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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
If Louis XVI hadn’t fled to Varrene, no revolution, no Napoleon, no Bismarck    02/27/24  (28)
Karen is the only board lib (aside from maybe benzo) who "gets" xo    02/27/24  (15)
DMX had 17 kids, ur kids have no hope at a future    02/27/24  (2)
“ And Becky, he spends 4 hours a day RAGING at Libs online!”    02/27/24  (35)
Scaramucci now feels TALL! shortmos take note    02/27/24  (1)
Taliban, laughing, watching SCOTUS "Wow, holy shit, they did it to themselves!"    02/27/24  (4)
5am nigger thread    02/27/24  (5)
who exactly were all the Whos in Who-ville?    02/27/24  (3)
Shit! Drug test for in house role    02/27/24  (31)
Peterman anointing his forehead with RigPig Jizz & Axl Grease for "Ass Wednesday    02/27/24  (2)
Fremen 2nd Cousin: "Desert power!"; Shrew GF: "Dessert, now!"    02/27/24  (9)
honorable Russian warrior goes full Don Frye on wife and daughter (video)    02/27/24  (7)
Black “migrant” assaults disabled veteran. Cop wastes the nig    02/27/24  (23)
WOKE as FUCK- Ready for another day as a WAGECUCK    02/27/24  (37)
Europe is fucked in the next three years    02/27/24  (24)
What of best to do if you're free but overwhelmed? Can do anything?    02/27/24  (6)
mortgages won't hit 2% again in our lifetimes    02/27/24  (5)
Fremen 2nd Cousin: Naughty knife game / Shrew GF: Browbeating you into shame    02/27/24  (5)
Mike Fart ordering two foot long hogies and a 2 liter of Dr Thunder for his date    02/27/24  (25)
Fremen 2nd Cousin: Ingests spice in the air; Shrew GF: Can't digest spicy faire    02/27/24  (19)
Will someone explain the Mike Fart-GJR story?    02/27/24  (3)
Mike Fart told me GJR was a dead fish in the sack, that's why he dumped her    02/27/24  (48)
Been removing hair and scrubbing my body the last couple days    02/27/24  (1)
Is GJR still with that Mike Fart fagg0t?    02/27/24  (20)
What is xos obsession with "hair" it's nasty and should be removed    02/27/24  (2)
Disco what would you do if you had free reign clean skate right now?    02/27/24  (6)
evan39 thoughts on jews keeping "reports" on everyone? Credit&etc...?    02/27/24  (3)
Mike Fart proudly wearing "Kiss Me, I'm a Potato Nigger" shirt today    02/27/24  (16)
Sad Ending for Mike Fart (found dead)- link    02/27/24  (15)
"He hasn't left his room in 3 days. Says he's not getting enough blank bumps to    02/27/24  (10)
And you concluded by writing, "my son's fuckhole... it's a total disaster"    02/27/24  (12)
Karen telling hungry date there is "whitefish salad" in her underpants    02/27/24  (6)
Fremen 2nd Cousin: Learns the weirding way; Shrew GF: Says you're weird and gay    02/27/24  (19)
oh cool you don't eat during ramadan? sure we'll let food aid in. (israel)    02/27/24  (1)
Solos/Small Biz Masters- how common is it to run in the red every Q1?    02/27/24  (1)
Twins opening philosophy bar called Mojito Ergo Sum    02/27/24  (18)
Fremen 2nd Cousin: Gives you Water of Life / Shrew GF: #LivingMyBestLife!    02/27/24  (16)
Happy auntie! Pipe is arrive, do not resist or Love will not be "So Nice" haha!    02/27/24  (85)
The God Emperor Trump bin Fred Alwa Fremen was presented with two entrees    02/27/24  (20)
Fremen 2nd Cousin: Riding a sandworm: Shrew GF: Deriding your pissworm    02/27/24  (7)
Lethal Weapon but it's MPA and twins protecting society with forcememe generatio    02/27/24  (11)
Clawing a whore's face off and duct taping it to your chest    02/27/24  (1)
I will beat this woman senseless    02/27/24  (2)
"Dune 2" just a 2-hour long stream of some dork playing 90s computer game    02/27/24  (10)
nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger    02/27/24  (1)
"I still frontload" this law firm of-counsel billed 3000+ hrs for last 18 yrsr    02/27/24  (5)
