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***** OFFICIAL 2018 NFL Draft Thread (sponsored by xoxo ballet pumo) *****    04/26/18  (132)
Taking the Plunge into Bigger Things (CSLG)    04/26/18  (104)
TSINAH graduated from an Ivy? 'Cause that's what he's saying.    04/26/18  (80)
Chick I know said she only dates guys who make over $100k a yr...    04/26/18  (71)
are all of the chicks on Model Mayhem escorts? ITT a random search of Indiana    04/26/18  (68)
High-Paying Trade Jobs Sit Empty, While High School Grads Line Up For University    04/26/18  (63)
Bill Cosby found guilty on all 3 counts    04/26/18  (63)
Realtalk: Is Social Security going to be around when we retire? No one agrees    04/26/18  (62)
trial by jury is possibly the stupidest thing ever conceived    04/26/18  (56)
Lmao Kanye CUCKING John Legend now.    04/26/18  (53)
Immigration should be more like recruitment    04/26/18  (51)
Libs on Kanye West: Our insanity goes to 11    04/26/18  (48)
Why hasn't Camden, NJ been gentrified yet?    04/26/18  (48)
How a Philly Cheesesteak Destroyed America [VICE]    04/26/18  (44)
Rate this blonde Trump supporting spinner residing in California (pics)    04/26/18  (42)
Can any bort lib defend their hatred of trump?    04/26/18  (42)
How the fuck did the UK go full-on authoritarian so quickly?    04/26/18  (39)
Judge rules NYC bar can refuse service to Trump supporter wearing MAGA hat    04/26/18  (38)
Lol if you are not drinking 2-4 glasses of milk a day minimum    04/26/18  (36)
MODS: "herschel" just outted a bro--delete his thread please--not cool    04/26/18  (35)
XO's leading incel scholar here: 50th percentile women worse off than men, actua    04/26/18  (34)
This is how you fuck a 5.5 for normal guys    04/26/18  (33)
Officially off the Weed train, it is for low functioning loser trash    04/26/18  (32)
How are Trump's policies harmful to "people of color"?    04/26/18  (32)
Anybody going to see AVENGERS: INFINITY WARS?    04/26/18  (32)
Describe outcome of your smartest college friend    04/26/18  (30)
Look, the guy has a small dick but it did get sucked, right?    04/26/18  (29)
So i guess the "principle" behind "Diversity is Strength" cult is    04/26/18  (29)
ITT: literal prima ballerina of the bolshoi describes how hard it is to get 32    04/26/18  (28)
My FB feed is blowing up with people blowing up $500 Yeti Coolers    04/26/18  (27)
Candidate for Governor is apparently 200k in debt. Thoughts? America done here?    04/26/18  (27)
Got invited into FreeMasons, should I join?    04/26/18  (24)
Why did Libs kill poor little Alfie Evans?    04/26/18  (23)
Poast a photo of the inside of your refrigerator    04/26/18  (23)
26yo man living w parents. Making 58k. Investing in crypto.    04/26/18  (22)
Was Howard Dean's scream really even that bad?    04/26/18  (22)
diarrhea is the funniest thing on earth    04/26/18  (22)
I still think it's weird that Stanford and USC don't have D1 Mens Lacrosse Teams    04/26/18  (22)
Girl I'm dating refused to pull up at the fast food window- ding?    04/26/18  (21)
AMZN STOCK JUMPED 10%    04/26/18  (21)
I found the most pathetic fucking lawyer on the planet...    04/26/18  (21)
Hows the Trumpmo campaign against Joy Reid going?    04/26/18  (21)
So the only victim of #meToo was Al Franken?    04/26/18  (21)
Ronan Farrow on Bill Maher this week    04/26/18  (21)
I am the king at slaying 5.5s    04/26/18  (20)
British teen convicted of googling the term "nigger fur," fined 500 pounds    04/26/18  (20)
RATE hottie Anya Olsen getting fucked after her #tennis lesson    04/26/18  (20)
New Yorkers flocking to the American paradise of the Midwest    04/26/18  (19)
tedcruz tp is aggressively retarded    04/26/18  (18)
JFC...my wife has sold $600 of her art in the 24 hours since her site went live    04/26/18  (18)