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LOL, CNN still has nothing about the dam blowing up    06/06/23  (23)
"Teen" shoots Bangladeshi resto worker in NYC in the ASS    06/06/23  (1)
rate this scene from Dindu Thunderdome Philadelphia    06/06/23  (3)
NYPost: US men becoming withdrawn NEET hikikomomori    06/06/23  (16)
Lululemon CEO: Feel free to rob our stores (link)    06/06/23  (9)
Does DateLab still exist?    06/06/23  (1)
What are the latest news and theories on height?    06/06/23  (2)
What was the tallest man you’ve seen today?    06/06/23  (1)
Amazing that JEWS did the HOLOCAUST and 9-11    06/06/23  (1)
Washington Post acknowledging the existence of smoke-detector-Americans    06/06/23  (118)
how many jews are actually doing any fighting in the 'Ukraine'?    06/06/23  (1)
6 Indian tourists detained in Thailand for working illegally as Juice sellers    06/06/23  (1)
What are the 2 best US cities for single men and single women to move to    06/06/23  (6)
Ron: "Harry, do you think Hermione misses me?" Hermione: GLORP GLORP    06/06/23  (4)
women lose to jr. high boys soccer team: 'what we did here today is so brave'    06/06/23  (1)
USWNT plays four-tier Welsh men's backup squad: video inside.    06/06/23  (57)
smoke detector thing almost as insane as black people 'washing chicken' in sinks    06/06/23  (14)
It’s super weird how women basically don’t have any genitals    06/06/23  (6)
Woman with Downs syndrome says favorite thing about husband is he's Tall    06/06/23  (2)
Cornel West running for President    06/06/23  (7)
"This is my rock bottom," Viktor Krum muttered, pulling his dick out of Hermione    06/06/23  (9)
Ron: Munching Gryffindor-themed cookies, Viktor Krum: Munching Hermione's box    06/06/23  (2)
Are cons actually winning the culture war on trans stuff?    06/06/23  (82)
RATE THIS PIG    06/06/23  (2)
:D makes great call on exeunt bluff to win WSOP mystery millions event    06/06/23  (6)
Just took an ambien before playing 5/10 NLHE    06/06/23  (1)
Intel whistleblower alleges cover up of UFO retrievals/possession    06/06/23  (21)
UConn to require course in "Anti Black Racism"    06/06/23  (5)
Thought Julia's onlyfans would be easily a 1000+ post thread.    06/06/23  (24)
Smoking hot 21 y/o blonde poses as man in hoodie; Trick-rapes nearsighted teen.    06/06/23  (5)
1990: No state with obesity rate >15%. 2010: No state with obesity rate <20%    06/06/23  (87)
"MINERVA COME WANK ME OFF."    06/06/23  (1)
Explain straight men with nipple piercings    06/06/23  (6)
NYT: Lack of LGBT Hikers at Everest Base Camp should spark alarm for Nepal    06/06/23  (1)
Apple VR 🥽 $3499    06/06/23  (87)
Victoria's Secret opens first lingerie store at Everest Base Camp    06/06/23  (3)
How many negroes does it take to change a battery in a smoke detector?    06/06/23  (2)
2010s Cupcake trend died ignominiously    06/06/23  (45)
Bald and Bankrupt in Mongolia - link    06/06/23  (12)
Women in public asked on camera if they'd support cops arresting short men (link    06/06/23  (11)
Jewish Shrew takes shoes off at Everest Base Camp to honor Holocaust, dies of fr    06/06/23  (1)
Guy with irl OCD taking qs    06/06/23  (19)
Average American "Female" weighs same as avg French "Man"    06/06/23  (1)
any adult woman who is/was into “theatre” or “acting” is guaranteed psyc    06/06/23  (19)
Scientists issue warnings    06/06/23  (2)
they went back in time and changed things again    06/06/23  (3)
some chick with a live in bf is coming over to bring me birria beef and weed rn    06/06/23  (12)
"Elliot" Page attacked by a "transphobic" man    06/06/23  (3)
making the same retarded jokes on the same retarded website since 2006    06/06/23  (9)
