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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   03/20/19  (274)
jose canseco is going buckwild on twitter    03/22/19  (30)
NYUUG is an around cool dude (CSLG)    03/22/19  (2)
Very gay hispanic waiter said he wants to go fishing and shoot guns with me    03/22/19  (13)
Steven Nealify your monikers ITT    03/22/19  (3)
2 teenage 'males' have been in my backyard for 20mins taking photos of each othe    03/22/19  (13)
ITT: Shitlib MSM Mueller tweets containing "regardless"    03/22/19  (15)
how much *rape* would happen if there was a civil war?    03/22/19  (5)
A bunch of small towns are about to lose their only major store (Shopko):    03/22/19  (7)
Pls link to Lib reactions, thank    03/22/19  (12)
BS acing freshman biology at Yale without even studying. U: Jealous    03/22/19  (5)
I want to marry this cute chick who bullies people in videogames    03/22/19  (97)
when nyuug steps into the club its like the red sea parting    03/22/19  (5)
tfw no 1488 tiktok-using gen z Yang Gang meme-spouting gf    03/22/19  (5)
Want to oogle hot teen girls? Download TIKTOK    03/22/19  (9)
the overt sexualization of young american girls right now is 180000 for real men    03/22/19  (6)
Is Steven M Neal of Herndon VA planning to do crimes? Many are saying this    03/22/19  (2)
Is Universal Studios Orlando the #1 theme park in USA?    03/22/19  (6)
Night out with NYUUG (CSLG)    03/22/19  (285)
Rate this house on Zillow 4979 Daffodil Lane Herndon, VA 20170    03/22/19  (3)
Herndon, VA is where many CIA mormons live. Plotting coups & terror 24/7    03/22/19  (4)
People in Herndon VA all in mourning today due to Mueller report (attempted coup    03/22/19  (4)
just downloaded tiktok. it's full of hot high school girls.    03/22/19  (14)
Office libs smashing their Mueller votive candles after the report drops    03/22/19  (3)
Mueller report released. Nice try libs!    03/22/19  (1)
"Steven Neal" from Herndon Virginia is a top poster, one of the best ever    03/22/19  (8)
Libs: we never trusted Mueller to begin with. It was always about the SDNY!    03/22/19  (1)
"US" libs made mockery of Constitution for 3 years and came up empty-handed?    03/22/19  (4)
if Oregon wins this they will go deep    03/22/19  (7)
those Korean bar slut titties though JFC    03/22/19  (8)
Libs: Mueller was secretely helping Trump all along with his investigation!    03/22/19  (5)
SUCK ME DRY    03/22/19  (1)
Hawaiian Judge REVERSES Mueller, ORDER INDICTMENTS FOR TRUMP, TRUMP JR    03/22/19  (3)
Taxes are just the government forcing you to buy extra spics and niggers.    03/22/19  (5)
Come to Orlando and I'll kick your ass straight into Tomorrowland    03/22/19  (6)
hey flw    03/22/19  (2)
so what’s the final bill to taxpayers for this “Mueller” horseshit?    03/22/19  (3)
Took 90 days to replace Yankee sourced composites on the MS-21    03/22/19  (1)
Nyuug Clubbing thread is peak XO 2019    03/22/19  (4)
imagine marrying someone you met on a dating app    03/22/19  (1)
****UVA IS LOSING****    03/22/19  (3)
Main difference between men and women on dating sites    03/22/19  (3)
How many friends have u made after age 30    03/22/19  (21)
Drakemallard grunting and heaving as he blows out WLMAS and Obeezy for 473th tim    03/22/19  (3)
Cirque du Soleil should do a show with Peter Gabriel's 1977-1982 solo work    03/22/19  (3)
Think of all the poor libs that died before they could see the Mueller report    03/22/19  (8)
Libs failed to bring down Trump so they tried to cancel his favorite tv show?    03/22/19  (2)
So Mueller has evidence Trump committed a high crime but taking 3 yrs to reveal?    03/22/19  (98)
Bob Mueller moving into Trump Tower apartment next week    03/22/19  (2)
First series built Mi-28NM kills its first brown turds in Syria    03/22/19  (1)
What's some PROLE LOGIC you've heard recently?    03/22/19  (61)
