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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
New HVAC Unit for 2,000 sq ft House Costs $45,000 (link)    04/22/24  (2)
"So, a 'mile of cock' you're stating that this is a discrete amount." "Yes, Sena    04/22/24  (1)
Thoughts on these VILEBREQUIN swimtrunks???    04/22/24  (5)
russian guys are too manly to walk away from a knife fight (video)    04/22/24  (11)
Mass grave discovered in Gaza. Media: The Jews at Columbia feel UNTHAFE!    04/22/24  (22)
Dupa/snoot, why are you teaching your kids a dead language?    04/22/24  (3)
Russia and China have FAILED to eliminate the dollar in bilateral trade    04/22/24  (2)
Four Nazis arrested in Austria for celebrating Hitler    04/22/24  (1)
So you can now be placed under house arrest forever in Canada for 'hate'?    04/22/24  (9)
A River Runs Through It is a beautiful movie    04/22/24  (20)
The dindu thunderdome is nipping at your heels    04/22/24  (1)
apparently SP goes to same hairdresser as Ilhan Omar’s daughter    04/22/24  (1)
Jews are speechless if you tell them they let in the anti-semitic Muslims    04/22/24  (4)
Making 1 million a year is legit like making 500k/year just 3-4 years ago    04/22/24  (11)
hypo: Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese, and Paige Bueckers are naked in ur room now    04/22/24  (19)
I miss 1990s and 2000s politics. None of this stuff makes sense anymore.    04/22/24  (11)
"Ukrainians" won't exist in a generation    04/22/24  (49)
Have 100% of female real estate agents been DP'd and degraged?    04/22/24  (7)
re: your subversive talmudic dialecticism    04/22/24  (4)
Talmudic Holocaust denialism    04/22/24  (2)
bring back the talmudic studies bort    04/22/24  (5)
talmudic sophistry tp    04/22/24  (7)
you failed the talmudic humiliation ritual    04/22/24  (2)
the job application process is a talmudic humiliation ritual tp    04/22/24  (6)
budweiser frogs: "Talmudic." "Humiliation." "Rituals."    04/22/24  (7)
Fraud is so easy    04/22/24  (5)
interviewer: "So it says in ur resume, u specialize in 'Talmudic Humiliation Rit    04/22/24  (5)
"What the hell is this?" "Oh, it's just a Talmudic humiliation ritual, just rela    04/22/24  (2)
Wake up! Talmudic machinations need YOU as a vector for theft and villainy    04/22/24  (5)
a lifetime of nothing but talmudic humiliation rituals tp    04/22/24  (14)
most women are demonic ghouls at the core    04/22/24  (10)
applying for jobs in 2024 is literally chink water torture tp    04/22/24  (11)
Do you have an actual clue? I hope you do    04/22/24  (1)
More ATACMs to Ukraine officially a go - link    04/22/24  (2)
Jewish ruling class drove USA into the ditch    04/22/24  (10)
SCOTUS takes up 9th Cir's homeless cases (eg Grants Pass)    04/22/24  (11)
I am haunted by waters.    04/22/24  (1)
everything sucks now    04/22/24  (7)
i'm not glad that a poaster was destroyed, just that a tucker employee was    04/22/24  (49)
Letitia James loses bid to reject Trump's bond    04/22/24  (1)
You and the masses are living a delusion..nothing is like media or reports    04/22/24  (1)
Just learned about an OnlyFans guy making millions called GIRTHMASTER    04/22/24  (4)
Why did nyuug want to become a magician?    04/22/24  (3)
Seinfeld remake starring Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, Alina Habba, Mike Avenatti    04/22/24  (1)
The Kardashian family is extremely strange and an emblem of gynocracy negolatry    04/22/24  (76)
A pussy ass bitch "society" anyone can do anything but unwilling to accept conse    04/22/24  (1)
lmao Columbia moves classes online due to protestors    04/22/24  (9)
nurgle working remotely from Chinese ghost city, hasn’t spoken for months    04/22/24  (15)
Do you guys think Biden is masterminding these prosecutions like Trump claims?    04/22/24  (2)