Fremen 2nd Cousin: Cute in her stillsuit/ ShrewGF: Straining to button pantsuit    02/27/24  (13)
I dreamed I saw Halford riding Doobs down the BQE    02/27/24  (2)
entire Ukraine front line is collapsing    02/27/24  (4)
"My lord, House Atreides is done." "No... they are DUNE." *soyface* TO BE CONTIN    02/27/24  (26)
Oh I’m afraid Spaceporn Jr’s fuckhole will be quite operational when your fr    02/27/24  (47)
I am soooo happy I am living to see the restoration of the Soviet Union    02/27/24  (5)
"No babe, 'faggy kike' as in...No, he's not actually gay. Or Jewish, for that ma    02/27/24  (21)
a website for middle aged men passionate about restaurant cancellation policies    02/27/24  (21)
I want to cum in RSF's warm hairy asshole.    02/27/24  (225)
$750 expert witness fee normal in CA?    02/27/24  (23)
the nation of El Salvador holds 2,821 Bitcoins    02/27/24  (5)
rate the immolating commie's reddit history    02/27/24  (2)
After 43 Years on Death Row, a Serial Killer Faces Execution    02/27/24  (1)
Evan39/Boom everything was ripe for taking but we're too late in 23rd secondar :    02/27/24  (5)
Do as you will..just bow down to the frauds..the jokes on you    02/27/24  (8)
evan39 this is all fraudlies on some fraud script! The world is ours friend    02/27/24  (3)
evan39 it's all flame..in perfect 🥰 shape and eat what I want..    02/27/24  (2)
All 'demented' Donald Trump's recent blunders - from forgetting Melania's name t    02/27/24  (3)
Pretty 180 that China would starve without the US    02/27/24  (3)
evan39 it was ours all along we can have unlimited..brainwashed lying 🐑    02/27/24  (11)
All outright fraudlies you could have had it all    02/27/24  (2)
CEO: Hey Proles just eat cereal for dinner if u can't deal with inflation    02/27/24  (4)
What's with "MASE"?    02/27/24  (14)
Goth girl neighbor just said “this but unironically” in convo: twins tp?    02/27/24  (8)
Once you hit like 65 and are overweight, every day is a coin flip.    02/27/24  (38)
Should I Sell my Xbox and buy a PS5 and FF7R2?    02/27/24  (30)
Bill Clinton licking Hillary's hairy asshole    02/27/24  (11)
Activists yell “die nazi scum” to Seinfeld    02/27/24  (19)
The Framers would be absolutely aghast at the modern attempt to accommodate    02/27/24  (14)
Carson Palmer was a FAILURE. F-A-I-L-U-R-E... hth.    02/27/24  (13)
orlando bear community storming tsinah's hairy asshole with torches & pitchforks    02/27/24  (2)
Wendy’s to implement dynamic price changes throughout the day based on demand    02/27/24  (26)
SSO publishes new 9 minute slaughter fest video    02/27/24  (1)
niggers wildin out over Lord Rothschild's corpse, screaming "u a bitchass muhfuh    02/27/24  (5)
American soldier sets himself on fire outside Israeli embassy    02/27/24  (148)
accused guy of engaging in 'faggot math' on zoom call    02/27/24  (5)
Karen will you plz comment on the Karen Restaurant owner w/ $250 no show fee?    02/27/24  (3)
rate this dude playing a VR game on tik tok    02/27/24  (3)
can’t believe a white guy self immolated for a Leftist/Muzzie cause    02/27/24  (28)
*Cookie monster voice* "Oh me love ZOZO! Nom nom" *shoves giant X in mouth*    02/27/24  (7)
Imagine being a fat woman. Wow    02/27/24  (12)
My Console History (doodikoff)    02/27/24  (27)
The Palauan Psycho Karen    02/27/24  (2)
Morgellons fibres are eating me alive.    02/27/24  (29)
Google's Gemini AI is hilariously woke    02/27/24  (91)
I always imagined jinx and I would be married by now (whok)    02/27/24  (8)
lawyers rushing to close bridge financing in time for doodikoff's date 2nite    02/27/24  (10)
Foreign Affairs: Can America Save the Liberal Order Through Illiberal Means?    02/27/24  (16)
You guys were right from the outset—divorcing this horror show is cr (mpa    02/27/24  (41)
