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Lib reading 1984 “Hmm some great ideas in this instruction manual”    05/06/21  (18)
“It’s like 1984 meets Turner Diaries but with a hologram as president”    05/06/21  (11)
Birdshits are the true innovators!! *Entire Birdshit continent doesn't innovate    05/06/21  (13)
America 2021: Orwell’s 1984. 2031: The Gulag Archipelago.    05/06/21  (7)
(Tracy Chapman singing) You got a tumor    05/06/21  (2)
michael doodikoff: how are you right now?    05/06/21  (95)
anti-vax conspiracies on the right depress me. all smart people alienated    05/06/21  (59)
BIRDSHIT ain't got no CLASSICAL CIVILIZATION    05/06/21  (2)
coke n molly all day errday till u die    05/06/21  (3)
Buddhism is luciferian    05/06/21  (20)
Just got the following snapchat notification    05/06/21  (1)
dfinity    05/06/21  (11)
if I were black I would RESENT the left for making me seem totally incapable    05/06/21  (43)
is it cr to just marry some cute cheerful prole service industry worker girl    05/06/21  (151)
insane clown posse coin listing on coinbase    05/06/21  (16)
Ordered molly and coke    05/06/21  (10)
Just bought another 1000 SOL    05/06/21  (1)
I feel like every married person I know is teetering on divorce right now    05/06/21  (2)
why is PP such a mentally ill lib?    05/06/21  (22)
Bill Gates is lacing drinking water in Africa with FERTILITY DRUGS    05/06/21  (3)
I just got in a fucking fight in my building    05/06/21  (30)
So obvious the top humans right now are northeast Asians    05/06/21  (6)
was American Psycho (1991) the last great american novel?    05/06/21  (35)
Time Magazine confirms the election was stolen by a shadowy cabal    05/06/21  (171)
best starter golf club set?    05/06/21  (3)
Bill Gates doesn't want to open source the vaccine    05/06/21  (11)
Put 100% of ETH and BTC in SOL rn?!?    05/06/21  (1)
Following the Derby, Its Time to Talk About the Lack of Black Jockeys [Slate]    05/06/21  (1)
Did we lose Nutella along with C12?    05/06/21  (4)
"Impartial" Facebook board PERMANENTLY BANS TRUMP 4 LYFE    05/06/21  (50)
Matt Groenig unveils new series "the Simpson Thachers"    05/06/21  (1)
Home Run Overturned Due to Kid’s Mask Falling Off (HS Sports)    05/06/21  (5)
How difficult to move to new city at 37 and meet new bros and chicks?    05/06/21  (29)
US birth rate PLUMMETS nearly 5% to lowest level ever. 1.64.    05/06/21  (41)
1.5 Million people still pay for AOL monthly service    05/06/21  (12)
California to END all Accelerated Math courses to PROMOTE EQUITY    05/06/21  (102)
New carmos, anyone do one of those foreign delivery things    05/06/21  (14)
I know a guy    05/06/21  (1)
Modern age men should really get "marriage" out of their head    05/06/21  (10)
How are CAC, Gunt, and AOH's marriages holding up through COVID?    05/06/21  (1)
Kasich belting out "And all that jazz!" as he jazz hands doses you with cyanide    05/06/21  (1)
I don’t believe Bitcoin is a good inflation hedge    05/06/21  (9)
Asian woman w/ White BF wearing "Fuck China" shirts says "Nigger" on camera    05/06/21  (29)
imagine if men were worth a shit and built a world worth living in    05/06/21  (5)
Real Talk: Nobody is honest with themselves, constantly lying about everything    05/06/21  (1)
*trump entering gop convention to jewel yodeling "my hands are small i know"*    05/06/21  (1)
Dirte is basically the chris hemsworth of the 40 yo single hockey mom scene    05/06/21  (4)
SP do they let you “kick the tires” when ur looking to buy a gook boy frm Ko    05/06/21  (1)
Crazy that doodikoff, of all posters, died of COVID-19.    05/06/21  (53)
