
Do girls like when you make fun of yourself?    02/17/19  (19)
What kind of idiot would donate to Kamala Harris?    02/17/19  (11)
In 1940's the AVERAGE US IQ was around India's current level, then 18+ rise    02/17/19  (10)
sad faggots waiting to die    02/17/19  (7)
Have you dreamed today?    02/17/19  (52)
who here has been to the *edge*?    02/17/19  (6)
Daily Mail: Malia Obama soaks up Miami sun in white bikini    02/17/19  (15)
TRUMP visits AMTRAK facility to see SEMI FAST train being DESIGNED    02/17/19  (1)
Proles fly down highway in 0 visibility blizzard.    02/17/19  (42)
Autoadmit has been cited as an exhibit in X number of lawsuits?    02/17/19  (1)
Ilhan Omar: why do Americans say Al Quida like its a bad thing?    02/17/19  (9)
Part of my blackpilling is realizing that there are indeed a large amount of    02/17/19  (3)
Someone tell rach to fix page 2 and search    02/17/19  (20)
All State won't pay your $100K claim. Hire Chandler or Spaceporn?    02/17/19  (14)
kill urself    02/17/19  (1)
the episode of High Maintenance where the dog is in love with his walker is 180    02/17/19  (9)
WaPo: it breaks my heart that Smollett's story was a hoax (link)    02/17/19  (9)
laughing my MF ASS OFF @not being a FSU PIKE CHAD HFS    02/17/19  (2)
who cares but crypto is mooning at least    02/17/19  (3)
Harvard Medical Journal: "JUICE deprivation in BIRDSHITS leads to INSANITY"    02/17/19  (2)
Will any future first family ever be loved as much as the Obamas?    02/17/19  (1)
Decline of xo mirroring the decline of Trump. Very low energy no ideas very sad    02/17/19  (6)
SPLC announces Woke News Network youtube show, dedicated to exposing alt-right    02/17/19  (2)
Andrew Yang is objectively the best 2020 candidate but no one will vote for him    02/17/19  (2)
Smollett hoax is a devastating blow to libs chances in 2020    02/17/19  (88)
Girls in thongs twerking at sorority hot tub party (video)    02/17/19  (35)
Lena Chen writing a novel. LOL?    02/17/19  (2)
Tommy, have you heard of JUICE WRLD??    02/17/19  (5)
what's the issue with IPAs? i dont get it    02/17/19  (2)
Brazzers looking for General Counsel with 4-6 of gen corp experience. Pays 200k    02/17/19  (43)
my favorite spaceporn shtick is when he pretends to be a big shot    02/17/19  (4)
rate this V50 firm focused on work-life balance and eliminating billable hours    02/17/19  (26)
what is it with GOYIMS and ALCOHOL    02/17/19  (101)
Going to quit drinking IPAs and switch to lagers and light beer    02/17/19  (22)
Tsinah rate my dinner    02/17/19  (9)
point break campfire scene but it's xo posters describing n threading    02/17/19  (4)
I won a major battle with the wife today    02/17/19  (12)
If Trumpmos push this Smollett story too much, it will backfire on them.    02/17/19  (34)
remember when that guy took the airplane for a joyride?    02/17/19  (14)
Black electrical tape scandal at HLS    02/17/19  (9)
"It's to regulate my period" as chad hoses her cervix frothy white    02/17/19  (8)
all these celebs, entrpreuenrs, artists that od and kill themseves are brilliant    02/17/19  (3)
true detective s3e7 "the final country"    02/17/19  (7)
This would be the ultimate fingerbang.    02/17/19  (10)
NYPD launches program allowing JDs to join as detectives immediately    02/17/19  (88)
Post Malone is the perfect pop star for this American moment. (WAPO)    02/17/19  (45)
What kind of idiot would donate to Joe Biden?    02/17/19  (1)
Hot, chubby sorostitutes rubbing large pizza slices on their fat, bloated tits    02/17/19  (3)
im going to order a 23inch pizza with at least 4 toppings and eat it one sitting    02/17/19  (9)
For the record, I'm not Henry Aaron, but he's 180. Fuck Obeezy    02/17/19  (3)
Why do people hate on Imagine Dragons so much?    02/17/19  (1)
Has there been a single substantiated MAGA attack case since 2016?    02/17/19  (7)
Kamala Harris's father pwns Kamala over her pandering to identify politics    02/17/19  (38)
the US is an absolute shithole    02/17/19  (11)
DESCRIBE the best stromboli you've ever had (180)    02/17/19  (1)
Biglaw partner who never applied to the Bar in the 90s (LINK)    02/17/19  (12)
CNN: Jussie Smollett paid two men to orchestrate assault on himself per police    02/17/19  (75)
JFC at the dem POTUS candidates: Kamala, Booker, Warren, AOC, Gillibrand    02/17/19  (2)
Benedict McCabe on 60 minutes right now    02/17/19  (1)
In 1997-98, the "Diversity Alliance" were the main villains in the Star Wars EU    02/17/19  (1)
Coming From America (2019 alt-right remake)    02/17/19  (1)
"This is TULSI COUNTRY" *smashes pizza hut pan pizza in ur face*    02/17/19  (10)
nouveau prole tell: hating on filet mignon    02/17/19  (85)
Henry Aaron is amazing, said Henry Aaron posting as Voodoo Child    02/17/19  (13)
By noose I meant scarf, and by white strangers I meant black friends. Cool?    02/17/19  (2)
America is now in the *Weekend at Bernies* stage    02/17/19  (25)
I miss the 90s bros    02/17/19  (2)
