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Theory: Doodikoff is a closeted fag who self sabotages all of his dates    12/03/22  (5)
Football: Vicious domestic violence is NBD! 14 year old observer 60 years ago is    12/03/22  (1)
1A requires this private entity to keep stolen dick pics posted    12/03/22  (2)
Is there any team that could trade for Luka Doncic?    12/03/22  (14)
street-brawls with police and beer hall fights were the order of the day    12/03/22  (1)
Xbox memories that we’d all sooner forget    12/03/22  (2)
Top 100 Inventors by Number of Patents for 2022    12/03/22  (2)
OFFICIAL POLL: What are the BEST and WORST popular Christmas songs?    12/03/22  (78)
lol damn college football is rigged as fuck jfc    12/03/22  (8)
just poured out fresh OJ for Ray Peat RIP    12/03/22  (2)
***OFFICIAL USA๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ vs NETHERLANDS๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฑ THREAD***    12/03/22  (71)
Sam Hyde "has trauma" I think    12/03/22  (4)
90% of media is just attacks on whites / white Christians    12/03/22  (5)
*u present ur bent over wife to Lukaku* *Lukaku skies his thrust overhead*    12/03/22  (3)
Just had the worst night of my fuckin life    12/03/22  (53)
Didn’t realize how deeply and furiously libs despise Christopher Columbus now    12/03/22  (33)
Kevin's Mom in that credit card commercial is still hawt    12/03/22  (1)
Squanch Games developing weed themed Rick and Morty videogame (not flame) (link)    12/03/22  (8)
ITT: Please provide thoughts on Kanye's Christian Nationalist platform    12/03/22  (11)
Oh it turns out we suck at soccer lmao    12/03/22  (7)
lol at how rich the family is in Home Alone    12/03/22  (121)
Just found out my Grandpa used to fuck my current GF. I’m devastated    12/03/22  (49)
How many books did you read in 2022 (Audio books don't count)    12/03/22  (19)
i'll miss her. i'll always miss her. i hope she doesn't know that.    12/03/22  (22)
Unseated members of the United States Congress    12/03/22  (2)
Baltimore: Uber drivers carjacked, robbers then pick up riders and rob them too    12/03/22  (42)
vegetables tp, what are your favorite vegetables    12/03/22  (2)
ITT list places completely BTFO and ruined by social media and remote work    12/03/22  (49)
If I ever saw "vegetables tp" irl, I'd bash his skull in with a baseball bat    12/03/22  (4)
Kenny G sax tape leaked    12/03/22  (23)
Didn't find Catch-22 Poignant or Humorous? Should I re-read it?    12/03/22  (4)
SBF sex tape leaked    12/03/22  (6)
i get my paraguay residency in 90 days lmao    12/03/22  (10)
Proud to say I had no idea "World Cup" was going on    12/03/22  (3)
Islam is similar to Judaism just universal as opposed to tribal    12/03/22  (12)
vegetables tp = basically, he just "gets" it. he knows it.    12/03/22  (8)
shitskeins    12/03/22  (1)
*** Official Kansas State ๐Ÿฑ vs TCU ๐Ÿธ thread ***    12/03/22  (1)
Making Peace With Never Doing a Ph.D (Karlstack Gamefaqs)    12/03/22  (29)
They remade Addams Family but Wednesday is now Mexican and blacks everywhere    12/03/22  (81)
EPAH: “I’m not mutilating my children, I’m forcibly removing their genital    12/03/22  (8)
XOOOOO IS DOPE! ENJOY    12/03/22  (1)
Cowgog why not troll this forum next    12/03/22  (6)
hey friends, who was your favorite orc from LOTR and why    12/03/22  (1)
Applying to College, and Trying to Appear ‘Less Asian’ [NYT]    12/03/22  (33)
Rate this alarm clock    12/03/22  (7)
They laughed at ants but no way they could do it to their face (pics)    12/03/22  (9)
BOOM would you die for beauty?    12/03/22  (1)
Tom Cruise reaches out to Ye (link)    12/03/22  (2)