PSA LIFE ADVICE: spend extra money on your HOME not your CAR    02/27/24  (18)
Sim Glitch: New York last state to allow No Fault divorce in 2010    02/27/24  (2)
The Psycho Karen of Siam tp    02/27/24  (4)
Fuck! My asshole IS losing a lot of blood bro!    02/27/24  (2)
What will be the fallout from this war?    02/27/24  (3)
subscribe to Karlstack. Heil Hitler    02/27/24  (3)
gonna do DMT tmrw, never broke through before    02/27/24  (2)
HIV+ tranny now breastfeeding baby with the help of a gender clinic    02/27/24  (19)
When I first started jerking off I used Dawn dish soap as lube    02/27/24  (11)
I'm not like the other girls.    02/27/24  (1)
Cryptofags: If you bought during the bear, take some profits NOW    02/27/24  (7)
Cuba Gooding Jr. is gay....link    02/27/24  (1)
how are LIQ + UBT doing?    02/27/24  (11)
Weirdo FEDGOV voyeurs with the perversions of lepidopterists    02/27/24  (1)
Evan39/Boom/Mainlining cum here! Prove we are diff people!    02/27/24  (1)
So worried about going to any length to prevent Holocaust 2 u end up starting it    02/27/24  (1)
Buyers trying to terminate contract and demanding $25K due diligence $ back    02/27/24  (78)
Little Fucker and the Playroom Hotdogs - Please Daddy No.mp3    02/27/24  (56)
BLM protestor gets no jail time for planting bombs    02/27/24  (5)
Rachel Corrie sucking Bushell’s cock in hell    02/27/24  (2)
tuning into new Curb your Enthusiasm... Larry's gf is 80 years old?    02/27/24  (1)
Jon Leibowitz Week 3: The most lukewarm take on Israel-Palestine ever    02/27/24  (1)
Vid: industrial worker chink gets stir fried by molten steel    02/27/24  (1)
Hear me out, Chevy needs to make a sports car with truck bed. El Camaro    02/27/24  (4)
when did you realize you lost any vitality?    02/27/24  (3)
I got a bikini wax for my wife. She didn’t like it    02/27/24  (1)
don't you pieces of shit get tired of posting the same bitch boi smut every day?    02/27/24  (5)
Migrant arrested for.....    02/27/24  (1)
why bitcoin is so valuable    02/27/24  (14)
AIRLINEmos what happens NOWADAYS if I don't fly all 3 JAWS    02/27/24  (25)
I’m really, really high watching Reacher. I’m digging it    02/27/24  (1)
Rate these Xbox Series X "setups" vs PS5 setups    02/27/24  (8)
Zoomer girl gets predator tattoo "down there", guess which part is the mouth    02/27/24  (3)
Buy BITCOIN, WIF, PEPE, BONK    02/27/24  (1)
blm version of a hunger strike is starving others    02/27/24  (8)
fucking high as shit    02/27/24  (3)
if u install Windows 95 on PC you will wake up on release date August 24th, 1995    02/27/24  (11)
Sellcuck nocoiners who "sold the news" getting demolished    02/27/24  (8)
You had TWO YEARS of sub 50k BTC entry points. Nocoiners, what's your excuse?    02/27/24  (17)
Faggot creates fake hospital visit to fuck over restaurant, then ruins its reput    02/27/24  (193)
Law is the least manly of the traditionally masculine professions    02/26/24  (15)
Deep State needs us to think of major global powers as “good” or “evil”    02/26/24  (1)
biglawyers is this true re tracking software?    02/26/24  (17)
You can't cancel a $1000 airline flight with 3 hours to go, why should a restaur    02/26/24  (29)
can't imagine the magnitude of homosexuality required in keeping up w/ ukraine    02/26/24  (41)
XO poaster immolates self in front of Table Restaurant in Boston    02/26/24  (1)
im gay    02/26/24  (1)
any of u bros playing helldivers 2?    02/26/24  (10)
Imagine being a retarded little microdicked bitch boi. wow    02/26/24  (2)
when was the last time there was an honest journalist?    02/26/24  (1)
we didn't start the fire    02/26/24  (1)
Angle of the Gemini AI story I haven’t seen explored    02/26/24  (1)
If you support that ghastly Woman re $250 cancellation, time to evaluate ur life    02/26/24  (1)

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