nobody is going to believe you    06/06/23  (4)
For "favorite book" I put "Blowing My Hero"    06/06/23  (1)
Tiktok trend where teens simulate cum facials with liquid soap (link)    06/06/23  (28)
Who is FATTER: TSINAH, George Santos, or RSF?    06/06/23  (1)
How do moral naturalists get around the is-ought problem?    06/06/23  (8)
If DEN wins game 1 put every penny you own on Jokic to win Finals MVP not flame    06/06/23  (9)
Mearsheimer explains why Russia will win the Ukraine War - kikes, your response?    06/06/23  (73)
Rate this 170 lb woman    06/06/23  (8)
Libs now casting WOC as holocaust survivors    06/06/23  (5)
*beep* another 30 second interval has elapsed in a Black home    06/06/23  (4)
14 deaths on Mt Everest in May alone (link)    06/06/23  (76)
Do journalists know they are idiot liberal artists?    06/06/23  (2)
The only way to fix this society is rape    06/06/23  (9)
And on the Third day, Ricky created the Crispy Chicken Deluxe, in His own image    06/06/23  (10)
Cathie Wood's ARKK sold Nvidia before its big rally. Women are 180.    06/06/23  (6)
“Soup” is prole trash food and I’m tired of pretending otherwise    06/06/23  (21)
oooh yeah oozing vile-smelling yeasty gash soooo hot    06/06/23  (9)
taxpayers on the hook for biden's platinum life alert subscription    06/06/23  (2)
Shrew gf: “Take me to Fiji.” 2nd cuz: “Floor it! A nigger with a squeegee!    06/06/23  (5)
Young happy couple pulls over to help nigger having "car trouble"... whoops    06/06/23  (24)
Have any of you seen the Chinese disappearing man trick?    06/06/23  (3)
The 35 yo attorney who raped 4 woman in Boston story is insane    06/06/23  (108)
So this appears to be all to put ZAPOREEJA nuclear plant at risk and end war    06/06/23  (1)
Films by Console    06/06/23  (15)
To Be Fair, I need ur take on 20th Century Classical    06/06/23  (50)
last known post by Emilio?    06/06/23  (1)
evan39: what r we gonna do about all these Gen Z 'teens', trannies + thots?    06/06/23  (7)
Studying calculus at 42 yo    06/06/23  (25)
Pure Math major. Any job I want. 300k starting salary.    06/06/23  (33)
BPD: Fake disorder invented to shame bold, expressive women? Discuss.    06/06/23  (4)
Dam worker seems to point to high water levels as cause - link    06/06/23  (3)
Is "piss hole heroin" a good band name or album name or sing name    06/06/23  (1)
Max IQ to gush about “indie games?”    06/06/23  (22)
TFR (Total Female Rape)    06/06/23  (1)
Heroin up my dick hole    06/06/23  (1)
i'm truly sorry if i was ever mean to anyone here    06/06/23  (7)
Lawyers: Do you BELIEVE in your profession? How much is good vs bad for society?    06/06/23  (10)
GO AWAY TSINAH    06/06/23  (1)
Fine, I’ll say it: Rose Zhang is marriage material    06/06/23  (3)
Big fan of this woman in new Indiana Jones trailer. She's spunky. Has it all    06/06/23  (3)
Furk INDIA, abt to buy ticket back to TRANNYLAND    06/06/23  (48)
I think you should retire from xo. It was all fun and games but it's not and it'    06/06/23  (1)
Tommy, rate this article advising turds to be careful where they buy their juice    06/06/23  (2)
"have a great climb! the wifi password is everest1"    06/06/23  (74)
Losing all my friends, losing some to drinking, some to driving. And I want them    06/06/23  (6)
Bboooooooom I'm $till $tacking $o much ca$h (evan39)    06/06/23  (17)
Request: Meme about Chad Autists and Melvin OCD-fags.    06/05/23  (2)
The Tuvanese Ted Danson    06/05/23  (4)
the service in the Mt Everest Starbucks location has really dropped in quality    06/05/23  (18)
Local mayor DENIES that the dam has been blown - link    06/05/23  (11)
“Shout your billables” trending on TikTok (link)    06/05/23  (4)
