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white nationalist girls who only date azn men    07/08/20  (2)
Charles, you know it's pronounced "h-vac," right?    07/08/20  (2)
Tucker DOUBLING DOWN on Duckworth 180    07/08/20  (70)
Why is Mehan markle hijacking BLM to get back at the royal family?    07/08/20  (1)
Shitlibs have canceled George Washington.    07/08/20  (12)
3D girls attempt to do popular anime girl dance    07/08/20  (14)
Most people in biglaw are actually pretty decent, despite what this bort says    07/08/20  (24)
settled on apt    07/08/20  (9)
"Good evening. It's Sunday, 450 in the AM, and that means this is Perspectives"    07/08/20  (3)
need to spend 11 dollars at bass pro for free shipping, what should i get    07/08/20  (7)
lol a Thai can move to America and become a Senator    07/08/20  (39)
Benzo’s had more court appearances than most biglaw associates    07/08/20  (19)
Hate life, wanna die    07/08/20  (2)
Ideas for further taunting Duckworth    07/08/20  (2)
nyuug is right about most things these days but his taste in azn girls off    07/08/20  (3)
Get an ASMR buzz talking to Westlaw/Lexis training reps.    07/08/20  (1)
i didn't know blacks bird watched (larry david voice)    07/08/20  (2)
Tech founder tells objective 8.7 Asian female to go back to where she came from    07/08/20  (123)
if u have nothing good to say about someone, tell everyone the bad things    07/08/20  (1)
Lab friend agrees with going after Duckworth    07/08/20  (18)
Where does Tucker Carlson get his ideas?    07/08/20  (31)
If WFH becomes the new normal, birth rates will plummet even farther    07/08/20  (44)
Hasn’t it been two weeks since the spike in cases? Where are we on this libs?    07/08/20  (54)
LOL half the neo-nazis outted by Antifa are beaners    07/08/20  (1)
weird how the moon is the same size as the sun    07/08/20  (4)
GC can & will extort doctors, hospitals, etc. to treat u poorly & ruin ur health    07/08/20  (1)
Masks AND rubber gloves required at Equinox, no water, no showers - lol paying $    07/08/20  (30)
Anyone else worried they might get fucked by things they did as a lawyer?    07/08/20  (8)
90's sex scandal figure Mary Kay Letourneau (1951-2020):    07/08/20  (23)
tranny who tried to commit suicide 2 times last week deleting ur youtube channel    07/08/20  (9)
Rapetiles: do you admit you lost fair and square?    07/08/20  (5)
NYT: Artists and Writers Warn of an ‘Intolerant Climate.’ Reaction Is Swift.    07/08/20  (1)
Republicans spread conspiracies about Ghislaine Maxwell’s suicide tomorrow (NY    07/08/20  (9)
The US is in for an amazing, transformative decade in 2020    07/08/20  (35)
White bro flips out on elderly woman who asks him to wear a mask in a Costco    07/08/20  (122)
Just chill out while we get a vaccine, lol    07/08/20  (3)
Did Duckworth lose her legs because of an IED I'm guessing?    07/08/20  (16)
Is every member of the squad dating a white guy?    07/08/20  (3)
*Trump rolling around on stage* "I'm Tammy Duckworth!"    07/08/20  (6)
Rate 40 year old Olivia Munn in a bikini    07/08/20  (69)
HuffPo: Tucker put the 14 words on screen tonight    07/08/20  (22)
Thai pussy itself its usually bomb but socially trashy and cheap. <<<<< Korean    07/08/20  (1)
So is some white dork actually pounding out Duckworth’s Azn robo-twat?    07/08/20  (1)
POTUS Trump drags Elizabeth Warren into Redskins/Indians debate.    07/08/20  (36)
Duckworth rolling around Congress chanting “I have no legs, I have no legs”    07/08/20  (12)
just ate out my wifes unwashed pussy and asshold    07/08/20  (8)
Went most of my life without knowing about duvet covers. Absolute game changer    07/08/20  (1)
"But you ain't got no legs, Senator Duckworth!"    07/08/20  (9)
