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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
List the saddest (realistic) situation you can think    05/29/24  (3)
Mr. Jinx's live-action skibidi toilet performance is absolutely vile:    05/29/24  (3)
Why $lave for your money when nigger$ $queak feet for million&billion?    05/29/24  (102)
fuckin hot as shit today jfc    05/29/24  (10)
I Know Why The Caged Palestinian Bombs    05/29/24  (1)
Great Wolf Lodge must go    05/29/24  (2)
TT what are some places cr to bail to from ameica to save ones life?    05/29/24  (19)
evan39 the jokes on them! karma is real    05/29/24  (4)
Chicago is only passable place in the "midwest" and that's pushing it    05/29/24  (8)
Back at my old firm there was a psycho chick who seduced partners    05/29/24  (27)
rsf's summer school geometry teacher: "no a pentagon has 5 sides" rsf: "for now"    05/29/24  (97)
Daddies Little Whore    05/29/24  (1)
want to killa. bunch of poeple asap    05/29/24  (1)
*rsf dabbing all 3000 times one of his victim's names is read at 9/11 vigil*    05/29/24  (21)
"oh hey i'm downwardly mobile too!" (rsf eating popcorn, watching wtc jumpers)    05/29/24  (39)
Why Canadian Conservatives Lose: A Case Study (Karlstack)    05/29/24  (13)
:i think this toilet can handle wing night" (rsf inspecting 9/11 reflecting pool    05/29/24  (51)
You can have whatever you want..always could have    05/29/24  (6)
not flame we can save humanity by killing all single shrews and all zoomer males    05/29/24  (3)
There should be a 115 IQ and 100% Bench Press of bodyweight voting requirement    05/29/24  (22)
Naz Reid to Whok, ass bleeding: "Now turn around & lemme finish on yo face"    05/29/24  (3)
Baltimore Ship Captain Committed 33 Acts of Plagiarism in college (Karlstack)    05/29/24  (23)
A hot tranny dropped my Walmart curbside pickup order off    05/29/24  (4)
evan39! We don't have to accept the fraud! We will get ours    05/29/24  (5)
"oh damn i bet he had a musky one" (doubly rock hard rsf watching 9/11 footage)    05/29/24  (1)
List the saddest (realistic) situation you can think    05/29/24  (24)
Biden shows his cards on electoral college strategy (link)    05/29/24  (34)
what kind of "man" is appearing before another man for judgment    05/29/24  (1)
All flame..your life could've been what you wanted it..you got had    05/29/24  (5)
In ten years Social Security can only pay out at 80%. No Boomer will address    05/29/24  (53)
why do the migrants look like this    05/29/24  (13)
brothers what is an alternative to zyn smooth, closest thing plz help    05/29/24  (2)
What is Israel’s endgame in Gaza?    05/29/24  (22)
40% of people from Texas are really nice and normal, 60% are complete trash    05/29/24  (15)
if Trump is a felon are democracy is over, it's just chaos from here on out bros    05/29/24  (1)
How many Lynn Conway troons could Hegemon take in a firefight?    05/29/24  (12)
Rate this CHINAGIRL who got AR-15 blasted in Shanghai by accident    05/29/24  (1)
MLB officially announces Negro League records are MLB records    05/29/24  (19)
Why the insufferable lives here? Maybe it is good I'm alone    05/29/24  (1)
PSA: if you jump from a 12 story high cruise ship into the sea, you will die    05/29/24  (6)
Could've had a good time yet suffered for nothing    05/29/24  (7)
Not fleeing from middle America early on will ruin a person's life    05/29/24  (3)
Swift "signing" about stuff she never experienced..never went to school college    05/29/24  (1)
"Its blockchain technology" said jinx, chaining the ladyboy to a concrete block    05/29/24  (42)