Have they told us *specifically what "dangerous" thing happened at Columbia?    04/22/24  (9)
LIBS - why is Biden campaigning in VIRGINIA today?    04/22/24  (3)
Age gap on sentiment towards anti-Israel protests must be cavernous    04/22/24  (1)
doodikoff are you this .fanboy character    04/22/24  (1)
I hope Reid/mahomo/kelce/Swift suffer the worst fate    04/22/24  (3)
so basically, when women are left to their own devices they just fuck dogs and    04/22/24  (13)
Guy eats all of a roommate's beans. Roommate exacts revenge on Baldur    04/22/24  (15)
smug clueless boomer nodding along as companies "rethink dissent policies"    04/22/24  (2)
Dream blunt rotation: weed smoker tp, cancer diagnosis tp, zurich tp, ricky tp    04/22/24  (18)
HYPO: You're making $330k/yr but got offered a prosecutor position    04/22/24  (59)
Trump trial update: lots of sustained objections during defense’s opening stat    04/22/24  (31)
it's unbelievable what these people have done to this country    04/22/24  (1)
Why are there so few Jewish engineers?    04/22/24  (8)
DrakeMallard on X: "This was quite literally a government operation to murder an    04/22/24  (9)
I protested for Palestine 20 yrs ago in college. 180 how far the cause has come    04/22/24  (28)
BBC Pidgin: Wetin Dey Say Bout Nasty Truck Stop Peter Man    04/22/24  (102)
Realtor: House has three beds, two baths. XO Poaster: That's not how this works    04/22/24  (5)
"Always wondered what this felt like." -- IDF solder bulldozing corpses    04/22/24  (1)
It's insane how easy everything is    04/22/24  (4)
Did not realize Elon was world’s richest because TSLA was a meme stock    04/22/24  (39)
Pool reports suggest Trump is farting in court again today (link)    04/22/24  (1)
Saw my oncologist today. Should be starting cancer treatment soon.    04/22/24  (79)
What is this Caitlin Clark/Paige Birchers “leak”?    04/22/24  (40)
Why do realtors insist on writing up a fucking contract to make an offer?    04/22/24  (28)
Drinking REAL Sarsaparilla with REAL poke salad - libs furious    04/22/24  (4)
Avanetti wants to testify in Trump’s defense lol    04/22/24  (24)
Hope you’re doing well. I’m fine over here.    04/22/24  (2)
Hi I am a mentally retarded cunt can you put up with my shit again?    04/22/24  (1)
Where else can you be treated to a 104 IQ clown haired micropenis guy opining on    04/22/24  (1)
Y'all xo poasters need to take a chill pill 💊🥶    04/22/24  (1)
This is a pic of the creatures Ukraine is fighting against.    04/22/24  (4)
I paid for netflix to checkout the catalog, instant greeted w murder documentari    04/22/24  (14)
You need to watch this whole Kike Propaganda til the end    04/22/24  (1)
What wld u do if ur teenage kid wears cross on chain, likes church, and u know    04/22/24  (66)
Who would you expect to be more honest, a Christian or an Agnostic?    04/22/24  (10)
Holy shit, I'm going to be a multimillionaire from this software I wrote    04/22/24  (29)
Ukrainians have roughly 25-30% mongol/tartar blood in them    04/22/24  (1)
TSINAH giving keynote at 2025 Cash Crunch Disrupt and WhoCombinator    04/22/24  (1)
"Hope you don't 'Pass over' my message again haha, drinks l8r? ;P"    04/22/24  (2)
Rate Michael Biehn's wife.    04/22/24  (1)
smoke weed every day 420 blaze it    04/22/24  (3)
This is what Columbia Professor Shai Davidai is kvetching about?    04/22/24  (1)
I only communicate with the Amish    04/22/24  (1)
*spoons dogfood into twinks ass* "we're totally NORMAL & EQUAL"    04/22/24  (54)
Israel FUCKED. Read the Columbia POTUS wikipedia. Karlstack EAT SHIT    04/22/24  (2)
best vendor for mailing shroom gummies?    04/22/24  (3)
LOL@ "ISRAEL": the US military is building a port in Gaza without Bibi's consent    04/22/24  (26)
Baroness Shafik the Edward Said Endowed Professor of EAT SHIT    04/22/24  (1)
Connections tried tricking you with Pot synonyms today    04/22/24  (1)
