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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
lot of previously chill bros I know irl are turning into huge fags    06/22/24  (9)
The latest online romance plot taking middle-aged women by storm    06/22/24  (1)
''This is going to ruin the tour,'' muttered Ricky sassily at the work meeting    06/22/24  (2)
this faggot fuck country can eat shit right out of my asshole    06/22/24  (2)
2024 Disney constantly jumping the shark    06/22/24  (1)
Freemasonry appears to be a doctrine for people who want to be left alone    06/22/24  (8)
Moving to Hobart in August. Taking questions.    06/22/24  (3)
good morning    06/22/24  (1)
dark energy discovered to have changed over time    06/22/24  (9)
Does anyone like to put ice cream on steak?    06/22/24  (2)
Indian bone flute riff plays as you stare at case of Steel Reserve in Buc-ees    06/22/24  (1)
JJ Reddick: HC of son's CYO team ==> HC of Lakers.    06/22/24  (17)
How do you pronounce “HVAC”? “aitch-vee-ay-see” or “aitch-vack”?    06/22/24  (7)
holy shit i just learned Tarot cards are pronounced "teh · row"    06/22/24  (8)
Staring at copy of La Société du Spectacle & asking invisible camera behind u    06/22/24  (1)
Who the fuck puts cheese on steak    06/22/24  (37)
Watching new season of The Boys and keep wondering what Jew Seth Rogan is thinki    06/22/24  (2)
Salton Sea was a strange and well preserved place    06/22/24  (9)
JMIA got pretty banged up this week    06/22/24  (1)
Dr. Peat; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love the Caldo de Caña    06/22/24  (1)
Putin's visit to North Korea is a sign of massive desperation right?    06/22/24  (5)
Swimming: if freestyle is fastest, why are there other Strokes?    06/22/24  (11)
It's so depressing working on a Friday evening    06/22/24  (30)
Afaik an elephant has never been to the moon    06/22/24  (14)
Snoot the poaster have you been to "Awful Awful" in Murphy's New Jersey    06/22/24  (1)
thoughts on this Tarot trinary: world | high priestess | death    06/22/24  (6)
Japanese game franchises you've heard of but know nothing about    06/22/24  (7)
Trader's Joe products that are superior to brand name    06/22/24  (1)
5 hour loop of TRUMP doing signature shimmy dance to Auslander Raus (link)    06/22/24  (1)
"Coal in the stocking" actually lost German tradition of Krampus defecating in    06/22/24  (1)
"No, Chief Justice, I don't know who keeps peeing in the SC sink", Alito drolled    06/22/24  (1)
You see an unlocked car. I see a goon cave    06/22/24  (14)
Going to XO St. Tropez TOMORROW! Taking Soo CR Qs (RSF)    06/22/24  (50)
Temple of Solomon explodes like Michael Bay film in New Testament?    06/22/24  (1)
The Ecoonomist (link)    06/22/24  (1)
Boor with that much sink you may as well call penthouse basement    06/22/24  (3)
16 briefs & what do u get? Cursed at by Mort and student debt    06/22/24  (4)
i think we should just do monorails and if that doesn't work burn Riddler effigy    06/22/24  (5)
Sim glitch: Harrier jump-jet completely bald    06/22/24  (4)
Sim glitch: Baldr had thick beautiful hair    06/22/24  (3)
I have the potential to be a -2    06/22/24  (8)
The tools needed for True Economy have not yet been developed    06/22/24  (4)
Mom, I Voted For The President (2016) (Schumacher)    06/22/24  (2)
RSF. No one respects you. Not your wife, parents, in-laws, posters. No one    06/22/24  (9)
Caterina Sforza exits Army recruiting office with a frown & full gold pouch    06/22/24  (1)
Ray Peat may be a Doctor of Jurisprudence    06/22/24  (1)
waking up screaming tp    06/22/24  (2)
French women are the biggest whores imaginable    06/22/24  (1)
