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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   07/15/19  (308)
shrew brags about "blowing up her marriage" to "become her own trophy wife"    07/22/19  (152)
RATE These Jewish Announcers Of Astros-Cards MLB Game (VID) #baseball    07/22/19  (1)
there is both strength in numbers & peace of mind being a GOY    07/22/19  (4)
watching 12 monkeys i was rooting for the scientist to unleash the virus    07/22/19  (2)
Would you guys fuck this vampy BBW? I sure would.    07/22/19  (50)
Local construction companies are hiring a lot of NIGGERS since spics are gone    07/22/19  (1)
GOY STORY    07/22/19  (3)
Dr Federer: 2019 USO Final vs Delpo Is The One I'd Like To Have Back #tennis    07/22/19  (4)
Signs of failure after age 25:    07/22/19  (2)
Rate this intra-firm memo re: friday morning meetings    07/22/19  (29)
nearly every prominent historical figure pre-1970 was overt 'white supremacist'    07/22/19  (12)
"You Never Know," Smiled The POWERGOY "Investing" 15% Post-Tax On Lottery Tix    07/22/19  (5)
ATP July 22-28 Thread - ATL | Hamburg | Gstaad #tennis    07/22/19  (11)
anyone seen LION KING yet    07/22/19  (32)
KIRKLAND & ELLIS Repping WTA Chick Docked French Open Pay For Tanking #tennis    07/22/19  (24)
Post ITT if you own a TRACFONE    07/22/19  (3)
"Carry on and squanch my son; there'll be peace when Daddy cums"    07/22/19  (1)
Signs of failure after age 30:    07/22/19  (35)
Most Embarrassing Finals Losses Of Big 2 + Lance? #tennis    07/22/19  (5)
SECOND woman told 'go back to where u came from' in nationwide racism EPIDEMIC    07/22/19  (2)
Just pulled out a 4" ingrown beard hair    07/22/19  (1)
Fucking too many people    07/22/19  (2)
My boo mugged some white dork Saturday, still lolin at porn we found his phone    07/22/19  (2)
Sexy Jewess MILF Fashion Blogger's husband pens lengthy screed #DBG    07/22/19  (4)
wagecuck here been waiting on interview I had July 1    07/22/19  (1)
Which school is the biggest FRAUD in the US News Top 25?    07/22/19  (42)
Too many fucking people    07/22/19  (12)
Why did XO end up becoming to racist and anti-Semitic?    07/22/19  (68)
India rocket will take 47 days before reaching the moon    07/22/19  (27)
bald and bankrupt visits the biggest gypsy slum in Slovakia    07/22/19  (12)
Blocked and deleted every contact in ny phone. Going solo from here on out.    07/22/19  (3)
whats the point of even going outside anymore    07/22/19  (5)
Owning a goat seems pretty cr    07/22/19  (12)
genderfluid sex worker muslim white nationalist tp    07/22/19  (4)
has there been a thread about the GA Congresswoman race hoax???    07/22/19  (16)
Lance "Rafa" Nadal Taking Dirty Money From KUWAIT, Opening Tennis Acad. #tennis    07/22/19  (1)
so "updates" for smartphone/computer/windows etc, are just sabotage?    07/22/19  (1)
Sexy Jewess MILF Fashion Blogger's husband lengthy penis screed #DBG    07/22/19  (2)
shitlibs coming for Mariano Rivera, describe him as "far right" #DBG    07/22/19  (3)
Anyone interested in buying a brand new unused gentleman's pocketknife?    07/22/19  (43)
Fatceps here: over/under on my non-black conquest during miami swim week    07/22/19  (43)
Escort I know said many of her clients ask her about various tranny escorts.    07/22/19  (4)
Did your parents go to "the gym"    07/22/19  (40)
Quit biglaw dump fiancé and move into boomer parents’ basement and play WoW a    07/22/19  (1)
our relationship is POLYAMOROUS grunted the POWERLIB    07/22/19  (5)
Indian Man requests your presence at "Wife Swap/Seance Megaparty"    07/22/19  (4)
4chan is unreadable now because of the 'have sex' spamming.    07/22/19  (1)
The shitlib fears the goat    07/22/19  (2)
Why aren't MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Cal Tech as political as other college campuses    07/22/19  (22)