So Drew Brees got 100X more blowback than D. Jackson quoting Hitler re: Jews?    07/08/20  (6)
strengthen the good parts, weaken the bad parts    07/08/20  (1)
GOP cucks withdraw Columbus Day removal after Tucker blows them the fuck out    07/08/20  (2)
"Don't pull the thing out unless you plan to bang" wonder how many lives this ly    07/08/20  (1)
party rock anthem by lmfao    07/08/20  (11)
i really dislike the olsen twins for some reason    07/08/20  (4)
The U.S. is a Third World Shithole in Fucking Sharp Decline    07/08/20  (18)
why doesn't charles negotiate a higher salary? tucker is nothing w/o him    07/08/20  (40)
Man shot dead in broad daylight in NYC while walking daughter (video)    07/08/20  (12)
Nigger chimps out in Brighton Beach. Russians beat living shit out of nigger.    07/08/20  (51)
yo stanislaus woodsman tp, u around    07/08/20  (3)
Ran into luis on a hike and he kept referring to it as a "journey"    07/08/20  (3)
Mueller sets Issac Aisimov’s Son Free After He Was Arrested On Child Porn    07/08/20  (28)
dead eyed chick who's been on birth control getting a dead tree tattoo    07/08/20  (8)
Why did that tech CEO yell at those random Asians?    07/08/20  (5)
JUST THE FLU: Covid 19 is the leading cause of death in US in 2020    07/08/20  (4)
If you look closely at Tucker’s tie, it’s just the word NOWAG interwoven thr    07/08/20  (1)
I will mix with every race of south/east Asian    07/08/20  (1)
im a mix of every race except asian/south asian/middle eastern    07/08/20  (2)
I'll call it right now: Baltimore will NOT have more riots    07/08/20  (6)
Those Seattle BLM bishes should be signed up for the Olympics    07/08/20  (7)
78 year old obese hypertensive diabetic taken before his time    07/08/20  (1)
BLM has set race relations back a generation    07/08/20  (31)
It is the Teutonic races    07/08/20  (2)
im not convinced that caligula wasnt a literal god    07/08/20  (4)
New York Times "fact" checkers don't understand math    07/08/20  (6)
what should i do?    07/08/20  (18)
was the traitorous praetorian guard the roman "deep state"?    07/08/20  (5)
get these non-whites the living fuck out of this country    07/08/20  (12)
caligula spent most of his energy trolling douchebag aristocrats and senators    07/08/20  (14)
trader joes is the most prole supermarket    07/08/20  (95)
i am paulie porsche tp    07/08/20  (2)
New Will Ferrell movie on Netflix: Eurovision Song Contest. Watching now.    07/08/20  (6)
so only white people have agency and moral responsibility?    07/08/20  (4)
who else still uses AOL?    07/08/20  (3)
Any poasters actually concerned about getting COVID?    07/08/20  (15)
Just took a Truvada and watched gay porn fuck Trumptards    07/08/20  (3)
So trumpmos F’ed up and reopened too quickly. Now everyone will get sick or d    07/08/20  (36)
Bromeo and Cooliet    07/08/20  (2)
Tucker has to run    07/08/20  (3)
Why were early Christian martyrs so gung ho    07/08/20  (20)
Any bros want to reminisce about watching those Seattle BLM bishes getting steam    07/08/20  (3)
runescape rune scape run escape    07/08/20  (2)
Reminder: the kikes took World Peace from us    07/08/20  (16)
Reddit makes it illegal for any post to show POC as the aggressor (link)    07/08/20  (8)
thinking of just going into seclusion for 2-3 years    07/08/20  (21)
Is tearing down statues a hate crime against Americans    07/08/20  (7)
GOY tp gleeking SKOAL juice into a holocaust survivors face like a Dilophosaurus    07/08/20  (16)
Serious question, if we give blacks reparations won't they just spend it immedia    07/08/20  (9)
I want to spit clam chowder on kikes outside a Newton synagogue with GOY tp    07/08/20  (16)
Synopsize the biopic of the poaster above you    07/08/20  (5)