BOOM cum ITT is it too late to maek it fully? reminder we are young    12/03/22  (1)
Baby Goldstein FunkoPop    12/03/22  (4)
egregious lack of xoxo discussion about The Great Video Game Crash of 1983    12/03/22  (2)
Curiosity Rover video    12/03/22  (4)
Happy Feast of St. Francis Xavier!    12/03/22  (1)
I pretend to be a film curator from Alabama on GameFAQs    12/03/22  (8)
MAINLINING fuck all of the bullshit friend! We're going to do as we please    12/03/22  (29)
I shall sing the Lord’s praise for he is my strength and Savior.    12/03/22  (1)
why does xo even exist    12/03/22  (11)
Jacob DeGrom sps for 1-4 seasons of career, suddenly pitches like a GOAT. How?    12/03/22  (5)
Dude, That's My Shitpipe: The xoxo Story    12/03/22  (1)
nebraska in 2024 CFB Playoffs just have to finish top 12    12/03/22  (2)
Reminder: Islam is 100% right about women, men, family, society    12/03/22  (34)
The U.S. women’s team has won millions at the men’s World Cup because of new    12/03/22  (1)
The U.S. World Cup team is notably diverse, but the pipeline needs help, our col    12/03/22  (1)
there's a reason Islam is catching on so fast - it's aligned w/human nature    12/03/22  (85)
BETA FUCKIN CHI, SIR!    12/03/22  (1)
slow dripping Twitter Files is genius - let’s shitlib hacks expose themselves    12/03/22  (29)
so does USC not believe in defense?    12/03/22  (1)
every morning i have a nice chat with the mentally ill lawyers    12/03/22  (3)
pretty obvious that clemson will get #4    12/03/22  (1)
Ricky is microdosing today    12/03/22  (34)
vegetables tp in an apron, reminding you that it's Saturday    12/03/22  (5)
Is this Juliette Lewis?    12/03/22  (9)
Is Laguna Niguel a nice place to live?    12/03/22  (6)
espresso machine vs french press vs cold brew pitcher vs nespresso    12/03/22  (5)
that pic of adam savage putting shit in his ass makes sense once u know hes jewi    12/03/22  (5)
Want to stick my diamond hard monster cock in&creampie every UTAH cheerleader    12/03/22  (26)
Preparing for multi day trial sucks so much    12/03/22  (1)
93% of respondents 'strongly support' Ye after viewing this SBF phenotype check    12/03/22  (5)
MY foreskin restoration MY finasteride MY lifts    12/03/22  (3)
Ricky, we're gonna get our foreskin back. hop in. *revs up tank*    12/03/22  (2)
"welcome to paradise" - Ricky's thick Bengali accent in your Porto hotel lobby    12/03/22  (21)
USA must destroy the EU and western Europeans    12/03/22  (12)
Wouldn't it be epic if there were zelensky and darth putin funko pops?    12/03/22  (4)
LADS if you arent watching the FOOTY now you arent my MATE    12/03/22  (15)
Why do one way “Ubers” cost like $100 lmao what the fuck    12/03/22  (22)
GREAT FOOTY on the TELE    12/03/22  (3)
Rate this 32 foot sailboat for 63k USD    12/03/22  (17)
New girl w/ email job vid just -=>DROPPED<=-: Deloitte marketing manager edition    12/03/22  (128)
AJiP torturing his son on the drive to school with garlic flavored juul clouds    12/03/22  (3)
Just got doodikoff’d    12/03/22  (8)
Hope you've got your Funko Pop! 2021 Advent calendars ready boys    12/03/22  (4)
people buy "funko pops" and can't afford rent    12/03/22  (6)
doodikoff showing girl his funko pop feature wall on 2nd date    12/03/22  (15)
Official USA ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ—ฝ๐Ÿ”ซ vs Netherlands ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฑ๐ŸŒท๐Ÿšฒ thread    12/03/22  (2)
Doodikoff marveling at his Queen Elizabeth funko pop    12/03/22  (4)
What he saw at the Funko Pop! factory changed him    12/03/22  (4)
MPA & I lost virginity 2 the same RealDoll @ the 2021 Funko Pop Stars convention    12/03/22  (6)