I am rich as fuck and have no friends or prospects. It is so 180    07/22/19  (21)
How many more weeks/months before the PLA moves into Hong Kong?    07/22/19  (1)
Macy's pulls plates that say a meal is 'skinny jeans' or 'mom jeans' size    07/22/19  (1)
Zizek: ‘Lamarck: trans girl and male quintessential/purest male desire’    07/22/19  (5)
Recruiters who want to call references BEFORE submitting your resume    07/22/19  (10)
alzabo is my chinese tranny gf and I jerk her off while she streams on twitch    07/22/19  (2)
100% of "Naked and Afraid" women are IRL strippers right?    07/22/19  (5)
mpa & backspace... they're finally releasing ghost face in dead by daylight    07/22/19  (7)
Denise Richards... 1997 vs 2019 (pic)    07/22/19  (27)
Dupa's wife: "How much plasma you sell so far this week? Huh?"    07/22/19  (4)
When you calc ur net worth do you include kids' future college as a liability?    07/22/19  (15)
Indian squaw DESTROYS Trump for telling wetbacks to go back    07/22/19  (1)
Leaked script: Tom Cruise is fighting UFOs in Top Gun 2    07/22/19  (2)
Rate this preftigious congressman    07/22/19  (2)
“I’m glad my realtor has my back,” the POWERGOY thought    07/22/19  (23)
The friends you make at Tufts give you a golden ticket into the best jobs Amer    07/22/19  (1)
Chelsea: "now you can be a grandma full time! :)" Hillary: "fuck u & ur child&quo    07/22/19  (101)
What's the most racist novel that is considered great literature?    07/22/19  (8)
What up, Neville.    07/22/19  (6)
Bing homepage has hummingbird hawk moth    07/22/19  (8)
What have you done for Israel today?    07/22/19  (1)
Former FBI head James Comey tried to stage a coup against POTUS Trump    07/22/19  (52)
BAM you now work with ironside #tennis    07/22/19  (4)
No one really wants to send Ilhan Omar back (National Review)    07/22/19  (15)
where does this breezewood pennsylvania meme come from    07/22/19  (11)
Cal Tech is a fucking garbage school like WUSTL    07/22/19  (3)
Thesis of Elton John Movie “Rocketman”: Faggots are mentally ill and will n    07/22/19  (3)
Based black dude "thankful for slavery" tells caller "go back to Africa"    07/22/19  (24)
“I CAN WORK LATE” bellowed the POWERGOY.    07/22/19  (4)
*Tommy T's drinking buddies singing chill drinking songs in 30 diff languages*    07/22/19  (7)
Tripadvisor just sent me an email with Breezewood suggestions    07/22/19  (3)
Why does JewBook take a month to “delete” my account    07/22/19  (4)
App chick invited me to charity event for 2nd date; spent night avoiding me.    07/22/19  (154)
You guys won’t believe what happened in Kung fu tonight    07/22/19  (6)
Where would you invest $700,000 if you had it?    07/22/19  (55)
Rate this video of Rashida Tlaib "Kweli" chimping out at Trump speech in 2016    07/22/19  (10)
This is my formal declaration of war    07/22/19  (2)
Will The Lion King's domestic gross be more than $165M in its opening weekend?    07/22/19  (5)
Epstein plea bargain involves serving sentence in female juvenile detention (NYT    07/22/19  (5)
Halford pouring vermouth and whiskey in doobs ass, corks it, starts shaking him    07/22/19  (15)
Anybody see THE ART OF SELF DEFENSE?    07/22/19  (6)
Thanks. Thanks    07/22/19  (1)
Top Gun 2: Maverick Gets Woke    07/22/19  (5)
Lion King grosses $185 million, best July opening of all time    07/22/19  (5)
John Wall and Bradley Beal to Miami Heat (ESPN)    07/22/19  (3)
Have any ADOPTED kids ever turned out to be extremely high iq?    07/22/19  (11)
Indian moon mission portrayed in new movie "Hijab Fibbers"    07/22/19  (1)
Avengers is now the highest grossing film of all time    07/22/19  (3)
4channer BEHEADS his GF because she spent to much time w/ 'beta orbiters'    07/22/19  (95)