WTF? Dem Donor Ed Buck killed 2 black men in sex parties?    02/17/19  (2)
so we're all leaving amerika?    02/17/19  (3)
Kamala, Booker, AOC furiously deleting Smollett tweets    02/17/19  (6)
Sad truth: every single poaster on zozo working out psychological issues    02/17/19  (33)
indian women are some of the worst    02/17/19  (30)
Kaepernick predicts he will sign with Panthers or Patriots (link)    02/17/19  (5)
I’m coming for that fraud “pederastrain” hater fraud!    02/17/19  (12)
*sp hoverhanding his own "son"*    02/17/19  (8)
Spaceporn’s wife’s son bullied at school for being unable to fart with noise    02/17/19  (12)
T/F: The dem candidate who executes A Weiner in a restaurant will get the nom    02/17/19  (1)
Jussie finally clarifies, says they were just trying to move a Frogger game    02/17/19  (3)
female NPC: short man bad    02/17/19  (8)
Saw under the skin. Great movie.    02/17/19  (7)
Anyone take HORNY GOAT WEED?    02/17/19  (6)
Odd Case: “We Be Steady Mobbin” by lil wayne and gucci mane GOAT song    02/17/19  (1)
Do Horny Goat Weed or Vigrex actually work?    02/17/19  (13)
As a PI attorney I tower over you in a social setting, nurse TP here, first day    02/17/19  (1)
Any credited Africans who will genocide the Bantu menace?    02/17/19  (1)
Where's that SP thread where he proposed all blacks be rounded up and penned    02/17/19  (3)
Today I saw, and I shit you not, an authentic BGWAG    02/17/19  (1)
Mike Tyson tried bribing zookeeper to fight a gorilla    02/17/19  (5)
Would love to alert the FBI & spaceporn’s wife To his disgusting post history    02/17/19  (1)
Xo agrees on the shittiness and decline of are cuntry: Time to plan an xoColony.    02/17/19  (4)
Disaffected Jew here wanting agreement on my Jew issues, hi white trash!    02/17/19  (9)
Zero Slime Club: Check-In    02/17/19  (4)
Story of King Solomon but its Spaceporn and DBG splitting kid to molest.    02/17/19  (19)
If people are wicked fiendish idiots then who cares about any of them?    02/17/19  (8)
THE common law    02/17/19  (1)
Is it OK to listen to Elvis given that he allegedly stole black music?    02/17/19  (2)
“Hur dur I’m a ‘doctor’ and a trumpmo and I ridicule people w birth defe    02/17/19  (44)
Sad: A lot of college chicks I thought were hawt fell off a cliff 10 years out    02/17/19  (4)
Wait, so Henry Aaron is just a lowly    02/17/19  (118)
“Be still for Pickle Rick” he breathed into the boy’s ear    02/17/19  (13)
War's should be decided now based on which side is more woke    02/17/19  (1)
How can I strive to be the best white man I can be according to Libs/minorities?    02/17/19  (6)
ITT rate and rank these emo albums released in 1999.    02/17/19  (14)
Fat girls who act confident give me teh smirks.    02/17/19  (23)
The New Jersey Rail is the train to third world hell    02/17/19  (2)
“Hur dur I’m a baby partner who really likes cocaine but I have no wife or f    02/17/19  (5)
Hey, guys. I had this stroke of genius...what if we ONLY nominate WOMEN???    02/17/19  (32)
Noam Chomsky, linguistic 'nativist' who claims to believe all races have same IQ    02/17/19  (35)
the two most vocal male feminists I knew in college became trannies later on    02/17/19  (15)
Why is Chicago so affordable compared to NYC/DC/LA/SF?    02/17/19  (46)
What is the POTUS chewing tobacco?    02/17/19  (1)
What is the POTUS chewing tobacco?    02/17/19  (1)
ATP Feb 11-17 Thread - Rotterdam | Buenos Aires | MFH #tennis    02/17/19  (13)
everyone fucking die already    02/17/19  (1)
Will Liam Neeson ever get another movie job?    02/17/19  (9)
Henry Aaron yr so weird man.    02/17/19  (1)
Smollett's only way out is to push this all as an antisemitic witch hunt against    02/17/19  (1)
Trump broke sex brain of liberal womyn.    02/17/19  (5)
ITT: We celebrate Black History Month by noting Black Scientific    02/17/19  (41)
Real talk: Jussie was hoping Chicago PD would nab 2 random white bros    02/17/19  (21)
Thoughts on Andrew Yang's POTUS campaign?    02/17/19  (3)
you are a slave on plantation earth    02/17/19  (4)
bringing a child into the world without at least 250K put away is child abuse    02/17/19  (3)
more severely mentally ill - crazy pills or Henry Aaron/voodoo child?    02/17/19  (6)
Epic twitter thread on all the famous idiots who got Smollett shit wrong    02/17/19  (14)
Dolphins get high using pufferfish (link)    02/17/19  (2)
fucking dumb faggot    02/17/19  (4)
Jon Hamm is in Tag? Sold    02/17/19  (1)
My dog is lying on top of me licking my face    02/17/19  (4)
post marriage asian women split into agwwg vs. agwag cliques    02/17/19  (2)
*Stephen Miller furiously looking into SNL collusion*    02/17/19  (2)
Kanye's "College Dropout" has really withstood the test of this GC hellscape    02/17/19  (18)
Non-Parentmo here: Why just have one kid?    02/17/19  (5)
sheena easton-morning train plays as AssFaggot & BP clear out the subway w MP5s    02/17/19  (7)

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