Is China fucking with Americans living or visiting there yet?    05/06/21  (5)
as america burns, IRS gets permission to hassle wage cattle who used Kraken Exch    05/06/21  (1)
4,000 Americans killed by covid vaccine    05/06/21  (23)
Sexy Fox newsbabe Lara Logan describes "horrific rape" in detail    05/06/21  (4)
So BIRDSHITS lived 7,000 years near Atlantic Ocean but didn't sail it?    05/06/21  (3)
Rate next Mayor of Cincinnati (Mayor Handsome Curry Monster)    05/06/21  (1)
Thieves Nationwide Are Slithering Under Cars, Swiping Catalytic Converters [NYT]    05/06/21  (5)
What can physical silver actually do?    05/06/21  (24)
🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 OFFICIAL TSINAH FOR CONGRESS THREAD 🇺🇸 🇺🇸    05/06/21  (151)
Zack Wheeler    05/06/21  (1)
HYPO: One night in NYC to get laid for $5mil, if you fail you die    05/06/21  (53)
If my girlfriend goes to jail I'm killing myself(Boom)    05/06/21  (12)
The name BIPOCS is hilariously demeaning    05/06/21  (33)
Americans returning the lockdown pets.    05/06/21  (6)
Most prestigious and most prole TREES?    05/06/21  (25)
If there’s so much inflation in the US why is USD still strong    05/06/21  (18)
"BIPOC" is verbal chicanery for shitlib adulation of blacks    05/06/21  (21)
RETARD benzo is trying so hard to think of a good thread right now    05/06/21  (15)
Deep state had Russia down a plane to kill the head of the John Birch society    05/06/21  (42)
everyone to rsf: "benzo's smarter than you"    05/06/21  (22)
benzo: why do you post here?    05/06/21  (15)
Chumbawamba Greatest Hits CD only has one song on it (link)    05/06/21  (5)
Rating poasters as excerpts from briefs that Tommy T has filed.    05/06/21  (222)
*stupid person posts stupid shit for years* xo: "haha what a brilliant schtick"    05/06/21  (82)
Many poasters people think are shtick are real    05/06/21  (4)
Loser benzo is FURIOUS that TSINAH is about to be elected to Congress    05/06/21  (8)
BIRDSHITISTAN is the LEAST developed NATION in the WORLD    05/06/21  (8)
Just put down deposit on this $11K/mo MFH apartment, hi RSF! (benzo)    05/06/21  (9)
LMAO benzo needs to retire after this gaping    05/06/21  (1)
still lmao at how fucking ugly benzo is    05/06/21  (69)
RSF: "Just copped prestigious finance jerb, u mad azns?" *buys ETH at $1400*    05/06/21  (56)
the threads clowning on benzo are MUCH funnier than benzo's threads    05/06/21  (6)
PISSPIG benzo receiving the golden gift on his PAUPER PLOT    05/06/21  (5)
Brothers    05/06/21  (1)
I'd take my chances in Mexico over being in the U.S.    05/06/21  (13)
what kind of fag "writes" books    05/06/21  (3)
4'10" balding indian guy telling you that only "losers" eat meat    05/06/21  (5)
Rate this 180 Cop's reaction time    05/06/21  (2)
spending every evening listening to the guy next door slap his hoe around tp    05/06/21  (2)
Billie Eilish songs are really bad. Wtf is going on with this forcememe?    05/06/21  (1)
"no one wants to read this dogshit" (most polite feedback rsf got about "book")    05/06/21  (19)
1800000 - Trump launches 'From the Desk of DJT' - Twitter-like feed    05/06/21  (91)
Most prestigious river in the US?    05/06/21  (127)
Jarryd Hayne sentenced to at least 5 years for fucking a girl off snapchat    05/06/21  (1)
Back when I was 22 xo seemed so negative then 15 years passed    05/06/21  (1)
ITT, rank your TOP 3 CRYPTO POASTER    05/06/21  (12)
money, pussy, reproducing, land, power, and physical prowess are all that matter    05/06/21  (19)
Why is xo filled with faggot gaybois asking for sex?    05/06/21  (1)
South Carolina: Fuck lethal injection. We're bringing back firing squads    05/06/21  (42)