China is building a ship called "Titanic II"? This is going to be hilarious    07/22/19  (1)
Just kicked office manager out of my office and slammed door in his face    07/22/19  (4)
do most Indian Americans hate normal white people or is this just xo thing    07/22/19  (19)
More than a dozen non-human species have an iq greater than sub-saharan blacks    07/22/19  (1)
$450K HHI in Boise- only saving $10k per month. Help    07/22/19  (1)
not fair to ever adopt once u have bio kids; ull never love adopted kids as much    07/22/19  (2)
Pic of first primate in outer space receiving a hero's welcome    07/22/19  (5)
Sorry for impersonating PN. I got very maniac    07/22/19  (2)
Man passed through Van Allen belt in 1969, takes 30 days 2delete FaceBerg accoun    07/22/19  (1)
Kid takes GoPro in public pool, films multiple chicks on period & bleeding (NSFW    07/22/19  (4)
Where is spritezero? The poaster    07/22/19  (2)
Im gay and Luis is my boyfriend    07/22/19  (15)
Women only care about guy's age in USA & other feminazi western nations    07/22/19  (3)
A real "twist" on Black Sails    07/22/19  (8)
"I can feel your sperm swimming in my ass." -- Jinx    07/22/19  (11)
Anyone here have any extra accounts I can have?    07/22/19  (4)
Rating poasters as real reviews of the Econo Lodge in Breezewood, PA    07/22/19  (30)
breezewood boi tp    07/22/19  (1)
[TS Amanda] Outfit Album #2    07/22/19  (38)
Barista went to Oregon Country Fair & wore bodypaint bikini. She was gonna show    07/22/19  (2)
I'm getting a ton of Indian robocallers & I press 1 and then racially abuse them    07/22/19  (1)
Ironside, do you want to get some coffee?    07/22/19  (52)
It’s insane you cannot retire on a 500k income anymore    07/22/19  (12)
Crazy what a legup you get from two parent household that can guide you properly    07/22/19  (44)
spent last night with 2 white college friends who are anti-white shitlibs    07/22/19  (6)
"Welcome to the wonderful world of HIV" Spaceporn whispered in Bacon's ear after    07/22/19  (1)
"HIV type WHAT?" Peterman shrieked to his doctor    07/22/19  (2)
China deploys govt-backed counter-protestors to beat up Hong Kong protestors    07/22/19  (5)
Texas bros will Wendy Davis flip this congressional seat to the Dems?    07/22/19  (4)
*reads fb of dead ex gf* *buys unusually expensive bottle of whisky* *dies*    07/22/19  (10)
here's the thing about peterman and doobs    07/22/19  (217)
Boss said I had 6 mos to find job.Today he announced at mtg that Weds is my last    07/22/19  (11)
Luis is my role model for the following life vectors    07/22/19  (4)
Luis is my boyfriend    07/22/19  (19)
Palantir sued for <><>NOWAG<><
   07/22/19  (5)
I'm Carrie Bradshaw and luis is my Mr. Big    07/22/19  (16)
luis is my gardan koloft boyfriend who humiliates me sexually infront of my wife    07/22/19  (9)
luis is my mommy    07/22/19  (6)
Luis is my gentle hairy Persian lover who whispers sweet nothings in my ear    07/22/19  (9)
do gooks/turds see how obnoxious their detailed opinions on white ethnicity are?    07/22/19  (1)
EVERYBODY DANCE NOW    07/22/19  (3)
Average Americans way more chill/nicer than Average Europeans    07/22/19  (5)
Tommy why are GYPSIES still living in FILTH in BIRDSHIT EUROPE?    07/22/19  (1)
Anthropologist admits "Dunbar's number" DONE HERE after seeing Tommy T @ pub    07/22/19  (5)
My husbands kidz be callin me "Momala"    07/22/19  (6)
BIRDSHITS should send thmeslves back to BIRDSHITstan fukkers    07/22/19  (9)
The KKK BIRDSHIT explanation for INDIAN AMERIKKKANS reeks of INSECURITY    07/22/19  (7)
JAFAR TP IS MY BOYFRIEND    07/22/19  (4)
Pitbull visciously attacks pretty Latina chick    07/22/19  (5)
I don't like how corporations all have snarky Twitter accounts now    07/22/19  (38)

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