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STICKY: Big changes   08/07/20  (331)
2020 POTUS Election: Fat cuck who tweets vs creepy skeletal remains    08/10/20  (2)
Why are alcohol companies allowed to advertise on Tv and YT and like'?    08/10/20  (2)
Does anyone actually think Trump can save America in term 2?    08/10/20  (54)
"It's good for his coat" you lie, as Obeezy licks your jizz off the floor    08/10/20  (6)
*puts on coat* "obeezy broke into the old still again, hes in town raising hell"    08/10/20  (4)
The airline industry is so fucked.    08/10/20  (2)
would you trade lives with this 1970s japanese dude?    08/10/20  (3)
Hot blonde conservahero Tomi Lahren goes on bitter rant about "trashy men" (DTP)    08/10/20  (10)
“I’m not Trump!” Biden campaign banner dangling loosely, limp, and    08/10/20  (1)
snapple cap fact: in israel "Load Last Save" is labeled "Return to Israel"    08/10/20  (1)
can someone recommend a pullup bar for 200+ lb. bros?    08/10/20  (2)
kind of sad what jeff sessions did to himself    08/10/20  (11)
u turning out light as a 3yo: "goodnight moon" as a 39yo: "goodnight moonface"    08/10/20  (11)
Would you live in Anchorage Alaska?    08/10/20  (24)
List the nicest small town in America you've ever been to    08/10/20  (116)
"That's like asking me is there a clown that's standing behind me. Come on man!"    08/10/20  (3)
RATE the teen daughter of a partner at my firm    08/10/20  (11)
CNN producer to spaceporn: "for interview could you move that weird tree out of    08/10/20  (3)
I have no friends and I want to die    08/10/20  (30)
What if luis got into morrissey    08/10/20  (1)
Chicago is a failed state. They should admit it; request UN peacekeepers    08/10/20  (1)
SomeOtherGhost's efforts are weak and unconvincing.    08/10/20  (95)
Despite the riots we must not forget that spaceporn is posting as SomeOtherGhost    08/10/20  (7)
Anybody else in a CIA MK ULTRA k hole rn?    08/10/20  (3)
Do biglaw firms have a "hairline guy" for profile pic touchups?    08/10/20  (19)
34 year old woman posts her nasty pussy and asshole on reddit (link)    08/10/20  (8)
carmelo was the missing piece    08/10/20  (3)
The 13 stripes represent the AA population. The 50 stars signify the % of violen    08/10/20  (34)
SomeOtherGhost is not spaceporn    08/10/20  (78)
Wtf is the deal with Hispanics in NYC having full parties at public parks    08/10/20  (23)
seems like xo got a little kooky yesterday    08/10/20  (1)
Evidence #83783 that spaceporn = SomeOtherGhost: neverending subthread wasteland    08/10/20  (17)
Fun Legal Hypo (From Talmud Law Class) - monikers scrambled, poaster "retires",    08/10/20  (2)
is Rob Lowe too good looking? dude resembles an android    08/10/20  (8)
cock lords...members of the one TRUE brotherhood of the cock    08/10/20  (1)
How did the Peterman trucker flame originate?    08/10/20  (12)
Apparently 'Arthur' (the kids cartoon) did a George Floyd episode (clip):    08/10/20  (62)
Attn CNN/Twitter: a racist white male incel lawyer here molests his adopted kid    08/10/20  (12)
A shitload of hot celebs in their 30's are single now.    08/10/20  (15)
Single ho’s, how morally responsible is it to chubby chase?    08/10/20  (1)
Wife wants to spend 50k to send kid to NYC prep school    08/10/20  (46)
Largest mass shooting in the USA this year doesn’t make the news. Odd case    08/10/20  (14)
peeface    08/10/20  (1)
the pursuit of business    08/10/20  (9)
Single bro’s, how morally reprehensible is it to chubby chase?    08/10/20  (6)
Holy shit spaceporn is back    08/10/20  (3)
Evanston, IL schools: "Black and Brown students" given priority for in-class    08/10/20  (28)
Here's why shitlibs are not a threat, are inevitable, and are a good thing (DTP)    08/10/20  (107)
