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Who on xo is down on crypto the most?    12/13/18  (106)
How the fuck have Media Shitlibs not landed on AutoAdmit yet?    12/13/18  (80)
Posters with good wives, what is CR woman to marry?    12/13/18  (73)
Youtube channel surveys Korean attitudes toward military service    12/13/18  (71)
This racist paramedic hates some people; he needs to be fired (WaPo)    12/13/18  (69)
I don't understand people who don't cheat.    12/13/18  (68)
NY Mag unleases long SCREED agaimst Azns for hoarding elite school spots in NYC:    12/13/18  (67)
OIG: Mueller's office scrubbed Strzok's & Page's phones then factory reset them    12/13/18  (65)
Four 16yo girls staying over this wknd. What are fun things they can do in MFH    12/13/18  (55)
avoidant personality disorder poaster check-in itt    12/13/18  (54)
Earliest memories / childhood thoughts on black people?    12/13/18  (46)
The Black Students’ Organization demands that the University pursue disciplina    12/13/18  (46)
Jared Kushner is the front runner for Chief of Staff    12/13/18  (45)
nigger    12/13/18  (45)
co-workers are all going to a restaurant tnight. wasn't invited. TCTP    12/13/18  (45)
ITT I rate you as an 80s or early 90s CRPG    12/13/18  (45)
50 hours into a WATER ONLY FAST. Taking Q's.    12/13/18  (43)
US GUN DEATHS drop as less GUN CONTROL works! Fuck Libs!    12/13/18  (40)
Forbes: what women should do w men who avoid them    12/13/18  (39)
The Economist: Collapsing European fertility rates are no big deal. In fact they    12/13/18  (38)
How many miles do u walk ur dogdood per day on avg?    12/13/18  (38)
Charles should look into dating a Brazilian au pair    12/13/18  (37)
Robinhood trotting out 3% no fee no minimum checking acct    12/13/18  (34)
SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT on why I didnt serve in the military ITT!    12/13/18  (34)
YouTube viewers revolt against GC.    12/13/18  (34)
Yesterday, I witnessed my 40 y/o cousin's 22 y/o gf pay for their dinner.    12/13/18  (33)
Spaniards make like $30K/year if that but live to be 90 and are happy    12/13/18  (32)
if you eat "lunch" every day at work you're a loser    12/13/18  (31)
KRAMPUSNACHT taking questions, giving advice for 30 minutes exactly    12/13/18  (31)
why Didn’t boomers tell us that sex is most fun when you’re young    12/13/18  (30)
What's the best example of revenge in history?    12/13/18  (29)
How dumb are people who predict a la carte live sports broadcasting?    12/13/18  (29)
absolute worst suicidal depression in years it seems    12/13/18  (27)
EXEUNT what are your thoughts on XRP?    12/13/18  (26)
Is there any country South Korea could beat in a war? Maybe Micronesia?    12/13/18  (26)
Norwegian warship accident raises questions on women in armed forces    12/13/18  (24)
What's it cost to live in a trailer home?    12/13/18  (23)
how to fix elbow tendinitis?    12/13/18  (23)
ITT: I rate you as an Omaha steakhouse    12/13/18  (22)
How low T to cancel on sex because you're tired?    12/13/18  (22)
White woman calls AZN "fucking chink" on subway. Latino makes citizen's arrest    12/13/18  (22)
flip flop prole in first class    12/13/18  (21)
SHITLAW statistics: my non-DINDU clients get 37% more on average in SETTLEMENT    12/13/18  (21)
San Francisco restaurant scene is changing because waiters cant afford to live    12/13/18  (20)
anyone else feel like shit every single day    12/13/18  (20)
What is this new trend - Putting shredded cheese on steaks.Gross    12/13/18  (19)
What's going to happen when dem politicians are all AA minorities?    12/13/18  (19)
Petition to consider TT an honorary BIRDSHIT    12/13/18  (19)
Why is Brexit so difficult?    12/13/18  (19)
think i'll just surrender 100% to alcoholism, sick of this charade    12/13/18  (19)