Mr. Jinx is the last door-to-door Vajazzle kit salesman in the Americas:    05/29/24  (4)
it's crazy Becky he's like a Servant of the Secret Fire and wields the Flame of    05/29/24  (14)
It's 180 XO CHINA focuses on constantly improving instead of fags and trannies    05/29/24  (3)
All you divorce lawyer bros help the rest of us out: is there a CR way to    05/29/24  (25)
XO Night Crew: Pray with me to Jesus Christ right now.    05/29/24  (3)
F-35 Crashes Near Albuquerque Airport, New Mexico    05/29/24  (4)
"Pajeet" is trending on X because of Nikki Haley    05/29/24  (2)
Ty Cobb: "Trump will be found guilty by Friday"    05/29/24  (4)
Leaving today for Guyana/Suriname trip, Soo CR (RSF)    05/29/24  (41)
What was the Balrog doing for 5000 years, playing solitaire?    05/29/24  (31)
REMINDER: Lynn Conway tp tried to get xo shut down bc we hurt his feelings    05/29/24  (223)
turns out a former slave taught Jack Daniels how to make proper whiskey    05/29/24  (34)
red states truly are trashier than blue states    05/29/24  (2)
stupid braggot indicts trump    05/29/24  (16)
i trusted hunter. i had no idea he was using the family name to make millions an    05/29/24  (13)
Redditor lawyers discuss places to access Westlaw/Lexis FOR FREE    05/29/24  (12)
The Maori Genocide of the Moriori    05/29/24  (11)
Loving County, Texas has a population of 43    05/29/24  (7)
correction tp will never not be a jewish pedophile    05/29/24  (12)
Karlstack tp and jewish pedophile correction tp having cybersex on xoxo tonite    05/29/24  (1)
the biggest Substack in Loving, Texas    05/29/24  (1)
Nazreon Hilton Reid.    05/29/24  (1)
Nigger$ $hoes $queaking on a jew court    05/29/24  (134)
some guy told me Regular Show is better than Adventure Time    05/29/24  (8)
Do biglaw people still fuck at the office?    05/29/24  (14)
claudine gay's dissertation begins "it was the best of times, it was the worst o    05/29/24  (8)
Karlstack is a life fuckup in many ways, why would anyone read his takes?    05/29/24  (1)
"Traveling for business or pleasure?" "Online someone said go back to Israel, so    05/29/24  (14)
XO flame re: cost of raising children is not that crazy    05/28/24  (19)
What did they think would happen from letting Muslims into the West en masse    05/28/24  (18)
Is Gunnerattt menstruating today?    05/28/24  (6)
I banged Gunnerattt's mom    05/28/24  (2)
The Regular Show is some weird funny stuff    05/28/24  (4)
Dumbest poster: Benzo, Sealclubber, or Gunnerattt?    05/28/24  (16)
German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock would make the perfect wife - pic    05/28/24  (4)
Fuck you Jesus of Nazareth kike Enemy of the Romans    05/28/24  (1)
It's time to face the facts: Snoot is a total fucking moron    05/28/24  (135)
Rate this Sicilian porn slut - borderline sfw    05/28/24  (1)
STUDY: 80% of realtors need a new career    05/28/24  (8)
my nudes in profile    05/28/24  (1)
If dogs could be XO poasters - video    05/28/24  (2)
new “social” app FlyMeOut lets chicks apply to be taken on free vacays    05/28/24  (88)
gem discovered    05/28/24  (1)
I just need a GOOD KIKE that "denounces" "Israel" on the jewforum    05/28/24  (1)
Porn keeps me from cheating    05/28/24  (13)
Reddit is waking up to Big Mike    05/28/24  (3)
Hey SHITHEADS, have you locked her up yet?    05/28/24  (1)
Legal expert says Trump acquittal is ‘out of reach’    05/28/24  (14)
Helpless    05/28/24  (1)
if u leave a woman alone for 5min she'll start writing letter to serial killer    05/28/24  (48)
RSF I need to ask you a very simple and serious question, appreciate a response    05/28/24  (3)
Your wife wants you to fuck her ass.    05/28/24  (10)