What's the deal with humans having different blood types?    06/22/24  (2)
Has anyone here ever worked as a flight attendant?    06/22/24  (6)
how much to retire at age 45 w/ wife + 3 kids?    06/22/24  (32)
Jennifer Connelly is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy    06/22/24  (21)
Serious Q: What is THE BEST Dave Matthews Band song/performance combo?    06/22/24  (34)
Ray Peat is saying we should be taking aspirin 3x daily    06/22/24  (7)
I am switching jobs discuss!!    06/22/24  (9)
Clearly I was misled by false narratives planted by enemies of the people    06/22/24  (3)
bald lawyers w weak chins & shitty posture writing screeds on how to fuck a teen    06/22/24  (2)
Why are so many bald lawyers on ozempic?    06/22/24  (1)
This country could be paradise again    06/22/24  (1)
TT, i have a crazy story demonstrating how insanely shit pajeets are.    06/22/24  (11)
how much of A.I. success can be attributed to contributions of women?    06/22/24  (1)
RATE Suri Cruise, 18, At Prom (PICS)    06/22/24  (48)
saw the colon cancer thread, was praying it was Karlstack    06/22/24  (3)
Taliban: We lived free under the Sun, now we are stuck behind screens in offices    06/22/24  (210)
so Luke snuck off w/ landspeeder when his aunt/uncle got merced by stormtroopers    06/22/24  (4)
It's nice just how unrelentingly normal being gay is now    06/22/24  (39)
Frog and Toad blow coronavirus into boomer retirement home HVAC system    06/22/24  (36)
Death to Babylon    06/22/24  (1)
When India was under British Rule, Indian Railways had no TOILETS on Trains    06/22/24  (23)
nigger 🦧    06/22/24  (1)
Xo has me&all of us fuck up to the point birds singing is depressing    06/22/24  (13)
Will Ozempic change American society?    06/22/24  (42)
Samantha Bee literally annihilates Mike Huckabee from the face of the Earth    06/22/24  (1)
I swear if I see one more queer kissing on TV trying to sell me a    06/22/24  (3)
Sad to report that Los Angeles is still, in fact, 180    06/22/24  (43)
in 7th grade i asked harrison if i could borrow his n64.    06/22/24  (7)
Kyoto azn mayor of Oakland’s home being raided by FBI right now    06/22/24  (21)
Bang bang, nigga, that's the sound of one hand clapping    06/22/24  (2)
LJL @ how GHETTO and TTT ACH and the US Banking System Is    06/22/24  (5)
What exactly is the snapping sound in this video?    06/22/24  (1)
leb friend LOVES lamb, hummus    06/22/24  (1)
2023: "LOL TBF HOW'S THE 'REDNECK REVOLUTION' GOING?" 2024: "OK so if TX secedes    06/22/24  (29)
Grocery delivery is so CR    06/22/24  (44)
Lab friend HATES naturally formed babbies    06/22/24  (1)
I defy you to name one thing worth doing that doesn't involve a screen    06/22/24  (7)
"Welcome to Robotics 101, I'm prof-" vonoskar: "Will we be covering tactics?"    06/22/24  (2)
Claire Cumfart    06/22/24  (4)
Claire Comfort was the hottest chick in history during xo prime    06/22/24  (3)
YOU get a ride. And YOU get a ride. And YOU get a ride    06/22/24  (2)
The Greatest Story Never Told    06/22/24  (4)
Your wife's pussy is tidally locked to Saturn's hexagon    06/22/24  (11)
lab friend supports Biden shitting in public    06/22/24  (1)
lab friend’s pronouns are rrrrrrgg and rrrRRRRRUFFFF!!!!    06/22/24  (3)
most prestigious web browser in 2024?    06/22/24  (18)
Lab friend indicted for tampering with ledger (he chewed it)    06/22/24  (4)
Lab friend: “Why fail you when I can TAIL you!”    06/22/24  (4)
lab friend says newspapers are the enemy    06/22/24  (2)
Fighter starts kicking the ref's ass after he stops the fight - video    06/22/24  (2)
Lob friend moving from MFH; can't stand having 212 area code    06/22/24  (21)
Lob Friend Doesn't GAF If You Order Steak With Or Without A Slice Of Cheese    06/22/24  (2)