Alzabo is a trans polyamorous digital nomad of color (420 friendly, can host)    04/22/24  (11)
Good thing Musk is focused on his failing company and not rageposting on twitter    04/22/24  (1)
"Eight miles from the nearest MLK Blvd" said the realtor, grinning coyly    04/22/24  (21)
jews: we wanted diversity & riots, but not like this not by them!    04/22/24  (2)
"You'll note an absence of strings overhead," the realtor grinned    04/22/24  (30)
Companies rethink political activism policies    04/22/24  (6)
Maui vs big lsland vs Honolulu island which is tcr    04/22/24  (12)
WOW, All stocks are WAY UP today, except TSLA and DJT Media of course    04/22/24  (1)
Dude you wanna hit this weed vape pen bro    04/22/24  (11)
Turkey preparing for military action against Israel    04/22/24  (13)
JMU female students wearing only "leaf bikinis" to class for Earth Day    04/22/24  (4)
Many posters are shaving their head in solidarity with cancer diagnosis tp    04/22/24  (11)
Could have had a fun and great life but chose weird shit    04/22/24  (4)
Djano Unchained remake but Candyland is Candy Rideland    04/22/24  (4)
lightsabering open tsinah’s belly for shelter like Luke in the tauntaun    04/22/24  (42)
companies are re-thinking their policies on protesting!    04/22/24  (1)
petitioning head lawtism mods TSINAH & fizzkidd for redress tp    04/22/24  (2)
AI: don't send your kids to the Ivy League    04/22/24  (12)
hideous shrew manly cow melinda gates is ENGAGED. u? poas    04/22/24  (3)
Go enjoy yourself! Nothing means shit    04/22/24  (1)
Grilling up some USDA Prime NY Strip Steaks—how’d I do? (Pic)    04/22/24  (41)
Dave Pecker to the stand    04/22/24  (1)
Russian Kharkov offensive about to start    04/22/24  (1)
the jewish jamboree the hebrew hoedown the sephardic shindig    04/22/24  (2)
Got my gaming laptop back - is Baldurs Gate 3 worth the time investment?    04/22/24  (26)
Gen X Liberal Artist has $249k in student loans forgiven    04/22/24  (1)
Poly substance abusing depressed online lawyers    04/22/24  (3)
lawtism.com will be up pretty soon: what features do you want?    04/22/24  (206)
   04/22/24  (1)
<sips coffee> <reads Karlstack> <waits patient 4 archiver to stop ruining boart>    04/22/24  (15)
Been a while since I got all up in a woman’s stinky parts    04/22/24  (9)
SNL skit on Columbia University (video)    04/22/24  (1)
My name is the snoot goddamnit. Now ask me your questions.    04/22/24  (11)
service academies all are in football "conferences" in 2024 what bullshit    04/22/24  (1)
"ISIS" just attacked Kharkiv not flame    04/22/24  (1)
xo poaster with custom magic 8 ball that always answers 'grr blame jews'    04/22/24  (8)
MAF Israeli Columbia prof barred from campus because it's too dangerous for him    04/22/24  (1)
Looks like Karma Sushi has found its next chef    04/22/24  (1)
illiterate nigger uber eats driver tp    04/22/24  (1)
Trump calls surprise witness as hung chad DAVID DENNISON swaggers to stand    04/22/24  (1)
Time magazine: Yes, you can eat those cicadas - here's how    04/22/24  (3)
Short Circuit was huge for a couple of years in the 80s    04/22/24  (7)
Chobani she says, and talks in her vocal fry, Chobani she says, you know I love    04/22/24  (3)
ubereats delivery nigger standing outside ur apt and calling you to come out    04/22/24  (3)
Randy Newman - I Love XO    04/22/24  (21)
Princess Kate nervously taps mic: "beau, the queer, the shemale queer..."    04/22/24  (6)
You thought I was just a cute girl? WRONG. I'm shitting rn (pic)    04/22/24  (4)
In retrospect Asteroid City >>>>> Oppenheimer, but it got swept away    04/22/24  (1)
Princess Kate nervously taps mic, “My name is Princess Hayt.”    04/22/24  (5)
I miss the 80s and 90s so much it's unbelievable    04/22/24  (7)
Brandy Hellville, the new HBO doc on Brandy Melville    04/22/24  (26)

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