Lucifer = Satan = Humanism    05/06/21  (1)
I'm still looking at dem EPAH noods. He's HOT    05/06/21  (1)
so when the mcdonalds breakfast burrito went from $1 to $2.50 we were fucked.    05/06/21  (12)
Trumpmos: now that ur movement is over, will you just fuck off and leave?    05/06/21  (17)
Figuring out it all tonight    05/06/21  (1)
elliot rodger probably could have found a gf    05/06/21  (51)
How to deal with anxiety?    05/06/21  (2)
Really glad I built my dock last year, wish I had also built my deck    05/06/21  (6)
Human sacrifice tp    05/06/21  (1)
Fauci is a freemason    05/06/21  (1)
LJL @ inflation deniers    05/06/21  (4)
let me know either way!    05/06/21  (14)
"just hanging with friends! hbu?" "watching documentary about the dust bowl"    05/06/21  (1)
thinking of buying some newer used toyotas a inflation hedge not flame    05/06/21  (3)
world industries decks, Burton boards, Arc’teryx outfitting... best setup on    05/06/21  (1)
hows cuba? worth visiting?    05/06/21  (1)
What's the Biden admin's end game re: Colombia?    05/06/21  (7)
craving a mcdonlads spicy crispy chicken rn hfs    05/06/21  (1)
Losing faith in SOL bros    05/06/21  (21)
MONEY CASH HOES. Sausage egg and cheese. America. Trump. FUCKLIBS    05/06/21  (2)
ITT: the long term price of lumber    05/06/21  (38)
Who is the quotemo arguing with himself and calling himself a pedo?    05/06/21  (2)
twitter engaging in INSANE censorship right now.    05/06/21  (36)
Got a sick world industries deck last year really wish I got more cock    05/06/21  (1)
Bro on 4chan says the great reset is XRP cause BTC isnt green new deal certified    05/06/21  (1)
How do blacks decide which government agency to be incompetent workers for?    05/06/21  (13)
I'm thinking of creating a podcast to compete with Joe Rogan's    05/06/21  (3)
Intellectual property law (1066 - 2021)    05/06/21  (19)
xo has too many low iq shitcon conspiracy theorists    05/06/21  (2)
Told my SAHM non politically wife about “AAPI” and she thought it was ridicu    05/06/21  (5)
piano crew: recs for learning JAZZ piano?    05/06/21  (4)
If you're not moving to boise ur insane    05/06/21  (15)
with the xo Firefox nightmode extension u can auto block all gjr threads    05/06/21  (8)
give me the TRUTH: how secure is this site? what kind of data does it collect?    05/06/21  (7)
Anxiety is killing me.    05/06/21  (10)
"omg we did it again!!!" (euphoric braindead trump supporters at 11 pm lmao)    05/06/21  (1)
I visited your home this morning, spaceporn, after you'd left.    05/06/21  (2)
if DOGE isn't the top, then we'll run out of oxygen soon    05/06/21  (1)
just hit 2,000 ounces of physical silver    05/06/21  (3)
State your physical silver holdings before I engage you further    05/06/21  (3)
Guys with dead bedrooms, is your wife able to achieve orgasms from sex still?    05/06/21  (81)
libs telling ppl to create their own speech platforms like its plausible to do    05/06/21  (1)
There was FWAUD involved. China imported bamboo ballots! FWAUD!    05/06/21  (1)
Con: "You're 'FREE' to have any opinion you want!" *Points bible at your face*    05/06/21  (80)
Biden commits to waiving vaccine patents    05/06/21  (1)
The criminal "justice" system makes no sense    05/06/21  (5)
when physical silver tp enters a thread the fraudmoney jewkikes screech & cringe    05/06/21  (2)
Biggest flaw with “Tenet” - guy who played Protagonist is a terrible actor    05/06/21  (24)
mig ask lucifer to show the quality and nature of the light and then ask jesus    05/06/21  (6)
will i go to hell for believing marcionism    05/06/21  (1)

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