people who lived with a gf and then decided it didn't work: tell ur story    06/22/24  (11)
lob friend calling a lid on boiling pot    06/22/24  (2)
Are there actually people who are bald lol    06/22/24  (11)
Never forget: the JMU tennis girl - video    06/22/24  (1)
We all know the earth is flat. What about the moon?    06/22/24  (8)
This article about a coming Pacific NW earthquake is amazing - link    06/22/24  (11)
Done About 90 Countries. Should Publish A Book 109 Countries & Counting    06/22/24  (10)
tinychat    06/22/24  (1)
Claire Dane was the hottest chick in history during we prime    06/22/24  (22)
If you had to name your child after a US state, which state which sex of child?    06/22/24  (32)
Pajeet, Pajeet, Pajeet, Paaajeeeeet (to the tune of Jolene)    06/22/24  (5)
I’m going to order psychedelic mushrooms from this website    06/22/24  (46)
Two thirds of all men who have walked on the men are now dead    06/22/24  (3)
I always prefer wearing a G-string to showcase my buns    06/22/24  (3)
Tried one of these “Zyn” things, it fucking sucked    06/22/24  (15)
Lmao rate this clip of modern Amerika: 2 thieves RACE to steal package at door    06/22/24  (3)
Jerry Sandusky, butt raper, thinking about Joe Paterno's scrotum and jerking off    06/22/24  (11)
What's a legit place to buy a gun?    06/22/24  (27)
I AM GAY    06/22/24  (1)
Man allegedly landed on the moon 55 years ago    06/22/24  (1)
Did professor salaries skyrocket w/ cost of higher education in past 20 yrs?    06/22/24  (55)
so Nintendo has 40-50x more Games in the pipeline than Sony?    06/22/24  (16)
DHS expands parole-in-place to all illegal immigrants married to US citizens    06/22/24  (1)
Best part of Pride Month are Juneteenth and Father's Day    06/21/24  (3)
VFW launches spinoff for biglaw refugees, SCL (Survivors of Complex Litigation)    06/21/24  (2)
loneliest whale in the world seeing xo on weekend nights - haha wow holy sh    06/21/24  (3)
did we ever figure out the “big guy” for whom hunter was saving 10?    06/21/24  (20)
What is the purpose of sampling a bottle of wine at a restaurant?    06/21/24  (40)
RATE Reese Witherspoon, 48, In A One-Piece Swimsuit (PICS)    06/21/24  (21)
the power of CUM. the power of POO. the power of PEE PEEEE.    06/21/24  (3)
Ungh… ungh… unghhhhyeah….. stick it up my BRO HOLE!!!    06/21/24  (1)
Did TSINAH ever find a rural Michigan gay bar that suited him    06/21/24  (2)
The Fit to Fat subreddit is a literal nightmare    06/21/24  (13)
Younger single men have zero protection in a society like this    06/21/24  (10)
Ali Baba and the 40 catty gay alts    06/21/24  (4)
Imagine being so dumb you think starship troopers was enlistment movie    06/21/24  (5)
Spelunking Karen's Kavern    06/21/24  (2)
Goyim Eat Cheesesteaks But Repulsed By Cheese On A Steak. Very Confusing    06/21/24  (21)
June 21 = 21 different cocks up Stalin tp's asshole this month    06/21/24  (1)
I love punching people hard as fuck in the face IRL.    06/21/24  (1)
My God! He’s buttfucking my wife’s Asian pussy!    06/21/24  (3)
It's nice just how unrelentingly gay being American is now    06/21/24  (2)
Listen to a recording of my slutty moaning ITT    06/21/24  (2)
This chick is a real fan    06/21/24  (18)
Is Mumia still on death row?    06/21/24  (2)
sportbettingmos: feel like this is the year Connor McDavid wins his cup    06/21/24  (7)
   06/21/24  (6)
Alts are like low level stable members who jump in when the ref counts to 2    06/21/24  (27)
Been watching a lot of MadTwinz beat boxing shorts lately    06/21/24  (1)
Know so many bros getting hair transplants    06/21/24  (29)

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