My boss caught me SUCKING THE GLASS DICK at work    03/22/19  (3)
Making sweet love to a glass dick (meth pipe) almost ruined me    03/22/19  (7)
Rudy: "don't worry, Mr. President, i just appealed the Mueller Report in 9th Cir    03/22/19  (1)
Anyone else actually upset that Trump isn’t a Soviet agent?    03/22/19  (1)
chandler please buy this map for me    03/22/19  (17)
Tired of spending 12 to 20 dollars per meal. Ramen only from now on    03/22/19  (1)
everyone in Fratty's office making him say "Subscribe to PewDiePie" again,loling    03/22/19  (3)
Real Talk: I've never met a lib that I would consider "masculine" or "Alpha"    03/22/19  (5)
Actual quote from Mueller report: "James Comey is a fucking loser and a bitch"    03/22/19  (4)
Glenn Greenwald giving no quarter.    03/22/19  (4)
should i do ketamine? (not flame)    03/22/19  (7)
Don’t allow 🥅 moving.    03/22/19  (3)
This ncaa tourney has been sps    03/22/19  (13)
why do Pats take so many SEC players?    03/22/19  (1)
Mueller Gang, Mueller Gang, Muller Gang    03/22/19  (1)
Chandler - How fucked am I going Solo without CSLG feeding me cases    03/22/19  (70)
So no collusion?    03/22/19  (1)
FBI agent slapping forehead as he opens 7th JJC bait thread of the night    03/22/19  (30)
"A 'boilet' is a twink that drinks urine" (Rach on phone with police)    03/22/19  (7)
14-year old gets MAF after finding mom's Facebook profile    03/22/19  (1)
Lost in this whole Buzzfeed thing: They want to impeach Trump for "obstruction"    03/22/19  (43)
Ljl so (xo 2019) Trumptards called Mueller a liar for years and now they are sup    03/22/19  (3)
Life has grown painfully purposeless and empty for me lately. Can u pass the ket    03/22/19  (1)
Reminder: SPECIAL COUNSEL is investigating ties between Trump and Russia    03/22/19  (48)
Psychologist told me to stop masturbating. Told her I stop several times a day.    03/22/19  (15)
...and that's when we knew the collusion was inside us all along    03/22/19  (3)
Did you get to watch first round of March Madness in school?    03/22/19  (1)
Bluesmoke, honest Q. Why aren't more blacks like u? So many act like animals    03/22/19  (18)
Chris Wallace on FoxNews just now said process crimes are serious crimes    03/22/19  (1)
ljl @ thinking Mueller Report is end of investigation. Dems will conduct hearing    03/22/19  (10)
Mueller: “McCain? He was a gay, transpositive communist. Read tge report.”    03/22/19  (1)
Dbg where u at    03/22/19  (2)
for how much money would you forgo sex for 1 year, you'r working full time also    03/22/19  (44)
AOC Calling For Investigation Into Mueller Probe    03/22/19  (5)
Alexandra Ocasio-Cortezos    03/22/19  (7)
18 y/o au pair blocked PewDiePie    03/22/19  (1)
So wait, was it a witch hunt if Mueller concludes Trump did nothing wrong?    03/22/19  (27)
Fulano telling you why figure skating sucks, and it's not because it's too gay    03/22/19  (1)
Ok men's ice skating or figure skating or whatever the fuck that was is sps    03/22/19  (14)
New Zealand's hijab-wearing Prime Minister appears to have converted to Islam    03/22/19  (6)
So...it really was a witch hunt like Trump has been saying for years?    03/22/19  (1)
Public school bros what dresscode did you have in HS?    03/22/19  (2)
Skating World Championships Underway in Japan    03/22/19  (15)
Thoughtful lib provides perspective on the Mueller Report (link)    03/22/19  (3)
lib fantasy Mueller Report: "Jail 4 TraitorTrump" IRL: "irregularities occurred"    03/22/19  (10)
Mueller Report: Only collusion was btwn McCain, Russia    03/22/19  (1)
libs: our fruitless 2 year investigation wasn’t a witch hunt    03/22/19  (4)
why don’t superrich people just give me a lot of money?    03/22/19  (6)
xoBarr: "Thanks, but could you send us a copy in Word pls?"    03/22/19  (4)