Alpha Xo Poster sings Despacito    12/03/22  (1)
"Ironically despite my racism I'm not an antisemite--hello? who just joined?"    12/03/22  (1)
Portrait of me as a Fascist Skeleton    12/03/22  (13)
TT: COuld you please re-poast those exotic indo hotties insta pls thx    12/03/22  (7)
i'll miss her. i'll always miss her. i hope she knows that.    12/03/22  (3)
Black dudes all have their own unique catchphrase    12/03/22  (88)
TMF has a beautiful singing voice, not flame    12/03/22  (7)
57 wikipedia popups: "YOUR $1 IS RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR AD FREE EXPERIENCE"    12/03/22  (10)
War and Peace worth a read?    12/03/22  (10)
Just saw Bruce Campbell on the Hallmark channel wtf    12/03/22  (1)
Bee Gees cover band with TMF, boor, and ARE_Reptile as the Gibb brothers    12/03/22  (1)
STREETS WANNA KNOW    12/03/22  (11)
FALL ON YOUR KNEES    12/03/22  (1)
There’s a big “No Place For Hate” ADL banner at my kid’s middle school    12/03/22  (3)
Is xo worth a read?    12/03/22  (1)
Is - [ ] Capital in the 21st Century worth reading?    12/03/22  (3)
SNES Intelligentsia    12/03/22  (4)
Rate this Slavic tradwife    12/03/22  (16)
They know you posted “nigger” online    12/03/22  (11)
Did JFK lift weight?    12/03/22  (12)
๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿšจ๐ŸšจElon to expose Twitter coverup of Hunter Biden story at 5pm ๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿšจ    12/03/22  (165)
Fuck yea bros James Woods calling into Tucker rn ๐Ÿšจ    12/03/22  (4)
MPA are you setting up your funko POP nativity creche today    12/03/22  (5)
good morning    12/03/22  (9)
How to get good at cross examination    12/03/22  (17)
1 beer left. Should a make it a chill night, go to a bar, or drive 20 miles for    12/03/22  (25)
Tall boy Voo Doos tp    12/03/22  (2)
1/3 Marine hurls puppy off cliff    12/03/22  (25)
"i smoked a fuckton of crack" "bet his laptop makes him look like a crackhead"    12/03/22  (8)
Is Nole in MPM?    12/03/22  (1)
Weirdest thing that ever had to me in college    12/03/22  (5)
Don't run Tommy the riders of the Prophet see u    12/03/22  (3)
Senryuu (comic haiku) for LHEE (FizzKidd)    12/03/22  (8)
Hudson Valley tranny brutally misgendered at work    12/03/22  (1)
Can we get an update from LHEE on his “relationship” with “GJR” tp?    12/03/22  (13)
A Tanned Man singing "God Bless America" in Marathi    12/03/22  (6)
"oh fuck benzo's paying attention now" *scampers off like a bitch* (tsinah)    12/03/22  (4)
Let’s go K State, Purdue, and LSU!! Ultimate chaos pls.    12/03/22  (3)
Kyle Rittenhouse needs to join the Kanye, Nick Fuentes slumber party posse    12/03/22  (1)
Went to lex tp's apt. Centerpiece of home was signed Wild Wild West boxset    12/03/22  (7)
just googled "Ro Khanna" and immediately burst out laughing    12/03/22  (22)
ITT rate this Brazilian girl    12/03/22  (10)
Ye, Nick Fuentes got into a public 'food fight' at In & Out    12/03/22  (1)
wisconsin audit finds that hawley was actually walking 37% faster than normal    12/03/22  (7)
me and faggy retard 69ing in the ganges as it fills with tt's dead relatives    12/03/22  (27)
6'6 cloaked bro clique ant feeling up doodkoff's girl in ATL western bar    12/03/22  (1)
Are they talking about Bluesmoke in this video?    12/03/22  (1)
TAIBBI throws HORSE CUM PIE in Michael Wines (NYT) face    12/03/22  (13)
Violent Gestapo US police in TX MURDER Armed Indian man at his own home!    12/03/22  (1)
Lmao at bros who use microwaves. Enjoy your cancer in 10 years!    12/03/22  (1)
What happened to NSAM/Omar/Ukraine is winning tp?    12/03/22  (1)

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