Shmuel Rosner: Israel Will Be Perfectly Happy With President Biden    08/10/20  (4)
Hey tsinah, Taylor Swift the singer is 30 and unmarried    08/10/20  (2)
Someone should create an xo telegram group    08/10/20  (2)
ljl at biden afraid to announce his VP    08/10/20  (39)
you ever go too far down the occult path?    08/10/20  (3)
RATE PGA Championship winner Collin Morikawa's girlfriend    08/10/20  (6)
New article on Taibbi site: "The Spies Who Hijacked America"    08/10/20  (1)
Were the 1970s in New York City as shitty as they are depicted in movies    08/10/20  (25)
could be worse; i could have invested my life savings in quibi    08/10/20  (2)
Bill Gates: US only country to have coronavirus 'testing insanity'    08/10/20  (8)
I can’t sleep, poast something interesting    08/10/20  (27)
HS nerds who always thought, I'll show them!- did you show them?    08/10/20  (35)
The fact that there are people out there far more pathetic than me does not make    08/10/20  (2)
Every new book: "Her Brain is Gone", by (woman), big font, nature pic    08/10/20  (10)
How necessary is Quickbooks for a solo contingency practice?    08/10/20  (1)
My lungs are permanently fucked from covid    08/10/20  (29)
Ever committed a serious crime and didn't get caught and never told anyone?    08/10/20  (27)
Most useful thing you learned in law school?    08/10/20  (30)
CALLOUT PICTURE for Earl, RSF, Cali, Xoxo, etc. Sup bros?    08/10/20  (14)
Nearly 100,000 Children Tested Positive in Last 2 Weeks of July    08/10/20  (3)
Trevor Lawrence is a HERO    08/10/20  (15)
ITT: ballers NAME YOUR TOP 3 baller ass BRANDS    08/10/20  (92)
eric clanton, antifa professor piece of shit bikelock sucker felon gets off with    08/10/20  (9)
eating a shepherd's pie that tastes like chemicals in a piss smelling bar    08/10/20  (7)
Big Ten, led by Nebraska, wants to cancel football season    08/10/20  (7)
spaceporn's house is a fucking dump, ljl at that peasant    08/10/20  (125)
Rate this Yale XC girl who likes to do Tik Toks in her underwear    08/10/20  (181)
Trump announces upcoming three hour interview on Joe Rogan podcast    08/10/20  (1)
REVEALED: the eye-popping private life of compulsive womaniser Samuel Pepys    08/10/20  (14)
a man looks out his basement level window in mfh. hey moon plays    08/10/20  (2)
xi jinping assures all 1.1 billion citizens that they have nothing to worry abou    08/10/20  (4)
hey now HEEEEEEY NOOOOOOW    08/10/20  (4)
pretty amazing how Spaceporn is squanching it up    08/10/20  (7)
Jeremy Piven has a different hairline in every movie/tv show    08/10/20  (20)
how much does spaceporn make as an 18th yr associate    08/10/20  (91)
I thought Southern California was supposed to look nice?    08/10/20  (8)
I want a divorce, jinx! (whok)    08/10/20  (11)
Ever join a truly secret society?    08/10/20  (31)
I’m gay    08/10/20  (3)
But at least Trump built 6 miles of new wall!    08/10/20  (3)
A day in the life of Donald Trump's America.    08/10/20  (219)
Spaceporn jr praying for an end to WFH    08/10/20  (18)
Guys who spend $6000 a month on groceries    08/10/20  (2)
kid just hit himself in the head with golf club, won't stop crying    08/10/20  (9)
anyone actually seen anyone wearing goggles/face shield thing?    08/10/20  (2)
pretty amazing how much Biden is fucking this up    08/10/20  (3)
Is crypto at the mercy of governments (and in turn, corporations?)    08/10/20  (2)
Are we going to see a permanent shift to WFH? Will cities like NYC    08/10/20  (54)
"Why else call it that?" Peterman said as he was escorted out of Dicks Sport    08/10/20  (27)
525,600 billed hours    08/10/20  (4)
Is there any reason to not buy crypto / why crypto will not moon from here?    08/10/20  (18)
A lot of office buildings and office parks starting to be reclaimed by nature    08/10/20  (4)