Possible to plan guillotine so you ejaculate into your mouth after decapitation?    06/05/23  (12)
Can I actually get as a "Shabbos Goy"?    06/05/23  (3)
Negative $300,000+ net worth? Explain that.    06/05/23  (5)
I lost all gambling discipline. feel like it should be going the other direction    06/05/23  (1)
Is anybody else starting to warm up to Tim Scott for POTUS?    06/05/23  (24)
Report: the DIAPER dam has been blown.    06/05/23  (1)
You're old: Karlstack has been moved to old-age hospice    06/05/23  (1)
Tawnee Stone is a grandmother    06/05/23  (6)
i will possess your heart is the greatest song ever written    06/05/23  (7)
Look at what Princeton has become (pics)    06/05/23  (74)
Former FBI soviet spy Robert Hanssen found dead in his prison cell    06/05/23  (19)
Boomers think a "certified letter" will solve any problem    06/05/23  (27)
Chirping smoke detectors disrupted COVID lockdown learning in DC (link)    06/05/23  (2)
Buying a car in 1986 (video)    06/05/23  (6)
Why don't people just parachute onto top of Everest & climb down?    06/05/23  (32)
you're old, Belle knox aka miriam weeks aka duke porn shrew is 47 years old now    06/05/23  (3)
if you use anythign with alluminum youre going to die    06/05/23  (5)
Alasdair MacIntyre: “the new dark ages which are already upon us”    06/05/23  (50)
which side blew up the dam? tyia.    06/05/23  (8)
Legal to "snatch and grab" and then torture SwampNiggers & FedLawyers?    06/05/23  (4)
Biden goes on epic 5 minute rant slamming Utz Crab Chips (video)    06/05/23  (4)
Do they have any events STRICTLY for tall men?    06/05/23  (19)
1990 was the peak of western civilization    06/05/23  (11)
Report: the Dnieper dam has been blown - link    06/05/23  (9)
"WHAT DO YOU NOT GET, THERE ARE *NO* NIGGERS IN THIS DISTRICT" cooed the realtor    06/05/23  (1)
"Oh I didn't ever hear that." the realtor said with a puzzled look.    06/05/23  (2)
6 ft bodybuilders are now lengthening their legs    06/05/23  (34)
4 year old child not recognizing self in mirror, oblivious to blaring smoke alar    06/05/23  (3)
damn america is satanic as fuck lol    06/05/23  (1)
Real estate agent: "and the only chirping you'll hear around here is crickets"    06/05/23  (2)
"I worked on that matter for 32 chirps, so call it a 0.3," the black lawyer    06/05/23  (2)
Globohomo: Mental acuity from coffee is dangerous, ppl should drink liquid soy    06/05/23  (8)
Black judge insists on having smoke detector with low battery in court room (lin    06/05/23  (6)
ubereats fucking sucks    06/05/23  (1)
Hotel offers smoke detector low battery chirp so Black guests feel at home (link    06/05/23  (23)
TSINAH, what's this about Steamworks?    06/05/23  (2)
"None of the neighborhood houses have inexplicable chirping noises," the realtor    06/05/23  (4)
so fascists basically destroyed the sicilian mafia but the west revived it?    06/05/23  (2)
*chirp*    06/05/23  (4)
Idk why I slogged through The Diplomat (Netflix)    06/05/23  (7)
A heart that's full up like a landfill, a job that slowly kills you    06/05/23  (3)
An extremely overlooked tax on the UMC and above: end of life care    06/05/23  (93)
Your disappointed father, trying to ignore smoke alarm chirps at your wedding re    06/05/23  (1)
rate this badass car doughnut maneuver (video)    06/05/23  (2)
David Gandy is 43 and looks like shit now    06/05/23  (7)
johah hill is so pompous and full of himself    06/05/23  (2)
Gavin Newsom: .@RonDeSantis you small, pathetic man. 🤣😂 (link)    06/05/23  (3)
Computer, display an all trend of US News rankings as a three-dimensional vector    06/05/23  (2)

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