HYPO: Tucker has two legs blown off and Duckworth calls him anti-american    07/08/20  (17)
Don’t fear the reaper is hilarious if you imagine it sung by Indian man    07/08/20  (3)
Veteran of the Psychic Wars plays as of counsel stumbles 2 vending machine @10pm    07/08/20  (2)
Old lady donates body to science, gets used for military blast testing.    07/08/20  (90)
WTF - WUSTL SAT medians are better than Dartmouths? Equal to Columbias?    07/08/20  (17)
Bryson DeChambeau is like xo come to life    07/08/20  (4)
7 Democrats arrested for destroying the house of the law    07/08/20  (1)
Estimate Adam Carolla's yearly income    07/08/20  (4)
luis just crack your back man jfc lol    07/08/20  (14)
The American toilet paper industry has finally caught up with the American anus    07/08/20  (1)
Had basil fried rice with chicken around 1pm today. Can still feel the spice bur    07/08/20  (7)
"masks" don't explain the #s in these East Asian megacities    07/07/20  (18)
Barbara Fields ruins the Civil War    07/07/20  (8)
Who the fuck is Kamau Bell?    07/07/20  (29)
fuck my ass, new toyota rav4 prime (plug-in hybrid) does 0-60 in 5.7 seconds    07/07/20  (9)
NYT: New York City Is Completely Fucked    07/07/20  (58)
Ken Burns Civil War Could NEVER Be Made Now, Even Aside From Shelby Foote    07/07/20  (52)
Stalin do you have a conspiracy I can dive into?    07/07/20  (24)
You get called KAREN just for CARIN'!    07/07/20  (1)
Shitlibs will now push the “Trump weak on China” angle    07/07/20  (79)
Whats up with JJC's random My Masters in Midieval History from UChicago?    07/07/20  (7)
Blm literally shutting down traffic everywhere and blue state pols letting them    07/07/20  (8)
*Tucker scrunches face* “I SMERRA DUCK-AH SAUCE-AH-RU!”    07/07/20  (1)
Joe Biden in talks to wheel out Tammy Duckworth as VP pick (link)    07/07/20  (92)
*Trump kneels on stage* "Imma Tamy Duckwolth...Succky fucky? Ruv u rong time!"    07/07/20  (3)
anyone else just kinda tune out when a nigger starts talking?    07/07/20  (2)
u can steal someone's luxury sailing yacht fairly easily & live on ocean    07/07/20  (14)
"Trump falsely claimed that [blah blah blah never visit site again]"    07/07/20  (1)
Rate my 23andMe (Frank Lloyd Wrong)    07/07/20  (73)
CIA compiled data from 1984-1985 on who tried to shoot dog in Duck Hunt (WaPo)    07/07/20  (6)
Erin Weinstein gapes DNC primary process    07/07/20  (8)
When the fuck is Biden announcing his running mate?    07/07/20  (1)
San Francisco supervisor introducing ‘Caren Act’ to stop racist 9-1-1 calls    07/07/20  (13)
CEB publishes "standard" # of billable hours per task for tranny lawyers    07/07/20  (1)
Lib here, we need t- *bad intentions spill out of briefcase*    07/07/20  (4)
White couple who painted over BLM graffiti charged with hate crime    07/07/20  (50)
Fighting Irish the latest victim of cancel culture    07/07/20  (2)
And now what are they calling you? KA-REN. That’s right, it’s very sad folks    07/07/20  (2)
LOL at this COVID-19 scandal in Florida. Governor is going to go to JAIL.    07/07/20  (45)
The Atlantic: GEORGIA’S EXPERIMENT IN HUMAN SACRIFICE (update)    07/07/20  (60)
Bubba Wallace got a Beats By Dre contract    07/07/20  (1)
(((AYN RAND))) Institutes Receives $1 Million PPP Loan (not flame)    07/07/20  (28)
Anyone notice media never mentions reopening of democrat states?    07/07/20  (6)
Life Advice (Episode 1): Relationship/sex advice for married dudes (CSLG)    07/07/20  (113)
David Dinkins thrilled that he lived long enough to become 2nd worst NYC mayor    07/07/20  (3)
merit based guillotines    07/07/20  (4)
caligula slanderously maligned for taking out the ppl who killed his family    07/07/20  (1)

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