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spent last 36 hours SUCKING & FUCKING. destroyed. wiped out. jcm taking ?s    11/18/17  (232)
The death of LIL PEEP has got me fascinated by Gen Z and their music    11/17/17  (128)
f'ing LOL at American men who think getting buff will solve their problems (DTP)    11/17/17  (89)
Apples diversity chief out after outcry    11/18/17  (75)
White woman complains to black manspreader. Gets beaten.    11/17/17  (72)
Holy mother of fuck...a kid's book about Santa's gay black husband    11/17/17  (66)
gift for wife who is into standard white woman crap?    11/17/17  (58)
RATE this Encino home featured on Million Dollar Listing LA for $6.995M    11/17/17  (56)
ITT list the loneliest thing you do    11/18/17  (55)
NFL Owner Jerry Jones Makes Racially Charged Comments in Shocking Video    11/17/17  (55)
The Indian fixed marriage thing is so weird to me    11/17/17  (55)
Thinking of copping an 80k house in flyover on 150k salary...CR?    11/17/17  (53)
Twisted 23 yo JV Cheerleading coach violated 17 yo student multiple times    11/17/17  (53)
110 IQ tell: freaking out about automation    11/17/17  (53)
RATE Tesla's new race car - $250k, 0-60 in 1.9s, 600m range, seats 4    11/17/17  (50)
Starting not to care about anything much at all.    11/17/17  (48)
People who don't see the root of their deficiencies    11/17/17  (48)
I lost $26k playing poker    11/17/17  (47)
At parent's house. Just dropped Acid. Let's see how this goes...    11/17/17  (45)
What industry are the richest peole you personally know in? Real Estate? Law?    11/17/17  (44)
If lawman8 was intellectually honest, he'd recognize alt theory is self-serving    11/17/17  (44)
The U.S. spends nearly 1/5 of its GDP on health care. We're fucking retards.    11/18/17  (43)
so white marriage is just prancing around taking pictures of food and renting bi    11/17/17  (41)
***lonely poasters, I started a TINYCHAT***    11/18/17  (40)
Imagine marrying ur Harvard sweetheart but ur kid is a drug-addled freak rapper    11/17/17  (40)
Wow this is depressing    11/17/17  (40)
("colt" and, together with MPA and USPO, the "Cool kids" and, each a "Cool    11/17/17  (38)
The opioid crisis has been met by silence from libertarians    11/18/17  (37)
NYT: Steve Bannon is Bad for the Jews    11/17/17  (37)
Navy pilot draws a dick in the sky over Florida    11/18/17  (36)
Hard alcohol makes you skinny    11/17/17  (35)
My camera equipment is now more valuable than my car    11/17/17  (34)
Five teen girls dancing to Jay-Z on Chaturbate (yes, there's a link)    11/17/17  (30)
Prole snaggletoothed crossfit instructor was chatting me up waiting for kids    11/17/17  (28)
Summer associate once told me he had 300k loans    11/18/17  (27)
Top 20% household income in San Francisco is $380k    11/17/17  (27)
Football coach's teacher wife has been fucking a student -- ALLEGEDLY    11/17/17  (27)
Lifehack for Macs: Add foreign kb so you can proudly display USA flag in top bar    11/18/17  (27)
still lmaoing at "Listen, 'colt.'"    11/18/17  (26)
Living a simple life below your means is 180000    11/17/17  (26)
Your other shit about peanuts and "men" makes no sense.    11/17/17  (26)
I bet if your parents gave you 200k when you were 18 rather than pay for grad    11/18/17  (25)
What are the chances that this tax plan passes Congress?    11/17/17  (25)
Serious question: Why do women believe they are equal to men?    11/17/17  (24)
lol @ America; a 2nd yr MFH biglaw associate makes more than a3 judge    11/17/17  (24)
Best destination for Sexcation?    11/17/17  (24)
ESPN's Scott Van Pelt BASHES critics of the network/NFL (link)    11/17/17  (24)
how many poasters here know / know someone via social circle    11/17/17  (24)
i stand (and always will) with lawman8    11/17/17  (24)
Just spent 5k on Benchmade and Spyderco knives    11/17/17  (23)