Record number of people giving up US CITIZENSHIP. Heres Why    08/10/20  (25)
🚨 Mass-shooting in DC; 10+ people hit 🚨    08/09/20  (33)
doody    08/09/20  (1)
list good qualities of Jews here    08/09/20  (2)
remember when Westworld was good?    08/09/20  (15)
Chainlink $12 watch    08/09/20  (31)
ITT we list the worst decisions white girls can make    08/09/20  (44)
sooty clown tp    08/09/20  (6)
Describe the reaction to Boyz in the Hood if it came out today    08/09/20  (4)
the girls episode where patrick wilson wanted to fuck lena dunham    08/09/20  (16)
Tried meeting church girls like XO told me. They’re all developmental delayed    08/09/20  (26)
Mayor murdered by autonomous Guacamole machine with a penchant for human flesh    08/09/20  (19)
Why do American movies always import Canadians to play the white people?    08/09/20  (1)
*SIGH* with respect Vice President Biden, we put the dildos in tackle boxes so    08/09/20  (4)
Drinking w the neighbors got drunk as shit bicycled home just chilling    08/09/20  (59)
*a female poasts* *lonely losers poast thousands of replies*    08/09/20  (1)
Got accosted by a couple hot dudes, they kept calling me a "straggot" & threaten    08/09/20  (2)
building a time machine to slap my parents for telling me about "good debt"    08/09/20  (4)
Serious Q: Has anyone seen Biden signs, bumper stickers? Seems like a lack of en    08/09/20  (58)
new $$$ idea: launch a crypto and promote it    08/09/20  (3)
Credit Card faggots: Chase Freedom Unlimited has 5% grocery cash back    08/09/20  (40)
*SomeOtherGhost earnestly asking questions about Spaceporn in subthread*    08/09/20  (1)
Anyone else have a feeling crypto is going to explode beyond our wildest dreams?    08/09/20  (10)
Nigger me timbers (pirate EPAH)    08/09/20  (4)
Obsessed with trilobites when I was a kid. Should have stayed a dork.    08/09/20  (3)
it's hilary for VP!!! it's hilary!!!!!!!!!!    08/09/20  (1)
Biden just announced PENCE as his VP!! Trump fucked!    08/09/20  (3)
by and large, what's japanese pussy like?    08/09/20  (4)
Why does this ugly latina have 5k views on twitch?    08/09/20  (1)
Jackets dominate the Leafs & advance for Deja Vu meeting with Bolts    08/09/20  (1)
How much money do u need to have in crypto to be rich in 1-2 years?    08/09/20  (20)
Spaceporn is now posting as "SomeOtherGhost"    08/09/20  (133)
Spaceporn gives us a nice glimpse of what true evil looks like    08/09/20  (18)
media is just embarrassingly effeminate and juvenile now    08/09/20  (5)
I think Bonzi Buddy stole all my crypto...    08/09/20  (3)
Hottest woman golfer? Pics inside    08/09/20  (40)
what size are your feet? are they bigger than Mike Fart's feet?    08/09/20  (1)
FUN FACT: male nurse Henry Aaron looks like Jamie from Progressive commercials.    08/09/20  (1)
any other poasters at sturgis this week?    08/09/20  (3)
In a few years there'll be a youtube genre of "abandoned university" videos    08/09/20  (2)
MDH's gut protruding out of his "Lolsuit '07" t-shirt    08/09/20  (2)
MDH is like a former All Star who now hits .230 every year    08/09/20  (21)
Why not just get a second WFH job for a few months and make some extra cash    08/09/20  (5)
kobe!    08/09/20  (1)
wow this guy is a fag    08/09/20  (2)
Megan Markle in blackface sneaking out of house to kiss Mike Fart    08/09/20  (2)
Have you thought about what you want your goodbye meal to be when ur laid off?    08/09/20  (7)
Megan Markle attuned Prince Harry to wokeness    08/09/20  (3)
changes to payroll taxes has not won many fans on either side of the political a    08/09/20  (6)
Your grandma yelling out the window "I don't want u playing with that Mike Fart"    08/09/20  (2)

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