What's the deal with Exsufflation    05/28/24  (4)
what race should get to sacrifice Liver King?    05/28/24  (5)
Armenia unveils its secret weapon against overwhelming Azeri military ...    05/28/24  (1)
Ian Duncan Smith Did Nothing Wrong    05/28/24  (8)
Rate my friend’s wife    05/28/24  (151)
"we put the boho in globohomo"    05/28/24  (2)
Waiting while a jury deliberates. What does it all mean?    05/28/24  (10)
How are people surviving? My credit card bill is 7,500 a month and i shop at Wal    05/28/24  (12)
i'm gonna fight globohomo by ranting online all day &NOTHING u can do to stop me    05/28/24  (21)
Jfc my tits have gotten big    05/28/24  (6)
the only protests w consequences are pro-American and anti-Israel 🤔    05/28/24  (12)
Where did the West's anti-polygamy stance come from?    05/28/24  (13)
Bomb used in Israel genocide of Rafa camp was made in + paid for by America    05/28/24  (2)
I approve of the jew on jew violence    05/28/24  (16)
RATE Daniell Radcliffe's Babymomma (5 Years His Senior) (PICS)    05/28/24  (20)
LOL at RSF being a 45 Jewish woman who lives off an allowance from daddy    05/28/24  (2)
Gay marriage was extremely common in pre-Columbian North America not flame    05/28/24  (1)
So Jews took over Christian Ivies, then turned around and gave them to Muslims?    05/28/24  (22)
Chris Pine tapped for Youngstown bomber biopic    05/28/24  (1)
stay at firm or move to europe    05/28/24  (21)
Chase Bank in Youngstown, Ohio blows up    05/28/24  (6)
Who here uses a mechanical keyboard?    05/28/24  (21)
Conservatives whine about low marriage rate but refuse to reform wedding culture    05/28/24  (2)
John Hamm on a plane to Youngstown    05/28/24  (1)
Indie Games are SAVING Gaming from Terrible AAA Trash.    05/28/24  (3)
Native American Indians who claimed the Earth once had two moons vindicated    05/28/24  (3)
Fed whole family for the cost of 1 salad at fast casual salad place.    05/28/24  (12)
awake people, let’s ki** ourselves    05/28/24  (3)
Are Peaceful Protests legal?    05/28/24  (8)
How long until we can use human brain bioprocessors in iphones    05/28/24  (1)
AAA Gaming is Failing    05/28/24  (1)
"FryMe2U" app lets asian girls go on free vacations    05/28/24  (1)
Elizabeth Warren billboard: "Trouble with the law? Call the squaw"    05/28/24  (1)
Why Most AAA Games Suck    05/28/24  (1)
"Wordle in 3!" your dad texts, which you ignore, his 8th to last text to you.    05/28/24  (17)
AAA Gaming is Completely Unsustainable    05/28/24  (2)
can't believe that cheating spic faggot rafa is finally done    05/28/24  (2)
Triple A Games will (Probably) Destroy the Industry    05/28/24  (1)
WTF - Biden to address the nation after Trump verdict - link    05/28/24  (13)
Spend my nights looking for things to blow money on    05/28/24  (4)
Rate this Jew whine on LinkedIn    05/28/24  (43)
Just got some airpods pro. These things are great    05/28/24  (3)
Prole tell: going to a Christian church that doesn't have a rabbi on staff.    05/28/24  (11)
Blow 🤯 🔫 out only "option" left?    05/28/24  (10)
show bussy    05/28/24  (1)
Rate these two old black ladies fighting on the subway    05/28/24  (1)
I DATED my STALKER - and it was the HOTTEST SEX of my LIFE! (Daily Mail):    05/28/24  (1)
ITT: all the evidence that 10/7 was an Israeli operation    05/28/24  (27)
Best postwar American short story writer?    05/28/24  (37)
"It's cum. My buttcrack is glued shut with cum." (whok)    05/28/24  (2)
North Korean balloons bombarding the south with filth - link    05/28/24  (1)
Plutarch, Life of GunneratTTT    05/28/24  (12)

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