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Holy fuck the #MarchForOurLives crowds are ENORMOUS    03/25/18  (69)
High school student speakers are smarter and more eloquent than Trump; WHY?    03/24/18  (58)
I somewhat suspect that not teaching about the history of Western civ    03/25/18  (49)
UConn women's bball plays worst D3 men's team. Who wins?    03/24/18  (48)
the core problem of Trump is an inability to pick proper personnel    03/25/18  (46)
would you do 30 months in prison for $104 million?    03/24/18  (43)
Students in Broward County pissed they now have to carry clear backpacks    03/24/18  (41)
NYC Taxi medallion owners killing selves all over the place    03/25/18  (40)
Ever received an angry text from a chick after first date?    03/25/18  (39)
friend got a DUI Jan 6th. what are her options?    03/25/18  (37)
Taking Qs on the xo law firm    03/24/18  (36)
MODS: irl threats have been made against me. ban this rat fuck.    03/25/18  (35)
Itt give me tips on buying a BIBLE    03/24/18  (35)
why is everybody getting discombobulated over an omnibus bill? not even a budget    03/24/18  (34)
Preparing for DAT INDIAN BUFFET for lunch. Unnnngh. Any tips?    03/24/18  (34)
The emotional pain of depression that makes everything so fucking hard to do    03/25/18  (32)
There's NOTHING in the bible that said Jesus PHYSICALLY came back from the dead    03/24/18  (30)
March for Our Lives destroyed by Tomi Lahren    03/25/18  (29)
"counting those, you've already packed 6 kimonos." "so here's 7."    03/24/18  (28)
lol shitlib hero rapper Killer Mike comes out as pro-NRA    03/25/18  (27)
texted bumble match "buzz buzz" + bee emoji    03/24/18  (25)
Libs: "Ban guns!" "Legalize pot! Prohibition doesn't work, people still get it!"    03/24/18  (25)
Dillian Whyte is asscheeks    03/24/18  (25)
how many unique poasters involved in this arkan/clean white drama    03/25/18  (24)
Yo Bloodacre you good?    03/24/18  (24)
CNN is literally giving airtime to a grade schooler to speak about gun policy    03/24/18  (23)
so libs are now saying fuck your prayers?    03/24/18  (23)
Been poasting for a few days. RATE my NEET-friendly employment situation    03/24/18  (22)
ITT smart Jew posters who refuse to state their LSAT: RSF, DBG, ARE Reptile    03/25/18  (22)
Antinatalist bros: David Benatar faced off against Jordan Peterson!    03/24/18  (22)
How will libs react when South Africa declines into chaos?    03/24/18  (22)
Is it douchey to wear Harvard apparel if you only went there for law school?    03/24/18  (22)
Rate this Bumble behavior.    03/24/18  (22)
for us who don't follow (or care) about clean white glory, what's going on?    03/25/18  (21)
could you get #MeToo'd for simply kissing a girl who did kiss back?    03/24/18  (21)
Poll: who wins NCAA?    03/24/18  (21)
A 38 year old man parroting internet memes to his friends. LJL! 180 BREHS!!!!    03/24/18  (21)
What are the chances David Hogg has fucked Emma Gonzalez?    03/24/18  (20)
RATE this Jim Carrey painting of Jared Kushner    03/24/18  (20)
ITT: we predict the finale of The Americans    03/24/18  (20)
luis pissed away life changing money bc of dr dong meme    03/24/18  (20)
Wife wants to spend $2.5M on a house in a 67% black neighborhood    03/25/18  (19)
hey arkan, did you lock your door tonight? better double check    03/25/18  (19)
Two tards just ruined one of the longest blank bump chains in xo history    03/25/18  (18)
Can XO recommend me a PC?    03/24/18  (18)
these "kids" should be protesting "tuition" and student loans    03/24/18  (17)
Most important battle in history adjusting for # of events after?    03/24/18  (17)