If special counsel investigation results in Jared Kushner inside a cell = 180    03/22/19  (5)
really craving some macaroni & cheese lately    03/22/19  (6)
Iron Monkey, rate my new drift boat    03/22/19  (10)
why tf did jordan peterson claim that he didn't sleep for 25 straight days?    03/22/19  (45)
you can basically reimagine every Keanu Reeves movie ever starring 'Beto' instea    03/22/19  (1)
baby british upgrade    03/22/19  (1)
Beto is a 180 prankster. Tricked his wife into eating his shit    03/22/19  (2)
Is AOC libs' Sarah Palin    03/22/19  (55)
Something is off about Beto    03/22/19  (5)
jcm    03/22/19  (4)
need stock market to fall 95% in a year so boomers can face consequences for the    03/22/19  (1)
Does anyone actually know someone IRL who believes the Russia narrative?    03/22/19  (92)
LJL at racist asshole Trump thinking he can win the nigger vote    03/22/19  (55)
Borders under Trump now more open than at worst point of Obama admin    03/22/19  (3)
*Jim Acosta opening door to Al Capone’s safe*    03/22/19  (3)
@realdonaldtrump: Dems all screamed "collusion"! Nothing but delusion!    03/22/19  (1)
Pelosi: "What, we can't impeach?" Mueller: "I think it's quite a reach"    03/22/19  (1)
If Mueller hasnt found corruption, the Dems in House surely will    03/22/19  (4)
More devastating to shitlibs: Trump's 2016 victory or Mueller report?    03/22/19  (3)
You're old: XO's shittiest meme is now Toddler Goldstein    03/22/19  (1)
gee whiz! do u think it's a COINCIDENCE: Trump cucks-->Mueller calls off dogs?!    03/22/19  (4)
the baby goldstein psycho & all his alts need to be banned ASAP    03/22/19  (1)
If Trump's Not Put in Prison, the Libs Are Gonna Schism    03/22/19  (1)
Lol didn't some libs on here have "Its Mueller Time" shirts?    03/22/19  (2)
If Trump's not sent to jail, the Libs are gonna wail    03/22/19  (2)
libs already crying for the SDNY to save them    03/22/19  (1)
so what did Michael Flynn provide to get off easy?    03/22/19  (1)
If Mueller Don't Indict, the Libs Won't Be Alright    03/22/19  (2)
So Don Jr. didn't even get indicted? Holy shit    03/22/19  (4)
We need a 2nd independent investigator to investigate Mueller's ties to Russia    03/22/19  (1)
Weil Vs Kirkland for bankruptcy?    03/22/19  (38)
Mueller Report concludes that Iraq actually did have WMDs    03/22/19  (1)
Justice dept leak: Mueller report recommends Don Jr. INDICTMENT    03/22/19  (1)
REMINDER: Trump = Individual 1, will be indicted as soon as out of office    03/22/19  (18)
Buddy of mine flies international. Says Ethiopian pilot needed to flip 2 switche    03/22/19  (46)
This Pic of 'Desmond' Wearing a Hijab in Soldarity Just Won the Internet (buzzfe    03/22/19  (5)
Inspired by DTP, here is Big 5 Personality Test. What are your results?    03/22/19  (55)
Blue Smoke, you really believe that the median IQ of blacks is    03/22/19  (6)
Libs burning their Mueller onesies in protest outside DOJ right now    03/22/19  (1)
Any poasters at the NYIPLA Judges' Dinner (patent prom) tonight?    03/22/19  (2)
Remember BEL the poster? She is now C LEVEL EXEC for a clothing line haha losers    03/22/19  (97)
Auschwitz had mock miniature naval battles in massive colliseum style arena    03/22/19  (6)
god damn boomers need to go    03/22/19  (1)
luis I was legit on the verge of achieving nirvana    03/22/19  (1)
Mueller report has 12 pages debunking claims Zyklon was used to kill    03/22/19  (3)
this girl I went on a date with really pissed me off: texted me about eating cum    03/22/19  (60)
compare airbus amateurs to US pro pilots (UA 232 crash)    03/22/19  (4)
NYUUG remind us why DBG had such a bad time in korea    03/22/19  (44)
Still can't believe Libs went along with Russia lie so Hillary could save face    03/22/19  (14)
remember when maddow had the "tax returns" LOL    03/22/19  (7)

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